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If you&#;re looking to upgrade your old graphics card to one of the new RTX 3 series GPU&#;s, the is easily one of the best choices for your money.

How Many Watts for RTX ?

The RTX at its peak consumes around ~ Watts. That&#;s why your power supply needs to have a minimum of Watts, which is more than double the peak.

How Many Watts for RTX Ti?

The RTX Ti at its peak consumes around ~ Watts. That&#;s why your power supply needs to have a minimum of Watts, which is more than double the peak.

Why these double numbers?

Because every graphics card has an average and a peak power consumption part. While most will stay in the lower, idle part for the majority of their life, you want your power supply to be able to handle any peaks that happen during heavy gaming, even if just for a single second.

This / Watt information is not accounting for the fact that your PSU has to power everything in your computer though, which pushes the overall required number higher. On average, you could say around extra Watts higher (for the CPU, fans etc.).

On top of that, if you ever plan on overclocking any of your components, this would need to be even higher. While Nvidia recommends your PSU to be at least W for the RTX , their results were tested using a high-end i9 processor. Chances are, your overall required number is lower.

Is W Enough for RTX & Ti?

Unfortunately, while W would be enough to handle the GPU alone, it&#;s not nearly enough to run a good gaming computer, especially if your power supply is from an unknown brand, or came built-in with the case.

Because the RTX Ti needs even slightly more power, W is far from enough.

Is W Enough for RTX & Ti?

W is where you can consider that the overall quality of PSU&#;s gets better, as many companies simply don&#;t want to put their best into subW systems.

If you have a really quality power supply (Gold rated or even higher), then you could get away with W. It&#;s going to be close to the total usage of your computer though, which means your PSU won&#;t be as efficient as it could be.

The image above is an example of how efficient a power supply is at different rates. At ~45% of its load, it&#;s noticeably more efficient than when it&#;s closer to %. The differences are not so huge that it would be worth spending twice as much money on a more powerful PSU, but it&#;s still good to remember to not push it to its limits. While this graph is not the same for all PSU&#;s out there, you can assume the curve looks pretty similar.

For the RTX Ti, having W could be enough but we really don&#;t recommend it.

Is W Enough for RTX & Ti?

Yes, having a quality W is good enough for both of these cards. By quality we mean anything that&#;s Gold rated from one of many trusted brands.

It&#;s on the low end for the Ti, so if you&#;re looking for maximum efficiency and can find a W supply that doesn&#;t cost you more than W, we seriously recommend it.

What Power Supply We Recommend?

We have a full post on best PSU&#;s for the Ti here.

It&#;s always good to remember that your power supply should be double the amount your computer uses while gaming.

If you&#;re just building out your computer, or aren&#;t on a tight budget, we seriously recommend you to go for aquality W+ PSUfor both and Ti. This is more than enough to handle the peak, even if you overclock your GPU and CPU. Never settle on an unknown/low quality PSU because you&#;re basically betting your entire computer against a few dollars saved.

The PSU we recommend is Corsair RMX W+ Gold Rated. There&#;s even a few higher watt options from Corsair for not a whole lot more, so if you want to be more future-proof, check out the and W options too.

Can the RTX Run Games at 4K?

At ultra high or even high settings, most games will not run smooth at 4K resolution. It&#;s going to be quite hard to reach anything above 40, let alone 60fps, but changing to medium settings will get you super close in many games.

To keep it simple, for great 4K gaming, nor or Ti would be our recommended choices. You&#;ll have to look at the RTX , but even that card is not the ideal card for that.

Can the RTX & Ti Run Games at p at Hz?

Yes! Both RTX and Ti are excellent for p gaming at 60fps and even higher.

Their performance is nearly identical to the more expensive, older, and Ti, which are monster cards.

Both cards can easily maintain 60fps in more complex games such as Red Dead Redemption 2, Assasins Creed, GTA 5 etc. Check out this Youtube video to see the performance in 20 games at p.

How Many Monitors Can Nvidia RTX & Ti Support?

Both cards can support up to 4 monitors.

There is 1 x HDMI port and 3 DisplayPort a ports. However, make sure to check your card specifically before buying, as some companies might have 2 x HDMI and 2 x DisplayPort rather.

