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Please note: While many scale rolling stock manufacturers cater to the tradition toy train collectors market, they include scale wheels and couplers which are easily installed on standardized mounting pads. Just ask for the “scale” version of a product when ordering.

Did we miss something? Let our webmaster know. We’re always happy to link to S Scale manufacturers.

Standard Gauge

American Models www.americanmodels.com

Ballston Locomotive Works – Custom S Gauge Locomotives – Contact Mel Nielsen at [email protected] or (518) 584-1090

B.T.S. www.btsrr.com

Concept Models www.con-sys.com

Copeland Enterprises copelandfineart.com

Des Plaines Hobbies/S Scale America www.desplaineshobbies.com

East West Rail Service www.eastwestrailservice.com

Funaro and Camerlengo www.fandckits.com

Kaslo Shops www.kasloshops.com

Lake Junction Models LLC lakejunctionmodels.com

Lehigh Valley Models c/o K&P Brick & Building Co (717) 747-0493

Lionel www.lionel.com

MLW Services www.mlwservices.ca

Model Railroad Warehouse www.mrrwarehouse.com

MTH Trains www.mthtrains.com

Palace Car Company www.palacecarco.com

Phillip’s Models www.phillipsmodels.co.nz

Precision Scale Company, Inc. psc1.virtualfocus.com

Railmaster Hobbies railmasterhobbies.com

Ridgehill Scale Models Product Listing Courtesy S Scale Workshop

River Raisin Models riverraisinmodels.com

Scenery Unlimited www.sceneryunlimited.net

Smokey Mountain Model Works www.smokymountainmodelworks.com

Standard Railway Castings Co. srcc.redmansefarm.com

The Supply Car, LLC www.thesupplycar.net

Ye Olde Huff N Puff www.yeoldehuffnpuff.com

Narrow Gauge

B.T.S. www.btsrr.com

Design Tech Models www.cimarronworks.com

The Leadville Shops www.theleadvilleshops.com

Miller Engineering & Design

Mount Blue Model Co. www.mountbluemodelco.com

P-B-L www.p-b-l.com

Phillip’s Models www.phillipsmodels.co.nz

Precision Scale Company, Inc. psc1.virtualfocus.com

Precision Vintage Classics

Railmaster Hobbies railmasterhobbies.com

Rio Grande Models www.riograndemodels.com

Scenery Unlimited www.sceneryunlimited.net

Trout Creek Engineering www.troutcreekeng.com

Wiseman Model Services www.locopainter.com

Sours: https://sscale.org/s-scale-resources/manufacturers/manufacturers-locomotives-rolling-stock/

S Gauge

S Gauge (1:64)

"S" Gauge Trains were first manufactured by AC Gilbert and later acquired by Lionel. They are most commonly referred to as American Flyer. A typical piece of rolling stock would measure 7 ¾” Long X 2 ¾” High X 2” Wide. Lionel manufactures both Traditional S Gauge and Scale S Gauge.

Traditional S Gauge:

  • Based on classic American Flyer designs
  • Approximate scale proportions
  • Ready to Run Train Sets contain everything a beginner needs to get started – Locomotive, rolling stock, track and power supply.
  • Trains and accessories allow customers to add-on to their starter sets as well as adding to their older train displays.

Scale S Gauge:

  • Higher-end and more detailed products that are proportionate to the “real trains” and contain many detailed parts that are featured on the real train.
  • Engines have sophisticated electronics such as the Lionel Legacy Control System and Lionel RailSounds to bring “real train” sounds to your model train layout.
  • Geared towards collectors and sophisticated hobbyists

We are one of the nations largest “S” Gauge dealers and carry a full line of Lionel and MTH “S” Gauge trains.

Sours: https://charlesro-com.3dcartstores.com/s_gauge_info.html
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The finest in S-scale locomotives, from American Models.

General note: For American Flyer compatible operation order the AC Flyer version, DC versions are available in both scale and hi-rail wheel types (these do not have an electronic reverse unit).

AC units have a reset device that starts out in forward, (if power is off for 5 or more seconds) if operated in pairs or "back to back" we ship these to run together i.e. one starts in reverse. So if you are ordering an additional unit alone please mention if you want it "reversed". This pertains only to AC versions.

Sound Controller:Our two button controller (or some other) is needed to start and stop the horn and bell in our locomotives with sound. Only one is needed and will work with all our different locomotives with sound. It will also work with Lionel American Flyer locomotive sound, the usual drawback of slowing the train when activated does not occur with our unit. (Unit uses about 1-1/2 volts of power)

Sours: https://americanmodels.com/
Unboxing American Flyer: S scale ES44AC Locomotives.

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Scale for sale locomotives s

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