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Essential Mods

Last updated: 19 April 2021 – new episode on YouTube and uploaded more screenshots!

My current let’s play I am doing over on YouTube is The Legacy Challenge which you can watch the playlist here!

Gen 1 Screenshots!

User Interface Info

First of all I install a UI mod the one I like to use is called Starship UI which I use the black colour one that there is also pink and green or if you would like white there is also Clean UI. 

If you like the look of the classic UI there is a few mods to make it work for widescreen and fit modern monitors.

List of mods for the classic UI 

Camera Mods Info

Another thing I like to do is install a camera mod, there’s heaps out there but the one I like to use is the GunMod’s Camera Mod remember only download one of the files. The version I use is GCM-31-ARA: No Fade No Clip Version (Great for close ups) 

Lighting Mods Info

Lighting is another thing to update the mod I use is called Maxis Match Lighting follow the the installation over on that Tumblr page on how to install it in your game.
The next thing I like to do is replace all my default in game

Default Replacements Info

  • For CAS Defaults (hair, skin, clothing, eyes ect) I head over to The Sims 2 Default Database its full of nice defaults replacements!

Gameplay & Buy Mod Replacements

Most of these replace the texture of the objects with a higher texture so its not so blurry 

  • A Bunch of Defaults – A lot of objects defaulted 
  • Activity Table and Kids Painting
  • Baby Bottle – These files will replace the in game baby bottles. One for the normal milk, and one for the smart milk. 
  • Bedding
  • Better Bubbles – This replace the speech bubbles
  • Butterfly 
  • Cell phone
  • Chips, Instant Meal & Juice – I use the simlish ones
  • Computer Screen 
  • Book Covers and Novel Icons 
  • Default Tables, Chairs, Beds and Desk
  • Dinnerware 
  • Diary Default
  • Dolls for kids dollhouse
  • Dollhouse
  • Easel Painting – Replaces the paintings on the easel (I use the Sims version, but there’s a cat one and also a art one)
  • Fruit Salad for Toddlers – Replace the food you give to a toddler in the highchair
  • FuturVu TV
  • Grocery Basket
  • GL Pop Art Painting
  • Homework (Children)
  • Homework (Teens & Uni Students)
  • Lemonade Stand
  • Mail – Replace the mail, NPC clothing and NPC hair (make sure you only have one in your game if you already got one from the default datebase)
  • Medicine cabinet 
  • Mop – Replace the mod to the sims 4 mop
  • More Defaults
  • More Default Paintings
  • Nectar Bar
  • Newspaper – This replace newspaper texture, NPC clothing and NPC hair (make sure you only have one in your game if you already got one from the default datebase)
  • Party Pack – Replaces for buffet, ice containers and a few other party items
  • Pet Stuff
  • Maxis Game Simulator
  • More Pets Stuff
  • OFB Shelves 
  • Restorable Car from Freetime
  • Rustic – Replace the water can, pesticide, compost, frying pan, pot and latte mug
  • Sky Objects – Replace the sun and moon
  • Stodgy Badger – Painting
  • Surfer Set
  • Toys – Replace the kids toys from the toy box
  • Toy Stick – Replace the pets toy stick
  • TV 
  • Walkman – Replace the mp3 player with a walkman
  • Water Ballons
  • Wedding Arch
  • Weeds
  • Wooden Step Stool For Children
  • Vroom Set

Build Mode Defaults Replacements

Most of these fixes the what’s in build mode

Neighbourhood Mods



Other Cool neighbourhood things to make your game look nice

  • Skies – These add nice textures to the sky there also a lot version which I also install 
  • Skylines – Makes the background of your hood look nicer

Last Updated

30th July 2019

This list is other site our community and I have found. If your in our Discord you would of show most of these site because I add the links to this post when members of the community shares them there. If you want to know the current mods I use in my game you can check it out here

I’ve taken out all my cc but I have replace most of my defaults using this sites:

Create A Sim

  • Correlated Skins – genetic set with body hair and hair for babies.
  • Mina’s 27 Face Templates – to replace the ugly Maxis templates.
  • Sliders – This is a set of 24 face sliders available to use in Bodyshop, CaS and the plastic surgery machine.

Custom ContentDownloads

  • Around the Sims 2
  • Lana CC Finds – Tumblr that reblogs cc
  • An Elegant Simblr – Default replacements, build more, lots
  • Hypnotized Sims – CAS, Poseboxes, Build mode
  • Parsimonious – Build/Buy Mode
  • veranka – Build/Buy, CAS and many more
  • poppet-sims – Build/Buy, CAS and many more
  • keoni – Build/Buy, CAS and many more
  • deedee-sims – Build/Buy, CAS and many more
  • Tomb Stone of Life & Death – CAS
  • Blown Away – Buld/Buy Mode
  • e-neillan – Clothing
  • Ocean Surface Colour – Different water/ocean colour for your neighborhood 
  • Always Sims – Clothing
  • My Space – Objects 
  • Star Sims – CAS
  • Sims York City – CAS
  • Nat Dreams Sims – CAS, Lots 
  • Boutique Imaginary – Clothing, poses
  • Girl Meets Pixels CC Finds – The Sims 2 cc is down on the bottom right [Because the other cc is for The Sims 3]
  • Simple Life – CAS
  • Lee Fish – CAS, Build/Buy Mode, Lots and many more
  • Fan See Lambs – CAS
  • Lina Cheries CC Finds – Tumblr Reblogs cc Finds 
  • Eltanin Antenna – Another Tumblr full of cc 
  • Midge the Tree – Mods, CAS, Build/buy mode and many more
  • SimWardrobe – closed down but you can find their content here
  • Aussie Topenders – Objects, Mods. Just don’t download the Green Computer and one in the pool. It will stop you from going into the electrical
  • Simlogical – Objects & fixes
  • Chocolate (chin1gh Tumblr – Clothing
  • The Sims Graveyard – A site to help people out by providing a place to put files from dead sites and from creators whose work has disappeared so the community can continue to enjoy them.
  • anitka-sims tumblr – A tumblr full of sims 2 cc
  • Mousey Blue – CAS
  • itsfemmefatale – A blog full of sims 2 cc
  • xmsims – CAS, Objects
  • 8bitplumbot – Tumblr reblogs
  • nabila – CAS
  • simania-liulai – CAS, Objects
  • mooglesims – CAS, Objects
  • mikexx2 – tumblr full of sims 2 cc
  • e-neillan – Everything on the site is free it’s just a role play
  • Boutique Imaginary – clothing
  • AnnaMariaSims – clothing
  • KliraSims2– Tumblr full of clothing cc
  • trinityfashionshop – Clothing
  • simsomia – Clothing
  • dramallamadingdang – CAS, Objects, Lots
  • allthehairs – all hairs and re-textures


  • Cyjon – Great site for game play mods
  • Mod The Sims – Another great site to get mods and even cc for all sims games

Content made by our community

Last Updated

29th April 2021

Here’s a list of the current mods I have install for The Sims 2. I’m always adding and finding new mods and deleting the ones that don’t work for my game play, so please check the list frequently for update. 

Each category I have listed here is how I install them in folders, for eg all the essential mods in one folder and so on

These mods I consider a must have for my game play and I could not play without them.

  • Auto Save – Creates a dialog that pops up asking if you wish to save your game. If so the game will automatically be saved, if not the game will carry on without saving. By default the auto save dialog will appear every 24 sims hours
  • Bat Box – Has similar features to what the Sim Blender has
  • Monique’ Hacked Computer – I use this mod to mange bank accounts for my Sims, get jobs, study skills & shop online
  • Sims Blender – It’s god mode, comes in handy for Sims management
  • Starship UI – Never liked how light the Clean UI is but I found this one I use the black one but there is also Pink & Green
  • Story Progression – This mod attempts to add Story Progression into The Sims 2, sorta like how in The Sims 3 (I only really use this if I’m playing with one family – if I’m playing with a town I take it out cause I like to play with all my sims)

Mods that affect the baby, toddler, children life stage.

