Amazon samsung 40 inch tv

Amazon samsung 40 inch tv DEFAULT

Samsung 100 cm (40 inches) 40M5100 Basic Smart Full HD LED TV (Black)

Does this TV offer Screen Mirroring?

The Samsung TV offers Screen mirroring. You can wirelessly pair your smartphone with the TV and watch the content of your smartphone on the big screen.

Does this TV offer Bluetooth 2-way Audio?

Yes. You can listen to songs on your mobile from the TV speaker or vice versa by simply pairing your smartphone and TV via Bluetooth.

Does this TV have Ultra Pix technology?

Yes. This TV has Full HD resolution along with Ultra Pix technology. It allows pictures to be more detailed and rich with brighter colors.

Is the Warranty on this supported by Samsung across its entire service network in India?

Yes, Samsung offers 1 Year Comprehensive warranty along with 1 year additional warranty on the Panel. You can reach out to the wide network of over 3000 Samsung service points across India for any product related query.

Does this TV have Free Installation? Does it come with a Free Wall Mount?

Yes, Samsung offers Free Installation on this TV. During Installation, the Samsung service engineer will provide a Free wall mount (if opted for wall mount) and install the TV.


The best Amazon TV deals and sales for October 2021

With some of the best prices available on the internet, the best Amazon TV deals will be your first port of call when searching for a 4K TV. The online superstore has not only a wide selection of TVs but also some great deals on TVs to help save you some money. Amazon has already started their Black Friday deals, so there’s no reason to wait on the TV of your dreams. Shop 4K, 8K, OLED and QLED TVs while they’re super cheap at Amazon. If your home theater could use an upgrade, read on:

Today’s best Amazon TV deals

This Samsung TV can transform into a piece of wall art. It has an Art Mode that can be activated to display artwork, so it's not just a block of black when not in use.more

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Enjoy magnificent visuals no matter the viewing angle and equally immersive audio from Dolby Atmos which emulates a surround sound field. Especially in Game Mode, making this ideal for gaming setups.more

Buy at Amazon

Big, bold, and beautiful, this TV has full array LED for boosted contrast to make your movies look even better. Plus, it has smart features like Amazon Alexa.more

Buy at Amazon

The Samsung Q70T is fully loaded with every feature a hardcore cinephile could ever need, putting you directly in the director's seat of any film.more

Buy at Amazon

Revolutionary TV processing technology that understands how humans see and hear to deliver intense contrast with pure blacks, high peak brightness, and natural colors.more

Buy at Amazon

This 24-inch TV is an exceptional value at $80. Because it has FireTV included, you don't have to purchase a separate streaming box or stick to watch your favorite shows and movies.more

Buy at Amazon

To pick up a large TV at a fraction of the price, you can check out renewed options like this Vizio V-series, which comes with features like Dolby Vision HDR for a beautiful 4K image.more

Buy at Amazon

The quantum processor ensures high-quality visuals and smooth performance, while the QLED 4K panel delivers a vibrant, crisp, color-accurate picture.more

Buy at Amazon

The 40-inch TCL 3-Series Roku Smart TV is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to utility and quality. While it doesn't have 4K resolution, if you don't need it, then this puppy definitely delivers.more

Buy at Amazon

With Samsung technology for bright colors, fast processing, and Alexa built-in, this TV has all the latest modern features you could need to upgrade your home theater.more

Buy at Amazon

For those who want to put a TV on their desk or kitchen counter, this Fire TV-ready unit is a perfect size for convenience. more

Buy at Amazon

This TV from TCL's 5 series has QLED technology for a stunning picture that is rich, deep, and colorful. The Roku operating system provides easy access to your favorite streaming services.more

Buy at Amazon

Works with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to help you find movie titles, launch or change channels, even switch inputs, using just your voice. Also available through the Roku mobile appmore

Buy at Amazon

This beautiful QLED 4K TV is large in size and supports both 4K and HDR, with wireless and Bluetooth as well as offering Alexa compatibility so you can easily control the TV using just your voice.more

