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How to Grow Out a Half-Shaved Hairstyle—And Have It Look Amazing Every Step of the Way



With so many celebrities confidently taking the risk of shaving off a section of their hair (Cara Delevingne being the most recent girl to join the club), the appeal of the undercut or half-shaved style is clear. It’s an edgy statement that is incredibly chic, adds contrast to loose, glam waves, and is even more daring than a pixie cut. But with all haircuts, the need for change will enviably present itself to the person who owns this style, and the growing out process will begin.

As a rule, growing out your hair takes a little more effort than just measuring how many inches it’s grown in a month. When you’re growing out your bangs, you have to frequently visit the salon for trims or additional layering to help blend in those little pieces to the rest of your hair. So how do you even begin to grow out a style like the undercut—one that has such drastic difference between hair lengths on either side of your head? It can be done, and when you take the right steps in the process, you don’t have to worry about your hair looking scraggly and messy for months on end. Check out these options and tips that will help you successfully make the switch when the time comes.

Pick the Right Cut From the Beginning
A drastic undercut isn’t the best decision if you know you’re going to want to change your hairstyle right away. Go for an undercut at the nape of your neck instead of an extreme style like Natalie Dormer once wore. “Be aware that, typically, cuts that are made in the nape of your head are much easier to grow out than ones that are on either side of the head.  It’s much easier to hide than a big panel right next to your face,” says senior stylist at mizu new york salon, Judy McGuinness.

Wait a Bit Before You Head to the Salon for a Trim
If your hair on the side of your head is shaved extremely close to your scalp (kind of like a crew cut), you need to let it grow a significant amount before heading into the salon for a trim to neaten it up. Stylist Judy McGuinness says that it’s best to wait until that hair has grown at least one inch or longer. “Most people feel like they need to trim it while it’s growing out, but this can actually be counter intuitive. Unfortunately, it’s better to just let it be while you’re in the beginning stages of growing it out,” she explains. After your hair is at that one inch mark, McGuinness says your options open up.

Be Mindful of Your Hair Type
Girls with straight hair may have an easier time growing out this style, as McGuinness notes that curly hair takes a longer amount of time to see length.

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Trim the Outline of the Undercut
To keep your hair looking neat, McGuinness suggests asking your stylist to to only trim the outline of your cut.

Go for a Pixie
Not into the one-inch chunk of hair slowly growing out? Trade one daring cut for another and cut the rest of your hair into a piece-y pixie. Talk to stylists about the kind and length of a pixie cut you want, and they will help you decide when the time is right.

Invest in Extensions
It’s going to take a while for the shaved side to reach the same length as the hair on the opposite side of your head. If trimming the outline isn’t a realistic option for you and you can’t stand the waiting game, try out some extensions. “Tape-in’s and bonded extensions both work well, depending on your hairs texture and density,” says McGuinness.

Switch Up Where You Part Your Hair
When you have an undercut, your hair part is pretty much decided. Try parting your hair on the opposite side to hide the shaved side that’s growing out. However, if your undercut is fairly large, this technique might not work. McGuinness says that smaller undercuts are easier to hide with this option.

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Embrace It!
Show off your undercut while you have it by wearing hairstyles that are pulled off to the side. McGuinness suggests trying out buns, side ponytails, and braids.


Here's How To Grow Out An Undercut The Right Way

If you're struggling to simply let your hair grow out without doing something to it, you have a few options. First, you can go shorter with the rest of your hair by asking for a pixie cut. A pixie cut is tailored to your face shape and looks chic and modern, according to Finder. Plus, it will blend very well into an undercut, and your hair should have an easier time coming together when you finally grow it out.  

Another option is to experiment a little with the style that you've got, and try out different parts. If you tend to part your hair on the side and switch to a middle part for a change, you could easily hide an undercut on the sides of your head, per Style Caster. Note that this style might only work with smaller undercuts, and won't hide a particularly large, shaved portion of your head.  

Ultimately, the best thing you can do is embrace your hair as it grows out. Explore the world of hair accessories, and see if different clips or headbands can help you create styles you will enjoy while you play the waiting game. You can also experiment with buns or braids, and gel down your undercut if necessary to prevent poufy sides. It will take some time, but your undercut will grow.  

