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AMERICAN STANDARD FLOORING is a hardwood flooring company serving all of Orange County. My low California Contractor License number 559060 confirms my decades of experience. For more than 35 years I, Earl Hodson the Owner, have been working exclusively with hardwood flooring. My time-tested experience and knowledge have developed into an exceptional skill that my Orange County clients have come to desire. My craft entails hardwood floor dustless sanding and refinishing, recoating, repairs, historical restorations and installations. Myself-esteem in knowledge and detail reflects on the solutions that I offer that best suits your needs. I only apply high-grade materials, and you can trust my service to be a guaranteed professional accomplishment.

   "...he then came in with his "dustless" equipment and proceeded to do a beautiful job on my floors..."


 DUSTLESS or DCS DUST CONTAINMENT SANDING and RESURFACING All my sanding machines are Bona Certified for dust containment. My equipment either has vacuum's built in them and or attached to them so the dust control is outstanding.

♦ COLOR MATCHING / STAINING and DYEING.  All colors are custom blended in order to assure you the closest match to your desired choice. 

♦ FINISHING.  I only select the professional and commercial-grade coatings that best fit your needs in durability and appearance.

♦ INSTALLATION.  All hardwood flooring that meets my warrantee procedures, including stairs and moldings.

♦ REPAIR and HISTORICAL RESTORATION.  Most hardwood floors can be repaired. If the material is not manufactured, I can make it and finish the repair to match as close as possible.


Homeowner in San Clemente

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Wood Floor Installation, Sales, Repair & Refinishing

Wood Flooring Repair & Refinishing ServicesPremium Wood Floor Finishes ExpertsDomestic Exotic Solid Wood Floor Repair Services
  • Serving Orange County Since 1995
  • Thousands of Satisfied Customers
  • Committed to Offering Personalized Service
  • Highly Experienced, Knowledgeable Staff
  • Expert Workmanship at Competitive Prices
  • Fully Licensed & Insured Flooring Contractor

Get Beautiful, High Quality Hardwood Flooring for Your Orange County Home or Business

Fullerton Paint & Flooring is a licensed hardwood flooring company in Orange County with more than 20 years of experience and an excellent reputation for exceptional service and results. We offer an impressive selection of wood floor options, including domestic solid wood, such as oak, maple, and ash; exotic solid wood, such as Brazilian Cherry, Australian Cypress, and Asian teak; and engineered wood. Additionally, we provide expert wood floor installation, recoating, refinishing, and repair services. Because we are committed to customer satisfaction, we always recommend time-tested, quality products, use the industry's best practices, and stand behind our workmanship. We keep our prices highly competitive and consistently deliver beautiful, long-lasting wood floors to elevate the look of any room.

Solid & Engineered Wood Flooring

We have access to a large selection of solid wood flooring from trusted national brands, such as Shaw, L&M, Rewards, and Gemwood. Because all of our solid wood flooring installations are fully customizable, you'll have your choice of hardwood species, color, plank width and length (including wide-width planks, parquet, etc.), finish, and stain. We carry premium hardwood finishes made by General Finishes, a trusted supplier among contractors and homeowners. If you prefer the distressed, hand-scraped, or wire-brushed wood floor look, we can do that too.

Engineered hardwood flooring is an excellent solution for areas prone to moisture, such as basements, bathrooms, utility rooms, and kitchens. Because engineered wood flooring comes prefinished, they require less time to install than solid wood flooring. They come in a diverse range of designs, colors and styles and are often less expensive than the price of solid hardwoods.

Wood Floor Installation Performed by Experienced Professionals

Our in-house staff of qualified installers have the experience and knowledge to know how to get exceptional results each and every time. They accurately measure each room, order the proper amount of materials, and determine the best underlayment substrate and installation method. Having the proper underlayment is critical for achieving spectacular-looking wood floors that last. The underlayment, often made of either cork or rubber, guards against moisture and reduces surface noise.

Visit our Anaheim showroom to browse our flooring inventory and to speak to one of our experts about your wood flooring project. We have completed hundreds of flooring installations throughout Orange County and can typically install flooring within a week, depending upon the scope of the project.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Services

Installing quality hardwood floors in your home or office can represent a substantial investment and bring added value to your property. However, when they are not properly maintained, they can look dull and worn and become more susceptible to fading, scuffing, scratches, dings, and other damage. If neglected for too long, the floors will need to be completely refinished in order to restore their original beauty.

