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In 1966, brothers Paul Van Doren and Jim Van Doren with Gordon C. Lee opened the first Vans store under the name The Van Doren Rubber Company, at 704 East Broadway in Anaheim, California. The business manufactured shoes and sold them instantly to the public. On that first morning, twelve customers purchased Vans #44 deck shoes, which are now known as "Authentic". In 1976, Vans released the Vans #95, now known as the Era, with a padded collar and different color combinations and becomes the shoe of choice for a generation of skateboarders. Also Vans’ “Off The Wall” logo makes its debut. The next year, Vans #36, the Old Skool, debuts with the now famous Vans Sidestripe. The Old Skool is Vans' first skate shoe that incorporated leather panels for increased durability. Now this shoe has become the unmistakable hallmark of the Vans brand. The Vans #98 is also introduced and with the help of skateboarders and BMX riders, Vans Classic Slip-Ons become an icon for generations. By the end of the 70s, Vans has 70 stores in California and sells both nationally and internationally. The Sk8-Hi was introduced in 1978 as "Style 38", now-iconic Vans Sidestripe on yet another innovative silhouette, a shoe which became skaters’ favorite. In 1988, The Vans Steve Caballero, the first signature skate shoe, is introduced. Vans begins creating the world's leading action sports series with the purchase of the Triple Crown of Surfing; by 2000 the Vans Triple Crown Series dispossession exclude events in skateboarding, BMX, surfing, wakeboarding, snowboarding, freestyle motocross and supercross. A lot of athletes wearing Vans Snowboard Boots, won Olympic Medals. In 2005, Vans collaborated with Marc Jacobs through the Vault by Vans line. Vans releases first-ever surf film, "Get-N Classic, Vol. 1" and the global expansion continues. In 2013, Vans collaborates with rock band Metallica. Also, Vans teams up with the Beatles franchise to create the Spring 2014 The Beatles Yellow Submarine by Vans collection. Vans, is mixed as “Brand of the Year” by footwear news during the maladroitness publication’s annual achievement awards in December 2014. In the summer of 2015, Vans releases the Disney and Vans 'Young at Heart' and the Vault by Vans x Takashi Murakami collections. These collaborations become instant fan favorites selling out across the globe. Over the years Vans open House of Vans in different places and Vans establishes skateboarding’s first ever men’s and women’s Park Terrain World Championship Series, the Vans Park Series. Vans and Karl Lagerfeld announce the launch of an polite Vans x Karl Lagerfeld capsule collection in September 2017. Generally, Vans has released a lot of special collections like Vans x The Simpsons, Disney x Vans and Marvel x Vans and Vans X National Geographic. Today, The Anaheim Factory pack pays tribute to our first factory in Anaheim, California.


I’ve worn the Vans Old Skool shoes and compared their sizing to other popular styles and my conclusion was this: the Vans Old Skool sizing is very consistent with other types of Vans shoes, and fit true to size, but have the same snug fit that is common with many styles of Vans shoes.

***Verify Your Size: now has its own sizing tutorial which matches your foot size to a Vans shoe size. Click here to view this Vans sizing guide available at (affiliate link takes you to

One thing that is common with Vans sizing, including Vans Old Skool, is these are performance skate shoes that are designed to have a snug fit. If you have wide feet, you will want to make sure you order wide sizing.

To order Vans Old Skool shoes in wide sizing, you actually need to go to the Vans “Custom” page, where you can make custom changes which include ordering custom wide fit shoes. Click here to view the custom wides available at (affiliate link takes you to

As I mentioned at the top, I personally have found the Vans Old Skool shoes to fit true to size with a snug design. They are sized consistently with other popular types of Vans shoes. But I will caution you, they do run smaller than some other types of shoes.

For example, when comparing these Vans Old Skool Shoes vs Converse Chucks, I found the Converse Chucks to fit about a half size larger. Here is a picture of my size 12 Converse Chucks vs my size 12 Vans Old Skool Shoes:


As you can see, the Converse Chucks run bigger in size than the Vans Old Skool shoes. But before you run off and size those Vans Old Skools up a half size, here is a photo of my size 12 Vans Old Skool shoes compared to my size 12 Nike Cortez shoes:


As you can see, those two shoes are sized almost exactly the same. In this article I want to take a closer look at sizing by comparing these Vans Old Skool shoes to other types of popular shoes. Hopefully this will help you find the right size for your foot.

