Sharp microwave light bulb flickering

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New microwave light is flickering. Should I return?
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I just bought a new microwave. It cooks just fine but the inner light (which turns on when opened) flickers intermittently. Would this be a reason to return it? Additional details necessary for answering the question inside.

I've had the microwave for a couple of weeks now. The one I bought can be found in the link below:


The flickering seems to be random - the light sometimes stays on for a minute straight, then begins to flicker, and then is suddenly okay again for usually anywhere between seconds (sometimes the flickering occurs outside of this time range, but it's rare)

Also, the flickering is very rapid and very faint; you could easily miss it if it you weren't paying attention. I had to stare at the inside of the microwave and focus on the light in order to make sure that my eyes weren't just playing tricks on me.

The microwave does its microwaving thing just fine. Honestly, I don't even know if the flickering is abnormal maybe it's supposed to flicker, I just don't know and I couldn't find much on the subject through googling (admittedly I'm not that good with google)

Could any MeFites who have experienced this (or have microwave/electrical expertise) clue me in as to what might be wrong with the appliance? It's still in the return period, so if the MeFi consensus is that this issue is not the norm and I should send it back then I will.

Thank you in advance :)

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A microwave as you all know is one kitchen appliance which we use everyday and infact several times a day. The appliance is used not just to heat food and liquids but also cook, bake and grill etc. Microwaves come in various sizes and models but the basic parts and features remain the same. One thing that every microwave in the world has in common is a light bulb which lights up when you open the door. But what if you face the problem of microwave light bulb not working? Well the following are some of the possible causes and some solutions for such a situation.

1. Light bulb may be burned out

One of the most common causes for microwave light bulb not working is that the bulb itself may be burned out. To check whether this is the problem and to solve it, you need to first unplug the microwave and then shut off the power to the microwave at the breaker point itself. Check your microwave to locate the vent and remove its panel by unscrewing the screws. Find the box containing the halogen light and remove its cover. Unscrew the bulb and remove it and install a new one.

Microwave Light Bulbs you can get online:-

  1. Microwave Surface Light Bulb Genuine (OEM) Part 
  2. GE Spacemaker Profile Microwave Light Bulb 
  3. Microwave Light Bulb for LG 
  4. Microwave Light Bulb for Panasonic 
  5. Microwave Light Bulb for Kenmore
  6. Microwave Light Bulb for Frigidaire 

2. Problem with the main control board

Another reason why your microwave’s light bulb may not be working could be a problem with the main control board.  Before you go on to check the main control board, ensure that the bulb, wiring and sockets etc are all working fine. Now test the control board by making use of a multi meter. This will help you ensure if the main control board is sending the right voltage to the socket of the light bulb.  If not, then you may need to get it replaced by a new one and this must only be done by an experienced professional or technician.

Some of the Control Boards available online :-

  1. GE WB27X Microwave Control Board 
  2. GE WB27X Microwave Electronic Control Board 
  3. Frigidaire Microwave Main Control Board 
  4. Goodman PCBBFS Control Board 
light bulb in microwave

Image Credits: Flickr

3. Problem with the light socket

Another cause of microwave light bulb not working could be a problem with the light socket. But before you check or replace the light socket, you will need to replace the light bulb through the method that has been given above.  However if the light still doesn’t work then you will need a multimeter to check or test the socket for continuity.  If the light socket doesn’t show any continuity then in that case you may need to replace it or get it replaced by a professional.

Our recommended replacements:-

  1. General Electric WB08X Holder Lamp
  2. Frigidaire Microwave Light Socket 
  3. Supplying Demand DEA Microwave Lamp Socket Plug Fits AP 
  4. Supplying Demand W Microwave Light Bulb Socket Lamp Holder
  5. W Microwave Housing Lamp AH EA PS Genuine OEM 

Now that you know the 3 main causes why the microwave light bulb may not be working, you can easily detect the main issue and resolve it yourself by the methods given above. But if you are inexperienced or not confident of solving the problem on your own, you must not hesitate calling a professional. For general home appliances repair, you can contact Mr Right.

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Why Is That Light Bulb Flickering?

