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Community Auto Brokers in Crown Point, IN

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Community Auto Brokers has been proudly serving the Crown Point and Northwest Indiana community since   With a day warranty offered on most vehicles, financing options for everyone, and a commitment to finding you what you want and need, Community Auto Brokers is the local, one-stop shop for all of your pre-owned vehicle needs.
Located just minutes from The Square in Crown Point, Community Auto Brokers is more than just a car dealership.
A small business with community values, Community Auto Brokers makes buying a new car personal and hassle-free.  With an inventory of over 45 vehicles at any given time and affordable financing for all, Community Auto Brokers makes it easy for you to get into your new car and on the road faster!
For more information, please contact one of our representatives at ()
Store Hours: Monday- Friday a.m.- p.m. Saturday: a.m.- p.m. 

St. Cloud Florida Community Highlight Tour

Hello, my name is William, and I am a vehicle purchaser from Community Broken Autos from roughly 17 months ago.My apologies for taking so long After over 1, views, I felt compelled to update my review. Please see the end paragraph!For anyone in NWI looking for a vehicle, this dealer is not a viable first, second or last resort. The one star reviews are well deserved. The vehicle I bought seemed to be reasonably priced, for 10 reasons and still counting. Here is my current list for the general public to be aware of on my purchase of a Chevy Impala: (1) wiper blades that fell apart after ten minutes of use, (2) AC had zero charge, () power steering and transmission fluid changes desperately needed, (5) coolant hose duct tape repair, (6) four different tires with different tread wear, (7) blew an air vac hose first week of driving vehicle, (8) poor cover up of paint issues revealed after one car wash (definitely not caused by the car wash), (9) StabiliTrak warnings came on the ninth day of driving vehicle, and (10), the trunk has a slight misalignment when closing/trunk area is missing trim pieces.I could list the fact they could not get my name right until it was time to ink the final deal, or the quarter tank of gas fill-up driving off the lot, but let those slide. Whatever your down payment, keep as much aside for all the repairs and upkeep that the overpriced warranty will not cover!The owner and/or employees will probably laugh at this testimonial, $ always talks and reviews will always be taken with a grain of salt However, dont be the next to be taken by this dealership of barely dressed up, problematic, repod vehicles. You vote with your dollars. Spread the word and vote the owners of Community Auto Brokers out of business!!!*Update: Since the virus, I decided to take a payment break and researched the lender who I was shoveled to and now understand the shenanigans these dealerships employ to individuals who are desperate, trusting, and/or ignorant of their practices. Only one word is fitting: BRUTAL. However, have hope and learn about contracts! It turns out my contract was never legal. How can one give their consent to be in a contract when the loan officer is placing your initials on the loan documents without giving you a chance to read through everything?! I have made an offer to the finance company to purchase the vehicle. Once this situation shakes out, I will provide another update. Finally, I hope I have helped a lot of people steer clear of this dealership. Good vibes to everyone in the Region, minus those unscrupulous auto brokers!


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Community Auto Brokers




Business operations may be affected due to COVID Please contact the business directly to verify hours.

Most Recent Comments

  • June

    Buy from Community Auto Brokers and it is buyer beware they sold me a VW Bettle and it started having problems exhaust fell off the the brakes had only had the pads replaced the rotors were grooved then the engine over heated took it to dealership and they want dollars to repair a dollar car

  • May

    I'm not interested in auto brokers that tricks buyers. My grandaughter recently purchased a SUV and I was thinking about getting one. Your selection is slim and .

  • April

    Went there to but a suv for my wife and was treated amazingly mike was super helpful and nice they work with anything you got they definitely hooked me and my wife up definitely recommend them

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