  • Child Computer Chat – Computer chat menu shows both the child list and the teen+ list
  • Crib Get Out – Allows all toddlers to get themselves out of their cribs when they have had enough of being in there.
  • Double No Kids – This affects all double beds in the game and prevents younger children from sleeping in them
  • No Auto Read to Me – Prevents kids from constantly pestering their parents to be read to.
  • No Baby Harassment – Sims will no longer constantly harass babies 
  • No Hyperactive Children – Children will no longer be in run mode after aging up from toddler
  • Nurse Babies – Allow your Sims to breast feed.
  • Bed wetting – Affects any child if their aspiration level is low or if they were not potty trained

Mods that impact build and buy mode

  • Maxis Modular Stairs Passage Fix – This mod enables Sims to pass directly through under all Maxis modular stairs.
  • Object Rotator – These objects rotators will allow you to place objects with steps of 5 degree.
  • OMSPs – Allows you to place more decorative objects in more slots.
  • Rug Texture Fix – Rugs in TS2 sink into the ground this mods fixes that
  • Stair Wall Fix – This fixes what the walls look like under the stairs and makes it look nicer/better

Mods that impact game play for business from Open for Business Expansion Pack

  • Business Mod – This mod fixes a lot of issues with Open For Business. Recommended if your Sim is going to own business in your neighbourhoods 
  • Customer Cleanup – Automatically removes owner’s family members from customers list
  • Customers Leave After Paying – Customers in player-owned stores will always leave after buying something
  • Less Complaining – Customers complain less
  • Townies Budget Mod – If a Sim can’t afford anything, they will start loitering your business

Mods for create a family mode

Mods that affect educations such a schooling and homework

  • Put Your Homework Away Properly – A desk locator or table so your Sims can claim it and they will place their home work at their own desk 
  • Faster Homework Mod – Instead of an hour Sims will finished their homework in 15 mins
  • School Mods – Private School leave school earlier, gives the player more reason to enrol and keep their children in private school. Fixes bring home friends from school and fixes school grades Also household needs to pay 100 simoleons per child/teen attending private school.

Mods that impact any money or the economy in some way

These mods fixes problems with the game or just things I find personally annoying or add more gameplay to the game.

  • Astronomy Mod – I use that one that base of the sims logic skill for earning money when finding stars and plants 
  • Adult-Teen Attraction – Allows adults and teens to have romantic attractions
  • Autonomous Casual Romance (ACR) – Gives your sims more freedom to make their own romantic decision and creates a lot more drama in your neighbourhood 
  • Become an author… without a computer – I use this for my poor sims that can’t afford a computer
  • Brighter Computer Screen – I grab this because the default computer screen mod I use recommended it
  • Call NPCs – Allow you to call NPCs on the phone (such as Kayklynn Langerak)
  • Closet Gussy up – I use this to fix up random townies with broken cc or defaults (sometimes I will see sims walking around with just their heads and its kinda scary to see lol)
  • Commercial Buffets – Buffets work differently on commercial or owned business lots
  • Creativity Gained From Diary and Blogging
  • Dance Advertising Tweaks – Balances how attractive different dances are to Sims.
  • Dance Near Stereo – Sims will now move near a stereo before doing the smustle, hula, slap dance rather than dancing to the music in their heads.
  • Eat More, Talk Less While Dining – This hack will bypass the conversations if the sim is in need for energy, hunger, fun or bladder or in a bad mod. Sims with high social will talk less
  • Extended Family Treated As Family – No more dating distant relatives
  • Exercise Bike Fix – Originally sims don’t care about their needs at all while using the bike and they can die for that reason
  • Fire Mod – Sims who study fire safety will now behave as intended
  • Formal Sign – I use this on my Church lots so when you get late arrivals or wedding crashers they will change to formal wear
  • Jump Rope Fitness – Jumping rope now build fitness
  • Lighting Storm Fix – Fixes a bug that prevents intense lighting storms
  • More Composting – Causes anyone headed for the outdoor trash can to head for an available compost bin instead
  • For Sale Sign – This little sign is a handy thing to plant in your yard right before you leave home for good. It will automatically keep your beautifully designed kitchen and bathroom built-ins, all light fixtures, and give you proper value for it when you leave.
  • No Fake Sleepover Whining – Fixes AL bug which cause visiting sims to whine about being invited to sleep over when they weren’t 
  • No Greeting NPCs – Stop the matchmarker and garden club lady from showing up when moving in a sim into a new lot
  • No Humble – The NPC Rod Humble will no longer show up and give you a free computer
  • No NPC Stay Over – NPCs will no longer ask to hang out after work
  • No Plumbobs – I use the one that removes them from both the neighboorhood and the sim
  • Phone Mods – Fixes problem related to the random phone calls
  • Simply Leftovers – Allows you to store leftovers as single plates instead of a group meal
  • Smarter Beds – Sims will autonomously use the bed they have the most ownership of
  • Smarter Lights – Depending of the type of lot, the time of day and what the sims are doing the lights will auto turn off and on
  • Smarter Privacy – Sims are smarter about bathroom and woohoo privacy, ignoring unshooable or irrelevant sims
  • Social Worker Hack – This hack makes the social worker behave more reasonably
  • Stop Kissing Me – Sims will no longer kiss when greeting or saying goodbye unless the relationship is crush or love
  • Townie Move-In No Memory Loss – Townies will keep all their memories when moving in
  • Walkbys Behave – Walkbys won’t read or steal the newspaper 
  • Watch TV from all chairs – Allows sims to watch TV from chairs facing any directions 
  • Quiet Pregnancy – No more chimes after trying for a baby. Pregnancy will be a surprise

Mods that impact on careers in game

Mods that impact sims memories

  • Engagement Memory Fix – Fixes a very annoying buy that causes some sims to have a negative memory of getting engaged when it should be positive
  • Memory Fixes – Fixes bugs with several sims memories
  • Memory Manipulator – Allows you to edit the memories of the currently selected sim 

Name mods that can help with changing sims names

Mods I use for my screenshots

I like to keep my game Maxis Match, most of the stuff is default replacement but I can share with you what I current have in my game and places I like to go to for CC! I do update this when I add or remove CC so check back! 

Sims 2 Camera Mods

Rie's post where she mentioned not being able to get closer up pix reminded me of a neat little mod I use in my own game that replaces the Maxis camer Camera Mod - Sims 2, 3 and 4 Sims 2, 3 and 4. Thank you, @nanashi-sims, for the reply and the recommendation, both!I've looked at that camera mod in the past, and had considered it, but apparently the modder hasn't logged into modthesims for some time, so I wasn't sure if it was still alright to use, or might cause some issues in game.

Fundamental Download and Install Guidelines:1. Download: Click the download hyperlink to conserve the.rar document(h) to your pc.2. Herb: Use (Windows) or (Macintosh) to get the.package document(s) from the.rar document(s).3. Place in Downloads Folder: Cut and paste the.package deal file(h) into your Downloads folder:.

Sims 2 Camera Mods

Windows XP: Records and Configurations(Current User Accounts)My DocumentsEA GamésThe Sims 2Downloads. Home windows Windows vista/7/8: Users(Present User Account)DocumentsEA GamésThe Sims 2Downloads.

Sims 2 Snapshots


Mac: Users(Current User Account)DocumentsEA GamésThe Sims 2Downloads-or-4. Wow, this replacement unit community camera will be amazing! I can watch everything-and despite a few hiccups here and there; viewing a 'jump' or fast move out and back in whenever I proceed the camera whiIe at a particular length, it still works great otherwise.

I even got to find an off-shore island with á Tiki stone-héad in the center of it (I believe it has been in Pleasantview), where before using this camera I acquired no concept it had been there. Say thanks to you!:DUpdate Noticéd when I went into one of my neighborhoods' Downtown area, the camera was set. It wouldn't zoom lens in or out, no issue if I tried to scroIl with my mousé or by hand force the focus buttons (the types with '+' and '-' indicators.) I think sub-neighborhoods are affected adversely by this replacement unit NeighborhoodCamera. No biggie.Therefore simply an FYI for some other individuals who are considering about getting this.Professional: great FOV (industry of watch) camera in primary neighborhoods;Con: set, full see camera in sub-hoods. (Makes it look like you're performing SimCity 4 or The Sims.).

Not sure what CC can be? Get a appearance at and our. What is TheSimsCC?will be a place to share, requestdiscuss custom content for The Sims! Check out out our!

Subréddit RulesTag your content with Link Flairs!. continually label your articles w/ link flairs to help sharing/searching of CC. discover out by clicking on. lookup/sort CC category by pressing on it in the Hyperlink Flair Legend beneath.We motivate. Promote your CC right here! Don't forget about to credit your assets. Control yourself from publishing articles that needs payment.

Sims 2 Camera Mods For Pc

Experience free of charge to cross-póst vice versa!. Be mindful of Reddit's.FAQ CC Sources.

Questions about CC? Learn the Common questions. Hyperlinks to CC sources.Related subredditsThere's a entire Sims group on reddit! Discovér them by cIicking. Link Flair Fable.

Sims 2 Camera Controls

Details:Similar to Aikea Guinea's i9000 and cmomoney'h Sims 3 camera mods, this mod gets rid of the drift from the live/build setting and tab mode cams, and it improves both camcorders' runs, enabling them to proceed down to much lower ranges than EA standard. It also tries to decrease the general bounciness that takes place whenever you pan the camera about; however, there is definitely still a bit of extra springtime to it, especially when changing between flooring. I had been incapable to eliminate that completely, but if I shape out how I will blog post an upgrade. These modifications will have an effect on both the defauIt Sims 4 camera and the Sims 3 style camera (the check out box discovered in Video game Options under the Controls Camera tab).There are usually two mods here, one for the normal sport camera and oné for the caméraman setting (tabs setting) camera. You may use both collectively, or you can select simply one.Writers:Buckley.Groups, Tags.

