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E70 Skid Steer Backhoe Attachment


Eterra's E Series of Skid Steer Backhoes features cutting edge design - they're easy to operate and are extremely durable. Eterra has decades of experience designing innovative and multi-use attachments, meaning years of engineering and customer feedback to perfect the skid steer backhoe attachment.


The E70 series of backhoes features a fixed 7 ft boom length, combined with Eterra's ECS quick change coupler. Has a lift capcity of 1000lbs and a breakout force of 14,000lbs for all of your digging needs. The manual or hydraulic thumb options allows you a wide range of adjustability to grab things with ease, or move it out of the way for focused digging projects.


The Eterra E70 backhoes are easy to use. They come equipped with hydraulic hoses and flat face couplers that hook right up to your skid steer. Hook up your bucket or attachment of choice onto the Eterra ECS coupler system with it's quick 2 bolt wedge clamp system.


Constructed from A572 Grade 50 steel and a reinforced 4" x 4" square boom. Reinforced skid steer mounting plate. Cylinder relief port to protect from overstressing and bending the cylinder rod.


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How Much Does a Skid Steer Backhoe Attachment Cost?

If you had to buy a separate piece of heavy equipment for every task you face on a jobsite, you'd be up to your eyes in debt. Luckily, a good skid steer loader is incredibly versatile, with dozens of attachments available to handle pretty much any project need. One of the more popular is a backhoe attachment, which costs only a fraction of the price of a mini excavator or backhoe loader.

A backhoe attachment turns your skid steer into a mini digger capable of a variety of tasks, depending on the capabilities of both your loader and the attachment you choose. Dig out basements, drainage ditches, footings, pipe trenches, and more, using nothing more than your track loader and backhoe attachment. You can even add more oomph to your equipment with a hydraulic-powered attachment, further increasing your excavation capabilities.

Backhoe Attachment Maintenance and Skid Steer Versatility

Even though you pay less for a skid steer with multiple attachments than you do for multiple pieces of heavy equipment, it's still an investment. Proper maintenance is vital toward protecting that investment.

The pivot points on a backhoe attachment require regular lubrication, either daily or after every eight hours of use (choose the more frequent option). Pivot points include the boom, bucket, dipper, and swing.

Your skid steer was built to adapt to whatever environment you need it. Machines as narrow as 36" are available, giving you the ability to move it through nearly any gate, whether commercial, municipal, or residential. Their adaptability allows you to go from excavator to compactor to grader, just by changing your attachments.

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Types of Backhoe Attachments and Pricing

Operation and control play a large role in how backhoe attachments are categorized and priced. For example, with a boom control backhoe, the operator uses the skid steer's levers to work the backhoe attachment. Typically, these are saved for lighter duty jobs, since breakout force and arm reach are limited. Operation of the bucket curl uses a single-cylinder design that doesn't overtax the unit's hydraulic system, requiring only 11 to 22 GPM. An attachment with an 8" bucket starts at around $1,800. As bucket size increases, so does price.

In-cab controls operate the swing option, which moves the backhoe attachment left and right. You'll pay around $3,000 for a 12" bucket without the swing option and between $5,000 and $5,500 for the same backhoe with swing.

For greater versatility, look for backhoe attachments with discrete controls. Some may be operated from within the cab and others from outside it. Operating pattern options include ISO and SAE. They typically cost around $12,000, which is a bit harder on your bank account but, to many, the extra price is worth it due to their greater versatility.

Buckets controlled outside of the cab require the operator to be seated on the attachment itself (the external seat is part of the attachment). Controls are the same as found on an excavator and dig depth typically falls within the 10' to 11' feet range.

Other options include:

  • Boom attachments
  • Buckets in sizes ranging from 8" to 40"
  • Vertical stabilizers
  • Stabilizer pads

Pricing for these items ranges from around $2,000 to around $7,000.

Skid Steer Backhoe Attachment Pricing

Exact pricing varies dramatically based on a variety of factors. Bucket size, dig depth, vendor, and manufacturer are just a few of the variables contributing to the cost. The following should give you a good idea of the prices you can expect to see and help you budget.