***Verify Your Sizing: I think these Vans Old Skool shoes fit true to size with a snug design, but every foot is unique. now has its own sizing tutorial which matches your foot size to a Vans shoe size. Click here to view this Vans sizing guide available at to verify your correct size (affiliate link takes you to

Vans Old Skool Sizing

Do Vans Old Skool Shoes Run Big or Small?

My Advice: In my experience, Vans Old Skool shoes fit true to size. I order my normal sizing and do not have any issues. But, like many types of Vans, these Vans Old Skool shoes have a narrow fit, so let’s discuss what to do if you have wide feet.

I feel like the Vans Old Skool is consistent with the sizing and fit of other types of Vans I have owned. It’s not a perfect illustration, but here is a look at my Old Skool shoes compared to my Vans Slip-ons:


Again, in my experience, I have ordered my normal sizing for Vans, and have not had a problem with fit, but I do not have wide feet. If you have wide feet, you will likely need wide sizing.

To order wide Vans sizing, you actually need to go to the Vans “Custom” page, where you can make custom changes which include ordering custom wide shoes. Click here to view the custom wides available at (affiliate link takes you to

***Verify Your Sizing: I think these Vans Old Skool shoes fit true to size with a snug design, but every foot is unique. now has its own sizing tutorial which matches your foot size to a Vans shoe size. Click here to view this Vans sizing guide available at to verify your correct size (affiliate link takes you to

Vans Old Skool Sizing Compared To Other Popular Brands

Vans Old Skool vs Converse ChucksSizing

As I discussed earlier, the Converse Chucks fit bigger than most shoes, including these Vans Old Skool shoes. My Converse Chucks fit about a half size bigger than my Vans Old Skool shoes. Here are these shoes compared, both size 12:


Vans Old Skool vs Converse Pro Leather Sizing

In my experience, the Vans Old Skool shoes have a very similar fit compared to the Converse Pro Leathers (the Converse Pro Leathers might be just a little bit looser, but it was close). This seems to be a bit of an exception for Converse though because both the Converse Chucks and Converse One Stars fit bigger. Here are mine (both size 12):


Vans Old Skool Sizing vs Converse One Stars

I have found Converse One Star Sizing to be similar to Converse Chucks in that they run slightly bigger than most Vans sizing. The Converse One Stars fit looser than the Vans Old Skool shoes, but take into account that the Converse One Stars have a more pointed toe and a thick rubber overlay around the toe that makes them look longer than they fit. Here are mine (both size 12):


Vans Old Skool vs Adidas Superstars Sizing

Like other classic Vans shoes, I personally found the Vans Old Skool shoes to fit smaller than the Adidas Superstars. The Adidas Superstars have more padding around the collar and behind the foot, which makes the fit a bit closer than it appears. I wouldn’t say it is a full size difference, but the Adidas Superstars were looser. Here are mine, both size 12:


Vans Old Skool vs Adidas Gazelles Sizing

I found the Adidas Gazelle to fit just a little bit longer than the Vans Old Skool shoes, but overall the fit was very similar. Just like the Adidas Superstars above, it’s important to mention that there is more padding in the Adidas Gazelle than the Vans Old Skool shoes, and this makes the overall fit a bit closer than it appears. Here are mine, both size 12:


Vans Old Skool Sizing vs Adidas Busenitz

The Adidas Busenitz has a similar sizing to the Vans Old Skool Shoes. I would recommend ordering the same size for both of these shoes. Here are mine, both size 12:


Vans Old Skool vs Adidas Samba Sizing

Just like the Adidas Busenitz above, these Adidas Samba shoes have a very similar sizing to the Vans Old Skool Shoes. Here are mine, both size 12:


Vans Old Skool vs Adidas Nizza Sizing

Again, another Adidas low-top skate-style shoe that is very similar to Vans sizing. This Adidas Nizza shoe fits very much like the Vans Old Skool shoes:


Vans Old Skool vs Nike Cortez Sizing

We discussed this earlier, but the Nike Cortez shoes, in my experience, fit very snug and even fit smaller than these Vans Old Skool shoes. Here are mine, both size 12:


