Rubber flooring for bathrooms

Rubber flooring for bathrooms DEFAULT

While researching alternative flooring options for a room in my home, I came across an intriguing possibility–rubber flooring. Yes, rubber flooring! No, it’s not just for home gyms and industrial spaces. In fact, the water-resistant properties and durability of rubber flooring make it ideal for spaces such as bathrooms and kids’ rooms. Yet it’s increasingly being used in areas such as kitchens and living rooms. Why not?! It has a modern look. It’s sturdy. It has an anti-slip quality. And you won’t believe how stylish it is! In today’s post, we feature 10 rooms with rubber floors. Ready for a closer look?

Kitchens with Rubber Flooring

The kitchen is a natural choice for a rubber flooring location, as rubber is impervious to water. Not to mention, it has an industrial look, as do many kitchens! Below we see sleek white flooring in a light-filled culinary space. [from William Goddard Photography via DHV Architects]

Kitchen with Dalsouple rubber flooring

One style of rubber flooring I’m drawn to is the textured variety, especially when round coin-like forms are involved. Isn’t the grey flooring below a perfect choice for a kitchen with light aqua walls and white cabinetry? [photo by Lincoln Barbour via Ogawa Fisher Architects]

Kitchen with grey rubber flooring

The rubber flooring in this modern kitchen is also textured, this time with a slightly rippled pattern that adds interest to the room. Love that shine! [from FantasyKitchen]

Grey rubber flooring in the kitchen

There seems to be a theme developing here, as once again we see grey rubber flooring in a contemporary kitchen. And dining room. And living room. A great choice for spaces that call attention to the materials that fill them, such as wood and stone. Add rubber, and you have another dimension! [from Fluid Stone Studio]

Modern residence with grey flooring

Bathrooms with Rubber Flooring

Grey is “grey-t” (ha!), but let’s take a look at some rubber flooring in vivid colors. Two of my favorites are radiant yellow and kelly green. I’m also quite taken with the blue flooring in this white bathroom, especially since accents of red are involved. [from Home Decorating Designs]

Bathroom with blue rubber flooring

Speaking of red, this red rubber floor is unforgettable, as it brings out the red stripes in the wallpaper. Once again, we see a raised coin pattern, which creates a modern look that doesn’t take itself too seriously. [featured at Elaine Butler]

Bathroom with red rubber flooring

When it comes to rubber flooring, it’s hard to deny that there’s something about the color black. It adds an instant dose of elegance to rooms with white walls, and we are increasingly seeing black rubber flooring in power rooms. Wooden accents add warmth to the bathroom below. [from Dalsouple]

Bathroom with Dalsouple rubber flooring

Rubber Flooring in Practical Spaces

I’ll end today’s post by taking a look at some practical spaces that are dressed up with rubber flooring. The image below shows the potential of rubber flooring and sheeting in areas of the home such as the walk-in closet. [from FLEXCO]

FLEXCO PVC-free rubber tile and sheeting

What about the laundry room?! This Seattle space is the perfect location for rubber flooring. Once again, we see flooring in grey (from Johnsonite), which pops in a room filled with wooden cabinetry and white walls. [from BUILD LLC]

Laundry room with grey rubber flooring

And it’s hard to beat a garage and shed space with red accents, especially when the red tones appear on both pendant light and flooring. This space makes me want to tackle a DIY project! [from California Closets]

Garage with red rubber flooring

I don’t know about you, but coin-patterned rubber flooring is definitely my favorite. As far as colors go, I love a bold choice, such as red or yellow, but if in doubt, I’d probably go with grey. Would you install rubber flooring in your home?


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Waterproof flooring

When you think of a room in your home that you associate most with comfort, you are likely thinking about bedrooms or living rooms, maybe even the back porch. What you probably don't consider is the bathroom. It's just not usually the first thing that comes to mind when you're talking luxury, coziness or solace. Perhaps it's time to reconsider.

Many people aren't aware of how much time they actually spend in the bathroom. Showering, applying makeup, shaving, brushing teeth, visiting the porcelain throne, all those bathroom time activities really do add up. You might not realize it, but bathrooms are actually one of the most frequented rooms in homes. All that time spent in the bathroom means it deserves as much comfort and care as any other room.

