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What is the most useful item in Minecraft?

What is the most useful item in Minecraft?

The most useful Things in Minecraft

  • Crafting table. Starting off with something essential!
  • Bed. The bed is needed to sleep through the night to avoid dangerous mobs such as zombies, skeletons, and phantoms.
  • Torches.
  • Cobblestone.
  • Diamonds!
  • Enchantment table.
  • Packed ice and a boat.
  • Shulker Box.

Can you crawl in Minecraft?

Crawl animations don’t exist in Minecraft, which led to having us use the swimming animation for it. We did consider creating an actual crawl animation (even prototyped it), but decided that the existing swimming animation was good enough to continue using.

How do you make a secret room?

Choose a location for your secret room.

  1. A large closet is a good option for a hidden room.
  2. Dividing a room in half with a new wall containing a hidden door can create a secret space.
  3. Wall off unfinished space to create a hidden hiding place behind the wall.

How do I build a secret room in my bedroom?

An unused room or large closet next to the bedroom can work by sealing off the original doorway and creating a new passageway through the wall of the bedroom. A trapdoor in the ceiling or floor can lead to a secret room in the attic or basement directly above or below the bedroom.

What do you do with a striped egg in Adopt Me Roblox?

It does nothing. It’s probably for decoration in your inventory or something. Its from Egg Hunt 2019. So you basically can’t eat it nor feed it to your pet.

What is the secret room in Adopt me camping shop?

Camping Store’s Secret Room To the left of the entrance hides a small gray vent. Next to it features a boarded-up hole in the wall that reads, “Nothing to see here”. If the player walks through the vent, it leads into a small room. On the right, they will see Eggburt in a display case.

What is going to be the next egg in Adopt Me 2021?

In a video published mere hours ago, it was confirmed that the ocean egg will be available on Friday 16th April. The ocean egg will be replacing the fossil egg in the gumball machine so if there are any dinos you still haven’t managed to get time is running out.

What can you hatch from a broken egg in Adopt Me?

The Broken Egg is not the same as the Cracked Egg, despite their similar appearances in a player’s inventory, as the Cracked Egg can hatch into a pet whereas the Broken Egg, as a food item, cannot. This egg is somewhat similar to the Patterns Egg, Stars Egg, and Stripes Egg, coming from the same event.

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What Is A Fossil Egg Worth In Adopt Me?

How do you hatch a egg in Adopt Me?

To hatch an egg in Adopt Me, you just need to complete objectives/chores to fill up the egg’s experience bar fully.

Once it has completed, your egg will hatch and you will receive a random pet from that particular egg’s pool of options!.

What legendary pets can you get from a pet egg in Adopt Me?

LEGENDARY PETSGuardian Lion – lunar new year event (500 Robux)Kangaroo – Aussie egg (unavailable)Kitsune – pet store (600 Robux)King Bee – coffee shop (honey)Monkey King – three monkey staffs combined with monkey (unavailable)Metal Ox – lunar new year event (ox box)More items…•Mar 5, 2021

What pets can you get from a starter egg in Adopt Me?

The Dog and the Cat are the only pets that can be hatched from the Starter Egg. Because this egg cannot be traded, it cannot be obtained anywhere else in the game if the player already hatched it.

What is the best legendary in Adopt Me?

Legendary PetsAlbino Monkey (Monkey Box)Arctic Reindeer (Christmas Egg)Bat Dragon (Halloween Event 2019: 180,000 Candies)Cerberus (500 Robux)Crow (Farm Egg)Diamond Ladybug (Farm Shop Event 2021 – Diamond Lavender (199 Robux) – 1 in 40 Chance)Dodo (Fossil Egg)Dragon (Cracked Egg, Pet Egg, or Royal Egg)More items…•Jun 1, 2021

What does ABC mean in Roblox adopt me?

This can usually be found in roleplaying games. Someone might say “abc for a sister” and if you wanted to role play as a sister you would respond with abc.

Where to get a blue egg in Adopt Me?

Blue Eggs can only hatch into an uncommon Blue Dog. This egg is now only obtainable through trading.

How much is an evil unicorn worth in Adopt Me?