Sims 2 Camera Mods
  1. Bully for sale craigslist
  2. Correspondence issue date unemployment florida
  3. Csb she reads truth bible
  4. Decorative ginger jars with lids
  5. Chapter 5 test environmental science

Sims 2 Recommended Mods List

This is my ultimate Sims 2 recommended mods list.

Although I link to some of the mods I use on my Gameplay Rules Page, I thought it might be nice to have a “master list” of all the mods I use in my game. I’m always adding to the list as I find new mods and removing the ones that don’t work out for me, so check back frequently for updates.

LAST UPDATE: 05/06/2021 – Added several new mods I’ve been playing with for the past few months. Newly added mods are in bold italic

Anti-Corruption Mods

These are mods that will help prevent corruption in your ‘hoods. I consider these non-negotiable. Download these first!

  • Mootilda’s Hood Checker – This is a tool and not really a mod, but it’s necessary to check your hoods for corruption. Read all documentation on the download page.
  • No Corrupt Death – Suppresses the corrupt death memory.
  • No Unlink on Delete – Game no longer partially destroys sim file on deletion of tombstone. May resolve potential random tombstone losses when moving tombstones to community lots resulting from shredded character files produced by unlinkage.
  • Select Your Cemetery – Sims dying on apartment lots are no longer sent to a random cemetery. You can now choose the cemetery to send them to. Sometimes the game sends these graves to lots that don’t exist, which can cause problems. This mod alleviates that issue. 

Essential Mods

These are the mods I consider to be essential to my gameplay and I could not play without them.

  • Autonomous Casual Romance (ACR) – Allows your Sims to autonomously woohoo, try for baby, make booty calls, and perform a whole host of romantic interactions. Gives your Sims more freedom to make their own romantic decisions and creates a lot of drama and fun in your neighborhood. Highly recommended!
  • Anti-Redundancy – Eliminates spawning of unnecessary redundant NPCs.
  • Bat Box (FFS Lot Debugger) – This has a lot of similar features to the Sim Blender, but also has a lot of helpful debug options. In my early Let’s Play episodes, I used it to give my Sims college degrees. I also use it to “Roll the Pacifier” or reset Sim genetics to prevent clone babies. You can download a prettier version as a vase here.
  • Gussy Up (Updated for Seasons) – This mod allows you to buy, change, and plan outfits from a pie menu in-game. Allows you to change townie clothing and change appearance of any Sim directly by clicking on them.
  • Inge’s Age Group Tweak – I use this to change the number of days for each life stage. Requires messing around in Sim PE, but it’s not too difficult. Click here to see my tutorial on using this hack to create your own custom lifespans.
  • Monique’s Hacked Computer – I use this mod to manage bank accounts for my Sims, get jobs, study skills, shop online, and a lot more!
  • No Townie Regen – Prevents random townies from being spawned. I remove it if I want more townies.
  • No Sim Loaded – Removes the “Sim Loaded” token and others every time you load a lot, preventing lag, and also prevents and fixes the Super Duper Hug Bug. 
  • Sim Blender – The ultimate Sim management “God” mod. You’ll see me use this a lot in my Let’s Plays.
  • Sim Manipulator – Similar to InSimenator and the Sim Blender but has a few different options. I use it for the ability to instantly change clothes to a different outfit or plan outfits by clicking on a Sim, and to make non-playable Sims easily selectable, but it has MANY more options.

Baby & Toddler Mods

These are mods that affect the baby and toddler life stages.

  • Baby Bottle Replacement – Replaces the green baby bottles with clear bottles filled with milk.
  • Crib Get Out – Allows your toddlers to get out of the crib by themselves.
  • Accessible Toddler High Chairs – This global mod allows sims to access any high chair from left and right sides and also access diagonally placed highchairs. Custom chairs work as well.
  • Freetime Cribs Animated – Enables the animations on the two cribs that came with Free Time. Finally your Sims wont stick their arms through the railings anymore!

Build & Buy Mode Mods

These are mods that impact build mode and buy mode.

  • Maxis Modular Stairs Passage Fix – This mod enables Sims to pass directly through under all Maxis modular stairs, just like base game Holy Smoke stairs. You need this mod if you follow my tutorial on using modular stairs with the Ultimate Collection (or if you use open underneath modular stairs at all).
  • Object Rotator – These object rotators will allow you to place objects with steps of 5 degree. Rotated objects are still normally usable.
  • OMSPs – One more slot please. Allows you to place more decorative objects in more places. Also useful for posing Sims for screenshots.
  • Rug Texture Fix – Fixes the wonky textures that happen to rugs when placed off-grid.
  • Stair Wall Fix – Fixes the way the wall under the stairs appears and makes it look better.
  • Television Placement Mod – Adds the adjustable height feature to TVs so they can be moved up and down on the walls just like paintings.
  • Walk-Through Blocks – Allows Sims to walk around and through objects. Useful for creating small lots.

Business Mods

These are mods that impact playable businesses from the Open for Business Expansion Pack.

  • Business Mod – Fixes a lot of issues with Open for Business. Recommended if you intend on playing Sim-owned businesses in your neighborhoods.
  • Customer Limit Adjuster – This is an object that looks like an alarm you can hang on the wall. It allows you to limit the number of customers at a time on Sim-owned businesses. Very helpful if you only have a single person running a business. Uploaded to my SFS, since site is down. File is not zipped. 
  • No Lame Hires – Non-townie sims with jobs >= L6 or who are already working in a user business are no longer considered eligible hires and will not clog the hiring pool, nor be available with the “hire” option unless they quit. Sims will never want to hire anyone who already has a job.
  • Townie Budget Mod – Townies can no longer buy items they can’t afford at businesses, eat at restaurants if they have no money, etc. Does wonders for realism. No more endless money for townies.
  • Simlogical OFB Mods – I personally use the Automatic Open Sign, but others on this page include the automatic cash register and automatic stocking sign.

Computer Mods

These mods affect the in-game computers your Sims use. Apparently, I use enough of these to give them their own section.

Death & Accident Mods

These mods affect death and accidents in the game.

  • Deadly Satellites – Increases the chance of satellite death.
  • Death by Childbirth – Adds a 10% chance of dying in childbirth. 
  • Faster Disease Processing – Disease recovery will no longer slow to a crawl if multiple sims are sick.
  • Frequent Disease Processing – Disease severity will be updated every cycle rather than every six cycles.
  • More Dangerous Fire – Fire spreads faster and destroys quicker. Two flavors to choose from. I use more dangerous (not EVEN more dangerous).
  • Realistic Sickness – USE WITH CAUTION. This mod makes sickness more deadly. You must really take care of your Sims or they might actually die.

Education Mods

Mods that affect education, university, school, homework, etc.

  • Auto Do Homework – Calls all children and teens on the lot to do their homework at 7:00 PM. They will quit if fun gets too low, so no risk of everyone having straight A’s.
  • Desk Locator AKA Put Your Homework Away Properly – Place the desk locator on a desk or table and have your Sim claim the desk via the menu on the object. They will put their homework on their own desk.
  • Edukashun Iz Gud – Limits promotions for uneducated Sims. They can only be promoted to  a certain career level based on how much education they have.
  • Faster Homework – Finish homework in 15 minutes instead of an hour.
  • Later Classes – Moves all morning university classes later in the day so no class starts before noon. Complements the Semester Changes mod.
  • No Dormie Regen – Prevents random dormies from being spawned. I remove it if I want dormies to spawn.
  • No Memory Uneducated & No Want Satisfy Uneducated – Prevents Sims from getting a negative memory for not going to college and prevents them from crying about it. 
  • No SS Respawn – Eliminates respawning of Secret Society members. If there are not enough SS members, when the game attempts to generate one, it will, instead of generating a new NPC, induct a YA townie instead, and use him.
  • Partial Homework Credit – This mod gives kids credit for partially completed homework.
  • Random Dormies – Residents of dormitories are picked randomly (originally, lowest-numbered Sims were chosen) from the pool of unplayable students who don’t have keys to rooms on occupied lots.
  • School Mods – This mod fixes problems with the way a sim determines which friend to bring home from school, makes it so that private school students leave school earlier than usual, and makes it so that your household needs to pay 100 simoleons per each child/teen studying in private school.
  • Semester Changes – Makes University 8 days instead of 24.
  • Uni Career Lifetime Wants – Adds the missing lifetime wants for University careers back into the game.
  • Uni Aging and YA Move Out of College – Part of the Young Adults can enjoy maternity mods. Allows Sims of any age to live in the University subhoods, and allows Sims to stay at college after graduation and continue aging.