If you find your bathroom isn't quite as inviting as you'd like it to be, or if you are designing one from scratch, the right flooring can do wonders. Flooring is a significant enough part of the room that it helps define the entire feel. Not only are aesthetics and comfort important, but the best bathroom flooring ideas are able to withstand heat, moisture and foot traffic. Without the proper protection, flooring in moisture-exposed areas is at high risk of becoming damaged, warped or covered in mold and mildew.

Choosing from bathroom flooring ideas can be tricky, especially if you're looking for onethat is both comfortable and high-performing . Many products forego quality for looks, or looks for comfort, or any combination of factors. There are products out there that provide it all, however. Greatmats offers bathroom floors that are soft, cushiony, and dependable. Let's take a closer look at some of those options.

Slip Resistant Foam Bathroom Flooring Tiles

Slip Resistant Foam Bathroom Flooring TilesLife Floor tiles for wet areas are one of the softest and safest bathroom flooring ideas. The tile is made with a blend of rubber and foam and is installed with a self-adhesive. The foam and rubber bathroom flooring provides plenty of cushion and slip-resistance. Tiles are completely waterproof, antibacterial and antifungal, which is extremely important in wet environments.

Life Floor tiles come in a multitude of styles and designs, including slate. With Life Floor slate tiles, you can achieve the beauty of stone without the hard, cold slippery surface. Instead, your feet will stay warm, happy, and right where you put them. These soft bathroom tiles even have an ATSM fall height rating of 1 foot, which proves good cushion and safety. Life Floor tiles also come in ripple textures for extra traction and a wide variety of colors.

Life Floor tiles can be installed with a simple peel and stick process or glued down. The adhesives are strong and long-lasting, so even with long-term exposure to moisture, tiles will not shift around. You can clean these tiles with a damp mop and household cleaners or a powerwash.

Life Floor tiles are specifically designed to last a long time in wet areas, while other foam tiles aren't designed for bathrooms.

Interlocking Foam Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Slip Resistant Foam Bathroom Flooring TilesAlthough many foam tiles aren't necessarily designed for bathroom use, there are others that will also work in a bathroom at a much lower cost than the above option, but they will involve more maintenance. Interlocking EVA foam tiles, for example, are waterproof and work well as cushioned bathroom flooring ideas. Just keep in mind if you have standing water in on your bathroom floor, the water can slip between the seams of interlocking foam tiles and become trapped beneath the foam. If you have this flooring outside a bath tub or shower, you'll want to periodically lift the tiles and allow the subfloor and bottom of the tiles to dry before laying back down. The cushioned flooring feels great on you bones, joints and muscles, and if you're diligent about keeping it dry you'll love this option.

At Greatmats, interlocking foam tiles come in a ton of different colors and textures and even come in a wood-grain design. If you do decide to go with an interlocking foam tile, make sure you acclimate the tile to the room before installing, as these tiles can expand with heat and humidity.

Soft PVC Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Soft PVC Bathroom Flooring IdeasSoft, flexible perforated bathroom tiles made from PVC are another good-looking, safe and comfortable bathroom floor choice. For example, SoftFlex Floor Tiles from Greatmats are made of high-quality PVC that allows water to drain through the tile. Thus, water will not build up into hazardous puddles. The elasticity of the PVC material makes many think this a soft rubber bathroom flooring idea, but it actually offers more anti-fatigue benefits than most rubber flooring and provides excellent slip-resistance even when wet.

With an easy hook-and-loop fastening system, installing SoftFlex Floor Tiles is as simple as a snap. SoftFlex Floor Tiles come in several different colors, from warm grey to ocean blue. You can even mix and match colors to create any pattern or design you want. PVC Tiles are super easy to clean with a damp mop and a household cleaner (avoid bleach).

Is it ok to put laminate flooring in a bathroom?

laminate flooring in a bathroomLaminate flooring such as Greatmats MaxTile Raised Floor Tiles is an excellent bathroom flooring idea. The snap together design is easy to install and the waterproof raised base allows for air flow beneath the tiles should water happen to slip through the seams. While this laminate bathroom flooring won't trap water like flat bottomed foam tiles, you'll still want to check under the tiles periodically to make sure it is drying sufficiently. The waterproof vinyl surface is also easy to clean and offers a durable wear layer.
This bathroom flooring offers some give, it is not considered cushioned flooring.