Buy at Amazon

Get blown away with the depth, sharpness, and richness of real 8K. This TV automatically converts content into incredible 8K and delivers great sound quality to match the amazing visuals.more

Buy at Amazon

Enjoy magnificent visuals no matter the viewing angle and equally immersive audio from Dolby Atmos which emulates a surround sound field. Especially in Game Mode, making this ideal for gaming setups.more

Buy at Amazon

Designed with QLED technology, quantum HDR, and more, the Samsung Q60A is packed with everything a cinephile could need for a fully immersive experience that no ordinary 4K TV could match.more

Buy at Amazon

With Samsung's AI-powered processing, you can enjoy upscaled content so everything you watch can look as good as possible. Plus there's support for Alexa so you can control your TV using your voice.more

Buy at Amazon

Reproduces more colors than a conventional TV resulting in picture quality that is natural and precise, and closer than ever to real life.more

Buy at Amazon

Enjoy an immersive watching experience with this TV. Images look rich and vibrant and audio is directed where the action is, making it feel like you are part of the scene.more

Buy at Amazon

This Samsung TV not only displays stunning 4K visuals, but it's also able to transform into an art gallery. It comes with Alexa built in for easier control and convenient operation.more

Buy at Amazon

Should you buy a TV at Amazon?

Amazon sells about every product that can be purchased online, but somewhat surprisingly, this online retail giant can be a little hit-and-miss when it comes to pricier tech such as laptops. However, that’s generally not the case with TVs. This is to say that you should definitely consider buying a television here, as there are always some solid Amazon TV deals on tap.

In fact, Amazon TV sales are usually every bit as good or even better than Walmart TV deals and Best Buy TV deals, and it’s not uncommon to see the exact same bargains that you’ll find in big-box stores also just a mouse-click away on Amazon. Amazon is increasingly competing with brick-and-mortar retail stores while those same big-box outlets are trying to compete more aggressively with Amazon’s dominant online presence, with the real winner of this contest being you, the savvy shopper.

Amazon is a particularly great place to find Fire TV deals. Although the retailer doesn’t yet make its own branded televisions (its Fire TV streaming devices notwithstanding), a couple of TV brands make sets that use Fire streaming software, and they go on sale on Amazon a lot. If you’re a Prime member who streams a lot of Prime Video, or if you already use a Fire device and want a TV that shares this software ecosystem, then Amazon TV sales should be the first ones you check out.

Of course, Amazon carries almost all the popular brands of 4K and 8K televisions, so your selection is hardly limited here. If you don’t quite know what you’re looking for yet and need some more info before you set off to find any Amazon TV deals, though, then read on for some buying advice.

How to choose a TV

Pretty much all of the big TV brands — LG, Samsung, Sony, TCL, Hisense, Toshiba, and Vizio, among others — can be found on Amazon, so you’ve got a lot of options to choose from when shopping for Amazon TV deals. Before you jump in, though, it’s a good idea to decide on a budget and familiarize yourself with today’s smart TV market, which will help you to find the right set for your needs as well as make it easier for you to get the most bang for your buck. The first thing you should do is figure out what size TV is best for the room you plan to put it in. Then, it’s time to start looking at different panel types and resolutions.

Ultra HD, more commonly known as 4K (referring to its horizontal pixel resolution), is the industry standard now, although newer 8K televisions have also started hitting the market lately. These 8K panels offer 4x the resolution of 4K, just as Ultra HD boasts 4x the resolution as 1080p. However, 8K TVs are still pretty cutting-edge, and as of 2021, they’re incredibly expensive. That’s not to say you shouldn’t buy one — but our advice is to wait a while for prices to come down.

If you want an upgrade over standard 4K UHD, then you might instead want to consider looking for QLED and OLED televisions among these Amazon TV sales. These are more advanced LED technologies that enhance (or replace, in the case of OLED) traditional backlighting. Typically, LED panels — be it a flat-screen TV or computer display — are illuminated from the back and sides by “backlights” placed inside the television frame. This design is simple and effective but sometimes inefficient. You can see distracting light bleed and artifacting during darker scenes, and black will often look more like dark gray because the screen is lit up as long as the TV is on.

