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How does one make three dummies ball up close to a ledge ? everyone in overwatch who plays regularly is aware of this trophy and knows what you are trying to do. they even sometimes taunt or wave or something its so obvious. they should certainly fix this broken trophy (fix rapid discord to) and then their vet players will finally platinum this game. this trophy has actually only taught players to avoid ledge healthpacks entirely, so lucio is just wasting his time near ledges, not helping his team. i even feel i hamper groups by wanting to be this annoying ass that boops ppl off ledges the whole game, instead of speed boosting them around, im hanging by a ledge taunting newbs to get kited....but there is NEVER three newbs at once, even if i play in right after school hours, when most younger players will play, it doesnt happen. i just make a fool of myself, and make teams not endorse me, because they realize i ruined their comp score for 3-4 environmental kills.

the trophies mostly teach you to play the character well, but i dont see how im a benefit to my team if im edgehogging instead of assisting them directly. is that his main purpose, to hold down the edge of a map for the whole game? because the trophy is so hard to get, its a common lucio thing to do.

You don't need to kill all 3 at the same time, just in one life. I did it at the Ilios well by sneaking up behind them.

It feels like you're just talking to yourself at this point.

Boop someone, then jump on a wall before their death procs in the feed and it counts.

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i wasnt aware you didnt have to wall ride consistently throughout every death. you can just boop, wall ride, and ground yourself three times? that doesnt sound as hard. guess i just misunderstood the trophy...

guess its just rapid discord which will be impossible. get all enemies in a zarya bubble and spam like hell and hope theres a quintuple kill... that sounds way harder than just casually booping and wall riding for a few seconds, and hoping for a chain.

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THE FLOOR IS LAVA (and other cool stuff) Coming to Overwatch Workshop in PTR

Posted on by Leigh Kade


Blizzard just announced a bunch of cool new features that are being rolled out on the Public Test Realm for Overwatch, including a nifty little option allowing players to mod the floors to cause fire damage. Blizzard calls it "Molten Floor" mode, but come on, it's THE FLOOR IS LAVA, and I love it.

THE FLOOR IS LAVA (and other cool stuff) Coming to Overwatch Workshop in PTR

Welcome to the Overwatch Workshop. I think we're in for a treat:

Create games in ways previously unimaginable with the Workshop! The Workshop is a simplified game scripting system that expands the customization features available in the Game Browser. Within the Workshop, you'll create a Script to add Rules and unique play Conditions on top of the established Overwatch game modes you already know and love. Rules can do many things, like change how a hero's movement and abilities work, modify how players are damaged or healed, or even display text under certain circumstances.

THE FLOOR IS LAVA (and other cool stuff) Coming to Overwatch Workshop in PTR

There's a whole bunch of nifty new features:

  • Create your own scripts for customized game modes in Overwatch
  • Share/link out to your own game mode without navigating through menus in game
  • Debug issues with their scripts using the Workshop Inspector
  • Workshop will be available on Console and PC

The new Workshop is available now in the Public Test Realm, and can be accessed by clicking Play > Game Browser > Create Settings > Workshop.

Here's a link to the blog post with all the details! And it wouldn't be an Overwatchupdate without a video from Jeff Kaplan, you now, from the Overwatch team:

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How To Easily Get \

'Overwatch' Lucio Achievement Guide: How To Get The Floor Is Lava

Overwatch has a ton of achievements, ranging from the mundane to the nearly impossible. Stopping an enemy ultimate with a McCree Flashbang or getting two kills with one Soldier 76 Helix Rocket can be hard, but one achievement remains the hardest to get: The Floor Is Lava. In order to get this achievement, you have to get three kills while riding on walls in one game while in Quick or Competitive Play.

Without a doubt, The Floor Is Lava is the hardest achievement to unlock in Overwatch . Trying to juggle enemy health bars and aiming while sticking to a wall can be really hard, especially when it needs to be done three times in one game. Some players have gotten the achievement through unorthodox methods, like asking the enemy team for help. Reddit user myselfornot had his entire team leave, so his opponents were kind of enough to get bopped off a cliff.

If you want to try and get The Floor Is Lava the legit way, good luck. There are posts on reddit showing Lucio mains with over 60 or 70 hours of gameplay who just managed to pull these three kills off. Still, if you are mad enough to try and earn this achievement, there are a few tips that can help you unlock a new way to brag to your Overwatch buddies.

Lijiang Tower Is Your Friend- Out of all the maps with giant crevices, Lijiang Tower has the most open spaces next to walls. It’s much easier to ride a wall on the temple and push someone off the night market map, then it is to find a proper headshot while dodging Pharrah rockets in a high-pressure situation.

Booping Counts- You have to deal the final killing blow for it to count towards the achievement, but you don’t have to kill them. A strong push off a wall into a crevice or cliff counts as a kill, so boop as much as you can. On the night market in Lijiang Tower, hide behind or next to the control point. When an enemy walks by, use your push towards the cliff while riding on the wall. If you didn’t just waste your time on Pharrah or a Sombra with a teleporter, you should get yourself a kill. Remember, you don’t have to be amazing at wall riding, just competent enough to stay on the wall when the kill lands.

Getting This On Console Requires Mad Skill- Holding down the jump button while keeping your control stick on a wall and aiming at an enemy while dodging skill shots can be a bit overwhelming. Whenever I see someone with that extra 15 gamerscore because they have The Floor Is Lava, I know they are rugged gamers who spent hours getting everything perfect. Or they had dumb luck; I’ll have to see if they are a Genji main first.   

Getting The Floor Is Lava legitimately is really hard and I have mad respect for anyone who’s done it. I got mine, but only through dumb luck and a lot of camping in Quick Play.

Do you have The Floor Is Lava in Overwatch? Tell us in the comments.


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Overwatch: Lucio's Impossible Achievement

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