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Escape game Carn-EVIL

Company: Escape Rooms Mesa

  • Number of players4 – 6
  • Time limit60 min.
  • Difficulty level ()
  • Fear levelA little scary
  • Age requirement13+*

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  • It was my 4th time there and for my brothers birthday I decided to take him. My mom had always wanted to go so that was the plan. We did the carn-evil room!! We had a blast!!! The staff was great,we got there early and they got us right in!! I want to thank your staff and the great experience and we will be back!!!

    Sherry J.
  • We had a great time doing the Carn-evil room with some friends. It was fun, creepy and challenging. We can't wait to go back and try the other rooms as well. The facility is very nice and the staff was great.

    Corina C.
  • We did the carni-evil room last night and it was awesome! Such a different experience than we expected. Thanks for a great time! We might come back before we leave town.

    Sara L.

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Escape rooms are taking the United States by storm! The goal of the game is to find a way out of a locked room within the given time limit. Work as a team to solve logical puzzles, uncover clues, and follow the storyline to unravel the mystery. Each riddle brings you one step closer to the ultimate escape! Escape room games are great for a night out with friends, a date, a birthday celebration, or a team-building activity in the United States.


The 10 Best Escape Rooms in Arizona!

Are you looking for an exhilarating and exciting experience you won't forget? Enter escape rooms. These real-world adventures pair teams of friends, family, and strangers together to uncover a series of puzzles, mysteries and riddles—enabling them to "escape" from the themed room. Whether you've tried them before or are a new enthusiast, you'll want to check out these—the 10 best escape rooms in Arizona.

1. The Crypt Escape Rooms, Phoenix, AZ

Founded by a husband and wife team, the Crypt offers a unique escape room experience to all of its players. Why, you ask? The Crypt team developed a custom scoring system, so players are beating more than just the clock. They also allow players to request hints when they feel they need them, instead of providing hints at random. The Crypt has some other unique offers as well. With Earthlings Ultra, the Crypt brings the game to you and up to 99 other players! To find out what the extraterrestrials are up to, contact them today. Ever feel like just smashing something? At the Rage Room, you can! Participants are given weapons, items to smash, and protective gear. Now that's a game we can really get behind. 

2. Escape Zone AZ, Tempe, AZ

At the Escape Zone, participants can choose from three different escape rooms: The Inheritance, Jail Break, or Rush Hour. Each escape room features its own plot and varies in difficulty.  To play nice with others, choose a public room for $28 per person. If you'd like to have the room to yourself, private bookings are also available. Pricing varies depending on the number of participants. 

3. North Valley Escape Room, Anthem, AZ

The North Valley Escape Room was voted “Best of ” by Phoenix Magazine. Participants can choose from five different escape room options which vary in price depending on the room. In addition to having several options for adults, North Valley also offers "The Principal's Office," which is an escape room the kids can partake in, too. Want to host a party, other event, or fundraiser at North Valley Escape room? Contact them today.

4. Escape Adventure, Mesa, AZ

Escape Adventure offers minute escape room experiences plus a LIVE escape game. (Black Mirror, anyone?!) Try one of their themed rooms like Escape Wonderland or Journey Through Africa. And, if you're feeling really adventurous, try the live game and get your mind racing and adrenaline pumping.

5. MindSpark Escape Games, Tempe, AZ

According to the website, MindSpark Escape Games offers a "fully interactive and immersive experience" that's "unlike anything else you can do in Tempe." Grab your family and friends and book their Zombie Room or one of their other two themed room options today. And if you just can't wait? Try a minute VR solo mission.

6. Will You Escape?, Tucson, AZ

Will You Escape is a boutique escape room striving to provide each and every guest with a five-star worthy experience, per their website. Interested participants can choose from the following three themes: Secret Agent Room, Captain Steelhook's Treasure, or Serial Killer. Do bear in mind, though, players looking to book the Serial Killer room must be 18 years are older and will be blindfolded and/or handcuffed as part of the game.

7. Cluemaster Escape Rooms, Gilbert, AZ

At Cluemaster Escape Rooms, players can choose to participate in one of three themed rooms. And, unlike many other escape rooms, Cluemaster exclusively features private rooms—meaning, you and your friends or family members have the entire room to yourself. Pricing for each themed room varies depending on the number of guests. Put your heads together and see if you can escape Creature Of The Year, The Cell Block, or The Warden's Ruse.

8. Dare To Escape AZ, Tempe, AZ

At Dare To Escape, players can choose to be part of a cult and protect an ancient artifact, a gifted child with telepathic abilities, or a captured journalist in a terrorist cell. Dare To Escape welcomes kids, students, and adults. In addition, they offer discounts for kids aged and students with a valid ID. Get your team together and see for yourself if you, too, can escape.