QLED (quantum-dot light-emitting diode) and OLED (organic LED) attack these problems in unique ways. QLED panels feature tiny nanoparticles that capture light, amplifying it to produce greater contrast and more vibrant colors than standard LED displays. They can’t fully recreate true black contrast, however, but OLED does. In lieu of traditional backlighting, OLED screens utilize individual particles that light up independent of one another, allowing parts of the panel to be completely unlit even when the TV is on. This makes OLED TVs capable of recreating truly dark colors (such as during nighttime or space scenes) without the washing-out and artifacting you often see with standard LED displays.

As you might expect, these technologies come at a premium. QLED TVs are more expensive than LED TVs, and OLED TVs are the most expensive of the three. Prices have come down a bit in recent years, though, and you can even find some sub-$1,000 QLED televisions among these Amazon TV deals nowadays. For an OLED television, you can still expect to pay four figures. You’ll have to decide for yourself whether or not the juice is worth the squeeze.

That said, there’s nothing wrong with good old LED TVs, and these provide a lot of value if you’re not the type who needs (or wants to pay for) the latest bells and whistles. Brand-name 4K LED TVs from trusted makers will still deliver great picture quality and viewing enjoyment for streaming and gaming even if they don’t offer the most refined dynamic contrast and the absolute best color accuracy. For most people, particularly those on a budget, these more common 4K LED sets will do just fine, with the added benefit of being considerably cheaper than their QLED, OLED, and 8K counterparts.

We’ve so far assumed that you’re looking for a 4K TV, but if you’re specifically in the market for something on the smaller side, there are still 720p HD and 1080p full HD sets on the market, and you’ll definitely see those when shopping through any Amazon TV sales. For anything over 40 inches, we strongly recommend sticking with 4K, but full HD is viable for a screen that’s in the 30- to 40-inch bracket (720p is a little long in the tooth in 2021).

Finally, don’t get too hung up on what pre-loaded software your smart TV comes with, whether it’s Roku, Android, Samsung Tizen, LG WebOS, Fire, or something else. All of these can run the most popular streaming apps and services, so you won’t get locked out of your content libraries. Only let this guide your search for Amazon TV deals if you already have a smart streaming software ecosystem you really like and want to stick with.

We strive to help our readers find the best deals on quality products and services, and we choose what we cover carefully and independently. The prices, details, and availability of the products and deals in this post may be subject to change at anytime. Be sure to check that they are still in effect before making a purchase.

Digital Trends may earn commission on products purchased through our links, which supports the work we do for our readers.

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This Sony Smart TV Is a Whopping $700 Off for Prime Day - Plus 21 Other Eye-Grabbing Deals

Amazon Prime Day is here again - it's hard to believe the last one was not even a full year ago, in October 2020 - and there are thousands of incredible deals to shop over these next two days. Among the best markdowns are TVs of all shapes and sizes. If you're searching for a new smart streaming TV, or 4k TV, now is the time to buy. There are incredible price drops on name brand models such as Sony's 77-inch 4k smart TV, which is now a whopping $500 off. Plus, a smart TV with 8,200 five-star reviews is on sale for just $100. This Insignia model can be commanded using an Alexa voice assistant and is HDMI-compatible.

One of the most impressive Prime Day TV deals is the Hisense 50-inch Quantum Series Smart TV. Usually, this 4k model retails for $550, but today you can save $80 and get it for $469. The ULED electronicis ideal for streaming sports, movies, and live shows because it comes with Dolby Atmos, which creates an expansive audio experience similar to that in theaters. 

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Another eye-catching deal is on one of Insignia's smart TVs. On sale for $100, it's one of the most affordable models we've found, and comes packed to the brim with features you'll love, such as Alexa compatibility and built-in streaming services. The 24-inch size makes it ideal for putting on desks at home or in the office. Not to mention, it's a great size for gifting to a recent grad who's headed off to live in a dorm this fall. 

