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Finding tattoo ideas for men is not always an easy task. First, you want to be original, right? No one wants a copy of some other guy’s tattoo! But it also needs to look great, so no terrible hand-drawn originals will make the cut either.

So, what should you do?

The solution is simple. Browse through our list of 95 great tattoo ideas for men. We’re confident that at least a handful (or more) will spark some inspiration! Use the table of contents to navigate to a particular body area or type, or just scroll through at your own pace.

Table of Contents

5 Large Tattoos for Men

Large tattoos certainly make a statement! Below we’ve found 5 amazing pieces of art in the form of large tattoos for men. There are a few things to remember, however:

  • Larger tattoos cost more!
  • They take longer to have tattooed.
  • They tend to hurt more.
  • They cost more to remove and they’re harder to cover up.

Make sure you find a tattoo artist whose talent and artistry matches the style of tattoo you want, too.

Detailed Sketch Tattoo

Detailed Sketch Tattoo

With big tattoos, you can fit it more intricate detail. Painted, drawn and sketched designs can show brushwork and pencil lines, for a really cool effect.

Religious Chest Tattoo

Religious Chest Tattoo

Your chest is a good spot for a large tattoo – it also covers your heart and lungs, so it’s a good place to tattoo meaningful symbols.

Avant Garde Side Body Tattoo

Avant Garde Side Body Tattoo

The bright colors and fluid lines – what’s not to love? This side body tatt also works across your chest or vertically down your back.

Detailed Back Tattoo

Detailed Back Tattoo

The compass with meaningful quotes – a nice design. It spreads across your back, giving the illusion of a large tattoo… but it’s quicker to get inked!

Symmetrical Body Art Tattoo

Symmetrical Body Art Tattoo

A piece of art and as large as large tattoos get. Flowing over both arms, chest and back, plus a sweet leg tatt as well.

5 Small Tattoos for Men

Small tattoo ideas can be just as awesome as large ones and equally as impressive too. Sometimes, less is more!

If you’re a little bit worried about the pain of a tattoo or don’t want to commit to a huge tattoo for your first time in the chair, these tattoo ideas are a good place to start. They can be placed anywhere on the body, but you’ll quickly see that some placements are more popular than others.

Bird Symbolism

Bird Symbolism

Be free as a bird, soar to your goals, or rise new like a phoenix. Small bird tatts are simple and can go anywhere on your body.

Star Sign Tattoo

Star Sign Tattoo

Behind the ear, along your wrist, or even on your foot – a simple word or even star sign constellation is a great small tattoo with meaning.



Whether it’s dinosaurs, Star Trek, or cars that are your thing, a simple cartoon sketch of your favorite thing just above your ankle is a cool small tattoo.

Inner Wrist Anchor Tattoo

Inner Wrist Anchor Tattoo

Anchor in hope or replace the anchor with another meaningful symbol. A paw print? The sun and moon? There’s lots of scope for wrist tattoos.

Foot Smiley Tattoo

Foot Smiley Tattoo

The small smiley tattoo is incredibly popular with newbies who want a tatt without committing to something huge. Go for somewhere easily hidden, like your foot.

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The 5 Most Popular Tattoo Ideas for Men with Meaning

These are the most popular tattoo designs for men, regardless of their size and placement. We’ve also listed their meanings, so you can create a hidden message or symbolize something important in your body art. Design a creative spin on any one of these 5 popular tattoo ideas!

Skull Tattoo

Skull Tattoo

The skull is a very popular tattoo. It can sometimes symbolize death and mortality – a reminder to live fully. Often combined with decorative roses or even serpents.

Lion Tattoo

Lion Tattoo

Pride, bravery, and protection. These words all sum up what lions symbolize. You’re the king of the jungle – let out a roar! Lion head tattoos are awesome.

Tribal Tattoo

Tribal Tattoo

Tribal tattoos aren’t just for decorative purposes. Originally, tribes used them to symbolize who you are, what you’ve been through, as well as add spiritual meanings.

Quote Tattoo

Quote Tattoo

Quote tattoos can be very literal. Be strong. Live life to the fullest. These are obvious. To give your quote tattoo a hidden meaning, use Latin or symbols.

Portrait Tattoo

Portrait Tattoo

From portraits of your mum to celebrities you admire… and even pets! Portrait tattoos symbolize admiration and respect for the person you have tattooed on your body.

15 Tattoo Ideas for Men’s Sleeves

By sleeves, we mean either full sleeves that cover you from shoulder to wrist, or shorter sleeves that cover your forearm over.

The defining trait of a tattoo sleeve is that it encompasses around your arm, rather than just on one side. Tattoo sleeves can take quite a few sessions, particularly if they are very detailed. But of course, they look absolutely stunning when they are finished.

As you’re about to see, sleeve tattoos don’t need to be overly colorful and bright either.

Cartoon Style Sleeve Tattoo

Cartoon Style Sleeve Tattoo

A distinct style that wraps around the full arm – without being % filled in. This design uses a select color palate to bring everything together.

Japanese Style Sleeve

Japanese Style Sleeve

The samurai imaging, cherry blossom tree and dragon create a great theme and show how a sleeve tatt can bring multiple meanings together with one style.

Chicano Sleeve Tattoo

Chicano Sleeve Tattoo

The black and white effect makes this tattoo bold and grabs your attention. It’s not all bright colors! Not all sleeves are montages of images either.

Upper Arm Shoulder Sleeve

Upper Arm Shoulder Sleeve

A cool sleeve idea that incorporates your upper arms, shoulders and chest. This tattoo looks great when you wear a vest and have well-defined muscles.

Animal Horizon Scene

Animal Horizon Scene

Combining animals with a magnificent landscape is a great tattoo to wrap around your arm. It also gives you an opportunity to add some vivid colors.

Hannya Sleeve

Hannya Sleeve

Flowing black and white imagery really makes a statement. You can fit in a lot of hidden detail and meaning with a sleeve tattoo idea like this.

Forest Scene Tattoo

Forest Scene Tattoo

We love the use of muted colors amidst the black tribal-like lines of this tattoo. It creates a great scene and has a very distinctive vibe.

Colorful Artwork Tattoo

Colorful Artwork Tattoo

Mixing portraits with those abstract colors! A stunning piece of body art with Native American symbolism and bright shades. It really pops and catches your eye.

Arty Sleeve Tattoo

Arty Sleeve Tattoo

A mix of quotes, music symbols and great artwork create a well-blended sleeve. This one is full of personal meaning for the guy who got it!