There are many reasons to install a cushioned bathroom floor. Cushion provides next-level comfort to a room you spend a significant amount of time in. Further, cushion provides extra safety and comfort in a room where slipping and falling is not uncommon. Soft bathroom floors are a smart idea for the whole family, but particularly for those who are more accident prone. At Greatmats, a cushioned floor doesn't mean giving up on style or quality.

You can have it all.

For more on this topic please review our Wet Area Flooring product page.

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Bathroom flooring ideas – to give your floor space the wow factor

  • We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article.

  • Bathroom flooring needs to be both durable and stylish to meet all of your needs and should give your bathroom a strong and solid foundation

    Looking for bathroom flooring ideas?

    With so much choice available, it can be hard to decide on one option. Take into consideration your daily routine and lifestyle: Do you have children who will need a slip-free and hardwearing floor? Or do you have a glamorous and grown-up bathroom suite that requires an equally chic floor?

    Don&#;t be afraid to try unusual materials, such as wood, which can work well in a bathroom, despite any concerns you might have about the humid conditions affecting the wood. Try hardwood, laminate or PVC flooring to get the same effect, but without the damp results. Floors in marble, granite or polished concrete will also create a dramatic effect and lend a chic, polished finish to your bathroom. These are all hard-wearing materials that will look stunning and last for years.

    For something truly unique, try cork or rubber. Popular in the s and s, cork is back in a big way and is one of the most eco-friendly floor options around. Rubber is warm, waterproof and easy to keep clean, so a great option for anyone with children. An interesting or unusual floor can give your bathroom personality without overpowering the space. There are many options available to choose from that are appropriate – waterproof, durable, and attractive. When teamed with a white bathroom suite, a statement floor can add style points for a relatively small outlay – the average UK bathroom is around 2m x 2m.

    Check out our bathroom channel for more bathroom ideas and inspiration

    1. Fake it with wood-effect flooring

    Bathroom flooring ideas

    Image credit: Tim Young

    When it comes to flooring, hardwood and laminate are not ideal in a bathroom, as they are susceptible to warping when frequently exposed to water. However, luxury vinyl flooring gives the beauty of natural wood without the practical drawbacks and is the perfect choice for a bathroom floor. Water-resistant, highly durable and easy to maintain, the wood-effect planks replicate the intricate grains and details of real wood without the worry.

    2. Be bold with pattern


    Image credit: Future Plc

    Patterned tiles aren&#;t just for walls, they are the perfect way to make a statement on the floor too. This bold green flooring is the star of this bedroom (pun intended). Complement a large bold pattern on the floor with paired-back wall tiles that mimic the design. Play with different tile shapes and sizes to add interest and texture.

    3. Introduce colour with rubber and vinyl flooring

    Bedroom flooring ideas

    Image credit: Rachael Smith

    Rubber, vinyl, linoleum and marmoleum are warm underfoot, affordable, waterproof and easy to keep clean. Clever digital photography reproduction means that there are limitless design options, while textured finishes help with slip resistance and emulate the feel of stone or wood.

    Want more bathroom floor and wall ideas? READ: Bathroom tile ideas – to give your space a whole new look and feel

    4. Go for something hard-wearing

    Bathroom flooring ideas

    Image credit: Claire Lloyd Davies

    Polished concrete or stone looks fabulously stylish in a chic, grown-up bathroom like this one, but it&#;s not so practical in a family bathroom as polished concrete or stone can be slippery when wet. Bespoke resin or acrylic flooring could give you a similar affect but with a bit more grip &#; you&#;d need to speak to your bathroom designer about this, though.

    5. Choose a luxurious option for your bathroom flooring

    Bathroom flooring ideas

    Image credit: David Parmiter

    Natural marble, granite, limestone, slate and travertine are all porous but, if sealed, will last for many years. Granite comes in a wide variety of colours, while the distinctive patterns in marble and onyx can look stunning. The beauty of natural stone is that you can have one uniform colour but a random pattern to add interest.

    6. Work wonders in a small bathroom

    Bathroom flooring ideas

    Image credit: James Mitchell

    When it comes to small bathrooms a lot can be achieved with the right flooring. If you use the same tiles on your floor as your walls it visually expands the space, and medium to large tiles are better as small or mosaic tiles can make the bathroom look even smaller.

    7. Try out teak and bamboo

    Bathroom flooring ideas

    Image credit: Rachael Smith

    Solid wood or laminate floors aren&#;t usually suitable for bathrooms as the humidity will cause the material to discolour, swell and warp. But hardwood floorings, such as teak and bamboo, can work well (double-check with the manufacturer first) and engineered wood and bathroom-specific laminate &#; made with PVC &#; are designed to withstand moisture.