  • Blue Diamond attachment without bucket, 6' dig depth, price range: $1,800 to $2,200
  • Blue Diamond 12" bucket, price range: $600 to $800
  • Blue Diamond 18" bucket, price range: $800 to $900
  • Bobcat Titan, 16" bucket excavator attachment, price range: $1,200 to $1,400
  • Spartan E-Z Digger attachment with swing arm, 7' dig depth, swing arc 45 degrees left and 35 degrees right, price range: $3,500 to $4,500
  • Spartan mini backhoe attachment, stiff arm, 50" dig depth, price range: $2,000 to $2,500
  • Spartan 485, 180-degree swing rotation, adjustable high-back seat, swing speed control, 8'5" dig depth, price range: $8,750 to $9,250
  • Spartan 509, 180-degree swing rotation, adjustable high-back seat, swing speed control, 9'8" dig depth, price range: $10,000 to $11,000
  • Spartan 611, adjustable high-back seat, swing speed control, full 180-degree rotation, 12'1" dig depth, price range: $14,000 to $15,000
  • Triple S Power attachment, dual cylinder swing, 180-degree rotation, 9'4" maximum dig depth, price range: $10,000 to $11,000

Author: Angela Escobar

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Bobcat 709 Backhoe Attachment For Skid Steer Loader Track Loader For Sale Mark Supply Co

Skid Steer vs Compact Tractor Loader Backhoe

When it comes to adaptability and versatility, both the skid steer and the compact tractor loader backhoe are at the top of the list for equipment. Each have numerous attachments and some of those attachments can be interchanged between both of the machines. Even though the two have a lot in common and possess some of the same features, each have their own place on the job site that makes them valuable.

What’s a tractor loader backhoe (TLB)?

A compact tractor loader backhoe is a machine with a digging depth of 12 feet or less and a horsepower rating at 80 or less. However, what makes a TLB compact is more the weight and how well it maneuvers, as opposed to digging depth and horsepower. Its compact size and easy maneuverability makes moving the machine efficiently through tight spaces, all around the jobsite, and from job to job easy.

Compact track loader backhoes are particularly appropriate for jobs in small spaces and on sites where it is necessary to protect the turf from damage. These machines are typically used on all kinds of different job sites. For instance, you’ll find TLBs at construction and demolition sites, driven by landscaping and nursery maintenance workers, and at utility and recycling repair companies.

Municipalities prefer tractor loader backhoes for their versatility and speed – city workers need to accomplish many different kinds of tasks at a variety of job sites. track loader backhoes are very versatile and make use of many different attachments for specific tasks, and their speed allows workers to drive them from one site to another. TLBs sometimes cannot fit into spaces that the skid steer can, but may be a better choice because they cause less damage to turf and other less compacted surfaces.

What’s a skid steer?

View the skid steer as a power head for multiple attachments. Their compact size makes them suitable for a variety of applications and their superior maneuverability and ability to turn in their own tracks makes them ideal for areas where larger machines cannot fit.

Skid steers come in several sizes for different types of jobs and job sites. Small-frame skid steers are commonly used for landscaping, building, underground and interior construction, due to their compact size.

Medium-size skid steers with 50 to 70 HP engines are the most popular type of skid steer. Their relatively small size, balance, and power make this size well suited to a lot of different jobs. When a construction site needs more power and bigger bucket size, but big tractors won’t fit, medium-frame skid steers are often the perfect solution.

Larger loaders provide the muscle needed for big construction jobs, and the versatility to tackle excavation, dozing, and clearing, while still providing superior maneuverability.

Skid steer attachments include buckets, graders, rollers, pallet forks, root grapples, bale spears, augers, and many more options. With the right assortment of implements, this versatile little engine can do dozens of mighty big jobs.

When is a skid steer more useful than a tractor loader backhoe?

Loading and dumping can be completed with both machines, but when a skid steer is equipped with a backhoe attachment, it has to be removed to return to the loader. The skid steer makes switching from backhoe to loader quick and easy, but it does take a little extra time between loading and dumping compared to a track loader backhoe, which already features both attachments.

For smaller job sites, a skid steer with a backhoe attachment is preferable. The skid steer is more compact and features superior maneuverability in tighter spaces.