If your family enjoys streaming, consider the TCL Roku TV. It's compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, and comes with all of the essential streaming services. The Roku remote makes switching from Disney+ to Netflix as simple as one press of a button. Usually this smart TV is $480, but for Prime Day, you can snag it for $429. 

For entertainers who like to offer their guests the best viewing experience possible, look no further than Toshiba's 50-inch LED Fire TV. The 4K resolution is so precise, you'll be able to catch every minute detail of your favorite show, from the subtle brow furrows of characters, to the blades of grass in the background of scenes.

RELATED: Apple AirPods Are Going for Record-Low Prime Day Prices on Amazon

Also an important TV-related buy: The Amazon Fire TV Stick is 50 percent off during the sale event. Getting one of these can bring all of your favorite apps, such as Hulu and Youtube, to your screen after a quick installation. It's an ideal solution for those who want to upgrade their old TV models without paying more than $25.

Below, shop the 22 best Prime Day 2021 TV deals available now through June 22. Don't wait too long, though - deals this good tend to sell out fast. (If you're not already a Prime member but still want in on the discounts, you can sign up for a free trial membership here.) 

Best Smart Streaming TVs 

  • Toshiba 32-inch Smart HD 720p TV, $129.99 (orig. $199.99)
  • Insignia 24-inch Smart HD 720p TV, $99.99 (orig. $169.99)
  • LG Alexa Built-in C1 Series 48-inch 4K Smart OLED TV, $1,396.99 (orig. $1,499.99)
  • Vizio D-Series 24-Inch Class 720p HD LED Smart TV, $169.99 (orig. $249.99)
  • Hisense 40-Inch Class H55 Series Android Smart TV, $229.99 (orig. $249.99)
  • Sansui 43-inch 4K UHD HDR Smart TV, $284.99 (orig. $399.99)
  • Samsung Flat 32-inch QLED 4K 32Q50 Series Smart TV, $397.99 (orig. $499.99)
  • TCL 50-Inch 4K Smart LED Roku TV, $429 (orig. $479.99)
  • Toshiba 43-inch Series LED 4K UHD Smart Fire TV, $239.99 (orig. $349.99)
  • Insignia 55-inch F30 Series LED 4K UHD Smart Fire TV, $349.99 (orig. $499.99)
  • Insignia 32-inch Smart HD TV, $119.99 (orig. $199.99)

Best 4K TVs 

amazon cyber monday deals

Best Large TVs

SAMSUNG 55" Class 4K Ultra HD (2160P) HDR Smart QLED TV
  • Samsung 75-inch Class QLED 4K UHD Dual LED Quantum HDR Smart TV, $1,396.99 (orig. $1,499.99)
  • Sony 77-inch Bravia XR OLED 4K Ultra HD Smart Google TV, $3,498 (orig. $3,999.99) 
  • Sony 65-inch Master Series Bravia OLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV with HDR and Alexa Compatibility, $2,248 (orig. $2,998)
  • Samsung 86-Inch Class Crystal 4K UHD HDR Smart TV, $1,697.99 (orig. $2,199.99)
  • Sony 75-inch 4K Ultra HD LED Smart Google TV with Dolby Vision, $1,398 (orig. $1,499.99)

Shop More Amazon Prime Day 2021 Deals: 

The 5 Best 40 Inch TVs You Should Buy Review – In 2021

Amazon's TVs have arrived. Here's what you should know.

Amazon announced its updated Fire TV family of products, including its first ever Amazon-branded smart TVs, the Amazon Fire TV Omni Series and Amazon Fire TV 4 Series, and a new Fire TV Stick. Both new TVs are available for pre-order on Amazon, and will officially release on October 27. Both will be available from either Amazon or Best Buy.

As smart TVs become more ubiquitous — 70 percent of Americans had access to a smart TV in 2020 — companies are consequently competing for the largest slice of the pie. Given the above launches and if you’re interested in upgrading your own smart TV right now, here’s what to know about these new smart TVs.

