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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 live event: Everything we know so far

Rumors regarding an upcoming Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 live event are already doing their rounds, despite being barely a week into the new season. This is not uncommon given the hype surrounding the game, and with players always wanting something new, concepts soon morph into rumors and spread like wildfire.

However, unlike most times, these new rumors of an event may have some truth rather than mere speculation or conveniently edited concept art. While the intricate details are fuzzy as of now, and a lot of it is still based on assumption, a few things can be said with certainty.

iFireMonkey reveals upcoming Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 live event

A short while ago, well-known Fortnite leaker iFireMonkey revealed a startling discovery that sent followers into a frenzy. Although not much was said, the information disclosed was enough to get the crowd going.

According to the leaker, a brand new Fortnite event code-named "Guava" is currently in development. As of now, it has seven phases, and more could be added over time.

For comparison, "Operation Sky Fire" had five phases, while the last in-game concert, the Rift Tour featuring Ariana Grande, had a total of 15 phases. Given that the latest upcoming event has more phases than the latest one, it may be grander.

Sadly, iFireMonkey hasn't disclosed if this will be a Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 live event or an event for later a season. On the flip side, given that Fortnitemares is scheduled to start soon, "Guava" may be the code name for an event that is rumored to happen in October to celebrate Halloween. However, for the time being, the information should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Speculations for the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 live event

While confirmed details are limited for the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 live event, a few leaks suggest that an event similar to that of Fortnitemares from 2018 may occur again.

As seen on the map above, all the purple cubes and the Queen cube will be moving towards the Aftermath. Once there, they will more than likely roll into the water, corrupting it and perhaps triggering another island-wide event.

Additionally, as shown in the trailer, the island may get covered in purple cubes; oddly enough, data miners have found evidence that many more cubes will indeed be spawning on the island soon. Sadly, there is no information available as to what these smaller cubes are meant for.

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As of now, players will have to wait for more information regarding the same to become public or hope Epic Games will slip up and reveal some details like the now deleted "Burning Wolf" animated comic.


Fortnite Season 8: First Major Update takes place

Fortnite Season 8 is underway and content is coming thick and fast, and we just got the first major official update.

There is also a new trailer that details how JP Chimpanski will be the mastermind behind saving the island but curiously, a shot of Steamy Stacks was shown and it's looking worse for wear.

Below is everything we know about Fortnite Season 8 so far.

Latest - Update 18.10 is live!

Fortnite Update 18.10 is now live and brings plenty of exciting changes. We have new weapons, NPCs and map changes! Check out our live updates for more info including the download size!

New Trailer + Update

Update 18.10 should be live next week and ahead of this, we got an official update trailer. In it, we see a shot of Steamy Stacks and it appears to have suffered some destruction! We hope to learn more about this in the coming week. Could it be tied to the moving cubes?

XP Grind to be Fixed

A fix for the slow XP grind is Season 8 is coming soon. Fortnite has announced that changes are coming that will take away the horrible grind needed to gain Battle Pass levels this season. We'll learn more on 28 September.

Season 8 New Features Breakdown

The servers are back online for the start of Season 8, so all the new features are now known. With the theme this season being 'Cubed' there's a lot of mysterious stuff to find across the map.

Thankfully, Epic and PlayStation have worked together to break it all down for you. You can check out all the details on the PlayStation Blog.

We also have a lot of details on the new features and what happens in the run-up to the new season going live down below.

Season 8 Story Trailer

The Fortnite Season 8 Story Trailer has been released and shows us a little more about the fallout of Operation Sky Fire. The Cubes have indeed landed on the island and are causing all kinds of problems.

At the end of the video we also get our first tease for The Foundation returning.

Teaser Three + Carnage Skin!

We have teaser three for Fortnite containing character JB Chimpanski as well as a Season 8 teaser which appears to confirm the addition of Carnage as a new skin!

Fortnite Season 8 Teaser Two

A second teaser has been revealed for Season 8 and appears to depict a kind of demon hunter character. There is some clear anime influence to the design which has people excited.

Like the first image, there is part of a QR code within in. After four teasers, we should have the full QR code and whatever it is hiding.

First Official Season 8 Teaser

We have our first official Season 8 teaser in the form of some incredible artwork!