9. Riddle Escape Room, Scottsdale, AZ

Riddle Escape Room prides itself as the “Best Escape Room” in all of Arizona. Try the FBI Interview, The Heist, Dr. Riddler's Lab, or Prison Break and see for yourself. Have an anniversary or want to propose? Riddle Escape Room welcomes those, too!

Escape the Room AZ, Scottsdale, AZ

Last, but not least, is Escape the Room AZ. Escape the Room offers not one, two, or three different rooms for players—but an astounding 6 uniquely themed rooms for players to avail of. Choose your challenge and don't forget—have fun!

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The Rise of Excalibur

Sky Park Circle, Irvine, California,

players, 60 minutes, Brainy Actz Escape Rooms - Mesa

Kings, Wizards, Knights, Magic, and War…the legend of King Arthur and his prized sword “Excalibur” dates back well over a thousand years. Most believe these stories are just those of old folklore, however, there is truth behind the myth… As the legend goes, when King Arthur was killed, his now famous sword, “Excalibur”, was thrown into the waters of Dozmary Pool, never to be seen again. Yet, many historians and adventurers have sought an alternate ending to this legendary tale. Recent discoveries have revealed that ”Excalibur” was never disposed of, instead, it remained with the all-powerful wizard, Merlin, to be protected by a spell, until it was claimed by the true heir to the throne. Do you believe this is your destiny? Are you willing to risk it all to possess the true power of “Excalibur”? Your reign could begin today… Just rememberBe quick. Be clever. Be brave. participants

7 Tips to Beat Any Escape Room

Escape Rooms Mesa

The Zone Escape Rooms is one of the top-rated escape rooms in Mesa. Some of the highly sought-after gaming designers and adventure enthusiasts have designed our escape rooms, the clues, and the tasks making it one of the most challenging gaming arenas in the country.

Is an escape room fun?

It will depend on the escape room you choose, and the people you play it with. But in general, escape rooms are exciting and entertaining.

Escape rooms are inexpensive fun-filled adventure games that are great for a team of people. It teaches team bonding, improves communication, and is a great way to break the ice if you are trying to get along with someone new.

Are escape rooms scary?

Escape rooms can look and feel strange, dark, and menacing, but it is scary in an exciting way. They are more fun than creepy because you are going to play these rooms with a group of friends that you know well, and that can't be scary. 

To navigate inside the escape rooms, you will rely on jumbled cryptic words, flashlights, hints offered by live actors, etc. If you find those scary, then an escape room isn't the game for you. People who visit our escape rooms in Mesa find the overall experience enthralling and adventurous than scary or sinister.

Rules for playing an escape room with Actors

One of the exciting aspects of room escape games is that some of them include live actors. These actors interact with the players, triggers events, and pose challenges while playing the game. However, there are rules when it comes to playing an escape room with actors. They are:

  • Make sure to be respectful of the actor. If you involve in activities like assaults, harassments, groping, or harming the actor, the company may call the police.

  • If you enter an escape room with an actor, the chances are that the actor has a vital role to play in the game. Pay attention to anything that an actor says or does.

  • Observe the actor, as to where they stand, what they are looking at, etc. It could also be a hint, so make sure not to look at the actor in an obvious way, or they may do something to throw you off.

When there is an actor in an escape room, you are not just solving puzzles, riddles, and hints but playing against a human dynamic. Hence be kind to your actor and play along with them by interacting and paying careful attention to them.

Tips for playing escape rooms

Instead of approaching with a strategy, be present at the moment and enjoy yourself. It is a team activity for a reason, so make sure to coordinate and actively communicate with your teammates to make the whole experience memorable and fun.

Do you love adventure games? Visit our escape rooms in Mesa for a truly bewitching experience. At The Zone Escape Rooms, we have five different concepts of escape rooms with varying levels of difficulty. Call us for details.  


In escape az rooms mesa

Brainy Actz Escape Rooms Mesa

It was fun. Felt like there could have more variety of items to break and I really wanted to use a bat! Good times!

Brian Williams

18 Oct 21

There is a lot of thought and detail put into this room. We had a great host. Thank you!

Emmanuel Cardoso

16 Sep 21

Great staff, so much fun.
Excellent escape room with clever puzzles and a friendly host. Only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because their phones are currently answered by a very rude person named Kevin who lacks basic customer service skills.

Jessica Rabid

21 Aug 21

Amy was awesome! Super friendly and helpful. She had great ideas and we're definitely coming back.