Old School Tattoo

Old School Tattoo

That design of a scroll with words on it is very old school and vintage – but when you incorporate it into a sleeve with new designs…

Bold Sleeve

Bold Sleeve

Sleeves are large tattoos, so don’t feel like you need to include lots of intricate details. The right color selection and a large, bold print is awesome.

Floral Forearm Sleeve Tattoo

Floral Forearm Sleeve Tattoo

Who said flowers are for girls? They were wrong. This wrap-around floral sleeve tatt looks awesome on your forearm or upper arm. Small yet effective.

Hand and Forearm Tattoo

Hand and Forearm Tattoo

Why stop at your wrist? Incorporate your hand with your sleeve tattoo, so it doesn’t need to end abruptly. We love how this design flows.

Don’t Forget Your Elbow!

Don’t Forget Your Elbow

Many sleeve tattoos cover over the elbow, but some really unique designs center around it. Flowers, spider webs, and other circular designs are great here.

Intricate Tattoo

Intricate Tattoo

If you like the idea of a sleeve, but don’t want any old stranger getting a glimpse, choose a design that needs to be viewed up close.

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10 Tattoo Ideas for Men: Arms

Your arms are a great place for a tattoo! They’re easy to hide under a shirt, but also easy to show off when needed. This section covers 10 tattoo ideas for arms, including your forearm and upper arm. Sleeves have their own mini section as they’re so popular!

Both small and medium sized tattoos look great here. The natural flesh and muscle padding in your arms means that the tattoo process won’t be overly painful either.

Black and Red Tattoo

Black and Red Tattoo

Bold lines, a single color and a simple design create a great arm tattoo. This one fits nicely along the forearm as a vertical design.

Landscape Scene

Landscape Scene

The broadness of the upper arm makes it a great canvas for larger designs, like this artfully sketched seaside scene. It’s easily covered with mid-length t-shirt sleeves.

Small but Colorful

Small but Colorful

This simple watercolor style tattoo doesn’t need to be huge to draw attention on the inner arm. The vivid colors mesmerize and allow great artistic detail.

Tribal Style Arm Tattoo

Tribal Style Arm Tattoo

Using tribal lines on the long, vertical section of your arm often results in really cool totem pole style designs. Bold black lines are essential.

Watercolor Over Outline

Watercolor Over Outline

Combine the bold lines of line art with the bright colors of watercolor art – the result is a stunning tattoo style! Fish look particularly great here.

Symbolic Tribal Tatt

Symbolic Tribal Tatt

A gecko to represent a past family member. What animal do you associate with family? This is a small and visible placement to remind you of family.

Symbol and Quote Tattoo

Symbol and Quote Tattoo

Okay, you don’t have to get a Game of Thrones tattoo, but the symbol design above a meaningful quote is a great arm tattoo idea.

Japanese Design Tattoo

Japanese Design Tattoo

Simple with classic vibes. What does this tattoo mean? Only the guy with the tatt knows! It’s a great style to copy if you want simple.

Skull Tattoo

Skull Tattoo on arms

Another simple style, but a little more badass. Skulls are great tattoos and this placement is great for beginners, just under the elbow on the inner forearm.

Elbow Tattoo

Elbow Tattoo

Don’t forget the elbow! While the bone here would be super painful to tattoo on, the area around the elbow offers a great opportunity for awesome tattoos.

15 Tattoo Ideas for Men: Leg

Legs are a popular place for tattoos on men. Nothing is sexier than defined calf muscles and a great tatt. But you need to make sure you’re ready for some pain. Depending on the location, leg tattoos can be quite painful. The least painful place is around your thighs, while your knees and ankle joints are the most painful.

You’ll also need to shave your leg hair to get your tattoo, but don’t worry – it will grow back like normal.

Geometric Tattoo

Geometric Tattoo

Compass and travel type tattoos are great for legs – they tend to symbolize travel and finding the right path to walk in life… or just on vacation.

Simple and Clean Tattoo

Simple and Clean Tattoo

Clean lines, select bright colors, and a great placement. This wasp tattoo rocks. It’s definitely the manly version of the ladies’ popular butterfly tattoo design!

Large Skull Tattoo

Large Skull Tattoo

Skulls again! We weren’t joking when we said they were popular. This one covers the entire shin of the leg, which is not for the faint-hearted.

Leg Sleeve

Leg Sleeve

A sleeve for your leg – a pant sleeve? It’s a great idea for prints that are too large for your arms. This one features Looney tunes characters.

Back of Calf Tattoo

Back of Calf Tattoo

What do you see when you look at this tattoo? Illusions are cool in tattoos – but you need a very skilled artist to create one.

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Traditional Rose Tattoo

Traditional Rose Tattoo

This is a classic tattoo that looks great anywhere, especially arms and legs. Roses can be very simple or detailed, so it’s easy to scale up/down.

Psychedelic Tattoo

Psychedelic Tattoo

A great example of a thigh tattoo. There’s a lot of symbolism going on here! Oh, and a totally wicked tattoo design as well.

Leg Quote Tattoo

Leg Quote Tattoo

This is a cool take on a quote tattoo. You don’t have to use family, try a loved one’s name or the city of your birth.

Small Minimalist Tattoos

Small Minimalist Tattoos

Minimalist tattoo ideas for men are really cool. Small tatts tend to look best near your ankle or knee, rather than floating anywhere on your leg.

Hyper Realistic Tattoo

Hyper Realistic Tattoo

The detail is impressive! Hyper realistic tattoo artists are highly skilled and can ink your favorite photos onto your skin with incredibly realism. Great for faces.

Decorated Skull Tattoo

Decorated Skull Tattoo

Another take on a leg skull tattoo. This one incorporates detail within the traditional black lined skull, adding more artistic expression without overcomplicating the classic design.

Snake Tattoo

Snake Tattoo

This almost made our list of badass tattoos (see below) but it’s primarily a leg tattoo. Snakes are popular tattoo choices, and they curl around legs perfectly.

Large Geometric Tattoo

Large Geometric Tattoo

There is something so pleasing about geometric lines – just like this awesome lower leg tattoo. The clean black lines, lack of color, and detail are excellent.

Elements Tattoo

Elements Tattoo

The elements that rule your life – a great tattoo! This one could go on your thigh or scaled down near your ankle. They needn’t be watercolor either!

Spirit Animal Tattoo

Spirit Animal Tattoo

This side placement above the knee looks neat and isn’t an overly painful area either. What spirit animal would you get permanently tattooed on your leg?

10 Tattoo Ideas for Men: Shoulder Area

Your shoulders make great canvases for tattoos, particularly if you work out and have define muscle around this area. A shoulder tattoo could be on your back shoulder blade, along the top of your shoulder, or even flowing down onto your bicep.