The Evil Unicorn was one of the four pets that players were able to obtain during the 2019 Halloween Event. It is a legendary pet and was sold for 108,000 in the Candy Trading Shop.

What is the most expensive egg in Adopt Me?

The Royal EggThe Royal Egg has the highest chance of hatching a legendary pet (8%). It is the most expensive egg in-game at the Nursery. The Royal Egg was featured in the Egg Bundle along with the Cracked Egg, Pet Egg and Farm Egg.

What is a Aussie egg in Adopt Me?

The Aussie Egg is the second limited egg that is able to hatch into a common pet, after the Farm Egg. The Aussie Egg was created because the Adopt Me! … These are used and appear during one of the Turtle and Kangaroo’s last trick, which is unlocked when the pet becomes Full-Grown.

What is the next egg in Adopt Me?

In a video published mere hours ago, it was confirmed that the ocean egg will be available on Friday 16th April. The ocean egg will be replacing the fossil egg in the gumball machine so if there are any dinos you still haven’t managed to get time is running out.

What do you do with a striped egg in Adopt Me?

It does nothing. It’s probably for decoration in your inventory or something. Its from Egg Hunt 2019. So you basically can’t eat it nor feed it to your pet.

What is the rarest pet on Adopt Me Roblox?

10 Rarest Pets in Adopt Me!Diamond Unicorn.Sabertooth.Queen Bee.Australian Kelpie.Frost Fury.Evil Unicorn.Bat Dragon.Monkey King.More items…•Apr 20, 2021

What does ABC mean in Adopt Me?

Hayday7738· 2/11/2021. I think ABC means write any letter if (want to be a mother, trade for dog etc) 0. Justmyashes· 2/11/2021.

What is the rarest egg in Adopt Me?

Obtainable PetsRarityPetRareBeaverBunnyRabbitSnow Puma12 more rows

What is the rarest egg?

Russian Fabergé EggsIn the world of Easter eggs, the rarest and most sought-after has to be the Russian Fabergé Eggs, a collection of 50 lavishly decorated Easter eggs owned by the Russian royal family in the late 19th century.

Is adopt me getting hacked tomorrow?

The developer of Adopt Me in Roblox has assured fans that there is no credibility to it being hacked. Adopt Me players are worried that the game will be hacked tomorrow or during the week, but the developer says that the hysteria is caused by commonplace fearmongering on the internet.

What egg do you get after the diamond egg in Adopt Me?

Golden EggAfter having collected their Diamond Egg, players get a Golden Egg upon completing their Star Rewards for the third time, and so on.

What can you get out of a fossil egg in Adopt Me?

Fossil Egg PetsPetRarityTasmanian TigerCommonGround SlothTriceratopsUncommonStegosaurus8 more rows

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Adopt Me! is a virtual game based on Roblox, in which players purchase, trade and raise various animals—offering them potions and food that can give them different abilities and powers. Part of the thrill of Adopt Me! is obtaining the rare pets, which are usually event exclusives and special editions that cost a hefty price. Explore the rare, ultra-rare and legendary pets that the Adopt Me! universe has to offer below.

  • Griffin
  • Category: Legendary
    Cost: 600 Robux
    Chances of hatching one: Irrelevant

    photo source: RobloxFan2beamng via Wiki

    While legendary, the griffin is only rare because it costs a lot of Robux, otherwise it is a permanent fixture in the Adopt Me! pet shop. Like griffins of mythology, it features the head of an eagle and the body of a lion. In the pre-release version of the game, the griffin was ultra-rare, but once Adopt Me! was officially released, it was one of the first pets ever used in the game.

    Did You Know?

    The myth of the griffin originated in the Middle East and Mediterranean, making its way through most of Western Asia and Greece as time went on.

  • Golden Dragon
  • Category: Legendary
    Cost: 660 Stars
    Chances of hatching one: 33.3%

    Golden Dragon
    photo source: Lizzy Heaert via Wiki

    The golden dragon is part of a legendary pack that also includes the golden griffin and golden unicorn, all of which were released in March 2020. As its name implies, the golden dragon has a metallic, golden body with icy blue accents on its stomach and horns. As a bonus, its colors change depending on the time of day. For example, the blue accents turn to black and the dragon loses its metallic sheen at night to represent the change in light. As a legendary pet, the golden dragon is rare, with only 33.3 percent chance of hatching one from a golden egg.