A flickering light bulb is the electrical equivalent of a dripping faucet. It may not seem like a big deal but soon enough it will start chipping away at your sanity. Before you throw the lamp and the table it was on out the window, let us diagnose the issue.

Flickering lights don’t have to be your dim future when you keep your home’s electricity working great. Once you figure out what’s causing the flickering, you may be able fix the problem yourself. Here’s a list of possible reasons why different lights may flicker and how to fix the problem.

1.Does Your Light Bulb Have A Loose Connection?

The most obvious and easily fixed reason why your light bulb is flickering is that it’s not properly seated in its socket. If this is the case, it’ll periodically disconnect from its power supply.  When the bulb flickers quickly and repetitively, it’s continually re-connecting and disconnecting from the power in the lamp. If the light flickers when you nudge the lamp, then the bulb is probably loose.

Fixing a loose bulb is hopefully as easy it sounds, and you just need to tighten it. Once it’s fully tightened, the bulb’s receiver should be properly connected with the lamp’s power supply. To tighten your bulb, simply make sure the bulb is cool enough to touch and turn it clockwise in its socket. Don’t try to force the tightening; if it’s not easy to turn, the issue may lie elsewhere.

2. Is Your Light Bulb Faulty?

If the bulb is tight but still flickers constantly, it could be faulty or burned out. Incandescent light bulbs can stop working correctly for all kinds of reasons. Contact problems, faulty wiring connections, worn-out receptacles, or a bad filament can all cause flickering. Often, these problems occur as the light bulb ages. They could also happen as the result of wear-and-tear, improper voltage, or bad wiring inside the fixture.

Older fluorescent lights won’t turn on sometimes and are more prone to flicker if they are dying. You can try rotating a bulb in its fixture to create a better connection, but chances are, it needs to be replaced.

Replacing light bulbs is easy and relatively cheap. As long as you tightened the new bulb correctly, your flickering should stop. If not, read on.

3. Is Your Light Bulb Fixture Causing it to Flicker?

An easy way to check if your light fixture is the problem is to remove the light bulb and try it in a different fixture. If it works, it may indicate that the first fixture is the problem. Over time sockets can wear out and the metal components no longer make a secure connection. The internal wiring could also be faulty.

A worn out fixture will need to be repaired or replaced. If the fixture is connected to your home, you may wish to have a professional electrician make the repair or replacement.

Is the fixture faulty?
4. Is the Light Switch or Circuit Causing Your Lights to Flicker?

If it’s not the bulb or the light fixture, it may be that your home’s wiring is the reason why your light bulbs are flickering. A bad connection in your fixture’s on/off switch may result in irregular flickering. If you wiggle the switch and the light flickers, you&#;ve likely found the problem and you can replace that switch.

If you experience multiple lights flickering, especially when you have other appliances running, it may be an overloaded circuit. Your home is wired on different circuits &#; usually room by room &#; that deliver a finite amount of electrical current. If you have too many items plugged in or are drawing too much power from the circuit, it may affect your lights. You&#;ve probably seen this when you turn on a high-power appliance like a blender and the kitchen lights dim.

If your home’s wiring is older, it may not be keeping up with increased power demand. A professional electrician can replace your service panel and supply your home with more amperage to meet your needs.

5. Why Is Your LED Light Blinking on and Off?

You’ve upgraded your home to more efficient and longer lasting LED bulbs. Good plan. But are you using a dimmer switch? Not all LED bulbs are dimmable. Only certain kinds that are labeled “dimmable” will work, especially with an older dimmer switch.

You can replace the light bulb with the proper type, but you may need to upgrade your dimmer switch as well. A professional electrician can advise you on the best way to upgrade your lights and switches to make sure they are compatible and function properly.

How Many Times Do You Need to Change Your Light Bulbs?

If flickering bulbs and lights that don’t work properly have left you in the dark, give Mike Diamond a call. We’re your L.A. area experts for all your home plumbing and electrical needs. And even when you can’t see, we’re your “smell good plumber!”

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How to Replace Sharp Microwave Mica Wave Guide

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Flickering sharp bulb microwave light

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Sharp Carousel Microwave / Light bulb replacement

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