The skid steer and compact track loader backhoe have a lot in common, however, they are still very different machines. Skid steers excel at the job they were primarily intended for, handling debris with a loader.

When moving between multiple nearby job sites, the compact track loader backhoe is faster on the road. If your job includes preparing homesites for a neighborhood development, for example, the compact TLB can be driven quickly between jobs, saving transport time.

It all comes down to the job.

Both machines have their place on the work site, but it comes down to the versatility of functions. The skid steer has an available attachment for almost any job making it the complete package. This cannot be said of the compact track loader backhoe, which comes with just a front-end loader and backhoe. Compact track loader backhoes have more maneuverability in large areas; skid steers are more compact for tight spaces.

Both skid steers and compact TLBs are great choices. To decide which is best for your job, evaluate the job site, tasks that need to be accomplished, and time constraints. With an open job site and multiple tasks, the track loader backhoe will be a time saver. With a tighter job site or the need to change job sites frequently to accomplish the same task, a skid steer will get the job done faster and more efficiently.

Image source: Kubota

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Full Buying Guide on How to Choose Best Skid Steer Backhoe Attachment for the Money

Quick Comparison Table


How to Select the Best Skid Steer Backhoe?

When you’re looking to select the best skid steer backhoe attachment for the money, there are so many things you need to take into consideration. While it may seem like any backhoe will be suitable for your skid steer, that’s not the case at all.

Most models function well when it comes to trenching and digging, but the capacity of each is what sets each manufacturer apart and can ultimately help you decide.

Because it can be a difficult process, we’ve created a buying guide to help. We’ve reviewed five top-rated products on the market – each with varying specifications and price tags. This is beneficial for all professionals who are looking to purchase a backhoe that suits their requirements perfectly.


Work Type

Backhoes are capable of carrying out a range of tasks. This generally includes digging and trenching. However, the capacity of each backhoe to dig and reach varies depending on the manufacturer, brand, and model.

As such, it’s important that potential purchasers look at their work site and establish what needs to be done. Will it be a big job, or a small one? Knowing your required specifications can certainly help you purchase the right backhoe for the task.



While a backhoe and a skid steer combination doesn’t look dangerous, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, safety reports indicate that at least one person has been killed by being crushed between a backhoe and a skid steer.

There have been dozens more just involving a skid steer alone. Therefore, it’s important that you always stay up-to-date with safety procedures on any worksite. Even the most experienced skid steer operator can make a mistake.

Many safety tips can be found within the manufacturer’s manual that comes with your skid steer attachment, but we’ve also included some extra suggestions below:

  • Ensure the backhoe is correctly engaged to the skid steer.
  • Avoid tipping the skid steer on work sites.
  • Make sure bystanders are well away from the work site.
  • Never operate the skid steer when under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Never attempt to carry passengers within the bucket of the attachment.
  • Wear safety equipment.
  • Only operate the backhoe from the safety of your skid steer cab.



Out of most skid steer attachments on the market, the backhoe attachment is of the ones with the most specifications. This is because they vary so greatly. Some have a better digging or reach capacity, whilst other have smaller buckets, smaller hydraulic components, or smaller booms.

With so many variables, it becomes far easier for an operator to mistakenly use an attachment beyond its capabilities. The result of that is severe underperformance by both the skid steer and the backhoe, and a dangerous work environment. Therefore, it’s important you always work within the capabilities of the attachment. This can help it work at maximum efficiency at all times.



There are very few backhoe models that offer the same features. Because the work they can carry out is so different, they all have different components to make them more suitable for particular tasks.

Some come with buckets of varying sizes, whereas others come with just the backhoe attachment. Some have replaceable teeth, whereas others don’t. All have hydraulic components, but not all of them come with the couplers and hoses needed for attachment to your skid steer.

In fact, features varies so greatly that if you wish to purchase a new backhoe, it’s going to be beneficial for you to read through the entire specification and feature list. This will help you get the right backhoe with the right characteristics for your work type.



Just like your vehicle, skid steers and their attachments require servicing and maintenance. And, just like your vehicle, failure to maintain them can result in a reduced lifespan. Backhoes can be particularly tricky to maintain as they are so large, so it’s best to enlist the help of an expert to give you a hand. Otherwise, refer to your user manual for pointers.