Finance Mods

These are mods that address finance, money, or the economy in some way.

  • Halved Apartment Rent – Cuts rent costs for apartments in half. 
  • Loan Jar – Allows your Sims to take out loans and you can set the interest rate.
  • Lower Wages – Reduces salaries for Uni, Seasons, and Free Times jobs to match the base game jobs.
  • Monique’s Child Support – Sims not living on the lot with their children must pay child support. If you don’t have the Ultimate Collection or Apartment Life, you can find older versions of this mod here.
  • More Realistic Payment for Maxis Careers – All salaries have been cut in half, which is much more realistic imo.
  • No 20k Handout – Direct Download – Must Have AL or the Ultimate Collection for this version to work.
  • No Inheritance after Elder Dies – Sims will no longer receive free money when an elder friend or relative dies.
  • Partial Financial Advice – Sims offering financial advice on the computer will be paid for the partial hour if the command is canceled.
  • Professional Blogger – Sims who have maxed out enthusiasm in a hobby will earn money during the time they blog (also listed in Hobby section).
  • Salary Bonus – Rewards Sims for long service, in addition to pay increases from being promoted. Sims who remain at their current career level (pay grade) will receive pay rises as their days worked at that level increase.
  • Social Welfare – Allows poor, unemployed Sims to apply for welfare.

Fix Mods

These are mods that fix problems with the game or just things I personally find annoying. They aren’t required, but they make gameplay more fun (in my opinion).

  • Cyjon’s Sims 2 Mods N Stuff – I have almost ALL the fix mods from Cyjon. It was getting to be too much to list them all here. I recommend perusing his selection and downloading the ones that appeal to you. NOTE: Most of his mods require his Smarter EP Check so make sure you download this first before you go on a download spree on his site.
  • Baby to Toddler Aging Fix – Fixes the issue of Sims holding babies and not aging them up at 6:00 PM. 
  • Dress Me Correctly – Sims will put on the correct clothing when changing depending on time of day and their schedule.
  • Eat More, Talk Less While Dining – This hack will completely bypass the conversation if the sims is in desperation for energy, hunger, fun or bladder, or is in a bad mood. Sims with maxed social will talk less.
  • Exercise Bike Fix – With this mod, sims stop using the Exerto Super Exercise Bike when they’re in bad mood, hungry, sleepy, feel uncomfortable or need to go to the toilet, as if they were using other skill objects. Originally sims don’t care about their needs at all while using the bike and they can die for that reason.
  • Extended Family Treated as Family – Allows the game to recognize second cousins, first cousins once removed, great grandparents, great grandchildren, and great aunts and uncles as family members. No more dating distant relatives!
  • Fire Mod – Fixes a lot of issues with how Sims interact with fire. Sims who study fire safety will now behave as intended by attempting to put out fires.
  • No Baby Harassment – Sims will no longer constantly harass babies a million times an hour for no reason.
  • No Death Type Loss when Moving Tombstones – Fixes a bug that causes Sims to lose their death type when you move the tombstone to a community lot. Ghosts will now be the correct color based on their death type after moving.
  • No Sim Loaded – Removes useless “sim loaded” tokens and other garbage that slows down your game and causes lag.
  • Random Calls Fix – Fixes problems related to the random phone calls your Sims receive.
  • Shadow Fix – Fixes the black boxes that appear under Sims in some games and restores correct shadows.
  • Simply Leftovers – Allows you to store leftovers as single plates so Sims don’t have to take out the group-sized plate every time they want leftovers.
  • Smart Beds – Forces the bed ownership system in the game to actually work. Sims will autonomously use the bed they have the most ownership of.
  • Smarter Lights – The purpose of this mod is to automatically turn the light on and off, depending of the type of the lot, the time of the day, and what the sims are doing.
  • Smarter Parent Choice for College Cinematics – Makes the game choose who drops your Sim off at college based on relationship with the parent.
  • Social Worker Hack – Apartment Life version. This hack makes the Social Worker behave more reasonably. If you don’t have AL, you’ll have to search for the version you need.
  • Want Related Mods – Fixes a bunch of the awful wants by removing or reducing their occurrence. Includes buy gadgets, buy instruments, sports party, resurrection, etc. 
  • Woohoo Count Fix – Fixes a problem with woohoo count. If a Sim has woohooed with the same sim multiple times in different types of woohoo, the game will now consider that as having woohooed with only one sim.
  • Woohoo LTW Fix – Stops the woohoo LTW from disappearing after being achieved.
  • Young Enough for Pregnancy Fix – Fixes the problem with adults nearing elders being seen as too old for pregnancy when they really aren’t.

Hobby Mods

These mods affect the in-game hobby system and hobby enthusiasm.

  • Enthusiasm Overhaul – The mods improves the hobby enthusiasm system, better matching hobbies to interests, makes the One True hobby more important than others, decay is dependent on interests, stops annoying hobby messages and more. Also includes a mod that prevents sims gaining cuisine enthusiasm for every meal they eat. 
  • Fewer Hobby Wants – Reduces the number of hobby wants by stopping certain wants from being triggered.
  • Professional Blogger – Sims who have maxed out enthusiasm in a hobby will earn money during the time they blog (also listed in Finance section).

Job Mods

These mods impact jobs and careers in the game.

  • Job Options Mod Set – Allows all Sims to choose between part- and full-time jobs, asks you before a Sim gets promoted, allows Sims to have jobs in the University ‘hoods, and unlocks work-related wants and fears for young adults.
  • Job Seeking Notice Board – A notice board you can put on community lots that allows your Sims to get a job in any career track. This can also be done with Monique’s hacked computer, but I prefer the realism of having an unemployment office.
  • Job Stopinator – When placed in your Sim’s inventory, they cannot be promoted to a higher level in their career.
  • Level Numbers Added to Job Titles – Adds the job level next to the job title in menu screens. Very handy for quickly seeing what level your Sim is at in their career.
  • No Carpools for Mothers – This mod will prevent the carpool from showing up for all female sims that have their own baby or toddler living in the lot. You can still have them walk to work if you want.
  • Work & Bring Home Friend Dialogue – A dialog box (Yes/No) will pop up that will ask you if it’s okay to bring a friend home from work.
  • Young Adult Job Panel Revealer – This is a hacked object that allows you to temporarily open student’s job panel that is normally replaced by major/classes panel. Recommended for use with the Job Options Mod Set listed above.

Memory Mods

These mods impact Sim memories.

  • Engagement Memory Fix – Fixes a very annoying bug that causes some Sims to have a negative memory of getting engaged when it should be positive. (If you get a negative memory before finding this mod, you can change it back to positive in Sim PE.)
  • Memory Based Diary Writing – Sims will think about the most recent memories and the people involved in those when writing in their diary.
  • Memory Manipulator – The Memory Manipulator allows you to edit the memories of the currently selected sim. No more messing around in SimPE. Now you can edit memories directly through an in-game menu.
  • Memory Mod – fixes quite a few problems with certain memories and memory-related interactions in the Sims 2.
  • Met New Great Grandchild Memory – This mod gives the memory of meeting a new great grandchild.

Miscellaneous Mods

These are mods that aren’t really essential, but they add new features and depth to gameplay.