It's possible that Fabio Sparklemane will be an NPC moving forward or maybe even a skin in the Battle Pass (akin to the upgradable Kymera).

Event complete, Season 8 Start confirmed

We now know that Season 8 weill begin at 10:00 BST / 05:00 EST / 02:00 PST. During the Operation Sky Fire Event, the Mothership was destroyed and Kevin the Cub reappeared.

Fortnite Season 8 Start Time
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+ 3

Only, he also had thousands of other cube friends stored on the Mothership. As it came hurdling towards the island, so did all of the cubes on board. We'll have to wait for the story trailer to find out more.

First Official Operation Sky Fire Event Tease

Today, Epic has released the first official Fortnite Season 8 teaser, which focuses on what we might see from the Operation Sky Fire Event.

It features the words 'Hot Saucers' and features a video of NPCs chatting about trusting Sloane and the alien invasion.

We're sure this will all come to a head in the event this weekend. You can check out the teaser down below:

Naruto will NOT be part of the Season 8 Battle Pass

Unfortunately, we have a situation where the leakers were wrong! It doesn't happen too often so we'll let them off this time! It was previously reported on multiple occasions and by multiple individuals that Naruto would be part of the Season 8 Battle Pass.

This is no longer the case after some clarification from @SHiinaBR on Twitter today. Naruto is still expected to arrive just not as part of the Season 8 Battle Pass.

Pre Season 8 Event Revealed

The big live event that'll end Season 7 and begin Season 8 has now been officially revealed.

Operation Sky Fire will see you and 16 other friends join the fight to rid the island of aliens once and for all.

"With the Mothership’s sights set on the Imagined Order’s secret base at Corny Complex, Slone has hatched a plan to end the Invasion once and for all. You’ve answered her calls, worked as an undercover agent for the IO - now it’s time to infiltrate The Last Reality and put a stop to the Alien’s occupation."

Operation Sky Fire will take place in Fortnite on September 12 at 4pm ET/9pm BST, as we head into Season 8.

Possible Season 8 Battle Pass additions?

While it seems almost a done deal. according to leakers, that Naruto will be part of the Season 8 Battle Pass, we are thinking of who else could be added.

We think Rick O'Connell from 'The Mummy' film series would be the perfect addition should Season 8 follow the Ancient Egyptian theme. Let's be honest, who doesn't want a Brendan Fraser skin in Fortnite.

Character Cups to continue into Season 8?

One thing that cannot be ignored with Fortnite Season 7 is the sheer amount of Character Cups there has been. We've had Thanos, Wonder WCan Season 8 beat this season for content?

The current Fortnite season is proving to be something special. We've had so much content added in the last few weeks alone that it's starting to get the community thinking, how will Season 8 compete?

Not too much is known about Fortnite Season 8 currently other than some leaked material which is still debatable at best. When looking at how Season 7 was viewed in the first few weeks compared to the absolute hype train it has become, how can Season 8 replicate this feeling.

Frequent content drops, a thriving competitive scene and a compelling seasonal storyline will go a long way to helping Season 8 thrive. Will Epic come through and ensure Season 8 has everything it needs to be memorable? We sure hope so.

Fortnite Season 8 Start Date

We do not have a solid date yet for the start of Season 8, but the Battle Pass for Season 7 ends on 12 September according to @HYPEX on Twitter.

This would mean that Season 8 would have a predicted start date of between 13-15 September.

Fortnite Season 8 Theme

If the timings for Season 8 are correct, then we could be in for a spooky-themed Battle Pass and the season overall.

Fortnite Season 8 Food
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Season 8 would encompass Halloween and beyond which leaves many exciting possibilities for the possible themes. Perhaps the rumoured Medieval Food theme from Season 7 could be used in Season 8 instead.

Fortnite Season 8 Story

The Fortnite Season 7 story has been fantastic so far, which sets the bar higher for Season 8. The alien invasion arc has steadily unravelled over time through the weekly quests and is keeping players engaged.

Fortnite Season 8 Alien
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If the themes fit the story then it's hard to imagine how great a story we may get out of Medieval Food, but stranger things have happened.

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When Fortnite Season 9 starts and Chapter 2 Season 8 ends

The new Sideways Anomalies introduced at the start of Fortnite Season 8 are ridiculously overpowered. Here’s why you need to be visiting these anomalies.

