E36 door panel repair kit

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BMW e36 Door Repair Kit

FundThatPart.com is excited to finally begin shipping our much anticipated BMW E36 Door Mounts.

We have fulfilled all our pre-ordered kits and are ready to start selling the rest of our inventory through our site. Remember we only did a limited first time production run and have less than 300 kits available.

Each Order contains x3 BMW E36 Door Repair kits which will fix one door, so if both of the door panels in your E36 are in need of repair you would need to order 2 of our BMW repair kits. FundThatPart.com’s BMW E36 Door Repair Kits are meant to work seamlessly with any BMW E36 Coupe, Convertible or M’s series model.

FundThatPart.com’s E36 Door Repair Kits Replace the Top railing along the inside of your interior door panel that clips along the length of the window. The original part BMW installed has been know to crack, fall off, break and in our case crumble to the bottom of the Door panel.

FundThatPart.com’s BMW E36 Repair Kits are meant to replace the entire top door mount with three separate mounts. Our initial test’s proved that our mounts could handle being pulled off over and over again without breaking!

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Sours: http://fundthatpart.com/shop/bmw-e36-door-repair-kit/

Introduction: BMW E36 Door Repair

This is a Instructable to repair the BMW's E36 Coupe Door.

It also solve the problem of the window stop going up and going down again.

Step 1: Get the Parts Before Start

Before you start this project you should have the following:


The clips on the 2nd image I've bought on official BMW

3D Printed parts:

Plastic supports


Motor gasket


Step 2: Open the Panel

I will not explain how to open the inside panel because there are a lot of videos with that.

If you just want to lubricate the window rails or change the printed plastics you don't need to disassembly the windows structure.

To disassembly the windows structure you need to drill the rivets as shown on the picture 1. It's not so easy!

Then you need to pull the metal clips from the 3 plastic parts like in image 2

Step 3: Motor Gasket

You need to take the bolts as shown in image 1

Then take out and replace the gasket, image 1

You may need to lubricate the motor, image 2

Step 4: Verify Structure

Verify if everything is ok and lubricate all the rails ans hinges.

I've noticed that the structure was not right as you can see in image. I ha to bend it a little bit.

Step 5: Glue the Parts

I've used T-Rex but I don't know if it is the best for this.

Step 6: Assemble the Motor Structure

When assembling the motor structure you must pay attention on:

  1. The screw on image 1 will change the pitch of the glass as in image 2, so you may need to put it a little bit up or down.
  2. To insert the metal knobs on the plastic parts (image 3), you can FIRST insert the metal clips on the plastic parts, THEN insert the plastic parts on the rails, and then you just have to push the metal knobs with some pressure so they get in

Step 7: The End... Like New

When you attach the panel on the door, you have to be sure the the clips are aligned or they will brake.

On make case I had to push the panel a bit up, so they can enter on the holes.

Hope this helps to repair yours BMW doors.

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Sours: https://www.instructables.com/BMW-E36-Door-Repair/
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Thread: Door panel repair kit

QuoteOriginally Posted by FundThatPartView Post

Hey Guys, my name is Brad, I am one of the guys who came up with these repair kits! check em out here: http://fundthatpart.com/fund-that-pa...-testing...You certainly are welcome to buy from ebay, however you can save some money by ordering direct from the site..

If you order one kit, and share your installation story with us, which must include pictures or videos Ill ship you the second kit for free!

If you guys are interested I created a coupon just for bimmerforums! Save 10 bucks on your order by using the code "bimmerforums" at checkout! If you guys are interested in doing a group buy let me know via email [email protected], and we can arrange an amazing group discount!

If you need any other parts designed for your cars let us know! We pay for your ideas!

Brad @ Fundthatpart.com

Sours: https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/
Fixing e36 door panels

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Repair kit door panel e36

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E36 M3 Restoration project - Door card install \u0026 Fix broken/stuck window

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