Amazon Fire TV Omni Series

Amazon’s premium smart TV in this release, the Omni Series is a 4K Ultra HD resolution television that comes in 43-, 50-, 55-, 65- and 75-inch sizes — the 65- and 75-inch sizes providing support for Dolby Vision. It offers the option for hands-free TV — the TV has microphones built in that allow for Alexa voice control without the need for a remote. You can turn the TV on or off, switch inputs, and adjust settings only using your voice. The TV can also be integrated with your smart home devices — you can manage your other devices, check to see if they are working and even view your smart home cameras from your TV, all using voice control. With a webcam installed, you can also use your Omni Series TV for Alexa video calling, and later this year, Zoom video calls will also be available on the TV (a first for any smart TV).

Amazon Fire TV 4 Series

The 4 Series offers the same 4K resolution as the Omni Series, and comes in 43-, 50- and 55-inch sizes. Though dropping the hands-free capabilities of the Omni, the 4 series comes with the same voice control features, you just need to use the Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote. Overall, the smart TV capabilities are essentially the same as the Omni Series, with the same Fire TV operating system, and the 4 Series checks in at $40 less in each size. If you don’t need hands-free capabilities or a TV greater than 55 inches, the 4 series could be a good value.

Amazon’s TV release joins other recent arrivals in the smart TV space, including Samsung’s new FRAME and Vizio’s new V-Series, to name a few.


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Inch 40 amazon tv samsung

Yahoo Life is committed to finding you the best products at the best prices. We may receive a share from purchases made via links on this page. Pricing and availability are subject to change.

Pick a TV, any TV...and save big. (Photos: Amazon)

The leaves are changing, the temps are dropping and the deals are popping: And Amazon still has TV deals active from Prime Day! Our thoughts are turning to cozy movie nights at home, with the latest releases on an epic screen. Yes folks, it’s the ideal time to get that new TV—the markdowns are unbeatable!

We’ve scoured the extended deals to find you the very best. Whether you’re shopping for a mammoth model for your main entertainment space or something scaled down for the kitchen or bedroom, we’ve got the short answers to your questions.

See below for dazzling post Prime Day deals on TVs from Samsung, Sony, LG, Vizio and more. Make your home a happy hub for football season, holiday flick-fests and everything in between.

Here are the best extended Amazon Prime Day TV deals, by size:

24 to 49 inches

Save $102 on the TCL 40-inch HD Smart LED Roku TV (40S325). (Photo: Amazon)

What makes this TV so special? It features a brilliant 40-inch LED display with Full HD resolution. Simply put, colors are vivid and black levels are dark—instead of murky and dull. Meanwhile, there’s a built-in Roku (no need to hook up a separate box or stick), so you get more than 500,000 video streaming channels, including Netflix, Disney+, HBO Now, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and much more. And Amazon shoppers love how easy and fast it is to set-up.

“I was looking for something nice for my room that was reasonably priced,” shared a delighted five-star reviewer. “I'm so happy I found this TV. The smart portion is very easy to use and the setup took about 20 min fairly quick. I use Netflix, YouTube and I have my direct TV on here also. The picture is very clear and I got a little soundbar to go with it. Nice bang for my buck. This is a great TV for a small room. I got the 40 for my living room.”

More 24- to 49-inch TV deals:

  • Pyle 23.6-inch HD LED TV, Multimedia Disc Player, $175 (was $215),

  • NT North Tech 32-inch LED HD Smart TV, $137 (was $188),

  • Insignia 32-inch Smart HD TV—Fire TV Edition, $150 (was $180),

  • Samsung Electronics 32-inch HD Smart LED TV (UN32M4500A), $167 (was $230),

  • TCL 40-inch Smart LED Roku TV (40S325), $198 (was $300),

  • Sony Bravia FW43BZ35F 43-inch 4K HDR Edge-Lit Commercial LCD TV, $764 (was $780),

Need tech support for your new TV?Yahoo Plus Tech provides extended warranty protection for eligible home tech and premium tech support — all for $15 a month. The 24/7 IT service takes care of your tech questions and struggles, —if you’re having a problem with an eligible TV, just call for help.