Fullerton Paint & Flooring offers home and business owners throughout Fullerton, Anaheim, Yorba Linda, Placentia, Orange, Brea, and surrounding areas professional hardwood floor refinishing services and hardwood restoration. Using a professional sanding machine, we're able to buff out most superficial damage and expose a fresh layer of wood that can be given a new color or appearance depending upon the stain and finish you choose. During the entire refinishing process, we take measures to keep your home or office free from dust and debris with protective coverings and thorough cleaning.

Wood Floor Maintenance/Recoating & Repair Services in Orange County

Most hardwood floors have specific care recommendations to keep them in prime condition. This can include using a specific set of cleaning products as well as having the floors recoated on a specific schedule. By keeping up with your wood floor's recommended care and maintenance, refinishing should not be necessary. However, if regular maintenance has been neglected, Fullerton Paint & Flooring can provide wood floor recoating and maintenance services for your Orange County home or business at an affordable price. We can also perform small repairs. With all of our flooring services, we work efficiently and cleanly to ensure your refinishing project is done on time and with minimal inconvenience. Call us to schedule an appointment or stop by our Anaheim showroom to tell us about your flooring needs.

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We've used Fullerton Paint & Flooring for years and years. They did a great job replacing our kitchen floor, from selection to installation. They're always great with paint selection and mixing. The owner came to our house to consult on vintage wood floor repair, and gave us very honest and helpful information on the options. They are the best.

Margaret Irons
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Professional Hardwood Floor Sanding & Refinishing Services in Orange County and the South Bay

Hardwood Floor Sanding & Refinishing Services Orange County, CA

Hardwood Floor Specialists is Orange County's number one choice for sanding and refinishing hardwood and wood floors. A good finish is important to maintain because it keeps your floor looking great and helps prevent damage such as watermarks and scratches. As an added benefit, sanding and refinishing can make it easier to clean your floor and help eliminate extra maintenance in the future. Overall, sanding and refinishing is a great way to help you protect your investment.

Experienced Wood Flooring Contractor - Restoration, Screening, Recoating, Stain Color Matching

Our expert sanding process involves a dustless system, which minimizes dust production and protects the property in your home or business. As always, we treat our clients' homes and businesses as respectfully as we treat our own showroom, covering all exposed cabinets and furniture with plastic covers during sanding and refinishing projects. When sanding is not required, we can screen and recoat your wood or hardwood floor to restore its original beauty. Our expert staff can help you choose the perfect stain color and sheen level for your decor. Call Hardwood Floor Specialists today. We can refinish any wood or hardwood floor or staircase.

Call us today to schedule a free consultation.


Excellent service. No high pressure sales and very knowledgeable. The installers were professional and timely. Floor was installed as promised and although trim was not in stock and shipment delayed, it was installed immediately when received. Other's that used the advertised discounted floor company around the same time experienced numerous problems and delays.

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How Hardwood Floors Are Professionally Refinished

Hardwood Floor Restoration Services in
Long Beach, Los Angeles & Orange County

Hardwood Floor Restoration Service LA, Orange County
  • Restoring Hardwood Floors Back to Their Original Beauty Since 1981
  • Experts in Wood Floor Repair, Sanding, Buffing, Refinishing & Staining
  • Southern California's Best Value
  • 1,000s of Satisfied Customers
  • Licensed & Insured
  • Free Estimates, Competitive Prices

When it comes to hardwood flooring, nothing compares to the beauty and character of old growth wood. Old growth hardwood floors, primarily seen in homes and offices built before 1950, were typically fabricated from fully mature trees, which exude richness and charm. Today, most hardwood floors are made out of wood harvested from much younger trees that often can't match the unique quality seen in older floors. That's why having a contractor that excels in hardwood floor restoration is truly worth the investment.

At Carter Wood Floors, we've been repairing and refinishing old growth hardwood floors as well as all types of newer wood floors since 1981. We've helped thousands of customers restore the wood floors in their homes and businesses back to their original condition. Our hardwood floor restoration services involve removing any carpet or vinyl, sanding, buffing, and applying the requisite number of coats of stain and/or finish to achieve the desired results. Frequently, restoration also requires our repair service, which usually involves replacing permanently damaged wood boards with wood of the same type. We can also fill in gaps and cracks, but we generally don't recommend it because floors move and over time the filler comes out. In every case, you can expect our experts to apply the industry's best techniques and to always have the right equipment and materials on hand to get the job done efficiently and cost effectively with impeccable results.