Autumn Pickart

19 Aug 21

Good times, lots of activities. We did the axe and knife throwing, but there is a nerf gun war room, or archery with arrows that are safe from hurting you, some escape rooms and a rage room. The rage room is cool, you can bring your own items or use theirs to destroy things. Neat idea and it's a way to keep cool in the hot summer months. We will be back.

Patrick Conaway

03 Aug 21

My girlfriend and I were visiting AZ with family, and we wanted to do something different and fun. There were 9 of us, and we decided to do an escape room and axe throwing! The staff, Maya and Mark, we’re both super helpful and great hosts.Lots of reviews mentioned AC issues, but they’ve definitely fixed that. The temperature was completely fine!The escape room was challenging but we’re a group of smart cookies so we knocked it out with 17 minutes to spare! Definitely check out the Legacy themed room. Such a cool ending!Axe throwing was awesome. Lots of fun things to throw. Great way to relieve stress, we had such a good time.We will ABSOLUTELY be coming back!

Casey Richardson

01 Aug 21

Great experience doing ax throwing for the first time.

Perrace Jackson

28 Jul 21

Incredible! Alex was the host and we did axe throwing and best experience of my life! I will be back ASAP and I will be planning parties here in the future

Claire LuzHoxsie

23 Jul 21

This was my first time doing an Escape Room and I had so much fun doing this with my son and daughter-in-law. Oh by the way; we found the treasure and escaped.

Arlease Coleman

20 Jul 21

Fantastic fun with friends and family.

Hussain Algarib

12 Jul 21

Best experience ever! Jen and her crew was amazing!!!

Shae Di Nofa

02 Jul 21

Great place if you want to try something new. They have a destruction room, axe/knife throwing, escape rooms, and Nerf tag. If there was more air flow through the big back rooms where the more physical activities are then it'd be five stars for sure.

Adam Perales

01 Jul 21

Amazing place for a date night, party, or just a random adventure. Lots to do including; axe throwing, nerf wars, archery tag, paint room, escape rooms and rage room. The lady we worked with was Amy and she was super sweet and helpful. She showed us around and answered all of our questions! Will definitely be going again!!!

Jonathan Gonzalez

27 Jun 21

I got my fiance a groupon here for his birthday and had SO MUCH FUN. It was definitely not what we were expecting, but it is a GREAT place to try something new. Amy was super nice and showed us how to use everything that we booked. We will definitely be back, we could EASILY spend an entire day here and be happy as could be! Thanks so much for a great date night!!!

Baby Jane's Custom Desserts

26 Jun 21

We did one of the escape rooms and had A-blast

Samantha Bowman

25 Jun 21

First time doing an escape room and loved it! It was exactly what I thought it would be. Definitely recommend this one.

Ramon Robles

17 Jun 21

We had so much fun celebrating our son bday! Kids and I think adults even more!! The young man working there was awesome! He made the experience so enjoyable! Highly recommend!! We loved it!!!

Susana Velazco

02 May 21

If you are looking to find an exciting escape room challenge nearby Mesa, then experiencing one of Brainy Actz Escape Rooms Mesa is the ideal team building activity or event venue. They are real-life puzzle room adventure that puts you in a room for 60 minutes, with up to 10 people. The goal is to try to solve different objectives and puzzles so you and your team can ultimately exit the room before the clock runs out.

Mesa Escape Room

Brainy Actz Escape Rooms for Kids and AdultsWhat makes our Mesa escape room adventures unique is the fact that we tailor to both adults and kids. The escape games we have created are made to test your teamwork abilities, problem-solving skills, and intellect to push your brains to the limit.

Our escape games&#; level of difficulty is designed to challenge even the most intelligent and resourceful Adults. However, when kids are doing the room with no adults present, then one of our staff members will go in with them and guide them through the room escape.

You, your friends, and family will have plenty of choices for your next exit game adventure, which we are sure will be the time of your lives finding clues and solving mysteries. We are confident that you will want to keep coming back to take on the next Brainy Actz Escape Rooms Mesa challenge.

Best Escape Game Experiences

We pride ourselves on creating the most interactive, engaging, and best escape game experiences for our customers. The technology that we have in our puzzle rooms is unlike any other escape room company in Mesa. We strive to provide a wide selection of puzzle rooms for you to choose from. This enables you to have a new experience each time you come back.  Bring your kids and/or friends to have more people solving the same puzzle. Our mystery rooms are also a perfect venue to host corporate events and birthday parties. Click below to schedule an event:

Corporate EventsBirthday Parties

Rage Room

The perfect place to bring your friends for a SMASHING experience!

Book Now

Splatter Paint Room

Splatter painting is a fun & unique experience for kids and adults to paint on canvas and on everywhere else.

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