  • Astronomy Mod – Allows Sims to find more stars and planets with the telescope, get random amounts of money from finds instead of always $500, and makes the chance of finds based on the Sim’s logic skill.
  • Become an Author Without a Computer – This mod allows you to write a novel without using a computer using a notepad. Great for your historic hoods, or generally poor authors who can’t yet afford to buy a computer.
  • Community Time Project – Enables the passing of time on community lots to be spent on the home lot. When a Sim leaves a community lot at 5:00 PM, it will be 5:00 PM when they get back home, but you’ll still be able to play the family left behind in the meantime.
  • Day Setter – Used to set the day of the week when Sims move to a new lot. I use it to keep Sims ages in sync with the rest of the ‘hood.
  • Default Book Covers & Novel Icons – Replaces the book covers and icons for choosing plots when writing novels. New graphics taken from The Sims 4.
  • Elders Sleep Through the Night – self-explanatory.
  • For Sale Sign – Automatically keeps kitchen and bathroom built-ins, all light fixtures, and gives you proper value when moving from a lot. Based on the stay things shrub.
  • Local Walkbys – Sim residential walkbys now will only be people who actually live in your ‘hood or sub-‘hood.
  • Monique’s Individual Aging – Allows you to turn aging on/off for individual Sims from the pie menu.
  • No Plumbobs – Removes plumbobs from the Neighborhood Screen and Sims. This version removes Plumbobs from Sims only. Links to mediafire downloads.
  • No Smiling in CAS – Sims no longer constantly smile while you’re trying to edit them in CAS.
  • Macrotastics – Adds options to automate tedious and repetitive gameplay, including motive-maintenance, businesses, socializing, and skilling.
  • Mood Mod – This mod makes it so that the Aspiration meter directly influences the sim’s mood. 
  • Outdoor Lights All Night – Outdoor lights will stay on until 7 am rather than 2 am.
  • Random Radio Station – Sims will now turn on the radio to a random station instead of always Salsa.
  • Seasons and Weather Controller – I use this mod to change the length of the seasons, but also has other season and weather-related uses.
  • Sleepwear by Personality – Changes the logic for sims choosing what to wear when going to bed autonomously.
  • Telescope Mod – Sims looking through the telescope during the day will peep at random neighbors instead of the lowest numbered in the ‘hood.
  • Visitor Controller – Control which Sims are allowed to visit certain lots. Ban Sim from lots based on gender, aspiration, career, gender preference, and many other characteristics. Also allows you to ban Crumplebottom, Unsavory Charlatan and other annoying NPCs.
  • Want Disablers – Prevents Sims from getting wants for college scholarships, pet jobs, and/or go on vacation. 
  • Watch TV from All Chairs – Allows your Sims to watch TV from chairs facing any direction at least 10 squares back from the TV – even if they’re facing sideways or at 45-degree angles.

Name Mods

  • Baby Last Name Chooser – Allows you to choose the baby’s last name upon birth. Useful for babies born out of wedlock.
  • Last Name Copier – Allows you to copy last names between Sims. Good for changing the last name of your children to the father’s last name when unmarried couples procreate.
  • Marriage Last Name Chooser – Allows you to choose the last name of two Sims getting married.
  • Jordi’s Names – This file changes the default list of names for newly spawned townies and NPCs. It is mainly based on US Census data.

Neighborhood Mods

These are mods and custom content I use to make my neighborhoods look beautiful with today’s graphics. I’ve also made a video tutorial showing how to use and install these mods in your own hoods.

  • The Great Sky of Totalitarianism – Beautiful animated skies for your hoods and lots. You’ll need the sky box mesh, sky fix, full archive of lot skies, and full archive of hood skies (all available in this link) to make your skies look like mine in game.
  • Realistic Sun and Moon – I use the normal Sun and Real Moon for my hood skies. You can also download the invisible versions if you don’t like the sun, moon, and/or stars showing.
  • Seasons-ready Skylines – Gorgeous skylines that work beautifully with the above animated skies. I use Green Hills for Pleasantview but they are all gorgeous.
  • Curious B’s Neighborhood Terrain and Road Replacements – Greener grass and better looking dirt/desert terrains, and nicer roads that work with the terrains. If this link isn’t working, you can also get the replacements on Sim File Share here.
  • Criquette’s Linden Trees as Default Replacements – Less blurry, more beautiful trees for your hoods. UPDATE: I am no longer using the Linden Trees as my default replacements. I now use these by Honeywell. Either ones are nice, but I prefer Honeywell’s as they are a bit more Maxis Match and lower poly.
  • Voeille’s Texture Replacements – Less blurry textures for beaches, cliffs, and snow. UPDATE: The links from the tutorial video on Voeille’s Tumblr no longer work. She has also uploaded them on MTS. Get them here.
  • Gunmod’s Camera Mod – Necessary to view your skies and skylines. Allows you to view the far edges of your hood and have a top-down view, plus many more camera angles.

Pet Mods

These mods are related to Pets and animals in the game.

  • Baby Pet Creator – Create puppies and kittens for your Sims to adopt. 
  • Caged Pet Fix – Fixed random bird death bug and other annoyances and bugs related to the birds and womrats.
  • No Pet Obsession – Sims will now get wants related to pets only if they are in their family or if they are friends with the animal, and wants are also dependent on a sim’s interest in animals.
  • No Stray Respawn – Stray animals no longer respawn. Existing animals unaffected. Animals that exist in play may become strays, but no new random ones will generate.
  • Patterns for Puppies and Kittens – This mod unlocks patterns for your puppies and kittens. Now you can see what they’re going to look like before they age up.
  • Pets in University – Allows Sims to have pets in the University ‘hoods.

Pose Mods

These are mods I use to pose my Sims for screenshots, portraits, and for making thumbnails for my Youtube videos.

  • Freezer Clock – Allows you to freeze time when necessary. Be careful with this because it does not freeze pregnancy timers.
  • Fourth Wall Options – I use this for the “look at me now” command which makes Sims look directly at the camera.
  • Jaydee’s Pose Boxes – The only pose boxes I really use are the ones from Jaydee, and of these I mostly use the Loading Screen poses. It has all the poses from the household loading screens.
  • MixedUp’s Screenshot Background – This is a giant rug that creates a solid color background for screenshots. It makes isolating Sims so easy!
  • No Red Pause Lines – Removes the red lines around the screen when the game is paused.
  • Thought & Talk Bubble Controller – Allows  you to choose a specific talk or thought bubble to appear above a Sim’s head. Great for storytelling and screenshots.

Pregnancy & Adoption Mods

These are the pregnancy and adoption-related mods I use in my ‘hoods.

  • 18 Hour Pregnancy – Sims will give birth 18 hours from conception instead of in 3 days.
  • Adopt Teen Gender Preference – Allows you to adopt teens and choose the gender and skin tone of the adopted baby, toddler, child, or teen.
  • Alternate Pregnancy Controller Lite – Adds the chance of miscarriage to each pregnancy. 
  • Baby Wants Fix – This hack removes the distinction between having or adopting a child as far as wants are concerned. Any sim with a want to adopt that has a baby born will have the adopt want satisfied and vice versa.
  • Maternity Outfit Fix for Young Adults – Necessary if you use the YA Maternity mod listed below.
  • Pregnancy Relationship Change – For when a sim’s pregnancy first shows and those around her realize she’s pregnant. Allows a Sim to figure out a baby is not “his” if he has high enough logic skill points.
  • Quiet Pregnancy – No longer get the pregnancy chimes after try for baby. Pregnancies will be a surprise!
  • Same Day Adoption – The social worker will bring your child on the same day you call the adoption agency.
  • Young Adults Can Enjoy Maternity – This is a suite of mods that allows your Young Adults to get pregnant and have babies in University, plus a host of other functions.

Romance & Relationship Mods

These are mods related to romance and relationships in the game.

  • Adult-Teen Attraction – Allows adults and teens to have romantic attraction. Recommended for use with ACR (see below).
  • Auto Breakup & Engagements – Sims will autonomously break up and propose engagement depending on a variety of factors. 
  • Random Proposal/Marriage Rejection – Sims have a chance of rejecting a proposal or marriage. 
  • Find a Mate Crystal Ball – Summon the power of the Gypsy’s crystal ball, without having to deal with the old bat. Much better than the gypsy matchmaker and free!
  • First Kiss Enabled – This mod enables first kiss to be used any time you wish as long as the relationship score is high enough. See the “first kiss” cutscene with any two Sims.
  • Just Be Friends Social – Teens and up can ask romantic interests to “just be friends,” and then all crush/love flags between them get cleared.
  • More Realistic Relationship Decay – Self-explanatory; relationship decay is now more realistic.
  • New Turn-Ons – This mod adds four new turn ons/offs to the game. In addition, it fixes quite a few problems with the attraction/chemistry system.
  • No Bi Gender Preference Decrease – Sims stay bisexual instead of turning straight depending on which sex they interact with. 
  • Secondary Aspiration Attraction – Adjusts the attraction score between two Sims by taking into account their secondary aspirations. 
  • Wedding Mat by Chris Hatch – I use this mod in my community lot weddings. Allows Sims to get married on the mat instead of with a wedding arch (useful if you want to use a podium like I do). Also, there are any female sims on the lot that are either a sister or child to one of the happy couple then they will be invited to be a bridesmaid.

Skill Mods

Mods that impact skill building in the game.

  • Comm Skilling – Apartment Life version. Controlled sims, NPCs, and townies may gain skills while visiting community lots. Enthusiasm may now be gained on community lots and while visiting. Fixes Physiology Borkedness in AL. Rep may now be gained both on and off community lots.
  • Creativity Gained from Diary and Blogging – As the title says, Sims will gain creativity skill from writing in their diaries and blogging on the computer.
  • Jump Rope Fitness – Sims will gain fitness from jumping rope.
  • WH Crafting Skills – Crafting stations now give hobby enthusiasm and build skills. The pottery wheel, for example, now gives creativity skill. Ignore all the tuning stuff and scroll to the very bottom of the page to download. 

Supernatural Mods

These are mods that affect the supernatural life states.