    Need more bathroom inspiration? READ: Bathroom storage ideas – to help you stay neat, tidy and organised

    8. Warm up in the winter

    Bathroom flooring ideas

    Image credit: Mark Williams

    Underfloor heating is fast becoming the most popular choice for bathroom flooring. There&#;s nothing worse than stepping onto a cold floor in winter &#; plus, a wet floor dries quicker with underfloor heating, and you don&#;t need radiators if you have heated floors. There are two systems to choose from: &#;wet&#;, where the floor is heated by hot water pipes under the floor. And &#;dry&#;, where electric cable is laid down. Both systems need to be installed by a professional. Speak to your bathroom designer or builder about which is best for your home.

    9. Perfect with porcelain

    Bathroom flooring ideas

    Image credit: David Giles

    A cheaper alternative to stone, porcelain is easy to maintain and comes in a wide range of colours and finishes. You can buy packs of tiles in bulk and you won&#;t need to worry about sealing after grouting, like you do with stone. Ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles can also imitate the look of natural stone. Porcelain is more hardwearing than ceramic tiles and better for high traffic areas.

    Take to Tadelakt

    Bathroom flooring ideas

    Image credit: Mark Luscombe-Whyte

    Tadelakt is a decorative, water-resistant plaster originally made in Marrakech. Its seamless, subtly marbled surface is perfect for bathrooms and it sets off the clean angles of this white vanity unit beautifully. The muted shade creates a simple, yet sophisticated look.

    Style a bathroom floor with slate

    Bathroom flooring ideas

    Image credit: Katie Lee

    Traditional slate can create a smart surface for a contemporary bathroom. Slate will need cleaning and resealing when it shows signs of wear &#; always use cleaning products recommended by your floor&#;s manufacturer.

    Will you be updating your bathroom using these bathroom flooring ideas?

    Rubber Rolls - Installation Made Easy - Greatmats

    Rubber Bathroom Flooring | Vinyl Alternative, Non-Slip Flooring

    Rubber Flooring Suitable for Your Office, Kitchen or Bathroom

    Home & Office Flooring

    Brighten up and protect any kitchen or bathroom with our extensive range of anti-slip, aesthetically pleasing flooring. With a wide variety of colours and styles to choose from,our selection of flooring is the perfect way to add a splash of colour, whilst continuing to safeguard against spillages and moisture build up.
    Polymax Premium Slate Effect Floor
    Authentic and stylish slate effect rubber floor tiles.
    • A practical and cost-effective alternative to genuine slate and stone floors
    • Easy to clean and maintain that 'as new' appearance
    • Manufactured from a combination of natural and synthetic rubber for added durability
    • A popular choice for both commercial and domestic interiors
    • Tile Size: m x m x mm
    CIRCA PRO Flooring Tile at Polymax
    Sleek and functional studded tiles.
    • Stylish studded design
    • Vibrant array of colours to help brighten up any room
    • Anti-slip finish, with hardwearing rubber, ideal for industrial use
    • mm x mm x mm tiles
    • Tile Size: m x m x mm
    Polysafe Standard PUR - Heavy Duty Safety Flooring
    Enhanced slip resistance for extra protection.
    • Heavy-duty finish to create a fully anti-slip and abrasion resistant surface
    • Contains antimicrobial agents with a high resistance to dilute acids and alkalis
    • Ideal for use in areas where contaminant spillages can occur
    • Classified as 'antistatic'
    • Available in 16 colours
    • Only &#; per square metre for a full roll!
    • Roll Size: 20m x 2m x 2mm
    Polymax Circa PRO - Sage Green
    Enhanced slip resistance for extra protection.
    • Excellent anti-slip properties
    • PU treatment, scratch proof surface and oil resistant
    • Easy to maintain with a tough and durable studded surface
    • VOC compliant
    • Roll Size: 10m x 2m x 2mm
    CIRCA ULTRA Roll Granite Grey mm Wide x mm at Polymax
    Ultra Premium, studded anti-slip solution.
    • Excellent anti-slip properties
    • PU treatment, scratch proof surface and oil resistant
    • Easy to maintain with a tough and durable studded surface
    • VOC compliant
    • Roll Size: 10m x 1m x mm (38kg)
    FLEXI Anti-Fatigue Mat at Polymax
    Make life easier and safer for your workforce.
    • Heavy-duty, flexible rubber with high tensile strength
    • Raised, studded finish reduces operator fatigue by providing additional cushioning underfoot
    • Ideal for individual work stations that requires the operator to be on their feet for an extended period of time
    • Sloped edges helps prevent tripping and ensure maximum safety in high-risk environments
    Firma Anti-Fatigue Rubber Mat at Polymax
    Prevent worker fatigue and increase productivity.
    • Moulded bevelled edges help reduce trip hazards in high-risk areas
    • Open-holed design provides excellent drainage for areas with increased risk of spillages and moisture build up
    • Cushioned rubber surface significantly reduces operator fatigue
    • Available in an oil-resistant terracotta finish ideal for restaurants and kitchens
    • Perfect for entrances, walk ways or wash down areas
    • Tile Size: m x m x 15mm
    Polymax Entrance Mats at Polymax
    Professional looking protection at home or in the office.
    • Ideal for both office and home use thanks to their professional look and feel
    • Two styles to choose from, CARPET or CONA
    • Innovative raised twist carpet pile effectively traps moisture and dirt
    • Anti-trip sloped edges for improved safety in high-risk areas
    Polymax Snow Matting - Anti Slip
    • Made from hardwearing Natural Rubber (NR/SBR)
    • Anti-slip & Anti Fatigue
    • An excellent flooring for snow and icy conditions
      • Hardwearing
      • Can also be used in production plants, swimming pool areas, entrance matting for offices and home, ski slopes, golf tee off areas, to cover open grass areas and for playground safety matting