Vans Old Skool Sizing vs Nike Blazer

I found the sizing of these Vans Old Skool shoes to be very similar to the sizing of the Nike Blazer low-tops. Here is a look at mine, both size 12:


Vans Old Skool Sizing vs Nike Air Max

These Nike Air Max shoes fit a little bit looser than the Vans Old Skool Shoes. I’d say there’s about a half shoe size difference in sizing. Here are mine, both size 12:


***Verify Your Sizing: I think these Vans Old Skool shoes fit true to size with a snug design, but every foot is unique. now has its own sizing tutorial which matches your foot size to a Vans shoe size. Click here to view this Vans sizing guide available at to verify your correct size (affiliate link takes you to

Vans Old Skool Sizing Conclusion

Ultimately, I order my normal sizing for Vans Old Skool shoes, but they do fit a bit tighter than other types of shoes that I have worn. But when you compare them to other types of low-top performance shoes (like the Adidas skate shoes and other Vans skate shoes) the sizing is very similar.

Click here to buythe Vans Old Skool shoes at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to If you need wide sizing, you will need to order custom shoes from, this link will take you to the Vans custom shoe page at (affiliate link takes you to

To read more about sizing of Vans shoes, visit our other resources linked here:

***Vans Old Skool Sizing Guide: now has its own sizing tutorial which matches your foot size to a Vans Old Skool shoe size.Click here to viewit at (affiliate link takes you to This is the best place to start so you can be confident your are ordering the right sizing for Vans Old Skool shoes.

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In recent years, vintage sneakers have seen a major resurgence in popularity as thrift stores and second-hand shops have gotten them back into the sneaker market. For good reason, some of the most popular vintage sneakers have been the Vans Old Skools and Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars. Both sneakers meld well with a variety of different styles and pieces and, with their rise in popularity over the years, we have decided to host a sneaker showdown to see which one is better. 

Before diving into the pros and cons of each shoe and seeing which one is better, let’s take a brief look at their histories. The Vans Old Skool was initially released in 1977 and designed by Paul Van Doren. The sneaker saw a fair amount of success during its release, especially among skaters and youth. While the Vans Old Skool saw success with skaters, the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star saw love from tennis players, weightlifters and basketball players alike. This was primarily due to its 1923 release—the market wasn’t saturated at that time, and the shoe had a few years to establish itself. The sneaker also saw success due to its design team, which consisted of members of the Converse company alongside Chuck Taylor, an American basketball player. Taylor helped improve the look and comfort of the sneaker and, with his basketball marketing knowledge, he was able to help the sneaker gain notoriety in the league. 

Although the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star had more time to gain popularity, the Vans Old Skool still keeps up with them. The Old Skools have a simple design, made up of a solid canvas upper (suede depending on the colorway). The only thing breaking up the upper is the white side stripe, which matches the laces and midsole in color. This makes for a simple and effective design, which is complemented by its cushioning. The cushioning in the insole makes for a great wear, but the back ankle area does the opposite, scratching at the ankle and creating discomfort during an extended wear. The decline in durability over the years also contributes to discomfort after extended use, as the cushioning begins to wear. Don’t get us wrong, this does not mean the silhouette is all bad. It works well with a vast number of styles and pieces, ranging from skatecore and techwear to athleisure and vintage styles. 

The Converse Chuck Taylor also works with a wide range of styles, but it gravitates more towards vintage-wear. Its simple design consists of a canvas upper, which is complemented by a white midsole and toe cap. All-Star branding is seen on the side ankle section of the shoe, letting onlookers know what type of shoe the wearer is rocking. While the design is simple, the comfort is lacking, which takes points away from the shoe. Due to the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star having a high top silhouette, it gets tight at the ankle, restricting movement and creating discomfort with extended use. This does not make the sneaker a chore to wear, but it still is not that comfortable. The shoe is not true to size either, making the wearer pick between a look that is too big or slightly uncomfortable. 

Vans Old Skools and Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars are both great shoes in their own right. Since the Vans Old Skool goes with a wider range of styles while retaining its smooth look, and the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star isn’t too comfortable/doesn’t go with as many styles, the Vans Old Skool wins this round of sneaker showdown. Honestly, this does not mean the All-Stars are a bad pair of kicks. Based on comfort, range and design, the Vans Old Skool just come out on top.