Carter Wood Floors provides the best hardwood floor restoration services you can find in Southern California. We restore hardwood floors of any style, age, or type including those made of white or red oak, maple, ash, pecan, hickory, beech, or American cherry. Call today for your free on-site consultation. As part of every consultation, we'll assess your floor, review all of your flooring options, present a variety of samples that you can view in the context of your own home or business, and provide a very competitive price estimate.


We used Carter Flooring to refinish and repair our Oak floors in our 1936 Laguna Beach Cottage.

They did everything in a professional and timely Manner. Our floors look Fantastic!

Romero and his crew were clean and very knowledgeable and hard working. I recommend this company very highly!

Arne R., Las Vegas, NV Via Yelp Testimonial

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Expert Hardwood Flooring Advice
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Orange refinishing county floor wood

Hardwood Refinishing and Restoration Services, Orange County, CA

As with all things in life, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Your hardwood floor is no exception. As your floor endures foot traffic day in and day out, the finish that protects the wood from dirt and debris is slowly being walked off. There are several different kinds of finishes used today, and each one has its own recommended timeline for the cleaning and reapplication of finish coating.

Do Your Wood Floors Require Sanding and Refinishing or Professional Cleaning & Maintenance?

Euro Oak, lightly sanded and coated using a satin polyurethane.

It is a common misconception that if your hardwood floors are looking worn or dull, that they will need to be refinished. Generally this is not the situation. More often than not, we do not believe that the sanding and finishing of your wood floors is the most practical or viable solution. In fact, we only recommend wood floor refinishing to our Orange County clients when doing so is absolutely necessary, such as when you want to give your floor a whole new look. Something different, something new.

Keep in mind, as soon as you start sanding your hardwood floors you begin to lose wood, the very thing you want to prevent. On average, we will take off 1/32” of wood when sanding a smooth wood floor and closer to 1/16” when refinishing distressed or textured hardwood floors. A floor can still look amazing with all of the natural indentations and dings left through the years, IF it is well cared for. This means having your wood floors professionally cleaned and maintained on a regular basis.

Orange County’s Best Choice for Wood Floor Refinishing Services

When it comes to hardwood floor sanding and finishing, Gäte Hardwood Floors stands above the rest. Each of our staff is trained in house and undergoes a lengthy training process by which they are taught the proper techniques when refinishing hardwood floors. Orange County property owners can rely on Gäte to not only give them a number of color, treatment, and finishing options to help them achieve the desired look of their floors, but also ensure that the end result is one of unmatched quality.

Dust Free Wood Floor Sanding

Walnut basket weave, sanded then recoated with ‘satin’ oil

While you won’t find a wood flooring company in Orange County that can responsibly promise that the process of refinishing your hardwood floors will not leave any trace of dust, Gäte will guarantee that each of the machines used to sand your wood floors will either have the newest state-of-the-art built-in vacuum system or will be attached to a powerful vacuum system that will take in 90% of the dust, or more. As a precautionary step, we also go through and thoroughly mask off cabinets, window coverings, wallpaper and other areas of the house that are not affected by the work being done. Though our projects generally pass a white glove test, we recommend a light cleaning before occupancy in order to ensure that the area is truly dust free.

Hardwood Floor Restoration and Repair

Gäte Hardwood Floors takes great pride in providing superior craftsmanship when restoring antiqued, or naturally aged historic wood floors. Quite often this process will require replicating the same techniques applied when these floors were first installed and finished, some of which is painstakingly detailed and labor intensive. Be it a historic narrow strip or plank floor, parquet or patterned floor such as herringbone or chevron, hand scraped or smooth, Gäte is the Orange County wood floor company to call for your hardwood floor restoration and repair needs.

Wood Floor Cleaning and Maintenance Services

To read about our hardwood floor cleaning and maintenance services available from San Clemente to Fullerton, and everywhere in between, click here.

Whether you are interested in our dust-free wood floor refinishing services, restoration and repair, or professional cleaning and maintenance anywhere in Orange County, call us today at (714) 914-1040. Our advice is always free.

Sours: https://thehardwoodflooringco.com/refinishing-restoration-orange-county-ca/
DIY Hardwood Floor Restoration Time Lapse - Sanding and Refinishing 700sq ft of Flooring

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