Medium-large tattoos tend to look best here, with a few exceptions. It’s a great place to put an impressive tattoo if you don’t want to commit to a full back piece.

Tribal Shoulder Tattoo

Tribal Shoulder Tattoo

The key to this simple tribal tattoo? You need pretty well-defined muscles, as the tattoo ink really curls around the definition and highlights your natural strength.

Large Cat Tattoo

Large Cat Tattoo

We admire two things about this tattoo – the artful way the shoulder is used as a canvas, and the single color to make the eyes pop.

Back Shoulder Tattoo

Back Shoulder Tattoo

Another tribal style tattoo, using the shoulder blade as a canvas for a cool circular design. This one can flow nicely into a tribal arm tattoo.

Fish Tattoo

Fish Tattoo

The front shoulder area, just above the armpit, can be a bit tricky. But this fish design fits the space perfectly and the watercolor style is awesome.

Yin and Yang Tattoo

Yin and Yang Tattoo

The circle design once again fits great in the shoulder and upper arm area. Fishes representing yin and yang, the ancient Chinese philosophy, flow well.

Jigsaw Tattoo

Jigsaw Tattoo

A super idea to combine two images into one, with a jigsaw pattern. This one covers the upper arm and shoulder area, but it could go anywhere.

Armor Tattoo

Armor Tattoo

Armor can be a very meaningful tattoo – it signals strength and resilience. But it can also mean shutting something out or giving it the cold (armored) shoulder.

Line Art Tattoo

Line Art Tattoo

Simple yet elegant and artistic. Line art tattoos have that modern, minimalistic vibe that’s really timeless while still being a classic. This one will age well.

Spider Shoulder Tattoo

Spider Shoulder Tattoo

A spider perched on your shoulder is equal parts awesome and creepy. If you don’t mind the creepy crawlies, this is a unique tatt to get.

Word Shoulder Tatts

Word Shoulder Tatts

Our last shoulder tattoo idea for men is this cool design, with a word balanced on each shoulder. Pick a font and two words that matter.

10 Tattoo Ideas for Men’s Hands

Hands are a popular place for tattoos among men and women. On the palm of your hand, along your fingers, across your knuckles and flowing over your wrists. These are all great spots for a tiny tattoo.

There are a few downsides to men’s hand tattoos, however. As they’re in such a public and sun-exposed place, they will fade fast! Hand tattoos can also be quite painful over the bony areas.

Traditional Hand Tattoo

Traditional Hand Tattoo

If you want to go all-out, this simple black design covers all your skin and draws attention. It can go all the way to your neck!

Neo Traditional Skull Tattoo

Neo Traditional Skull Tattoo

Colorful? Check. Skull design? Check. Perfect placement on the hand? Check. This is an awesome tattoo that shows great use of the thumb space too.

One for The Dads!

One for The Dads

If you are the number one dad, this is a sweet hand tattoo to get. It’ll remind you of your kids every time you look.

Square Design Hand Tattoo

Square Design Hand Tattoo

This square design fits nicely on the back of your hand, with clean and clear black lines. The symmetry of the emblem is really pleasing!

Small and Sweet

Small and Sweet

A small tattoo here is easy to show off, but small enough to go unnoticed by most passing strangers. What small symbol would you get here?

Palm Tattoo

Palm Tattoo

Are you brave enough to get a palm tattoo? This skull design looks awesome, but you need to take care to stop it fading in the sun!

Octopus Hand Tattoo

Octopus Hand Tattoo

A great way to play with the natural shape of your hand, making your fingers 4 of the octopus’s tentacles.

Drama Masks Tattoo

Drama Masks Tattoo

So far, our hand tattoos have all be facing the owner, but this one puts on a show by facing the other way, towards your “audience”.

Side Hand Tattoo

Side Hand Tattoo

Along the edge of your hand, between your pinkie and your wrist, is a great place for small tatts. Short quotes are popular here as well.

Wrist and Hand Tattoo

Wrist and Hand Tattoo

Incorporating the wrist with a quote, with symbols underneath, is a neat way to blend from your full arm sleeve tatt to your hand tatt.

5 Tattoo Ideas for Mental Health

Tattoos for mental health are popular and deeply meaningful. Some tattoos are designed to be the same for everyone, to show solidarity for mental health troubles. Others are very personal and are used to symbolize a struggle you’ve been through or mantra you need to remember.

A good placement for your mental health tattoo is somewhere you can see it regularly and remind yourself to keep going. The forearm is a popular spot.

Here are our top 5 ideas for men’s mental health tattoos to get you started.

Semi Colon Project Tattoo

Semi Colon Project Tattoo

The Semi Colon Project is a beautiful thing. This symbol marks a pause, rather than a stop. It’s a reminder that the story isn’t over.

Serotonin Tattoo

Serotonin Tattoo

A permanent inked reminder of the chemical that makes you feel happy! This is an excellent tattoo for any scientists struggling with their mental health in particular.

Live Tattoo

Live Tattoo

A one-word reminder to keep going. Did you spot the hidden semi colon in this tattoo as well? This small tatt can go anywhere on your body.

A Tattoo with Personal Meaning

A Tattoo with Personal Meaning

This full back tattoo is full of color and life, with plenty of symbols that hold personal meaning to the guy who got them.

A Quote That Resonates with You

A Quote That Resonates with You

Maybe it’s a famous saying or a quote from your favorite song, like this tattooed shoulder line “Out from Under” by Britney Spears.

5 Small Badass Tattoos for Guys

Here are 5 great tattoo ideas for men that prove you don’t need a huge tattoo to be a badass! Small tattoos can be just as badass as big ones, depending on the design. We’ve selected 5 that we think are the coolest, but there are plenty more out there.

To prove how much of a badass you are, location matters too. Any tattoo on a bony area will prove that you can withstand some serious pain.

Face Mandala Tattoo

Face Mandala Tattoo

It’s not so much the tattoo that’s badass, as the placement! Getting a tattoo on or near your face is a bold move reserved for badasses.

Neck Tattoo

Neck Tattoo

Getting fully inked like this is very impressive. The expression of the bird’s face is on-point and there’s no doubt that this is a truly badass tattoo.

Eye Tattoo

Eye Tattoo

Nothing catches your eye like a detailed eye tattoo. This one on the inside elbow would have been quite painful to get tattooed, but it looks awesome!

Switch Tattoo

Switch Tattoo

Not all tattoos need to be deadly serious. This F-off switch adds a little humor. We like that only people you walk away from will see it.