Vans Old Skool Black White - VN000D3HY28

If you want to get your hands on a pair of Vans Old Skools, click here. Retail: $60 USD


If you want to get your hands on a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars, click here. Retail: $55 USD

What are your thoughts on this sneaker showdown? Do you think that the Vans Old Skool triumphs over the Converse Chuck Taylor-All Star or do you agree with our decision? Let us know in the comment section. If you want more music and style content in your life, make sure to check out our Instagram @audiblwav and YouTube channel. On our Instagram, we keep your feed fresh with concert videos, daily song suggestions, music/style news, and more. We also work to provide you with video content on our YouTube channel. Don’t miss out, tap the links above.



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Armin van Buuren feat. Sam Martin - Wild Wild Son (Official Video)

Vans faces Hong Kong boycott over sneaker design controversy

Written by Jessie Yeung, CNNHong Kong

Skateboarding brand Vans is facing a boycott in Hong Kong after it removed a shoe alluding to the city's anti-government protests from a sneaker design competition.

The company's decision to withdraw the proposed design was met with outrage on social media, where users began uploading videos and photos of themselves throwing their Vans sneakers in the trash, and even setting them on fire.

Held annually, the Vans Custom Culture competition invites the public to submit their own shoe designs, with the winner of an online vote receiving $25,000 and having their sneakers manufactured by the brand.

After voting opened last week, one entry quickly rose to the top, reportedly garnering tens of thousands of votes -- a shoe themed around the monthslong protests in the semi-autonomous city.

A Vans store in Hong Kong.

A Vans store in Hong Kong. Credit: SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty Images

The design, attributed to a Canada-based user named Naomiso, features a red bauhinia, the flower on Hong Kong's flag, and one of the yellow umbrellas synonymous with the city's 2014 pro-democracy protests. Illustrations on the sneaker's side depict a crowd of protesters wearing gas masks, goggles and hard hats.

On Saturday, with over a week of voting still to go, the submission was removed from the competition website. In a statement posted on Facebook in Chinese and English, the brand said that "a small number of artistic submissions have been removed ... to uphold the purpose of Custom Culture."

"As a brand that is open to everyone, we have never taken a political position and therefore review designs to ensure they are in line with our company's long-held values of respect and tolerance, as well as with our clearly communicated guidelines for this competition," the statement said, without referring specifically to the protest-themed design.

The statement drew condemnation on social media from Hong Kong protest supporters, where a number of posts were accompanied by the hashtag #boycottVans. Some users implied that the decision contradicted Vans' history and identity as a skateboarding brand rooted in youthful rebellion, while others created satirical posters that changed the brand's slogan, "Off the Wall," to instead read "Lick the Great Wall," a jibe about bowing to Chinese pressure.

Hong Kong and Beijing have long had a fraught relationship. Although Hong Kong is part of China, it's also a semi-autonomous city with its own language, currency, legal system, and culture -- and in recent years, its citizens have pulled further away, with some even calling for independence from China.

This summer's protests have seen anti-China sentiment in full force. Protesters have burned Chinese flags and thrown them into the harbor and spray painted "Hong Kong is not China" on walls across the city.

"This is a big move against the freedom of speech of all Hong Kong freedom fighters," wrote one Twitter user, referring to the Vans controversy. "Now I see there is no way I can keep supporting your brand."

Sneaker chain Dahood, which operates several Vans franchise stores in Hong Kong, announced Sunday that it was suspending operations at three locations because of "the controversy caused by the Custom Culture design contest."

The widespread anti-government protests, which began in June over a since-withdrawn extradition bill, have grown increasingly violent in recent weeks. Friday night saw a second protester shot with a firearm during clashes between protesters and police officers.On Sunday, a driver mowed down protesters with a taxi cab and was subsequently beaten bloody by a mob.

Vans joins a growing list of companies that have faced criticism from Hong Kong and Chinese consumers for taking perceived stances on the protests. Over the weekend, protesters attacked and vandalized the premises of businesses linked to mainland China, many of which had shut in advance.

In June, Nike pulled a number of products in China after a fashion designer sparked social media backlash for expressing support for the protests. Versace, Coach, and Givenchy have also come under fire from Chinese consumers for products that neglected to identify Hong Kong as part of China.