The maximum resolution it can display is &#; For single monitor gaming purpose, these 2 cards will be fine, but for double or even triple 4K or p intensive gaming, they&#;re not going to be able to run anything.

Sours: https://futuredly.com/how-many-watts-nvidia-rtxrtxti/

ASUS GeForce RTX Ti STRIX OC review - Hardware setup | Power consumption

Hardware Installation

The installation of any of the Nvidia GeForce cards is straightforward. Once the card is seated into the PC, make sure you hook up the monitor and, of course, any external power connectors like 6/8-pin or the new pin PEG power connectors. Preferably get yourself a power supply that has these PCIe PEG connectors natively. Purchase a quality power supply, calculate/estimate your peak power consumption for the entire PC, and double that number for the power supply as your PSU is most efficient at half the load value. So, if during gaming you consume W Watts on average for the entire PC, we'd recommend a Watt power supply as a generic rule.


Once done, we boot into Windows, install the latest drivers, and after a reboot, all should be working. No further configuration is required or needed unless you like to tweak the settings, for which you can open the NVIDIA control panel. 

Power Consumption

We have moved to PCAT for power consumption testing. PCAT is a precise hardware setup that will measure at the 12V rails and the PCIe slot. This isolated power consumption from other factors if you'd say measure at socket outlet. The new measurements also allow us to provide more precise data, IDLE power consumption. But we'll also start displaying the average power consumption and, as we always have done, peak power consumption based on a gaming load.

At desktop IDLE this card consumers 16 Watts. It averages at Watts and can peak (burst) to a maximum measured Watt.

Here is our power supply recommendation:

  • GeForce RTX Ti - On your average system, we recommend a Watt power supply unit. W for this STRIX OC model.
  • GeForce RTX - On your average system, we recommend a Watt power supply unit.
  • GeForce RTX  On your average system, we recommend a Watt power supply unit.
  • GeForce RTX  On your average system, we recommend a Watt power supply unit.

If you are going to overclock your GPU or processor, we recommend you purchase something with some more stamina. There are many good PSUs out there; please do have a look at our many PSU reviews as we have a lot of recommended PSUs for you to check out in there. Let's move to the next page, where we'll look into GPU heat levels and noise levels coming from this graphics card.

Sours: https://www.guru3d.com/
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NVIDIA GeForce RTX Ti: specs and benchmarks

Game benchmarks

Let's see how good GeForce RTX Ti is for gaming. Particular gaming benchmark results are measured in frames per second. Comparisons with game system requirements are included, but remember that sometimes official requirements may reflect reality inaccurately.

Here are the average frames per second in a large set of popular games across different resolutions:

Medium Preset

Assassin's Creed Odyssey
Assassin's Creed Valhalla95
Battlefield 5
Far Cry New Dawn
Forza Horizon 4
Horizon Zero Dawn
Red Dead Redemption 2
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Watch Dogs: Legion

High Preset

Assassin's Creed Odyssey
Assassin's Creed Valhalla81
Battlefield 5
Cyberpunk 85
Far Cry New Dawn
Forza Horizon 4
Horizon Zero Dawn
Metro Exodus
Red Dead Redemption 289
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Watch Dogs: Legion

Ultra Preset

Assassin's Creed Odyssey75
Assassin's Creed Valhalla74
Battlefield 5
Cyberpunk 74
Far Cry New Dawn99
Forza Horizon 4
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Watch Dogs: Legion77

High Preset

Horizon Zero Dawn92
Metro Exodus66
Red Dead Redemption 257
Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Ultra Preset

Assassin's Creed Odyssey65
Assassin's Creed Valhalla60
Battlefield 598
Cyberpunk 48
Far Cry New Dawn94
Forza Horizon 4
Watch Dogs: Legion59

High Preset

Horizon Zero Dawn53
Metro Exodus43
Red Dead Redemption 238
Shadow of the Tomb Raider56
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt81

Ultra Preset

Assassin's Creed Odyssey45
Assassin's Creed Valhalla40
Battlefield 565
Cyberpunk 24
Far Cry New Dawn65
Forza Horizon 4
Watch Dogs: Legion33
Sours: https://technical.city/en/video/GeForce-RTXTi
RTX 3060 Ti + Ryzen 3600 Benchmarks - Need a better CPU?