Bear Tattoo

Bear Tattoo

We’ve seen many lion tattoos, but there’s something more badass and dangerous about an angry bear tattoo, growling at you from your leg or arm.

10 Tattoo Ideas for Your Partner

Getting the love of your life tattooed on your body is super romantic and a great way to keep your partner happy.

Roses, hearts and a great font for their name (or initials) is essential for these tattoo ideas. You can be creative, however. A symbol that represents your love is a good choice too.

Obviously, think carefully before you get inked permanently. Your wife of 20 years and mother of your kids is more suitable for a commemorative tattoo than your girlfriend of 2 months!

Elaborate Font Tattoo

Elaborate Font Tattoo

Even the simplest name looks elegant and elaborate with the right font. Choose your font wisely! Ask your tattoo artist to come up with several options.

Shoulder Name Tattoo

Shoulder Name Tattoo

The usual placement is over the heart or on the arm, but this heartbeat name tattoo proves that the shoulder is also a great place!

Upper Arm Tattoo

Upper Arm Tattoo

This is a cool idea – get your loved one to handwrite their name or use their signature as your tattoo! The arm placement allows larger fonts.

Name with Hearts Tattoo

Name with Hearts Tattoo

Add a little embellishment to express your love and admiration. It needn’t be a huge beating heart, just a little love heart like this tattoo.

Initials Together

Sours: https://www.savedtattoo.com/tattoo-ideas-for-men/

Best Money Tattoos For Men

Money tattoos are all about working hard to get paid. When it comes to the best money tattoo designs, there&#;s nothing like a cool money bag, dollar sign, monopoly man, cash stack, or Benjamin Franklin tattoo to motivate you and keep you focused on your goals. While some people may mistake money tattoos ideas as a way to flaunt success and wealth, we believe the true meaning should be about chasing your dreams, achieving financial freedom, and striving for a better quality of life.

Whether you want a money, power, respect tattoo to symbolize your hustle, the classic &#;time is money&#; tattoo to represent your dedication to your business, or a money rose tattoo that mixes cash and beauty, there are many unique money tattoos for men to get. And with countless different money symbols, colors, sizes and styles to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

Cool Money Tattoo Designs

Here are the best money sleeve, chest, arm, hand, shoulder, forearm, and leg tattoos. Check out our gallery of money tattoo designs and drawings, and you&#;ll discover a number of awesome ideas to inspire you.

Best Money Tattoo Ideas

Money Chest Tattoo

Money Hand Tattoos

 Dollar Bill Tattoo

Best Money Tattoos

The &#;road to riches&#; tattoo is a symbol of the hardship and adversity overcome to get to your financial goals. If you have a unique or powerful story to tell, this design might be the one for you!

Money Tattoos Sleeve

Money Roll Tattoo

The money rose tattoo concept can convey many different meanings. One possible interpretation can be extracted  from the sum of the parts. Money most often represents power, control, and stature while the rose, which usually has its meaning tied to its color, can be a representation of love, passion, and admiration. Thus, together they might convey the appreciation and thirst for wealth.

Money Flower Tattoo

Cool Money Tattoos

Benjamin Franklin Tattoo

Unique Money Tattoos on Arm

Money Power Respect Tattoo

Monopoly Man Tattoo

Badass Money Chest Tattoo

Money Tattoo Designs

Sometimes a tattoo can represent a moral lesson learned such as the consuming nature of greed and the pitfalls in the pursuit of wealth.

Best Money Is The Root of All Evil Tattoo

Badass Skull Money Sign Tattoo

Badass Forearm Money Tattoos

Monopoly Man with Money Bag Tattoo

Cool Money Chest Tattoo Designs

Cool Monopoly Tattoo

Cool Shoulder Money Tattoo

Badass Cash Tattoo Designs

Badass Half Sleeve Money Tattoos

Best Money Hand Tattoos

Money Makes The World Go Round Tattoo

Money Stacks Tattoo

This is an interesting play on the money talks adage. The symbolism alone is enough to convey the message, but a written statement will remove any doubt to the onlooker.

Money Talks Tattoo

Bankroll Tattoo Designs

Badass Money Power Respect Tattoo

Sexy Money Drugs Tattoo

Unique Money Is The Root of All Evil Tattoo Ideas

Hundred Dollar Bill Rose Tattoo

Skull and Money Tattoos

Realistic 3D Money Tattoo Designs

Unique Money Bag Tattoo

Cool Get Money Tattoo Designs

Meaningful Time Is Money Tattoo Designs

Hot Money Sign Tattoo Designs For Men

Cool Money Leg Tattoos

Cool Money Bag Tattoo Designs

Inking your passions or favorite hobbies, such as gambling or cards, is another unique money tattoo idea.

Gambling Money Tattoos

Money Roll Tattoo Design

Money Tattoo Ideas For Men

Money Sign Tattoo

Small Money Tattoo Ideas

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Tattoo

Awesome Money Themed Tattoos For Guys

Money is the root of all evil some say and this tattoo is the perfect way to illustrate that message.

Money Tree Tattoo

Badass Money Sleeve Tattoo

Awesome Money Tattoos For Guys

Cool Time Is Money Tattoo

Awesome Money Bag Tattoo Designs For Men

Money Falling Tattoo Designs

Best Get Money Tattoo Designs

Ben Franklin Dollar Bill Burning Tattoo

Cool Money Sign Tattoo

Money Is The Root of All Evil Tattoo

The time is money tattoo is another popular design that conveys the hustle and process it takes to attain wealth. It can be shown in a variety of ways such as with a ticking clock or, like in the below image, with an hourglass. The sand, which represents time, pouring into the money bag is fly way to get the message across.

Awesome Time Is Money Arm Tattoo Designs

Cool Money Tattoo Ideas For Men

Popular Money Stack Tattoo

Unique Time Is Money Tattoo with Watch

Money Tattoo Ideas

The Monopoly Man, or Rich Uncle Pennybags, has long been a representation of money and is a cool way to flaunt your money tattoo, especially if you put your own spin on it like below.

Monopoly Man Tattoo

Money Hand Tattoo

Cool Shoulder Chest Money Tattoo

Awesome Money Bag Tattoo Designs

Unique Money Themed Tattoo Ideas For Men

Figures like Pablo Escobar are another way to represent power, affluence, and riches. At the height of his power, he was one of wealthiest and most notorious men alive.