  • Creature Fixes – Fixes a lot of issues with supernaturals.
  • Hereditary Supernaturalism – When babies grow into toddlers they can inherit vampirism and plantsimism from their parents. When toddlers grow into children they can inherit lycanthropy, and when they grow into teens they can inherit witchism.
  • Higher Odds of Abduction – Increases the overall odds of being abducted by aliens when stargazing.
  • Sim Transformer – Making an alien-zombie-vampire-werewolf-plantsim-witch hybrid has never been this easy. This magical picture can transform (and cure) your sim to any of the creatures.
  • Werewolf Personality – Rather than continuously changing personality forever, giving all werewolves the same personality, this changes personality only through the first 20 transformations.  Werewolves will experience no more than +5 to playful, active and outgoing and no more than -5 to neat and nice. This gives a final personality that is related to their pre-wolf state.

Townie & NPC Mods

These are mods that specifically deal with townies (non-playable Sims) and NPCs (maids, gardeners, etc.) that don’t fit into other categories.

  • Butler Fix – Stops the butler from repeatedly jump bugging and throwing a “Error: Trying to access array element via iterator that does not exist.”
  • Call NPCs – Allows you to call NPCs on the phone (such as Kaylynn Langerak).
  • Gypsy Matchmaker Fix – You can now interact with the Gypsy Matchmaker on community lots instead of just dismissing her.
  • NPC Aging – NPC Sims on the active lot will age up one day at 6:00 PM, but only if they are ON the active lot. Does not impact playables.  
  • No Greeting NPCs – Stops the Matchmaker and Garden Club Lady from showing up when you move a Sim into a new lot.
  • No Humble – The NPC “Rod Humble” no longer shows up and gives your Sims a free computer when you first load a household.
  • Non-Townie Outfits – Prevents certain outfits and hairstyles from being selected for townies and newly-aged sims.
  • Multiple Pollination Technician Mod – Adds four pollination technicians with nice genetics to replace the one (hideous PT) per neighborhood.
  • Seletable NPC – Allows you to choose which maid, gardener, nanny, etc. to hire from the ones available in  your ‘hood.
  • Townie Apartment Residents – Apartment neighbors and roommates will be chosen from the townie pool rather than social groups.
  • Townie Body Diversity – Any spawned townies have a chance of being either fat or fit. Every Sim is no longer thin.
  • Townie Move-In No Memory Loss – Townies will keep all their memories when moving into a playable household.

UI Mods

These are mods that affect the Sims 2 user interface.

  • AL UI Font Fix – Fixes tiny text and other UI bugs that happened with AL and MGS. (Not needed if you use Clean UI.)
  • Clean UI – Modern and completely overhauled user interface for The Sims 2.
  • Improved Family Tree UI – Increases size and spacing of the family tree UI. 
  • More CAS Items for Widescreens – As seen in my livestreams. Adds more rows to the CAS menus so you can see more items at once. Choose the file based on your monitor resolution. (Not needed if you use Clean UI.)
  • Widescreen Buy Plan Outfits – Doubles the clothing selection area for buy outfit, plan outfits, try on outfit, and select employee uniform. (Not needed if you use Clean UI.)
  • Widescreen CAS Camera Fix – Prevents the Sim’s face and body from being blocked by the UI in CAS. Read instructions carefully. This is a text file that goes in your camera folder.

Retired Mods

These are mods I no longer use, but may have mentioned in previous Let’s Play videos. I am leaving them here in case anyone comes looking for them.

  • Adopt in Poverty – Takes away the requirement to have $3,000 to adopt. I no longer use this mod because I like to make things more challenging for my Sims.
  • College Tuition and Student Loans – I made college free for all my Sims, so I didn’t need a tuition mod any longer. I never could quite get this one to work correctly, but I understand that it’s’ been updated.
  • Don’t Walk Away While Cooking – Sims will no longer walk away from the stove and burn the house down.
  • Pregnancy Span 8 Hours – Makes Sim pregnancies last only a single day. I took this out because my Sims were procreating too fast.
  • Risky Woohoo – Normal woohoo has a 20% chance of resulting in pregnancy. I no longer use this mod since ACR handles risky woohoo in my game. This is a great mod if you don’t use ACR.
  • Taxi Charges Money – Sims are charged to take a taxi to community lots.
  • Vehicles Cost Money to Drive – Charges your Sim money to take their own car to a community lot.

Custom Content

I have gigs and gigs of custom content, so there’s no way I can post it all here. However, I will post a few essentials that I couldn’t live without.

Also, see this page for many of my favorite CC creators/sites. I play with a Maxis-Match style, so all my links are for MM CC.

My Old Defaults:

My Current Defaults:

I am currently using Mikexx2’s “New Hair System” hairs as defaults in my game. You can find download links to these in my Default Replacement Guide (scroll to the chart at the bottom).

Custom Lots

I don’t use a lot of custom lots because I like to use the Maxis lots in the premade ‘hoods and lots I build myself. But there is one lot I like to use in Pleasantview that is no longer available on the original site. 

  • Slappy’s Flop House – The creator’s site ( is down, so I am providing this for download. I use this apartment lot for my poor Sims to live in while they’re saving up for something better. Very cheap rooms – around $120 per week with a shared living space and kitchen with cafeteria worker. You will need Shiny Time NPC Everywhere Patch for the cook to show up and work properly.

The Sims 2 Tools

These are external tools I use outside of the game itself. Sim PE is essential to my gampeplay. All others are optional, but I find them quite handy.

  • SIM PE – This is a tool that I could not play without. It’s necessary for using Inge’s Age Hack and for changing Sim household names, extracting portraits, editing memories, sharing sims, fixing first born syndrome, etc. You can do a lot more with it, but I mostly use it for simple edits.
  • Any Game Starter – The AnyGameStarter allows to create a temporary test-game including or excluding any Expansion Pack, Stuff Pack and Add-on Packs (among the ones that you own, of course). Good for building lots to share, playing challenges outside your main game, creating themed games (medieval, etc). If you have the disc game, you’ll need to use this version.
  • Collection Creator – Easily create collection files for downloaded custom content. Scroll down and it’s the last download on the page.
  • Flashnote – An awesome tool for keeping notes about your Sims and hood as you play.
  • Greenshot – This is the tool I use for taking Screenshots in Sims 2. It’s completely free and easy to  use.
  • Sim Randomizer – Stand-alone program that creates random Sims (single or families) including all traits, appearance, personality, etc. You can choose the settings you want. Useful for challenges.
  • Sims2Pack Clean Installer – Sims2Pack Clean Installer is a tool for Sims 2™ and all people who download a lot of custom content.  Categorize, catalog, and remove content, as well as preview files before installing.
  • Sims 2 Tracking Spreadsheets – These are the templates I use for tracking my Sims in large hoods. Regular and extended versions available.
  • Secondary Aspiration Calculator – A calculator to select your Sim’s secondary aspiration based on interests. 
Categories ModsTags Sims 2Sours:
Playing TS3 with a camera mod that mimics The Sims 1


As you know, the default the Sims 2 neighborhood camera is very limited. There are many different mods that expands its capabilities. I searched for the most convenient mod for a long time, but all of them had unpleasant bugs - for example, they got stuck on maps like Downtown, and none of them allowed changing the vertical angle of the camera as in lot view.
Finally, I found a camera from The Jessa Channel. It is a really convenient mod which allow to rotate the camera in any direction, has a large zoom and comfortable movement around the NH map without “bouncing” at the borders.
Moreover, there were several minor flaws I have fixed. Thus, in my edition of the Jessa NH camera mod, the zoom works smoothly with the + and - keys, and also the “clipping issues” (also known as z-fighting) are solved

Features: (default - fixed)







Zoom (scroll)


Zoom (keys)


According to the text, the camera is based on a CTNutmegger’s file. Many thanks to Jessa for editing and publishing this camera. Since the original file is no longer available for download, I asked Jessa for permission to publish the edited mod in my blog, and she kindly allowed me to do this!


Also, due to the fact this mod allows to change the angle of rotation of the camera both horizontally and vertically, I made a small default replacement of the horizontal neighborhood rotation cursor, replacing it with the lot rotation cursor. It accordingly displays the rotation in any direction. You can download it here


If you are using the amazing Clean UI, you have to know optional horizontal & vertical cursor for the neighborhood camera is included. The file is called neighborhood-camera-cursor-horizontal-and-vertical.package and is located in the choose-one-clean-ui-neighborhood-camera-cursor folder. Thank you @greatcheesecakepersona​​ for your attention to the idea!


Thank you all for your attention to my work!