Maintenance can include:

  • Lubricating all the pivot points on the swing, boom, dipper, and bucket.
  • Checking to ensure all pins are secured with a bolt or snap.
  • Inspecting hydraulic cylinders for seepage around hoses, valves, and the filling tube entrance.
  • Ensuring the hose routing isn’t being pinched or rubbed on the backhoe during transportation.
  • Cleaning dirt away from the stabilizer arms and cylinders.
  • Ensuring there are no rocks jammed in any of the pivot points.
  • Checking the mountain system to ensure there are no loose bolts or nuts.
  • Checking bucket teeth for wear and tear. Replacing and tightening when necessary.
  • Running a general check over the entire attachment to make sure it’s in good condition overall.



As a consumer, you’re going to be looking for the best deal. After all, why should you spend more than you have to? Luckily for you, the price tag varies dramatically on many top-rated skid steer attachments. For a low-end, basic backhoe you can spend around $1,500. However, for large backhoes that are capable of digging and trenching on large work sites, you can expect to pay around $17,000.


Top 5 Skid Steer Backhoe Attachment Reviews


Titan Attachments

Titan Attachments




  • It has a universal skid steer hookup component to fit a variety of skid steers.
  • The hoses and couplers are included.
  • It has greasable pins and bushings.
  • The framing is exceptionally durable and solid.
  • It’s well-priced on the market.
  • You can choose from different bucket sizes.


  • It’s not as technologically-advanced as some other options on the market.
  • Titan Attachments skid steer backhoe attachment.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Weight: 360 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 63 x 47 x 19 inches.
  • Power Source: Skid steer, hydraulic.
  • Digging Depth: 6 inches.
  • Bucket Size: 10 inches.
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty.
QHow far does the boom reach?A7 feet.
QAre the buckets interchangeable?AYes.
QWhat bucket sizes can you choose from?A8, 10, 12, 14, and 16 inches.

For all kinds of trenching and digging work, this Titan Attachments skid steer backhoe will handle it with ease. Built out of durable materials, priced competitively on the market, and versatile in its use, it’s everything a farmer or professional contractor needs.

Customers can even choose to upsize or downsize the bucket, depending on their requirements. Because of the many beneficial features and the exceptional price tag, this backhoe is one of the best skid steer backhoe attachments for the money.

Check out what other people who purchased this product think about it. Read Titan Attachments skid steer backhoe attachment reviews.



Eterra E70-H

Eterra E70-H




  • It has a quick-change coupler for customer convenience.
  • It’s very versatile for a range of work types.
  • It has convenient features.
  • Many components have been improved on from previous models.
  • It has a break out force of 14,500 pounds.


  • It’s not as affordable as other options on the market.
  • Eterra skid steer backhoe attachment.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Weight: 650 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 96 x 48 x 48 inches.
  • Power Source: Skid steer, hydraulic.
  • Digging Depth: 6 inches.
  • Bucket Size: 12 inches
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty.
QWhat is the PSI rating for the hydraulic hoses?A4,000 PSI.
QWhat is its lifting capacity?A6,000 pounds.
QWhat is the boom reach?A7 feet.

Developed after the devastating Hurricane Katrina, this Eterra skid steer backhoe has been vital in cleanup and clearing efforts.

Versatile enough to take on a range of tasks, it’s a good option for any farmer or contractor who needs a backhoe that won’t falter.

While it’s not as cost-effective as other backhoes, it is a durable, strong, and ultimately multi-functional tool that will fit any professional’s needs well.

Check out what other people who purchased this product think about it. Read Eterra E70-H skid steer backhoe attachment reviews.



Blue Diamond Attachments

Blue Diamond Attachments




  • You can choose from a range of different buckets.
  • It has heavy-duty replaceable teeth.
  • All pivot points have grease fittings.
  • It has a large hydraulic cylinder which increases power and productivity.
  • It doesn’t require any electrical hookups.
  • It’s very easy to operate.