Drugs and Money Tattoo

Unique Bankroll Tattoo Designs

Dollar Sign Tattoo

Cash Tattoo Designs

Money Bag Tattoo

Money Is Power Chest Tattoo

Awesome Money Talks Tattoo

Simple Dollar Sign Tattoo

Dollar Sign Sleeve Tattoo

Dollar Bill Tattoo Designs

Money Stacks Forearm Tattoo Designs

Money with Wings Tattoo

Burning Money Tattoo

Hustlin Tattoo Designs

Badass Benjamin Franklin Get Money Tattoo Designs For Men

Awesome Time Equals Money Tattoo

Money Flower Tattoo

Meaningful Money Tattoo Ideas

Cash Rose Tattoo

Cash Money Dollar Sign Tattoo

Sours: https://www.toptrendsguide.com/money-tattoos-for-men/
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Best Arm Tattoos For Men

Arm tattoos work nicely with some of the coolest tattoo ideas. In fact, you really can&#;t go wrong getting arm tattoos for men. With so many badass designs to choose from and a choice of an upper arm, back, front, side, forearm, bicep, tricep or full sleeve tattoo, the arms are the ideal spot for most guys.

For instance, an upper arm tattoo may be hidden at work, with the option of letting your artwork go up your shoulder and wrap around to your back or chest. There are also outer bicep tattoos that extend to the triceps, a back of the arm tattoo that leverages the long smooth surface, and a front arm tattoo that spills into the sides. Lastly, there are limitless cool arm tattoo designs to consider, with drawings of all shapes, sizes, and colors that will fit.

If you&#;re looking for the best arm tattoos, you&#;ll love this gallery of manly tattoo ideas for men&#;s arms. From small and simple to tribal to colorful, discover the top left and right arm tattoos for guys!

Arm Tattoos


Cool Arm Tattoo Ideas

Whether you want to draw attention to your muscular arms or simply want to get a meaningful drawing inked, this guide will inspire you to explore all the best arm tattoo design ideas ever created.

Cool Arm Tattoo Ideas

Since the arm is made up of several parts that can be tattooed separately or together, it&#;s important to consider designs in conjunction with location.

Best Arm Tattoos For Men

Upper Arm Tattoos

Upper arm tattoos naturally cater to awesome designs, giving you the freedom to express yourself creatively yet hide your ink as a professional. Upper arm tattoo ideas range in detail and styling.

Upper Arm Tattoos

A large piece can extend into the lower arm and forearm as you add additional artwork. Similarly, designs can expand to the shoulder and finish across the back or chest for a seriously badass look.

Best Upper Arm Tattoo Ideas

Simple upper arm tattoos lend themselves to black, white and grey colors. These types of designs often include tribal or geometric shapes for a creative finish.

Cool Upper Arm Tattoo Designs

However, the most popular tattoos to get on your arm include traditional alpha-male designs like the lion, dragon, phoenix, skull, owl, wolf, snake, bear, or eagle.

Upper Arm Tattoos For Men

Inner Arm Tattoos

Inner arm tattoos are another favorite for guys. These classic men&#;s tattoos can be placed on the bicep or forearm, depending on how visible you want your ink to be. Given the size of your inner arm, it&#;s ideal for a detailed work.

Inner Arm Tattoos

You can also decide on a single design piece or multiple drawings to create a collage. Depending on the artwork you want to get, you could get tattooed on the lower or upper arm.

Cool Inner Arm Bicep Tattoo Designs For Men

Back of the Arm Tattoos

A back of the arm tattoo is best-suited for long, skinny designs. Unique back arm tattoos include arrows, feathers, tribal art, crosses, quotes, numbers, and other small images.

Back of Arm Tattoo Designs For Men

Nevertheless, it&#;s good to note that the back of the arm can be a painful spot to get tattooed.

Back of the Arm Tattoos

Side Arm Tattoo

Side arm tattoos can run from the lower to the upper arm. This part of the arm usually accommodates a small, simple design that guys want to keep covered up.

Side Arm Tattoo

But wrapping a cool design from the side of your forearm, around your elbow, and up to your triceps and upper arm can offer plenty of creative space.

Side Arm Tattoo Ideas

Front Arm Tattoo

A front arm tattoo, also known as the forearm, provides one of the coolest canvas. A forearm tattoo can be the start of a half sleeve or eventually a full sleeve tattoo for men.

Front Arm Tattoo

Given the prominence and visibility, guys should really save the best arm designs for this area.

Front Arm Tattoo Designs For Men

Simple Arm Tattoos

Simple arm tattoos can fit almost anywhere. Simple and small designs come in the form of quotes, family names, geometric figures, lines, arrows, etc.

Simple Arm Tattoos

However, simple tattoo ideas are not any less masculine; some messages just have beauty in their purity and candor.

Simple Upper Arm Tattoos

Best Arm Tattoo Designs

For inspiration, here are the top cool arm tattoos for men. This collection of tattoo ideas for guys will help you come up with a unique new design concept you will love!

Best Arm Tattoo Designs

Warrior Helmet Skull Upper Arm Tattoo

3D Biomechanical Arm Tattoo Designs

Top of the Arm Skull Tattoo Designs

Amazing Skull Pirate Full Arm Tattoos

Awesome Black and White Full Arm Tattoos For Men

Aztec Tribal Full Arm Tattoo Ideas For Men

Top Arm Tattoos For Guys

Viking Warrior Upper Arm Tattoo

3D Eagle Back of the Arm Tattoos

Badass 3D Front Arm Tattoos For Men

Badass 3D Inner Bicep Tattoo Designs For Guys

Badass Clock Gear Arm Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Amazing Forearm Tattoo Ideas For Guys