    Bathrooms rubber flooring for

    Bathroom Flooring

    The Benefits of Rubber Bathroom Flooring

    Installing this flooring in a bathroom offers a wide range of benefits and useful qualities, including the following:

    • Waterproof, so excess water from the shower, sink or washing machine will not cause any damage.
    • Shock absorbency, ensuring any dropped items such as mirrors and glasses will not break.
    • Long lasting durability, with a lifespan of up to 20 years.
    • It offers a cost-effective flooring alternative compared to other materials such as tile and slate which can easily become cracked and broken and require costly replacement.
    • Non-slip, minimising instances of falls and providing a softer surface if any falls do occur.
    • Easier to maintain and keep clean than other materials.
    • Provides a comfortable standing surface.

    Suppliers of Quality Rubber Flooring

    For over 20 years, iRubber have supplied the country with high-quality rubber flooring products for a range of applications, including bathrooms. We offer options from reputable brands such as Roppe, Burke and Dalsouple, ensuring long-lasting and hard wearing products you can trust. Choose from a range of colours, textures and types, including sustainable recycled options that benefit the environment. For friendly advice and assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more.

    installing a rubber Bathroom floor

    Anti-Slip Mats—Rubber Flooring in the Bathroom

    Free Shipping on Orders Over $

    Need Help?

    Free Shipping on Doormats

    Having a non-slip bathroom environment is a great way to safeguard your family.

    The rubber backing on non-slip bathroom mats helps prevent the product from shifting.

    recycled rubber floorsrecycled rubber floors

    A rubber bathtub mat is also extremely durable.

    Why go with conventional bath mats when there are much more durable and cost-effective solutions available. For example, consider using rubberized anti-slip mats for your shower and bathtub needs. Exceptional grip is a vital quality in a shower mat because the product has to be able to keep a secure hold on the surface inside and outside your shower or bathtub, especially during bathing when these become slippery floors. The rubber backing on non-slip bathroom mats helps prevent the product from shifting or even moving while you’re standing on it. And because these mats are made out of rubber, they will inhibit mold growth, preventing nasty bugs and germs from making you and the rest of your family sick. A rubber bathtub mat is also extremely durable, which makes it ideal for use in a commercial spa!

    Here are 4 excellent reasons why rubber flooring can work in your home or commercial bathroom.