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How to grow out an undercut in 7 simple steps

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So, you decided to go for a daring new hairstyle and shaved a section of your hair off. Whether you went for an undercut style or a shaved side, I’m sure it looked amazing!

There are a whole host of celebrities that have rocked this look, including Cara Delevingne, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Ellie Goulding and Demi Lovato. But then suddenly, the trend was gone leaving the rest of us at a loss.

While these household names probably all have hairstylist doing their hair and were able to hide the awkward in-between stage, we don’t. But all is not lost! Here, we list some pointers to growing out your uber-cool shaved head with style.


Seven easy steps to grow out your undercut style.

Pixie Cut_undercut1

1. Decide whether you want to cut your hair shorter or not.

Pixie cuts look cute but have to be styled to suit the shape of your face. This cut is perfect for growing out an undercut whilst still looking stylish and modern. Adding extra layers into short hair will also hide the short, shaved side and will blend better when this cut starts to grow out.



2. Try out new partings.

Cara Delevingne is one of the many celebrities that ditched her classic sleek locks and opted for a shaved style. However, Cara was able to hide her shaved side with a clever middle parting – even people who are bad at hair styling can do this simple wizardry!



3. Dye your hair one colour so it’s easier to hide.

Try dying your hair all the same colour. This approach will minimise the look of a shaved side when it is growing back.




If you’re serious about growing the undercut out, try to refrain from shaving it, no matter how hard it is! Although we have to admit, a shaved side does look pretty cool – aw and a cute puppy.



5. Don’t get it trimmed

There is some debate on the Internet as to whether or not you should get your undercut trimmed as you’re growing it. The whole point of growing it out is to keep the length, so wait until you can tuck it behind your ear before going for any snips. Use hair gel and hairspray to help with any “sticking-out” issues.



6. Think about hair extensions.

Hair extensions are great for helping grow out your assymetrical look, once your hair is long enough for them. All you need is three to four inches of hair to cover and blend the tape used for hair extensions.

Once hair extensions are in place, you can also go wild with hairstyles! Half up, half down, ponytails, plaits, french braids. The list is endless! It is worth noting that ladies with gorgeous curly hair may find it a little bit harder to find extensions.


~ 7. Embrace the asymmetrical style! ~

Top hair products to tame the mane.

Common questions

  • Q- When parting your hair on the opposite side to grow out an undercut, how do you ensure it stays in place all day?
    A – The main thing here is to get your new parting in place when your hair is wet. Use the normal products you would use and blow dry (at least the top section of your hair) into place. The heat from the hairdryer and a little bit of hairspray will keep your hair in check.
  • Q- Do you get the urge to shave it off again?
    A – Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. But don’t. If you are serious about growing back your shaved side, you have to be patient. I know your hair may be at its best when it is freshly shaved and looking hawwwt, but once you get passed the one inch mark, you won’t want to turn back. You’ve come so far, well done!
  • Q- Do people comment on your assymetrical look much when you’re in the process of growing your undercut out?
    A – Surprisingly not. I used to get a lot of compliments on my shaved undercut before I started growing it out, but I’ve also got compliments since I started parting my hair in a different place to grow it out!
  • Q – Do you regret shaving off your hair?
    A – I don’t regret having a shaved head when I did it. It looked really cool, and I would love to be able to flip between having a shaved head and having really long, luscious Rapunzel hair…but I know that’s not feasible. However, I would rather not go through this long-ish process of growing it out. I do find that the hairstyles I can do at the moment are a bit limited, but I have found simple hairstyles I can do (like a loose ponytail) which cover the growth and look sleek.
  • Q – Any general points or tips?
    A – Get your hair in good condition. Using a heat spray will make sure that the hair that grows back is healthy and not forming split ends. Doing loose curls in your hair adds texture and makes the regrowth look less prominent too. Make sure to use heat protection spray and a little bit of hairspray to keep your short hair where it’s supposed to be.

Growing out my UNDERCUT / SIDESHAVE ✂️💇🏻‍♀️- \u0026 Tips on How To Hide It!

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TUCK THAT CUT - how to hide an undercut

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