Awesome Portrait Inner Arm Tattoo Designs For Guys

Black and Grey Owl Arm Tattoo

Best Left Arm Tattoos

Geometric Mandala Full Sleeve Arm Tattoo Designs For Guys

Badass 3D Upper Arm Tattoo Designs

Creative Arm Tattoo Design Ideas For Guys

Black and Grey Upper Arm Shoulder Tattoo Designs

Black and White Lower Arm Tattoo Designs

Badass Warrior Wolf Arm Tattoo Ideas

Clock Rose Front Arm Tattoo Designs For Men

Awesome Arm Back of the Arm Tattoo Design

Best Tattoo Designs For Men's Arms

Christian Keep The Faith Quote Inner Arm Bicep Tattoo

Black Ink Warrior Skull Upper Arm Tattoo

Best Upper Arm Tattoo Designs For Men

Cool 3D Side Back of the Arm Tattoos

Cool Quote Inner Arm Tattoo Men

Compass Forearm Tattoo Ideas For Men

Black and White Full Left Arm Tattoo

Half Lower Arm Tattoo Designs For Men

Christian Arm Tattoo Ideas For Guys

Cool Compass Back of the Arm Tattoo

Cool Viking Warrior Upper Arm Tattoo For GUys

Geometric Simple Arm Tattoo Designs

Cool Forearm Tattoo Ideas For Guys

Armor Plate with Lion Upper Arm Tattoos

Full Sleeve Inner Arm Tattoos

Badass Japanese Arm Tattoo Ideas

Arrow Front Arm Tattoo Ideas

Inner Arm Tattoos For Guys

Badass White and Grey Skull Inner Arm Tattoo Designs

Angel Wings on Arm Tattoo

Awesome Left Arm Tattoo Ideas For Guys

Japanese Tiger Chest Shoulder Upper Arm Tattoo Designs

Half Sleeve Upper Arm Japanese Tattoo

Cool Full Arm Tattoo Designs

Best Inner Arm Tattoo Designs For Men

Jesus Christ Cross Religious Arm Tattoo

Samoan Tribal Full Sleeve Arm Tattoo Designs For Men

Cool Indian Skull Upper Arm Tattoo Designs

Watercolor Wolf Inner Arm Tattoo Designs

Cool Geometric Sleeve Tattoos

Flying Angel Full Inner Arm Tattoo Ideas

Awesome Compass Anchor Map Lower Arm Tattoo Designs

Full Inner Arm Sleeve Tattoos For Men

Feather Side Arm Tattoo Designs For Men

Cool Religious Praying Hands Arm Tattoos

Full Right Arm Tattoo Designs For Guys

Cool Tribal Chest Shoulder Upper Arm Tattoos For Men

Awesome Celtic Armor Plate Arm Tattoos

Full Side and Back of the Arm Tattoo Designs

Full Sleeve Inner Arm Tattoo Designs

Badass Arm Sleeve Tattoo

Geometric Full Sleeve Arm Tattoo Designs

Beautiful Upper Arm Tattoo Designs For Men

Best Tattoo Ideas For Men on Arm

Cool 3D Colorful Arm Tattoo Designs

Tiger Eyes on Inner Arm Tattoo

Simple Black and White Lower Arm Tattoo

Realistic Shoulder Arm Tattoo Designs For Guys

Japanese Girl Shoulder Arm Tattoo Designs

Cool Lion King with Crown Arm Tattoo

Tiger Woman Left Arm Tattoo Designs

Japanese Warrior Skull Shoulder Upper Arm Tattoo

Cool Manly Arm Tattoo Ideas

Awesome Forearm Tattoo Designs For Men

Colorful Arm Tattoo Designs For Men

3D Skeleton Hand Arm Tattoo

Cool Right Arm Tattoo Designs For Men

Amazing Shoulder Upper Arm Tattoo

Full Outer Arm Tattoo Designs

Wolf Lower Arm Tattoo

Cool Spartan Warrior Inner Arm Tattoo

Evil Upper Arm Tattoo Ideas

Christian Praying Hands Side Arm Tattoo Designs

Cool Chest Shoulder Upper Arm Tattoo Designs

Full Lower Arm Tattoo Designs

Cool Tribal Half Sleeve Upper Arm Tattoo

Cool Japanese Tattoo Designs For Men on the Arms

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I’ll Never Stop Modifying My Body - HOOKED ON THE LOOK

Demon, Devil, Evil and Satanic tattoo designs for men

For a devilish exterior, demon tattoos for men are unparalleled. They strike a perfect balance between occult imagery, masculine energy and goth sex appeal. Over the years, choosing a tattoo has become something that everyone will find themselves doing. A demon tattoo is a great way to make us of such edgy imagery.. So in this article we will show you demon/evil tattoo styles for men  Whether an arm tattoo, chest tattoo or neck tattoo. We will feature various styles and ideas you can go by.

Feel free to change and experiment. You can never be picky about what you put on your skin. Plus, they can be construed with a variety of counterculture connotations. Countless demonic icons fill history’s canon, and you can combine all sorts of monstrous deities for an anachronistic amalgamation of evil. From chiseled gods to decrepit gargoyles, you can fine-tune your demonic possession precisely. So you will never have a lack of inspiration.

Chest Tattoo

A man’s chest is a colossal canvas, and when inked it can be prominent symbol of pride. Though it may not be the easiest place to get a tattoo due to many prominent bones it makes for a great place to store any symbol.

Demon Chest Tattoo Ideas

Tribal Demon Chest Tattoo

Mens Demon Tattoo

Japanese Demon Tattoo

Guy with Devil Tattoo Chest Design

Angel & Demon Tattoo on the shoulder

Arm Tattoos

The arm tattoo or the arm full and half sleeve have become the preferred placement for people getting tattoos in recent years. The most visible place to put a tattoo will be a great place for your demons.

Red Demon Tattoo

Realistic Demon Tattoo

Screaming Demon Tattoo

Skull & Demon Tattoo

Skull & Demon Tattoo

Demon mask Tattoo

Demon Tattoo Design

Demonic Sleeve Tattoo

Japanese Demon Dog Tattoo

Demonic Sleeve Tattoo

Angel & Demon Tattoo

Angel & Demon Tattoo

Hooded Demon Tattoo

Angel & Demons Tattoo

Modern Demon Tattoo

Modern Demon Tattoo

Modern Demon Tattoo Sleeve

Modern Demon Tattoo Sleeve

Modern Demon Tattoo

Demon Tattoo Sleeve

Demon Tattoo Sleeve

Demon Tattoo Ideas

Demon Tattoo Idea

Half Angel & Half Demon

Demon Tattoo Idea

Evil Spirit Tattoo

Demon Tattoo

Demon Tattoo

Demon Tattoo Sleeve

Cool Demon Skull Tattoo

Demonic Tattoo Sleeve

Demonic Skull Tattoo

Devil Tattoo

Devil Sleeve

Demonic Skull Tattoo

Demonic Skull Tattoo

Demonic Skull Tattoo

Demon Hunter Tattoo

Demon Hunter Tattoo

Demon Hunter Tattoo

Demon Skull Tattoo

Demon Face Sleeve

Demon Face Sleeve

Demon Head Tattoos

Demon Head Tattoos

Demon Cross Tattoos

Demon Head Tattoos

Demon Head Tattoos

Demon Head Tattoos

Demon Head Tattoo

Demon Head Tattoo

Demon Tattoo Sleeves

Demon Tattoos

Demon Head Tattoo

Demon Arm Tattoos

Angel & Demon Wing Tattoos

Back Tattoo

The back is the biggest canvas on the body. It makes for a great place to put any tattoo and can be a great way to show off how ripped you’ve gotten lately. Afterwards, a guy’s art and muscularity will both be on display in perfect harmony.