    • Anti-Slip
      First and foremost, the most important application that your bathroom matting must observe is its anti-slip properties. Slippery floors are an enormous risk in any location, but they are most commonly found inside of bathrooms. But actually creating a completely non-slip bathroom is impossible. Often times these are public spaces, which makes them susceptible to accidental spills of water, soap, or other more questionable materials.
      According to the New York Times, “…every year about , people over age 15 visit emergency rooms because of injuries suffered in the bathroom, and almost 14 percent are hospitalized. More than a third of the injuries happen while bathing or showering.”
      That’s a huge number of injuries. Utilizing anti-slip mats in your bathroom can reduce the potential for serious falls and injuries resulting from such a fall. Rubber has a natural high quality of friction, which paired with raised designs, adds traction and stability.
    • Hygiene
      A clean bathroom is by far a more welcoming environment for anyone than say, a messy and funky smelling bathroom. This is especially true if you’re in the spa business. Carpet and fabric bathroom mats will soak up water and can develop a bad smell. Rubberized Anti-slip mats are easy to clean and easy to remove if more thorough cleaning is required. And as stated previously, rubber does not harbor the growth of mold or mildew so it’s perfectly suited for a place with lots of moisture and humidity.
    • Durability
      A rubber bathtub mat is very durable and will stand up to daily use. Often, anti-slip mats are employed in harsh environments, such as commercial kitchens and industrial work sites; this is a true testament to the rubber’s resilience! Many rubber products are made from recycled automobile tires, and this helps explain their toughness! When you consider that tires are designed to withstand some pretty harsh elements, it’s easy to see how rubber mats will handle nearly anything you throw at them.
    • A Wide Variety of Products
      Rubber matting comes in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. While some thicker heavy-duty options might not work inside conventional shower or bathtub, there are also lightweight designs that can fit seamlessly into most spaces. Slippery floors are risky; both in the tub as well as outside—so really, most rubber surfacing option could be employed within a bathroom. Setting down some interlocking tiles outside your tub can prevent you from taking a nasty fall when you’re stepping out, while placing runners or mats can keep people on a nice dry surface as they move throughout the rest of the bathroom.

    Having a non-slip bathroom environment is a great way to safeguard your family while also protecting clients in any business setting—after all, all offices, workshops, and stores require bathrooms! And although spills and puddles aren’t always avoidable, especially in a bathroom setting, strategically placed anti-slip mats can greatly reduce the risk of falls and serious accidents. The great quality and professional appearance of a rubber bathtub mat is a well-priced alternative to other more expensive mats.


    You will also be interested:

    Non-Slip Bathroom Flooring for Your Home

    Bathroom flooring options deserve all the attention to detail we can give. It is crucial to make safety a priority when choosing a bathroom floor plan because this is one place where moisture and water rule.

    You should not be careless in this regard because statistics show how often bathroom falls end up with a fatality. Every part of the bathroom’s base floor, including the shower and standing areas, needs to have non-slip materials installed, while aligning with your choice of design and style.

    Manufacturers are well aware of the safety element, and thankfully, the market is ripe with a large variety of non-slip bathroom flooring options for your home. There are several non-slip bathroom flooring options to choose from. We recommend any of the following options:

    The Safest Bathroom Flooring Options

    Non-Slip Vinyl Flooring

    Non-slip vinyl bathroom flooring

    The top choice for non-slip flooring is definitely vinyl. Apart from its practicality, affordability and the wide array of available styles, vinyl flooring has a higher tendency to withstand heavy traffic and moisture. This makes it a perfect choice for your bathroom and other high traffic areas, like entries and the kitchen.

    Slip resistance is a must for several manufacturers, which explains why you can easily find a vinyl flooring style in the markets. The material is resistant to water damage and staining, particularly because it is waterproof. Manufacturers ensure it is resistant against heavy traffic, as well. Vinyl flooring holds up against the heaviest of traffic, including wheelchairs, kids and pets.

    While no flooring option provides a % non slip guarantee, there are products that offer higher protection than others. Luckily, vinyl products come with built-in padding, unlike ceramic tile, for instance, should you take an accidental fall.

    When shopping for your vinyl bathroom flooring, we recommend looking for vinyl products with extra underlayment. This will minimize the impact of the fall on your body, so you avoid serious or fatal injuries. The flooring experts at Floor Crafters are well educated with the vinyl products that have this extra feature, as will make recommendations based on the style you like.

    Vinyl is not just affordable, but also quite versatile. Vinyl can look like ceramic tile, wood, and other flooring materials, so you can get the style you envision and the safety of non-slip vinyl. Vinyl comes in large sizes, but you can install it with minimal seams to fit a small bathroom. You can also find it in plank or tile styles. Floor Crafters has hundreds of options for vinyl flooring, and can also install it for you.

