Bmw m240i wide body kit

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BMW 2er. (F22) Wide Body Kit

BMW 2er. (F22) "2017- M240I Wide Body Kit:

• Front Fender Flares: +2 inches (50mm) per side.

• Rear Fender Flares: +2.75 inches (70mm) per side.

• Wide Body Side Skirts Rocker Panels.

• Rear Spoiler Duck Tail.

Material: ABS Plastic.


$2,700.00 Regular Price

$1,500.00Sale Price

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A reasonable, easy to install widebody kit.

Hey guys. I'm exploring opportunities for us here.

I've been talking to some companies about making a reasonable widebody kit for the 2014+ 228i/M235i series and M2 (and may also fit 230i/M240i).

Nothing crazy, just wide enough for a 10" front and 11" rear.

I want to know how many of you would be interested, in what kind of price range, and what YOU would like to see on a widebody kit.

This will be fully funded out of my pocket (Once again) but I love being one of the few to explore the opportunities for us.

Please, share this around and reply back with your opinions.

Looking to do this SOON!


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PD2XX Widebody Aerodynamic-Kit for BMW 2-Series Coupe


This product is made from high quality FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic). The material is a unique blend of epoxy and flex resin that gives excellent strength, flexibility and light weight.    All of our parts are designed and developed in Germany to the highest quality standards.  Fit and finish is excellent, which provides for a seamless installation with one of our Authorized Installation Facilities.  Please contact us for more details.

Fits all BMW 2-Series Coupe Models.


Complete PD2XX Widebody Aerodynamic-Kit for BMW 2-Series Coupe includes:

PD2XX WB Front Bumper


PD2XX WB Front Lip Spoiler


PD2XX WB Side Skirts


PD2XX WB Rear Bumper


PD2XX WB Diffusor


PD2XX WB Rear Trunk Spoiler


PD2XX WB Front Widenings


PD2XX WB Rear Widenings


PD2XX Bonnet




PRIOR-DESIGN Exclusive Custom Interior is available on request.


9x20 ET40 / 10.5x20 ET 40

Different colors available

See more




PRIOR-DESIGN Suspension-Kits are available on request.




Paint and installation at our facility is possible. Please contact us for details.

BMW 235i // MANHART MH2 400 Wide Body Kit

MANHART Widebody Kit BMW F22 / F23 2-Series

MANHART Performance GmbH & Co. KG
The MANHART Performance widebody kit for the BMW F22 / F23 2-Series consists of 11 GRP parts and... more
Product information "MANHART Widebody Kit BMW F22 / F23 2-Series"

The MANHART Performance widebody kit for the BMW F22 / F23 2-Series consists of 11 GRP parts and is the perfect kit for everyone who wants to change their BMW M235i / M240i into something very special.

The MANHART kit leaves your M235i or M240i shining among the crowd. The 11-piece GRP widebody kits requires changes to the rear fenders before mounting the kit.

In addition to the show effect of the MANHART widebody kit, we also ensure that the quality and fit during installation meets our and our customer's requirements.

The MANHART Performance widebody kit for the BMW F22 / F23 2-Series comes with TGA certification.

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Kit body bmw wide m240i

BMW F22/F23/M2 2-Series Coupe & Cabrio Tuning

PD2XX WB Widebody Aerodynamic Kit for BMW F22/F23 2-Series Coupe & Cabrio models

PD2XX WB Wide Body Aerodynamic Kit suitable for all BMW F22/F23 2-Series Coupe & Cabrio models incl. M235i xDrive, M240i, M240i xDrive, BMW M2.

We make attention that in our widebody kit’s the wheel arches and possibly the front fenders must be cut!

Our product is made from the fiberglass mix of highest quality, certified by TÜV Rheinland. This material is characterized by a smooth, stylish, high-end surface finish that provides sufficient flexibility combined with a decent stability. Therefore it doesn’t require more than few touches of waterpaper before being painted in preferred colour.  All of  the body kit’s parts are made with a superb fitment without the need for getting prior modifications or alterations. It undoubtedly minimizes the costs of potential reconstruction. The body kit installation should be conducted only in proven and reliable workshops or by experts with fiberglass work history background.

PD2XX WB Widebody Aerodynamic Kit for BMW F22/F23 2-Series Coupe & Cabrio includes:

  • PD2XX WB Front Bumper for BMW F22/F23 2-Series Coupe & Cabrio
  • PD2XX WB Front Lip Spoiler for PD2XX WB Front Bumper
  • PD2XX WB Front Widenings for BMW F22/F23 2-Series Coupe & Cabrio
  • PD2XX WB Side Skirts for BMW F22/F23 2-Series Coupe & Cabrio
  • PD2XX WB Rear Widenings for BMW F22/F23 2-Series Coupe & Cabrio
  • PD2XX WB Rear Bumper for BMW F22/F23 2-Series Coupe & Cabrio
  • PD2XX WB Diffusor for PD2XX WB Rear Bumper
  • PD2XX WB Rear Trunk Spoiler for BMW F22/F23 2-Series Coupe & Cabrio
My Friend's CRAZY Widebody Hybrid Turbo BMW M235i

The guys from Prior Design are known for their eccentric wide body kits, often seen on M cars. Yet, it’s good to know that “normal” BMWs are also receiving some TLC from them, as is the case with the BMW 2 Series. The tuner just took the veil off its latest kit for the 2 Series dubbed the PD2XX.

As you can already tell from the pictures, no corners were cut here. The corners of the car – pun intended – were actually beefed up and everything about the wide body kit is pretty much hardcore. However, that’s how the guys from Prior Design usually work so there are no surprises here.

Prior Design BMW 2 Series 3 750x463

While the BMW M2 is definitely THE car to buy right now, some owners are still very much so enjoying the sportiness and lightness of the 2 Series Coupe. This kit may be exactly what they were looking for as it appeals to the whole range of models. The complete works package includes a new front bumper, new side skirts, fender extensions front and back as well as a new rear bumper. What you should also know is that all of these parts are made of Fiberglass-Duraflex and not carbon fiber.

Pricing for the complete kit adds up to €6,120 but you can spec your car with any of the parts, individually. The front and bumpers cost €890 each, the side skirts at €590 while the rear fender extensions will cost you €1,090, the front ones being €200 cheaper. The trunk spoiler and the front splitter are the cheapest parts you can buy at €490 while the rear diffusor will set you back €790.


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