Learn More

50 to 55 inches

Save $152 on the Samsung Q60T Series 55-inch Class QLED Smart TV. (Photo: Amazon)

Post Prime Day, Amazon still has this Samsung 55-inch Q60T 4K QLED TV on sale for $598, or $152 off its list price. That’s a 20 percent savings and the all-time lowest price on this TV—ever. And considering this beauty just came out in February, it’s amazing that it’s already on sale for this low.

The TV is armed with a brilliant display backlit with dual LEDs. Why dual LEDs, you ask? Whereas most 4K TVs use one LED for color accuracy, this model has a dedicated LED for cold colors and another for warm colors—and they automatically adjust based on what you’re watching. Cool. Shoppers can’t believe how bright this beauty is in real life.

“Best TV ever,” raved a satisfied shopper. “Amazing picture quality, remote control is very chic, love the brightness - it has a sensor controlling the brightness of the tv depending on the light of the room throughout the day. And we love the ambiance mode feature.”

More 50- to 55-inch TV deals:

  • LG 55-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (55UM7300PUA), $600 (was $699),

  • LG OLED55CXPUA Alexa Built-In CX 55-inch 4K Smart OLED TV (2020), $1,597 (was $2,000),

  • Samsung Q60T Series 55-inch Class QLED Smart TV, $598 (was $750),

  • Samsung QN55Q60RAFXZA Flat 55-inch QLED 4K Q60 Series Ultra HD Smart TV, $899 ($1,198),

  • Samsung 55-inch Class QLED Q80T Series 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, $1,198 (was $1,300),

  • Samsung 55-inch Class QLED Q90T Series 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, $1,298 (was $1,598),

  • Sony X900H 55-inch TV: 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2020), $948 (was $1,000),

  • Sony XBR-55A9G 55-inch MASTER Series BRAVIA OLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, $1,898 (was $2,500),

65 inches

Save $130 on the Hisense 65-inch Class R8 Series 4K ULED Roku Smart TV. (Photo: Amazon)

On sale for $570 (was $700), this Hisense 65-inch Class R8 Series 4K ULED Roku Smart TV is an impressive ‘more bang for your buck’ 4K TV with a sharp and vivid picture quality, world-class audio and Roku video streaming built-in. It even has Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, so it will feel like a movie theater inside of your living room. Shoppers say it makes you feel like your in the middle of all the action!

“The picture is utterly amazing,” shared a five-star reviewer. “The screen prompts walk you through the setup, making it easy and stress-free. Watched my very first football game last night. I stood right in front of the screen. Couldn't see anything resembling a ‘pixel.’ The resolution is so clear and the colors so vivid, I felt like I was standing on the sidelines watching the game live.”

More 65-inch TV deals:

  • LG 65UN7300PUF Alexa Built-In UHD 73 Series 65-inch 4K Smart UHD TV (2020), $647 (was $700),

  • LG OLED65CXPUA Alexa Built-In CX 65-inch 4K Smart OLED TV (2020), $2,297 (was $2,800),

  • Samsung 65-inch Class Curved Ultra HD TU-8300 Series 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, $678 (was $748),

  • Samsung 65-inch Class QLED Q80T Series 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, $1,698 (was $1,800),

  • Sony 65-inch 4K Ultra HD LED TV (2020 Model) (KD65X750H), $670 (was $1,000),

  • Sony XBR-65X900F 65-inch Class LED 4K Smart Android TV, $1,200 (was $1,498),

  • TCL 65-inch Class 4-Series 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart TV, $612 (was $1,000),

70 to 85 inches

Save $150 on this Samsung Flat 75-inch QLED 4K Q60 Series Ultra HD Smart TV. (Photo: Amazon)

Post Prime Day, you can score this Samsung 75-inch Q60 Series 4K Ultra HD Smart TV for $1,250, down from $1,400 at Amazon. This model is so popular, it has earned a perfect five-star rating from more than 2,700 reviewers.