  • The price varies greatly, depending on where you purchase it.
  • Blue Diamond Attachments skid steer backhoe attachment.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Weight: 500 pounds.
  • Power Source: Skid steer, hydraulic.
  • Digging Depth: 6 inches.
  • Bucket Size: 12 inches.
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty.
QWhat bucket sizes are available?A9, 12, 18, and 24 inches.
QWhat is the extended boom length?A8 feet.
QHow big is the hydraulic cylinder?A3 ½-inch bore, 20-inch stroke.

If you require a quality trench digger that won’t falter, this Blue Diamond Attachments backhoe is a good option for you.

Featuring some of the best hydraulic components out of all models on the market, it’s a powerful attachment that even comes with a range of bucket options.

Choose from 9, 12, 18, and 24-inch buckets and even receive peace of mind with a 1-year warranty. This top-rated product certainly ticks all the boxes for a range of professionals.

Check out what other people who purchased this product think about it. Read Blue Diamond Attachments skid steer backhoe attachment reviews.



Cat BH150

Cat BH150




  • It’s suitable for a range of digging and trenching tasks.
  • It offers faster cycle times than many other backhoes due to the beneficial in-cab operation features.
  • It has technologically-advanced features that are leagues ahead of other models on the market.
  • It has manual sideshift functions which enable it to be used in tight spaces.


  • It’s thousands of dollars more expensive than other backhoes.
  • It doesn’t come with a bucket.
  • It has a poor warranty in comparison to its cost.
  • Cat skid steer backhoe attachment.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Weight: 2,256 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 85 x 64 x 109 inches.
  • Power Source: Skid steer, hydraulic.
  • Digging Depth: 121 inches.
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty.
QWhat is the required hydraulic flow?A11 to 23 GPM.
QHow far does the bucket rotate?A192 degrees.
QWhat is the loading reach?A64 inches.

For the professional contractor who is in need of a heavy-duty, reliable backhoe attachment that can take care of those larger jobs, this Cat tool is a good option.

While it’s not overly-suitable for small landscaping tasks, it is a good option for big trenching and digging jobs that require the biggest and the best. It has a far reach, can dig 121 inches, and has faster cycle times than several other market-leading backhoes.

However, for all its positives, there are a few negatives. It’s exceptionally expensive when you compare it to others for sale, and it has a poor warranty. In this case, you do pay for a good name, and a good quality product.

Check out what other people who purchased this product think about it. Read Cat BH150 skid steer backhoe attachment reviews.



Bradco 611B

Bradco 611B




  • It comes with a 2-year warranty, which is more generous than what many other manufacturers offer.
  • Its digging depth is almost twice as good as many other backhoes.
  • It has a better reach than many other backhoes.
  • It’s exceptionally durable.


  • It’s far heavier than other backhoes for sale.
  • Even though it’s already a lot more expensive than other backhoes for sale, the bucket isn’t included in the price.
  • Bradco skid steer backhoe attachment.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Weight: 1,847 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 14 inches high.
  • Power Source: Skid steer, hydraulic.
  • Digging Depth: 11 inches.
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty.
QWhat hydraulic flow does it require?A11 to 14 GPM.
QWhat digging force does it offer?A6,167 pounds.
QWhat is the loading reach?A5 inches.

If you’re a professional who requires a top-rated backhoe that’s reliable, durable, and heavy-duty, this Bradco backhoe would be a very good option to consider. While it’s more suitable for contractors due to it’s large price tag, it fits the bill as a backhoe that will continue to deliver good results.

It can dig, reach and load far better than many other attachments on the market, and even comes with a 2-year warranty. It’s easy to consider this backhoe as one of the best skid steer backhoe attachments for the money.

Check out what other people who purchased this product think about it. Read Bradco 611B skid steer backhoe attachment reviews.


Where to Buy Skid Steer Backhoe Attachment?

Most machinery and attachments for sale today are quite expensive. While many are not overpriced, the market ultimately determines the price tag. This is why so many people are now choosing to shop around in order to get the best deal.

Many models, brands, and manufacturers can now be found online. This can often help you save money when you’re buying directly from the source, rather than a middle man. Websites such as are also a premium platform for buying competitively-priced skid steer attachments.


  • Cat
  • Titan Attachments
  • Bradco
  • Blue Diamond Attachments


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