    Did You Know?

    You can teach Adopt Me! pets various tricks. The golden dragon, for instance, can learn to sit, lay down and even dance as it grows.

  • Diamond Unicorn
  • Category: Legendary
    Cost: 1,320 Stars
    Chances of hatching one: 33.3%

    Diamond Unicorn
    photo source: Gaming HQ

    The diamond unicorn is one of three pets obtainable through the diamond egg, which players can only earn through a login streak of one year and three months or by trading. After they reach a certain milestone, players receive a golden egg, which hatches a gold dragon, griffin or unicorn. After reaching the required goals and stars, the diamond egg replaces the golden egg. The diamond unicorn resembles the regular unicorn, except it features an icy blue body and blonde mane, which darken at night.

    Did You Know?

    Adopt Me! was released on July 14, 2017 and has amassed over 14.2 billion plays in that time.

  • Sabertooth
  • Category: Ultra-rare
    Cost: 750 Bucks
    Chances of hatching one: 15%

    photo source: Fil-diamonds via Ebay

    This ultra-rare pet is a difficult and rewarding addition to any Adopt Me! collection. It was released as part of the Fossil Isle Excavation event on the website, where players had a 15 percent chance of hatching one from a fossil egg, which costs 750 Adopt Me! dollars. The sabertooth features an orange coat with a yellow underbelly and, of course, two white fangs protruding from its mouth.

    Did You Know?

    The Mega Neon version of the sabertooth features a glowing rainbow pattern on its ears, nose, mouth, eyes and stripes.

  • Queen Bee
  • Category: Legendary
    Cost: 199 Robux
    Chances of hatching one: 2.5%

    Queen Bee
    photo source: Moondxsty via Wiki

    Players can only obtain a queen bee by trading with others or purchasing honey for 199 Robux to try to tame a wild one. After that, there is only a 2.5 percent chance they will be succeed in taming this kind of bee. The queen bee is gold and blue and can learn to flip when it’s fully grown.

    Did You Know?

    Players can make their pets neon by visiting the game’s Neon Cave. In the neon version of the queen bee, the blue stripes glow white.

  • Australian Kelpie
  • Category: Rare
    Cost: 750 Bucks
    Chances of hatching one: 13.5 %

    Australian Kelpie
    photo source: CaptainMystical via Wiki

    The Australian kelpie is one of a few pets only available through an Aussie egg, which Adopt Me! no longer sells. Even if a player still has an unhatched Aussie egg, however, there is only a 13.5 percent chance it will produce an Australian kelpie. A kelpie is a dog breed with pointed ears that often comes in a black and tan pattern, as depicted in the Adopt Me! version.

    Did You Know?

    The Australian kelpie is a herding dog by nature, known for its loyalty and sense of duty.

  • Frost Fury
  • Category: Legendary
    Cost: 800 Robux
    Chances of hatching one: Irrelevant

    Frost Fury
    photo source: Z1ZzYofJD via Wiki

    The frost fury was a special edition dragon released during the 2020 Winter Holiday event, where it could be purchased for 800 Robux. The frost fury is no longer obtainable, except through trading with players who already own it. The creature is a wingless dragon reminiscent of those in Chinese mythology. It has a white body with blue horns and spikes down its back.

    Did You Know?

    DreamCraft is the studio behind Adopt Me!.

  • Evil Unicorn
  • Category: Legendary
    Cost: 108,000 candy corns
    Chances of hatching one: Irrelevant

    Evil Unicorn
    photo source: BeepBoopBopBep via Wiki

    The evil unicorn was one of four pets released during the Halloween 2019 event and can no longer be purchased, only traded. It looks the same as other versions of the unicorn but features a midnight black body and red accents on its eyes, mane and horn. The evil unicorn was the second recolor of the unicorn, preceding the diamond and golden editions.

    Did You Know?

    Adopt Me also features potions, which players can give their pets with varying effects. Potion examples include levitation, medicine and teleportation.