CNN has reached out to Vans for comment.


Side star vans with on

Late last month, a mysterious image surfaced of Converse’s cult classic One Star model embellished with NEIGHBORHOOD’s infamous “CRAFT WITH PRIDE NEIGHBORHOOD TOKYO EST 1994″ tagline hitting the midsole region. Silencing the rumour mill, the pair ended all speculation the following week as official images of the collaborative One Star ’74 and Chuck Taylor All Star ’70 hit the web, spreading like wildfire. First joining forces in 2013, the duo looked to build upon a relationship rooted in heritage styling sensibilities with an overreaching obsession to detailing excellence. Drawing on a strong affinity for military-influenced design cues, motorcycle counterculture and punk rock music, NEIGHBORHOOD’s design ace, Shinsuke Takizawa took aim at converging each element into the shoe’s design language.

Following up this historic partnership with that of another, the Japanese imprint recently announced its collaborative union alongside another footwear giant — VANS. Paying homage to BMX culture while at the apex of Vans’s formative years, the duo looked to a pair of iconic silhouettes as the means to artistically express its vision. Having already teased both sets of kicks earlier this year with the interpretive Sk8-Hi and Authentic models, NEIGHBORHOOD and Vans take the next step forward solidifying a parallel founded on mutual respect and philosophies.

While both collaborations take an honorary look back at some of pop-cultures most prevalent genres, we thought it would be fitting to compare each shoe — exploring NEIGHBORHOOD’s approach in constructing the Converse One Star and the Vault by Vans Authentic.


NEIGHBORHOOD x Converse One Star

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85 Limited Vans Shoe Collabs (Star Wars, Supreme, Nasa \u0026 More!)

Don't tell the sneakerheads, but you really need only one solid pair of kicks to make your closet sing—and the best white sneakers are the perfect place to start. The former tennis shoe is a wardrobe essential for literally anyone who wears clothing, and its popularity cannot be understated.

Sporting white sneakers may not be as revolutionary as anointing your feet with “ugly” sandals, platforms, or dad shoes, but it's the simplicity and nonchalance that make them a reliable wardrobe staple no matter the decade. Not to mention that white kicks are virtually impossible to “mess up” in terms of styling. High-tops with a puffy-sleeve blouse and high-waist denim? Love to see it. A linen midi dress with leather sneakers? Brava.

Since white sneakers are a blank canvas, the outfit potential is endless—and their versatility knows no activity bounds either. Comfy lace-ups can take you from a long weekend bike ride to an alfresco dinner date with little to no effort. Oh, and don't sweat the scuffs: The coolest styles look best a little rough-and-tumble. (Of course, if you do get them dirty and prefer the pristine clean look, Twitter has your back.)

From sustainable brands like Veja and Cariuma to classics like Chucks and Vans, the below options are simultaneously chic and easy to wear. Ahead, shop the best white sneakers of 2021.


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Channel the Force with VANS Star Wars Sneakers for Men

Black VANS Star wars Sneakers for Men

Star Wars has permeated pop culture around the world, from references in all genres of media to apparel and more. As a pop culture icon in its own right, VANS could not be left without a line of shoes bringing the two icons together. The VANS Star Wars Limited Edition line was the result, and a new fan favorite was born.

Did the VANS Star Wars

sneakers play on the dark side?

Sure not to leave any fans behind, VANS offered the “Dark Side” collection as well. These all featured an all-black base with the art on top.

The Darth Vader slip-ons came on the VANS Classic slip-on featuring the head and bust of Darth Vader on the toe box. The VANS Authentic featured scenes from the ice planet Hoth from Empire Strikes Back . The VANS Era is a black and white camo print with Storm Troopers. Finally, the Sk8-Hi displayed Storm Trooper and Darth Vader helmets on the side panels.

Black Star Wars Sneakers for Men

Are the Star Wars sneakers comfortable?

The VANS Star Wars fashion sneakers are made from VANS standard silhouette. Thankfully, that means the shoes carry the style of Star Wars while bringing the comfort associated with VANS shoes.

Content provided for informational purposes only. eBay is not affiliated with or endorsed by Vans, Disney, or Lucas Arts.


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