This Q60 Series 4K TV has a massive 75-inch QLED display with brilliant Ultra HD resolution at 2160p— ideal for large living rooms or the ultimate ‘man-cave.’ You’ll love the impressive picture quality, clever design and wide range of excellent features, including HDR settings for bright color contrast and inky black levels.

“One of the best TVs I’ve purchased,” shared a satisfied shopper. “Great TV quality, material is top notch, brightness is perfect, usability is easy, color contrasts are awesome, picture quality on movies and video games are superb and the pricing is great for the quality you get.”

More 70- to 85-inch TV deals:

  • LG 75UN7370PUE Alexa Built-In UHD 73 Series 75-inch 4K Smart UHD TV (2020), $949 (was $1,200),

  • Samsung 75-inch Class Crystal UHD TU-8000 Series 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart TV, $1,098 (was $1,198),

  • Samsung Flat 75-inch QLED 4K Q60 Series Ultra HD Smart TV (QN75Q60RAFXZA), $1,250 (was $1,400),

  • LG OLED77GXPUA Alexa Built-In GX Series 77-inch Gallery Design 4K Smart OLED TV, $4,697 (was $4,997),

  • Sony 85-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (X800H), $1,998 (was $2,500),

  • Sony X900H 85-inch TV: 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2020), $2,798 (was $3,500),

  • LG NanoCell 90 Series 86-inch 4K Smart Ultra HD NanoCell TV (86NANO90UNA), $2,697 (was $3,300),

  • Samsung Flat 75-inch QLED 8K Q900 Series Ultra HD Smart TV (QN75Q900RBFXZA), $4,299 (was $6,998),

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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Samsung UN40JU7500 Curved 40-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Smart TV (2015 Model)

Ultra Clear Pro Minimizes Glare

Thanks to its ultra-clear viewing panel, the JU7500 Smart TV ensures a great viewing experience from all angles. The screen absorbs ambient light and softens reflections to deliver a clear, frustration-free viewing experience.

Precision Black Technology for Dramatic Contrast

Equipped with Samsung Precision Black technology, the Samsung JU7500 Smart TV delivers exceptional contrast depth. The TV deepens contrasts by selectively dimming LEDs behind the dark areas of the picture, thus making blacks darker without affecting the brighter elements in the picture.

Auto Depth Enhancer for Improved Image Depth

The JU7500 Smart TV also features Samsung contrast-enhancing technology, which optimizes contrast across multiple zones of the picture to produce a richer, more dramatic sense of depth. The technology deepens contrast without distorting the picture's color or detail, creating a more immersive and cinematic image.

View Everything in Higher Definition with UHD Upscaling

With the JU7500 Smart TV, you'll be able to experience incredible 4K UHD entertainment, accessible through leading streaming services and more. The TV also upscales non-UHD TV signals, Blu-ray, and other older video to near 4K UHD clarity, so you can view all of your media in exceptional resolution.


You will also be interested:

Samsung Electronics UN40MU6290 40-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2017 Model)

What level of performance can I expect from 4K Color Drive?

This TV comes equipped with 4K Color Drive, which allows the TV to accurately reproduce a wider spectrum of colors. You’ll experience an exceptionally vibrant, pristine image that makes each scene more lifelike.

Does this TV feature true 4K UHD resolution?

Yes. This TV offers four times more pixels (3840x2160) than Full HD, creating an image that is four times more detailed. The result is a breathtaking viewing experience that renders your favorite media with astounding clarity.

How does 4K HDR Pro improve the TV image?

4K HDR Pro allows for very bright and very dark objects to be shown on the same screen with no loss in resolution. In other words, the TV can produce deeper and more vivid colors while showing more shades in between.

Can this TV connect to a Wi-Fi network?

Yes. This TV features full Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to connect to a wireless network and stream.

What inputs and outputs does this TV include?

This TV comes outfitted with a full array of inputs and outputs, including 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, 1 Ethernet port, 1 component input, 1 composite input, 1 RF input, 1 Digital Audio output, and 1 RS232C serial interface.


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