    Natural Stone

    Non slip flooring stone

    If you’re working with a bigger budget, natural stone is the ideal anti-slip bathroom flooring option. No one can deny the aesthetic attraction and durability benefits of natural stone, and one can almost sacrifice their precious savings for it.

    Natural stone is not only slip-resistant and safe; it's in a class of its own. Manufacturer’s texture the stone to mitigate the slip factor. Textured or sandblasted stone is usually the best option for a non slip surface.

    The only drawback with natural stone, is that it is a higher-end flooring option, and not in everyone’s budget. You’ll note, however, that natural stone has the highest performance ratings in terms of safety and also features a fantastic resale value, should you plan to sell your home down the road.

    Cork / Bamboo

    Bamboo flooring for bathroom

    You may not find cork or bamboo flooring in bathrooms often, but they are a good option for certain bathroom settings. Many people prefer these two products due to reduced sound travel, but other features also add to the attraction. You can incorporate bamboo or cork into your bathroom flooring as per any trendy design and style.

    These two products can be both a blessing and a curse at the same time, so you need to give careful consideration before going for this option. Bamboo and cork are both slip-resistant materials that tend to absorb moisture quickly, so you will hardly find any wetness on the surface, significantly minimizing the chances of slipping on it. On the other hand, this same feature could be problematic by accumulating mold and mildew. Mold can easily form if the moisture trapped inside does not dry fast and thoroughly, so anyone in a particularly humid environment should take this into consideration.

    If you do plan to invest in a cork or bamboo flooring, planning in advance can save you down the road. Make sure the area where the flooring will be installed has sufficient ventilation, so that moisture dries out quickly and does not build up. The professional design and install team at Floor Crafters can tell you if the area has adequate airflow, and can make recommendations on improving it, if it does not.


    Linoleum floor for bathroom

    Many mistake linoleum for vinyl, but they are actually two entirely different products. Linoleum is not only a great flooring option, but it is also water-resistant and more eco-friendly than vinyl flooring.

    Linoleum flooring is manufactured using a combination of natural products such as jute, cork, or limestone and linseed oil. You can opt for an anti-slip sheet or a resin solution to mitigate the slippery surface of linoleum. Apart from that, since this material turns into a water-proof bathroom flooring, it is quite easy to clean and makes a perfect choice for your bathrooms.

    The biodegradable element means you can protect the environment and yourself against harmful chemical releases.

    Rubber Flooring

    Non-slip rubber flooring for bathrooms

    Rubber flooring is generally never high on the list of preferences because it does nothing for trend, style, or aesthetics. However, the reason we mention it here is because of the absolute slip resistance this flooring option offers.

    Rubber may not be pleasing to look at or feel nice under our feet, but it can be the best in terms of safety. You should consider this option, especially if you have seniors living at home with you. Even when rubber flooring becomes wet, it does not turn slick and thus minimizes the chances of an accidental fall by a far measure.

    The extreme protection factor makes it a desirable option for many because, even if one does fall accidentally, the rubber flooring works as a cushion for the body. It helps absorb most of the shock from the fall and can protect your body from serious injury.

    However, when you plan to invest in a rubber flooring plan, it is best to do some research first. As limited as this material is in terms of style and design, the safety factor alone makes it one of the more costly options.

    Best Flooring for Bathroom

    Ceramic or Porcelain Tile

    The most popular choice for bathroom flooring all over the world, is porcelain tile. It is waterproof, cost-effective, and stylish, making it a top choice of home owners worldwide. Porcelain features a textured, rich, and solid feel that is quite similar to stone, without the high cost of natural stone.

    Non-slip tiles for bathroom

    We love that it combines the best qualities of all other flooring options into one. A luxurious texture like stone, waterproof like vinyl, and elegant like wood, uplifts the look of any bathroom in your home. Porcelain belongs to the ceramic tile family, but there is a slight difference between the two. Tiles that have a percent rate of absorbing water belong to the porcelain category.

    Flooring for Bathrooms

    When you’re planning a makeover for your bathroom, you must keep a few considerations in mind before you make the final decision. Bathrooms nearly as high-traffic as the kitchen, and have 2 or more water features housed within (sink, toilet, shower), so water resistance and slip ability factor are important when choosing your new flooring.Bathroom floors should be resilient enough to handle the pressure of sweaty adults, dirty young kids, and even wet pets, if there are any in the house.