NVIDIA GeForce RTX Ti Founders Edition Review

Temperature & Power Consumption

The gaming performance on a graphics card is the most important factor in buying a card, but you also need to be concerned about the noise, temperature and power consumption numbers.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX Ti Founders Edition Temperatures:

At idle on our open air test bench we were sitting at around 37C at idle with no fan noise as they don&#;t spin. After playing PUBG for over an hour at P we found that the temperatures topped out at 69C range. The GPU coolers two fans were off at idle and running around RPM at full gaming load.

Power Consumption

For testing power consumption, we took our test system and plugged it into a Kill-A-Watt power meter. For load numbers we ran Rainbow Six Siege at P and recorded the peak power number while the in-game benchmark was running. This is done to ensure the results are repeatable.

Power consumption on the NVIDIA GeForce RTX Ti Founders Edition tops out at Watts on Rainbow Six Siege at P with the Kill-A-Watt power meter.


One of the new tools that we have to look at power consumption is the NVIDIA Power Capture Analysis Tool (PCAT). NVIDIA came up with custom designed board and software utility that captures accurate perf-per-watt and total graphics board performance data. The Kill-A-Watt power meter that we used for the previous data has a polling rate of 1 second, whereas the PCAT has a polling rate of seconds and also logs the data. This combined with the fact that it is only measuring the power used by the graphics card make it the superior way to look at power consumption. We recorded power usage on 3DMark Time Spy as this graphics test doesn&#;t often receive updates and is easy to run.

Here is a look at total PCIe Power for the NVIDIA GeForce RTX TI against the GeForce RTX / Founders Edition graphics cards and the AMD Radeon RX / XT reference cards. PCAT showed that during this snippet of time the GeForce RTX Ti used at most Watts of power with an average usage of Watts. This is just a measurement of the card itself is using and nothing else in the system.

Here is a closer look at the NVIDIA Geforce RTX Ti total PCIe power over time plotted against the AMD Radeon RX to give you an idea of how the two cards differ across the run.

Let&#;s wrap this up!

Sours: https://www.legitreviews.com/nvidia-geforce-rtxti-founders-edition-review_/16

Power 3060 consumption ti

Suggested PSU for NVIDIA GeForce RTX Ti

You need a power supply with at least W



Recommended W Power Supplies


Raidmax RXXT



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Recommended W Power Supplies

PRIME PX Fanless Modular

Seasonic PRIME PX Fanless Modular



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NJSXL Fanless Modular

SilverStone NJSXL Fanless Modular



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NVIDIA GeForce RTX Ti Specifications
Power Draw (TDP)W
Memory Size8GB
Memory TypeGDDR6

What PSU fits NVIDIA GeForce RTX Ti?

You need a power supply with at least W

What are the power supply requirements for NVIDIA GeForce RTX Ti?

The minimum power supply requirements for NVIDIA GeForce RTX Ti are a PSU rated with at least W

Get help choosing a PSU

Still not sure about what PSU you should pick for your rig? No problem, just hit us with your question using the Facebook chat bubble or just fill our contact us form

Questions about NVIDIA GeForce RTX Ti

if i use psu w its will be ok for long time ?

rtx is good pair for i7 ?

can we turn off power limit in the i with rtx ti and a w psu?

that only for cpu and gpu or that all for mainboard ram stuff

how much fps would i get in minecraft on all low settings

Are these two good for p hz?

Will the system bottleneck with a ti and a i ?

Can I edit and make 4k videos with this combo?

Sure you can, this combo is a beast

Sours: https://www.whatpsu.com/psu/gpu/NVIDIA-GeForce-RTXTi
So what PSU do you really need for the RTX 3070?

NVIDIA GeForce RTX Ti Founders Edition Review

Improving power efficiency of the GPU architecture has been the key to success for current-generation GPUs. It is also the foundation for low noise levels because any power consumed will turn into heat that has to be moved away from the GPU by its thermal solution. Lower heat output also helps improve cost because smaller, cheaper thermal solutions can be used.

For this test, we measure power consumption of only the graphics card via the PCI-Express power connector(s) and PCI-Express bus slot. A Keithley Integra digital multimeter with digit resolution is used for all measurements. Again, these values only reflect the card's power consumption as measured at its DC inputs, not that of the whole system.