Fortnite Season 8 is off to a weird start. Where the past few seasons had themes that were easy to understand, Season 8 is a black swan.

With Cubed being the Season 8 title theme, a bunch of Kevin Cubes have popped up all over the map. Like in Chapter 1, these cubes roll around the map leaving destruction in their wake. But there’s even more to this season’s madness.

Epic Games also threw in the new Sideways biomes. These are zit-lit bubbles that appear on the map that are infested with dangerous creatures. However, the Sideways Anomalies are smaller biomes that are game-changing additions to Fortnite.

fortnite season 8 mythic sideways weapons

There are two ways players can enter The Sideways in Fortnite Season 8. The first and most popular is via The Sideways biome that appears on one of the POIs at the start of every match. These biomes do not disappear, and they are heavily populated by players and monsters.

However, The Sideways biomes are not as accessible or rewarding as the Sideways Anomalies. Sideways Anomalies appear as purple rift-like markers on the map, and there are three on the map at all times.

When approached, the rifts will expand and create a smaller Sideways biome. Cube Monsters will begin to spawn, and players will be able to spend a small amount of time inside the anomaly before it closes. Once the Sideways Anomaly closes, another one will appear on the map.

fortnite sideways biome

Aside from the larger Sideways biome, players tend to ignore the Fortnite Sideways Anomalies. However, players should visit every Sideways Anomaly they can. Here’s a list of reasons players should visit the Sideways Anomalies.

  • Siphon health from Cube Monster eliminations
  • Easily get max ammo from Cube Monsters
  • Easy way to get Mythic Sideways Weapons

Every time a player kills a Cube Monster, they will gain health and shield. And since the Cube Monsters are easy to kill, players can get full health and shield super quickly. As well, Cube Monsters drop a lot of ammo when eliminated.

Players can also get overpowered Mythic Sideways weapons after visiting 1 or 2 Sideways Anomalies. But what makes these so overpowered is the small number of players that visit them.

Yes, you can get all of these benefits from the large Sideways biomes, but it’s unlikely that you’ll encounter an opponent at Fortnite Sideways Anomalies. Having a biome all to yourself takes the edge off of getting geared up.

Are you a fan of the new Sideways biomes, and have you tried the Sideways Weapons yet? Let us know your thoughts on our FortniteINTEL Twitter page.

For more Fortnite, check out where to find every Mythic weapon in Season 8, and stay tuned for more news and guides.

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Is the Fortnite Season 8 Mystery Character tied to a major in-game Event?

Fortnite Season 8 is well underway and we've now had our first update of the season in the form of 18.10!

Season 7 provided the goods in a major way with the Rift Tour and multiple character cups. Could something spooky be on the cards for Season 8? It's getting to that time of the year when the only word on players lips is... Fortnitemares!

We're going to let you in on everything you need to know about a possible Fortnite Season 8 event.

Latest - Fortnitemares to begin soon?

We have no official word on a Fortnitemare release date as of yet but initial leaks suggest it will be more than just new cosmetic content. This years event could also be tied into the story of Season 8 as the ongoing cube movements are believed to be tied into the start of the event.

Mystery Character tied to an event?

Is the mystery character in the Season 8 Battle Pass ties to a new event? Very little is known about ths skin beyond the silhouette that can be seen in the menus.

Fortnite Mystery Character
click to enlarge
+ 2

We know it will arrive on Thursday, 28 October so rumors suggest it could be tied to Fortnitemares. It does appear, however, that it's more liekly tied to the overall Season 8 storyline and more will be revealed in the coming weeks.

End of Season 7 Event announced

Operation Sky Fire will signal the end of Fortnite Season 7. It takes place on Sunday, 12 September just days before Season 8 is due to start.

@HYPEX waas correct in their leaks as a countdown timer started on Friday, 3 September. The event codename 'Sky Fire' was also correct.

Fortnite Season 8 Event could get Spooky

It's no secret that Fortnite Season 8 will run through October and Halloween is a prime time to run an in-game event. While many fans think of events as being live concerts or something that is super limited, that's not always the case.