    To review, here are the different flooring options that Floor Crafters recommends for your bathroom:


    Type of Flooring




    Beautiful & Stylish


    Highly Absorbent of Moisture, which may cause mold issues

    Ceramic and porcelain

    Timeless Style



    Good for DIY'ers


    Not always non-slip without treatment

    Very hard surface to fall on

    Engineered hardwood


    Many substrates, colors and styles

    Non-slip if no wax applied

    Moderately priced

    Not recommended for bathrooms

    Easily damaged by water and high traffic

    Natural stone tiles

    Top choice in high end homes




    Long lasting

    Aesthetically pleasing to most


    Not for DIY projects

    Shower Floor Options

    Shower flooring rises above the style and aesthetics and gives priority to practicality and functionality. You need to primarily remember that a shower floor faces extreme exposure to water, so your floor plan must be highly water-resistant.

    1. Tile Shower Base

      You can choose from a wide range of tiles for your shower base floor. You may also opt for a ready tile floor pan. These plans consist of composite plastic materials or fiberglass and chrome drains. The design must feature easy drainage with plumbing and a waterproof epoxy so that the tiles adhere to the bottom and sides. If you opt for tiles, make sure you use waterproof materials for setting them and coat time and again as needed.

    2. Molded Stones

      Molded stones are not only classy but also high-end for shower bases. The synthetic plastic and natural stone make a durable combination as well as a luxurious appearance. High quality molded stones are resistant to mildew and mold and usually don’t require grout.

    3. Acrylic Pans

      Acrylic pans fall into the medium price range and are a little flexible in terms of customization. Acrylic bases are generally easy to maintain and clean as well and less vulnerable to cracking.

    How to Choose Best Tile for Shower Floor

    Perhaps the most important feature of a bathroom is the tile on the shower floor, and this is why you need to take the right route when selecting it. Here are things to consider:

    • Budget

      You must first set the budget within which you intend to get your shower flooring done. Markets showcase an unending variety of tiles. You can find something within every price range, style, sizes, and shapes.

      Once you have a budget, you can turn your attention to finding the best tile option for you. You can pick from natural stone, porcelain or ceramic. Porcelain is more water-resistant, while ceramic has the lowest price. Porcelain also has a through-body composition, which is another advantage.

    • Color scheme

      It can be quite tricky to build a color palette, but starting with the vanity and cabinet colors first gives you a better direction. Once you are sure of what color scheme your cabinets and vanity will have, you can easily follow the same with your tiles. Most tiles come in fairly neutral colors.

      However, many interior designs are testimony to the fact that lighter tiles make a better choice, especially when you can jazz up the look with bright accessories like knobs, etc.

    • Size

      Size is never a constant in the world of interior design. The new standard is the 12x24s that now make the smaller, once preferred size look outdated. Modern trends seem to favor bigger tiles, but the choice is still entirely up to you. If your tradition suits your taste and your bathroom size better, then select the uniform smaller sized tiles.

      Subway tiles and basket weaves will be the best choice if you plan to go the traditional route. If you envision a transition yet timeless shower floor, then we recommend the 4x16 subway tiles. This site will give you the classic yet contemporary modern look you are seeking.

    Safe Flooring for Seniors

    Non-slip bathroom flooring for elderly

    When living with senior members in the house, style and design take a backseat in comparison to safety. Remodeling a bathroom where seniors and aging family members are living requires extra consideration in terms of safety.

    You need to ensure whatever material you use is moisture resistant and prevents slipping and accidental falls. When it comes to materials that would make poor choices for bathrooms of seniors, ceramic tiles, hardwood, glass, and such, as well as hard, slippery materials, are a big no-no.

    These materials aren't flexible and can get slippery very quickly. Furthermore, they do not cushion the bodies in the event of a fall, and so fatal injuries are inevitable. The better options in terms of safety are rubber or non-slip vinyl flooring for seniors’ bathrooms.

    Final Thoughts

    When remodeling or designing your bathroom, perhaps the most essential part of the project is the flooring. From tiles to safety elements, there is so much thought you need to put into each detail. Floor Crafters Flooring Company makes sure your bathroom flooring project is as hassle-free and perfect as can be, and will make recommendations based on your style, requirements and budget. If you’d like a complimentary consultation with a professional flooring expert, contact us today at () for your next bathroom flooring project, and we will help you design the perfect floor for any bathroom in your home.


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