Mod camera sims 2


I got a couple of asks like “How to make my game look beautiful? I’m new to the Sims 2, any tips? Why is your game so bright? The grass so green? The water so reflective??” and so on. I decided to make a guide for new ts2 players that will help to answer all such questions. In general, I just gathered all the basic information about my musthave mods/defaults/cheats/photoshop editing/creating hood/downloading CC and more and more. So, if you’re new for the world of the Sims 2 and want to know how to improve your gameplay pictures, this “Starter pack” guide is what you need! All the info with links and screenshots is under the cut!

WARNING: English is not my native language, so I’m sorry for possible grammar and spelling mistakes.

Ok, first things first. Let’s imagine that you’ve just installed your Sims 2 game and sitting next to the monitor blankly staring and having no idea where to start. Before actually downloading a bunch of custom content or even opening your game, you must do some important steps.

STEP 1 “Graphics”

I would really recommend to start with downloading Graphics Rules Maker. Some new graphic cards simply can’t be recognised by the game as the Sims 2 is a pretty old game. And here we have a problem. The newer your computer is, the laggier your game could be. But usually this step prevents all the graphics glitches (like strange stripes all over, pink flashing and so on). Better save than sorry!

STEP 2 “Lighting mod”


Maxis original lighting can be strange and not so decent sometimes. In order to get a more comfortable and brighter lighting, you can install a lighting mod. I use this one by Spookymuffin. The installation is quite simple. You just go to  C/Program files/EA games/the sims2/ts data/res/lights and rename the .txt file called “lighting” to “maxis lighting” (it’ll be your backup in case you want to come back to the original files), extract the lighting file called “spooky lighting.txt” to the above directory and rename it “lighting.txt”. “C/program files/origin games/the sims 2 ultimate collection/double deluxe/base/ts data/res/lights” is the installation path if you have the Ultimate Collection. And you’re done! Now you have a nice lighting with a bonus dusk and dawn that originally are absent in game.

UPDATE 2021: These days I’m using Dreadpirate’s lighting system.

STEP 3 “Camera mod”


And again I’m not pleased with original Maxis camera as you can’t take proper pictures in the hood view and life mod isn’t convenient for me. If you want to take cool zoom-in and zoom-out pictures, you need to install a camera mod. I use this one by Gunmod. This mod opens a lot of posibilities like cool new angles and huge camera distance from the lot view. To install it you need put the files in your My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Cameras folder. But read the original link, please!

UPDATE 2021: These days I’m using camera mod compilation by Lowedeus

STEP 4 “Userstartup.cheat”

I rarely see people talking about this feature but that’s really convenient. This step will help you to shorten your cheat names to avoid typing “boolprop snapobjectsto grid false” and replace it with shorter “sotf”, for example. Or “move objects on” with “mon”. And so on, it’s up for you to decide what commands to choose. All the information is right here. If you wonder, what my userstartup cheat looks like, it’s here:

  • boolprop dontMergeNHflora false
  • boolprop allow45degreeangleofrotation true
  • boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
  • setquartertileplacement on
  • intProp maxNumOfVisitingSims 20
  • boolProp ControlPets on
  • uintProp LotskirtSizeIncrease 120
  • alias mon “moveObjects on”
  • alias mof “moveObjects off”
  • alias sotg “boolProp snapObjectsToGrid false”
  • alias sotf “boolProp snapObjectsToGrid true”
  • alias m “maxmotives”
  • alias mot “motivedecay off”

STEP 5 “Creating your neighbourhood”

I always get questions like “How do I get rid of Maxis townies? Why are your townies so cute?” The reason is that I simply do not have Maxis townies. I’ve created a completely sims-free hood beforehand. The guide on creating your own completely clean hood is here. Be sure to follow each step and read everything carefully. In the end, you’ll have a clean world with no NPCs or townies at all. You can now create your playable sims or even your own townies. To do that, you’ll need a Simblender mod. Just create a sim, randomize their personality and click on “Make me a townie” function.


And now your sim will disappear from family and appear in the townie pool. Ok, now you have a clean but very empty world. Time to customize it!

STEP 6 “Neighbourhood view defaults”


Defaults make the simmers’ life a lot better. I’d like to start with hood view defaults and other important stuff that will make your lot view look great! 

6.1. Grass and road replacement. Original grass is definitely something that I dislike a lot in the game. It’s so dry… Everytime I see it, I’m like “Maxis, why? Even the Sims 1 grass was a lot brighter and greener”. The original road looks ok and you can leave it but I’m not a fan of it. So, I’m currently using Rural Charm set by Criquette. I used to have another replacement by Curiousb. Both of these sets look nice in game. It’s up for you to decide which one to use. To my mind, Rural Charm is obviously great for farm-type hoods and Curiousb’s are perfect for towns/downtowns. You just need to drop these files to your Downloads folder. But I highly recommend to read the whole original links cause it’s better to do it once properly than re-reading and fiding out why your default doesn’t look nice.

6.2. Trees replacement. Original trees look very blurry even if you graphics is nice. So, I’m using Criquette’s right now. But also I used to have Silent Dragon’s. (the direct link). Again both sets are nice and it’s up for you to decide which ones to use.

UPDATE 2021: These days I’m also using birch trees replacements by Sixfootsims


6.3. Sky. I’ll tell you more. Not even sky, but ANIMATED sky. It’s one of those pieces of CC that made me incredibly happy. That’s all I could wish for. You can grab the animated sky by Lowedeus here. The installation info is pretty clear in that post, so I don’t even need to add anything here. Finally the era of beautiful skies for ts2 simmers came! Personally, I use only a hood version as it can be nicely seen from the lot view without extra sky boxes.

6.4 Skylines. That’s a pretty new feature that was brought to us by @greatcheesecakepersona. Well, the idea is the following: the original maxis skylines are very plain and basically are just a bunch of horisontal pixel lines that look quite unnatural. By using the skyline you’ll get that beautiful fading away distance image. You can get them here. Again, the explanation is very clear in the original post.


6.5 Water mod. No comments about blank blue Maxis water. Back in 2014 I could only dream of nice water overhaul. Moi’s water mod did its job. It was very reflective and so on… but far from perfect. I remember making a message on Russian sims forum like “I wish someone could make the water as reflective as in Sims Castaway stories” and boom! Voeille is realising a new water mod in March 2017. How amazing is this mod??? It’s been more than a year but I’m still staring at that beautiful reflective water. There are two versions available (for hood and for lot view) I have both and regret nothing. Remember that for making this mod working properly, you’ll need a couple of swimming pool tiles on the lot. (I usually hide them behind the bushes).

6.6. Sky Fix. It’s more a mod than a default but I’ll leave it here since we talk about sky and stuff. So what’s this? Originally Maxis did a strange thing (again? yes, yes, yes). They created an invisible “box” around your lot so the moon, the sun, clouds, stars, comets are originally invisible. What for? Maybe they had some reasons, who knows. That’s kinda depressing to play without the sun in the sky so Nopke did a fix for that and now all the things in the sky can be seen from the lot! Why is this mod so important? Because we’re going to use custom skies. And how is it possible to see a sky from the lot view if there’s an invisible box around the lot. See?


6.7. Sun and Moon replacement. It’s not a necessity but I was very pleased when @lowedeusreleased their defaults. I use Corona and Real Moon versions. (Don’t ask me why there’s a pregnant sim in undie outside in the picture :D That was one of the most decent pictures of the night sky I had :D)

UPDATE 2021:These days I’m using Full Moon Replacement by Simnopke.

6.8 Hood deco It’s important to place not only trees but deco as well as it gives that “real open world” feel to the hood. I like moving my camera across the streets and enjoy the view. haha.  There’s a list of hood deco made by @simper-fi. Check it out! She did a great job.

6.9. Game settings and Cheats One more important step for all the hood deco, sky and skylines be seen is to change the settings a bit.


“View distance” must be extra large, “Fade distance” must be off. Also try this cheat uintProp lotskirtSizeIncrease 120 It’ll increase your lot view distance even more. Also, don’t forget to use boolprop dontmergeNHflora false cheat. It’ll make even the furthest neighbourhood trees visible.


For example, this is my lot view at the moment after applying all the steps and cheats :) 

After following all these steps I guarantee that your game will be already astonishingly beautiful. To polish this information up I suggest you reading this guide by @greatcheesecakepersona. 

Ok, you arranged your camera, lightning, created a clean world, downloaded all the stuff for a perfect hood view. “Is it the end now, Lesya? Can I finally start playing?”, you may ask. Sorry, friend, not yet! :D Time to organize your downloads folder!

STEP 7 “Mods”

I’d like to start with the mods cause they’re important and can make your gameplay very convenient! I’m going to list only my must-haves. You can always hunt for other minor fixes. I’ll link the basics only.

7.1 ACRThis name stands for Autonomous Casual Romance. This mod allows your sims doing all the romance interactions autonomously without your interfering. They can even try for a baby themselves. If you’re more a ‘watcher” than a “God” when it comes to gameplay, this mod will become your must-have pretty quickly. Get it here.