Satanic Back Tattoo

Evil Demon <a href=

Skull Demon Back Tattoo

Evil Demon <a href=

Satanic Skeleton Back Tattoo

Hand Tattoos

Summary – Top 5 Demon & Devil Tattoo Designs

So in this article we have shown you demon, devil and satan9c tattoo designs for men that you should have a look at. Whether an arm tattoo, chest tattoo or back tattoo. Whether you are planning to book your tattoo appointment soon or just getting ideas this list of tattoos will help you choose.

  1. Evil Demon Back Tattoo
  2. Japanese Demon Chest Tattoo
  3. Demon Head Tattoos
  4. Angel &  Demon Arm Tattoo
  5. Demon Head Arm Tattoo

Feature image from Pinterest

Sours: https://outsons.com/demon-devil-evil-and-satanic-tattoo-designs-for-men/

Guys for tattoo evil designs

No matter what anybody says or believes the fact is evil is fascinating. Sometimes the fascination manifests itself in many art forms; history will vouch for that. There are some fascinating works of art that are dedicated to “the evil one”. He come with many names – Satan, Beelzebub, Prince of darkness, the devil to name just a few.

Evil Tattoo Designs (2)

Evil Tattoo Designs (11)

Evil Tattoo Designs (22)

Evil Tattoo Designs (9)

Many may shudder at the thought of getting any of these fascinatingly endless designs dedicated to evil tattooed on their body, but the fact is that this trend is catching on. This does not mean that people are necessarily leaning towards the darker side, it just means that they love the visual impact and the attention they get on getting a tattoo that has a design dedicated to the dark side.

Evil Tattoo Designs (5)

Evil Tattoo Designs (15)

Evil Tattoo Designs (13)

Some love the attention, some like to project that they are indeed into the dark and mysterious arts, some like to use these symbols as a means of warding off evil (contradictory though it may sound) and a very rare few get these designs because they are actually experimenting or trying to experiment with these arts.

Evil Tattoo Designs (19)

Evil Tattoo Designs (24)

When it comes to choice of evil tattoo designs, we all have to agree that the Devil tops the list. Though many may shudder at the thought of getting this design on any part of themselves, the fact is that the devil can make a great visual impact. Known to have several forms ranging from the heart breakingly handsome to having animalistic characteristics, the number of design possibilities is undoubtedly immense when it comes to tattooing.

Evil Tattoo Designs (1)

Evil Tattoo Designs (21)

Apart from the big evil man himself there are many designs to go with. The thing is evil also has its own sets of symbols, lesser demons and many motifs that simply have a lot of importance to those who believe in this stuff.  Rendered aptly in black, gray and darker brown shades, these designs are powerful. They are sure to get some attention and a lot of questions. Isn’t that the whole point of tattooing? Putting what you believe in and like in an art form that is both personal and publicly visible?

Evil Tattoo Designs (23)

Evil Tattoo Designs (10)

Evil Tattoo Designs (1)

On the other hand another way to go about getting a tattoo dedicated to the evil side is showing the contrast of good on the one hand and the evil on the other. This sort of design can be rendered by picking one side for evil and the other for good. This means you are telling people that there are always two sides to a thing – good and evil and that one would not work without the other. We can also use the tattoo design to denote that we believe in the great and delicate balance of good and bad that makes this world go around.

Evil Tattoo Designs (16)

Evil Tattoo Designs (4)

Evil Tattoo Designs (3)

Yet another way of going for a tattoo design is to make something that looks innocent and sweet on the surface to have evil undertones. A goblin or leprechaun is a very good example of this type of motifs. We always believe that these creatures are divine and have a lot of mystical and magical powers. But their underlying need to create some confusion and mischief and misleading people lends them an undertone of evil. There are also many angels who though original heavenly, have fallen off their pedestal and gotten into the evil ways. These sort of designs make for fascinating body art.

Evil Tattoo Designs (14)

Evil Tattoo Designs (18)

Evil Tattoo Designs (27)

To get the one evil tattoo design that you like, you can do some research and decide on whether you want to go the whole hog on an evil subject or would like to go for something more subtle but equally effective!

In order to present something horrifying, we are presenting some more examples of Bad Ass Evil Tattoo Designs.

Evil Tattoo Designs (6)

Evil Tattoo Designs (7)

Evil Tattoo Designs (8)

Evil Tattoo Designs (12)

Evil Tattoo Designs (17)

Evil Tattoo Designs (20)

Evil Tattoo Designs (25)

Evil Tattoo Designs (26)

Evil Tattoo Designs (28)


Evil Tattoo Designs (30)

Evil Tattoo Designs (31)


Sours: https://www.tattooeasily.com/evil-tattoo-designs/
100 Small Tattoos for Men

Top 87 Demon Tattoo Ideas [ Inspiration Guide]

For a devilish exterior, demon tattoos for men are unparalleled. They strike a perfect balance between occult imagery, masculine energy and goth sex appeal. Plus, they can be construed with a variety of counterculture connotations.

To craft a physique that is simultaneously slick and forceful, mysterious gentlemen prefer demon tattoos. These magnificent beasts exude powerful personality, and their presence can be tied to a variety of distinct backgrounds.

At the most basic level, male demon tattoos reflect proclivities in the way of nihilism and darkness. Baphomet, the goat-headed figure, is probably the most popular choice, but there are endless satanic critters to get inked!

Countless demonic icons fill history&#;s canon, and you can combine all sorts of monstrous deities for an anachronistic amalgamation of evil. From chiseled gods to decrepit gargoyles, you can fine-tune your demonic possession precisely!

Some guys also get demon tattoos to remind themselves of the inner demons they are personally overcoming. The constant threat of relapsing to an old way of being can be placed in a permanently visible area to keep you on the right trajectory. Still, the following gallery of demon tattoos for guys is so righteous that no one will want to overcome the fabled lords of chaos pictured ahead!


Angel And Demon Fighting Mens Tattoos

Angel And Demon Mens Tattoo Sleeves

Angel And Demons Tattoo For Guys

Angel And Demons Tattoos For Guys

Angel And Demon Wing Guys Tattoos

Angel And Demon Wings Tattoo On Guys

Angel Fighting Demon Tattoo For Men

Angels And Demons Tattoo Designs For Gentlemen

This is a large black and gray piece that uses shading to create a life-like demon. The fully saturated black in the eyes increases contrast and helps the negative space and white highlights to standout. The coils in the mouth of the demon also have a bio-mechanical feel that contrasts stylistically with the flames on the top of the piece and works well to set this piece apart from other demon designs. Another interesting feature in this tattoo is the way the artist expertly left negative space at the bottom of the design, giving the impression of the flesh being torn away to reveal the demon beneath.

