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Epson EcoTank ET-2720 Wireless Supertank Printer

Paula - 8 days ago, Verified purchaser

I bought 2 of these ET 2720's and the 1st one had given me a bit of issues to begin with, the head would not align correctly, segments were always missing when I did a cleaning. Finally after 2 days of running maintenance the printer finally was set up. Well, being that it worked I went a bout another one. That one ran smoothly, that one is still running, but the 1st one now has given me the warning and the confirmation. Warning: "Ink pad is reaching end of service life." called Epson, they told me to disconnect the printer and it should be good. I did so and yes the printer ran again. Fast forward 3 weeks, printer again gave up. Confirmation: "A part inside you printer has reached it's end of life." It directed me to do a Maintenance Utility Reset through Epson Website. So I ran it. Once I did it stated if I kept running my printer after this, if the ink pad leaks I void the warranty. Mind you I bought this printer in March 2021, less than a year and this thing crapped out. I called Epson the following day, since the printer is working again, they advised me to wait until it fails again, meaning I get closer to the warranty expiring, or letting the ink pad overfill ruining other components in the printer, which would also lead to voiding the Warranty. So now here I am 7 month into having this printer, and waiting for it to either, void the warranty or running out of it. Needless to say Epson has dropped the ball in keeping a customer happy. Mind you again, I bought 2 of them with a month of each other. Read people reviews, buy the extra warranty cause you never know, you may get a lemon even if it says new.

1 reply from Epson team - 7 days ago
Hello Paula, we're sorry to hear about your disappointing experience with your ET-2720 printer. Epson takes into consideration all feedback to improve the performance and quality of our products. Epson provides helpful information on the product support web page, including FAQs and self-help tools at Additionally, your EcoTank printer includes a 1-year Limited Warranty, plus free lifetime technical support. If you need any assistance, our Epson Support Team would be happy to help you and can be reached at (562) 276-4382; Hours: Monday - Friday, 7 am - 4 pm PT; Sincerely, Sam - The Epson Team.

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2720 print size epson

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