7.2. No Pause Frame. I like taking beautiful pictures but that annoying red pause line is… ANNOYING! So to get rid of it, just get this mod.


7.3. Pregnant Sims Wear any Outfit. Originally pregnant sims can wear special maternity suits buuut I don’t like it. By installing this mod, your sims will be able to wear absolutely any outfit. Get it here.

7.4. Shop at Home Hacked Coat Hook. This objects allows you to buy any clothes for any age and gender at home without visiting the clothing store. Very handy! Get it here.

7.5. Community lot time. Just imagine, it’s a nice Sunday morning, 10:00 You send your sim to the community lot to have fun, your sim spends 5 hours on the dance floor/in the pool/buying groceries or whatever, goes home at 15:00 and… it’s still 10:00 on your lot. And you’re just like “What the.. plumbob?” This mod fixes that illogical time counting! Get it here.

7.6. Sim Blender. I mentioned this mod earlier. I use it for making my townies but it has even more options that you can discover yourself. Get it here.

7.7. No plumbobs mod. I like plumbobs in general, but when I take screenshots I prefer not to have it. It’s hugee :D There’re two versions available. Sims only and both sims + hood view. Get it here.

7.8. Sliders YES! Now we can have custom sliders for Bodyshop! You can give your sims very unique features by using them. Get them here.

7.9. Save your game reminder Yes, there’s a mod that’ll remind you to save your game. Personally, I always forget to save my game and after playing for an hour, my game can crash, or elictricity can be off and I lose my progress. I’ve got a 24 hour version. It means that the mod will pause you game and there’ll be a sign “Save your game!” Get it here.

7.10. Faster University EducationAnother musthave for me. I love playing in uni. But let’s admit that it’s a bit too long and monotonous. This mod shortens the uni time. Get it here.

7.11. Invisible Stop SignsMaybe for big cities those signs are good. But I don’t like them as they’re low quality and seriously everywhere on the roads. This mod makes them invisible. Musthave for rural hoods. Get it here.

7.12 Invisible Neighbourhood Cars Again they are everywhere and don’t match rural-type hoods. Get it here. (nonh-traffic version)

7.13. OMSPs So what do these strange letters mean? They stand for “One More Slot Please”. These are special modded objects (could be tables or shelves) that allow you to place more than one object on the surface. With the help of them, and some cheats (moveobjects on and boolprop snapobjectstogrid off) you can create awesome things. Some examples:


Put a hat on a cat


Put a cat on a broom


Put a cat next to the cauldron

Ok, let’s be serious. These things can be used in decorating interiors with clutter. Get them here. I also explaned how to use them here.

7.14. Roof ShaderThe same idea as with the water mod. To replace Maxis original shadows on the roofs and to make them brighter, get the mod.

7.15. Neighborhood decorations can be placed anywhereAnthere powerful mod that will allow you to place hood deco even on the playable lot. It’s very cool as you can place trees pretty close to the lot or for example, if you play in a rural hood, you can place fields really close too or even make them a part of the lot. Get it here.

There are a lot more mods and fixes but these are just top 15 can I recommend to start with. For the rest of mods, I highly recommend to check Deedee’s resourse page. It’s nice!

STEP 8 “Defaults” 

8.1. Hairs, clothes, makeup, skins, eyes Everytime when someone asks me where to start downloading CC, I always recommend to start with defaults. There’s a special database that will make this process rather fast. This site is super convenient with tons of preview pictures. You can choose whatever you like. Just remember having only one default version per thing.

8.2. Face templates These are replacement of original maxis faces that you have in CAS and that original NPCs will spawn with. By using defaults and creating clean hood, you can avoid those faces. I use tthe ones by Becca. For example, these are policeman and burglar that my game spawned recently. Very pretty faces, I think <3


8.2. Some misc defaults I also can’t live without these three little things. First, roof trims by Phaenoh, white wall top by Mara and floor edge by Feenwald

STEP 9 “Where to get CC?”

There are a lot of places where you can dig for CC treasures. I can suggest starting with:

That’ll really be enough! By checking these links, you’ll discover lots of creators, spend hours on downloading and also make your eyes bloodshot :D

STEP 10 “Building and decorating”

It’s a quite personal thing. Someone likes small box-like houses, someone likes big mansions. You can build whatever you want! But if you still need some tips. Here’s a nice guide by Muupi on colour schemes in your interiors, here’s a landscaping guide by Historicalsimslife which is awesome! And one more here. Basicaly, it’s what I do everytime with my lots. If you feel that your lot is empty, PLACE PLANTS EVERYWHERE. If you feel that you interior is empty, PLACE CLUTTER EVERYWHERE. That really works!

STEP 11 “Organizing”

Organizing your download folder is important especially after all those steps :D You need to know some rules that will make your life easier. 

11.1. Organizing sub-folders. Well, if you download tones of CC and just put it in your EA games/The Sims 2/Downloads, you won’t be a criminal. But I prefer separating Bodyshop things like eyes/skins/hairs, Mods, Build and Buy and Defaults. Keeping them separately makes difference. If you want to create a sim, leave only Bodyshop folder. If you want to build a house, leave a build and buy folder. It saves a lot of time!

11.2. Renaming files What’s for? All the special characters in files names like ({[-& and so on are actually increasing your loading time! How to solve it? You’ll need a special utility called “Bulk Rename”. It allows you to rename a big amount of files at the same time and replace all the [email protected]#$%^ with just _ symbol. Your loading time will be a lot faster as the game won’t spend a lot of “effort” on reading the files from now on. I explaned how to use this utility here.

11.3. The Compressorizer. This program will help you to compress the file size. Perfect explanation, yeah :D Get it here.

11.4. Sims2pack Clean Installer Another convenient tool to install sims/houses and even finding file duplicates. Get it here.

STEP 12 “Screenshots taking”

12.1 What tool to use? Maxis ingame screentaking system is a disaster. All the screens taken by means of C-button will be low-quality. There are a bunch of programs you can use to take nice pics. The most popular is Fraps and I used to have it for more than 4 years. But lately I switched to Bandicam. No major differences between them. I’m not going to give you links here. I got my Bandicam from Russian torrent :P

12.2 Angles I’m not going to give tips here. Just try to be as much creative as you can and enjoy the process. Zoom-in, zoom-out, take close-ups of faces/hands/legs/objects. Seriously, I never think a lot about my pictures. Just click PrntScreen button and go on! ;) Nobody is going to judge you for your pictures. If you’re completely new to using ingame camera and know nothing about “cameraman” mode and its features, read this guide by Pooklet and this one by Vimpse.

STEP 13 Pink flashing and crashes

Lesya, there’s apocalypse in my game. Everything is flashink bright pink and game is crashing! Keep calm. There’s a solution. I use all the steps from that guide except for this:  Tip#6: Use “boolProp UseShaders false” Mostly because the water mod is using shaders and by turning them off, you’ll get wonky water again. Also, if the game is still very crashy, try to clean your Downloads folder a bit. Maybe it’s a piece of CC that is causing the problem. There’s a working way how to clean your Download folder.

STEP 14 How to…? Where to…? It’s ok to ask questions, everyone has to start somewhere. I’m always open for WCIFs and questions. Also there’s a nice tutorial database. I’m sure that 99% of the existed tutorials are collected there.

STEP 15 “Editing”

It’s practically the end of the guide! I wonder how many survivours have read all the steps? :D Lots of words were said on my blog about Photoshop editing. I like bright pictures and can’t help myself :P Here I’ll link two posts. The first one explains how I edit my portraits and the second one is just a list of Photoshop tools that I use.

That’s pretty all the info I wanted to share with you, guys. I still have a feeling I’m missing something important, though. As you see, I didn’t recommend anything about gameplay itself because everyone is having their own fun in the game. Just try challenges, create funny sims, write funny and absurd stories. Just let you imagination take place!


If you still lack of ideas, you can also check this little guide I made.

Ok, guys, that’s the end of my not-so-tiny but hopefully helpful guide. Feel free to ask questions if there’re still things you can’t understand. Have fun discovering the world of the Sims 2 <3

UPDATES 2021: 

#1 There’s a new awesome clean UI mod by Greatcheesecakepersona. This mod replaces the bar. Makes it look more modern. You can grab it here. Just follow the instructions of the original mod.

#2 Better Night Life mod by Criquette. This mod enables lighting in the neighbourhood view at nights. Now the street lights will be on and you’ll see lights in the windows of some hood decorations.

#3True Grid by Criquette This mod makes your hood decorating routine a lot easier by adding the grid to the terrain.

#4Lighting Remedy A little fix that you can use a long as with your current lighting system. It fixes the lighting on neighbourhood decorations.

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