Angels And Demons Tattoo Sleeve On Men

Angels Fighting Demons Tattoos For Males

Angels Vs Demons Tattoo For Males

Angels Vs Demons Tattoos For Men

Angel Vs Demon Tattoos For Men

Bicep Mens Demon Cross Tattoo In Black Ink

Cool Mens Tribal Demon Tattoo

Crazy Demon Male Tattoos

Creative Mens Demonic Tattoo Ideas

This is a great black and gray tattoo that takes a time-honored “Old Nick” depiction of the devil and gives him an American traditional makeover. The bold lines that form the outline and main features of the face are precise and consistent while the whip shading that adds texture is excellent. While some may prefer the bright reds associated with the devil the choice of eschewing color for a simpler black and gray color scheme also works excellently here and helps to set this classic design apart from other, similar tattoos.

Demon And Angel Male Tattoos

Demon And Angel Tattoo On Men

Demon Angel Tattoo For Males

Demon Angel Tattoos For Males

Demon Back Tattoo For Men

Demon Clown Tattoo Style For Men On Back Fo Leg Calf

Demon Face Tattoo For Men

Demon Face Tattoos On Man

Demon Hand Tattoo On Gentlemen

Demon Head Mens Tattoo

Demon Hunter Tattoo For Men

Demon Hunter Tattoos On Guys

Demonic Angel Mens Tattoos

Demonic Mens Tattoos Designs

This is a great black and gray piece that uses different demonic themes to create an original creature. The tentacles around the mouth are a unique and key feature of Cthulu, the demon God of author H.P. Lovecraft’s nightmare mythos, and their incorporation demonstrates the wearer’s love for this master of horror. The artist uses black and gray shading in combination with fully saturated black and white highlights to increase contrast and give definition to this intricate piece. The level of detail in this tattoo is also worth noting: the highlights in the eyes and skulls, as well as the shadows of the tusks on the beast’s face, are a testament to the meticulousness of the artist.

Demonic Skull Tattoos On Man

This is a great black and gray American traditional piece that uses excellent shading to create a fierce demon. Judging by the tusks and wide eyes it appears the design is based on the traditional demons of southeast Asian culture, possibly from Bali. The artist uses smooth and consistent line work to create the outline of the tattoo while exceptional whip shading and saturated black ink are used to great effect in adding details and texture to this striking tattoo. This tattoo is a great example of a dramatic black and gray tattoo. 

Demonic Tattoo Designs For Men

Here, the artist uses black and gray shading to create a photo-realistic portrait of a horned demon. The gradation in tones, from saturated black all the way negative space for the highlights, is excellent and allows the artist to capture all the details in the folds of cloth and the demon’s face without the need for bold line work. The consistent use of shadow and light demonstrates the forethought that went into the design, resulting in a more realistic image. It is also impressive how perfectly the artist is able to capture the wicked smirk on the demon&#;s face, creating a lifelike nightmare creature.

Demonic Tattoo For Men

Demonic Tattoo Sleeves For Men

Demon Ink Tattoo For Guys

Demon Mens Back Tattoos

Demon Skull Tattoos For Men

Demon Sleeve Tattoos For Males

Demons Tattoo On Men

Demon Tattoo Ideas For Men

This is a bright, bold American traditional tattoo that has some very interesting things going on. First, the saturation of the vibrant colors is striking, while the consistent, bold line work creates a strong outline that holds everything together. This tattoo is also interesting for the interactive aspect: it is a two-sided image of a demon and a woman, depending on which angle you looking at it from. While this is a testament to the artist’s skill and the planning that went into the design, the wearer might find himself doing a lot of handstands to show off just how unique this vibrant demon tattoo is.

Demon Wing Tattoos For Men

Evil Demon Tattoos For Guys

This large back piece uses black and gray along with a limited color palette to capture the fierce grimace of this southeast Asian demon. The shading in the face is well-executed and gives the skin a rough texture and while the face of the demon is definitely the centerpiece of this striking tattoo, it is the details that help to set this tattoo apart from other large designs. The ornamental filigree around each of the skulls on the crown is detailed and consistent and the line work in the strands of hair is excellent. The restrained use of color is also interesting: the red on the eyebrows uses smoke-like shapes to take this tattoo to the next level. 

Evil Spirit Mens Demon Tattoo On Upper Arm In Black

Fight Off Your Demons Tattoo For Men

Guys Angel Demon Tattoos

Guys Demon Mask Tattoo

Guys Demon Tattoo Sleeve

Guys Oni Demon Tattoo

Guys Tattoos Of Angels And Demons

Guy With Tattoo Demons

Half Angel Half Demon Tattoo For Men

Half Demon Half Angel Tattoo For Men

Inner Demon Tattoo For Men

Japanese Demon Mask Tattoo For Men

Japanese Demon Tattoos For Guys

Male Angel Demon Wings Tattoo

Male Demonic Sleeve Tattoos

Male Demon Sleeve Tattoo

Male Demons Tattoo Designs

Male Demon Tattoos Designs

Manly Angel Vs Demon Tattoo Designs

Man With Demon Faces Tattoos

This is a great American traditional tattoo of a motorcycle demon. The line work is smooth and bold and the color gradation and use of negative space for highlights is well-executed. The details in this piece are what set it apart from other simple designs: the consistent use of highlights across the goggles and onto the helmet as well as the negative space around the face and at the tip of the tongue all help to create a more interesting, complete and balanced tattoo.

Man With Japanese Demon Tattoo Designs

Masculine Demons And Angels Tattoo

Mens Angel And Demon Tattoo

Mens Angel And Demon Tattoos

Mens Angel Demon Tattoo

Mens Angels And Demons Tattoo

Mens Angels And Demons Tattoos

Mens Angel Vs Demon Tattoo

Mens Apanese Demon Tattoo

Mens Demonic Tattoos

Mens Demons Tattoos

Mens Demon Tattoo

Mens Demon Tattoo Designs

Mens Demon Tattoos

Mens Demon Wings Tattoo

Mens Supernatural Demon Tattoo

Mens Tattoo Demon

Men With Tattoos Angels And Demons

Realistic Demon Tattoo Designs For Men

Red Demon Tattoo For Men

Screamin Demon Tattoo For Men

Skull And Demon Mens Tattoos

Skulls And Demons Tattoos For Men

Tattoos Demons For Men

Tattoos Of Demons For Men

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