We use Metro: Last Light as a standard test for typical 3D gaming usage because it offers the following: very high power draw; high repeatability; is supported on all cards; drivers are actively tested and optimized for it; supports all multi-GPU configurations; test runs in a relatively short time and renders a non-static scene with variable complexity.

Our results are based on the following tests:
  • Idle: Windows 10 sitting at the desktop (x) with all windows closed and drivers installed. The card is left to warm up in idle mode until power draw is stable.
  • Multi-monitor: Two monitors are connected to the tested card, and both use different display timings. Windows 10 is sitting at the desktop (x and x) with all windows closed and drivers installed. The card is left to warm up in idle mode until power draw is stable. When using two identical monitors with the same timings and resolution, power consumption will be lower. Our test represents the usage model of many productivity users who have one big screen and a small monitor on the side.
  • Media Playback: We use VLC Media Player to watch a 4K 30 FPS video that's encoded with H AVC at 64 Mbps bitrate, making it similar enough to many streaming services as well, without adding a dependency on internet bandwidth. This codec should have GPU-accelerated decoding on every modern GPU, so it tests not only GPU power management, but also efficiency of the video decoding hardware.
  • Average (Gaming): Metro: Last Light at x because it is representative of a typical gaming power draw. We report the average of all readings (12 per second) while the benchmark is rendering (no title/loading screen). In order to heat up the card, the benchmark is run once first without measuring its power consumption. This is required to report proper steady-state results, not short term numbers that won't hold up in long-term usage. For RTX Ti and faster we're rendering at x, to ensure good GPU load and avoid potential CPU bottlenecks.
  • Peak (Gaming): Same test as Average, but we report the highest single reading during the test.
  • Sustained (Furmark): We use Furmark's Stability Test at x, 0xAA. This results in very high no-game power-consumption that can typically only be reached with stress-testing applications. We report the highest single reading after a short startup period. Initial bursts during startup are not included as they are too short to be relevant.
Power consumption results of other cards on this page are measurements of the respective reference design.
Sours: https://www.techpowerup.com/review/nvidia-geforce-rtxti-founders-edition/html

Now discussing:

You could power at least an RTX Ti with this W PSU, on sale for just $40

The power supply unit is never the star of the show (we all like to brag about our CPUs and GPUs), but it's one of the most important parts of any PC build. Just as importantly, it dictates what level of GPU you can stick in your machine. EVGA's W1 series W model offers up enough wattage to power a GeForce RTX Ti, and is discounted to $ at Best Buy right now.

That's $25 below its regular price, and a good value for a W model from a reputable brand. It's not brimming with bells and whistles, mind you—the cables are attached, not modular, and it's not a digital unit to provide advanced monitoring—but it is 80 Plus certified.

It's also compact, measuring (H) x (W) x (L) inches, so it should have no trouble fitting into smaller PC cases.

As for the connectors, it serves up a pin main connector, a 4+4 pin CPU connector, two 6+2 pin PCIe connectors, six SATA connectors, and three peripheral connectors. That's enough for a robust setup.

Is a W PSU enough? That mostly depends on the GPU, followed by the CPU and other hardware. NVIDIA somewhat conservatively recommends a W PSU for the RTX Ti, and a W PSU for the RTX However, I've seen firsthand an RTX running on a W PSU as part of an OEM system. I strongly suspect this EVGA model could handle it as well, though without having tested it myself, I can't say with percent certainty.

You can use an online PSU calculator as a rough guide. I've often leaned on OutVision's, and according to its estimate, a 'W' PSU would be good enough for a PC with a Core i5 K, GeForce RTX , 32GB of DDR4 RAM, an NVMe SSD + SATA HDD (7, RPM), four mm case fans, and a Corsair Hydro Hi V2 all-in-one liquid cooler.

Paul has been playing PC games and raking his knuckles on computer hardware since the Commodore He does not have any tattoos, but thinks it would be cool to get one that reads LOAD"*",8,1. In his off time, he rides motorcycles and wrestles alligators (only one of those is true).

Sours: https://www.pcgamer.com/you-could-power-at-least-an-rtxti-with-thisw-psu-on-sale-for-just-dollar40/

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