  • Bat Dragon
  • Category: Legendary
    Cost: 180,000 candy corns
    Chances of hatching one: Irrelevant

    Bat Dragon
    photo source: Adopt Me

    The bat dragon, along with the evil unicorn, was an exclusive pet released during the 2019 Adopt Me Halloween. It is no longer available to purchase today and can only be obtained through trading with other players. The bat dragon features a dragon body with a bat face and wings. It also features small orange horns on its head, a red button nose and spikes on its tail. It is one of a select few pets that have exclusive tricks. It can learn Twirl Around and Triple Flip.

    Did You Know?

    The Halloween 2019 event lasted from October eighteenth to November first.

  • Monkey King
  • Category: Legendary
    Cost: 195 Robux
    Chances of hatching one: Irrelevant

    Monkey King
    photo source: Ihopedreamwasfound via Wiki

    The monkey king is the rarest pet in Adopt Me! due to the complex and now impossible way of obtaining it. During the 2020 Monkey Fairground event, players could purchase Monkey boxes to, hopefully, get toys required to produce special edition monkey characters. The king monkey required three staff ingredients, which each had a five percent chance of being in the box, as well as a normal monkey to transform. The monkey king is yellow and tan with gold and red armor.

    Did You Know?

    The monkey king pet is inspired by the Chinese legend of Sun Wukong, a trickster god who later finds enlightenment.

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    What does ABC mean in Adopt Me?

    a way to ask for things

    What is the Eggburt in Adopt Me?

    Eggburt is a cameo and NPC in Adopt Me!. In the present, it serves no purpose other than being an Easter egg at the Camping Store. Previously, he was an NPC in the Easter Event (2018) and the Easter Event (2019).

    Where to get a golden egg in Adopt Me?

    The Golden Egg is a legendary egg in Adopt Me! and was released on March 20, 2020. It is one of the available rewards in the Star Rewards and can only be obtained by logging in daily to collect Stars until the player has reached the necessary amount of stars, or through trading.

    Where to get an Aussie egg in Adopt Me?

    Pet Rarity Chances 750 and could be found in the Gumball Machine in the Nursery. This egg is no longer obtainable in the Gumball Machine, and can only be obtained through trading with other players.

    What do you do with a striped egg in Adopt Me?

    It does nothing. It’s probably for decoration in your inventory or something. Its from Egg Hunt 2019. So you basically can’t eat it nor feed it to your pet.

    How do you get legendary eggs in Adopt Me?

    Hatch at nursery. If you want easy legendary (Like kangaroo, dragon, crow) made the egg thirst. Give it drinks at a place that you buy eggs. If you want harder legendary (Like turtle, unicorn) give it eat, hatch it at between cracked egg shop and pet egg shop.

    Can you still get Blue Dogs in Adopt Me?

    It can only be hatched out of the Blue Egg, which was only obtainable during the Pets update. It is no longer available and can only be obtained through trading with other players or by hatching one from a Blue Egg, if they happen to still have one.

    Is the blue dog the rarest pet in Adopt Me?

    The Blue Dog is the most valuable uncommon pet, and it is worth somewhere around one legendary pet.

    What is a Blue Dog worth in Adopt Me 2020?

    Pink cats are worth as little as a rare pet to as much as small legendary, while blue dogs are worth legendries.


    Me striped adopt egg in

    Stripes Egg

    The Stripes Egg is an uncommon food item in Adopt Me!. It was obtainable during the Easter Event (2019) by collecting the egg currency scattered across the Adoption Island.

    When players collected the eggs, they appeared in their inventory. Players could have multiple versions of the Stripes Egg as there were repeat variations around the map. The Stripes Egg stayed in the player’s inventory even when they spent the currency on the event items.

    The other eggs players collected alongside the Stripes Egg include the Patterns Egg and Stars Egg.


    The Stripes Egg features a round, oval-shaped object. The entire shape is colored pink with the exception of several yellow stripes.


    • The Stripes Egg, although listed as a food item, cannot be eaten and hatched.
    • The Stripes Egg was one of the eggs featured in the Gumball Machine before the Safari Egg arrived.


    What’s a stripes egg or any Easter egg in adopt me worth?

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