Fortnite Season 8 Halloween Event
click to enlarge
+ 2

We could see a Halloween event last anywhere up to 10 days and include various limited-time challenges for players to complete. If there were to be a live event element to the celebration, we would be down for that too, but Fortnite just has to celebrate the spookiest holiday of the year somehow.

Possible live concerts in Fortnite Season 8

Thanks to some leaks that came out of the Epic vs Apple lawsuit, we know that Epic has had talks and potentially struck deals with some artists to appear in-game. Ariana Grande was one of those revealed and everything there turned out to be true.

The other major name mentioned was Lady Gaga. Having Gaga appear in Fortnite for a live concert would be insane and given her creativity, any live event in her honour could get bonkers. It could also be that her live concert headlines a Halloween event which would be the perfect way to celebrate the holiday.

We'll keep you up to date on any developments, leaks and rumours regarding the Fortnite Season 8 event going forward.

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Fortnite Season 8 biggest changes - what's been updated and added in Fortnite Cubed

Fortnite Season 8 has finally arrived, after months of speculation and battles with invading alien forces culminated in an explosive showdown aboard the Mothership. Just as the huge craft was being torn apart, the Cubes reappeared in force after a long absence and were then rained down upon the island amongst the falling debris. The impact on the world of Fortnite has been immediate, with ominous rifts opening up to The Sideways and replacing the aliens with a whole new monstrous threat to deal with. If you want to know about the biggest changes in Fortnite Season 8, we've got a round up of all the details you need to know about.

A gateway to The Fortnite Sideways has opened up, where dark monsters lurk and attack players while low gravity and building restrictions make combat trickier. You'll see a large dome appear at a random POI each match, known as a Sideways Zone, which will remain in place for the whole match with a regular supply of monsters inside. You'll also spot dark rifts on the map with a purple glow, and approaching one of those will create a temporary Sideways Anomaly, where you have a limited time to defeat all of the fiends and brutes that attack.

New weapons can be crafted from Cube Monster Parts

There are a number of Fortnite new weapons arriving in Season 8, including the Sideways Rifle and Sideways Minigun, which can be upgraded by crafting them with Cube Monster Parts. These new Fortnite crafting materials can only be obtained by defeating the monsters coming from The Sideways, either in Sideways Zones or Sideways Anomalies, so you'll need to put in a fight to get them. There are also several unvaulted weapons, such as the Automatic Sniper Rife and Harpoon Gun, with more on the way as the season progresses.

There are Mothership crash sites around the island

Although none of the named points of interest on the Fortnite map have changed significantly, other than Corny Complex returning to its pre-abduction state, there are large areas that have been scorched by parts of the Mothership crash landing there. As well as being a source of loot and Shadow Stones, there are also glowing purple tunnels above that you can jump or bounce into then fly around to move quickly from one part of the area to the other.

The IO Guards have moved on to Outposts

In the last season you'd find Fortnite IO Guards at various satellite stations, and although those buildings still exist they are now uninhabited. Instead, they're patrolling around the new IO Outposts, and you'll also encounter several of them plus Doctor Slone if you discover the IO Convoy.

Shadow Stones return

Shadow Stones are the small purple cubes mainly found around wreckage sites, which you can consume to temporarily become an apparition. Although you can't use any weapons while in this state, you are almost invisible to opponents and can phase through obstacles to sneak around. The effect wears off after a certain amount of time, though you can also manually exit this state early to spring a surprise attack on opponents.

Quests have changed and Punchcards are back

Punchcards are back, providing a new way to earn XP in conjunction with the Fortnite quests. There are daily and weekly punchcards to work through, plus Fortnite characters punchcards specific to certain NPCs. For the characters, you can pin their location to the map to help you find them initially, so you can get their individual questline up and running.

New Wildlife has been sighted

Along with the boars, chickens, and wolves we're familiar with from previous seasons, the crow is a new animal populating the island. At this point we're not sure if they have any particular abilities other than being able to fly around, which makes them harder to hunt unless you wait for them to perch first. There have also been sightings of dinosaurs, who are making a reappearance having not been seen since the island was Primal.

Toona Fish can be customized with Color Bottles and Rainbow Ink

Toona Fish is the new customizable character for Season 8, who can be restyled by finding collectible Fortnite Color Bottles at specific locations around the island, noted by hovering over them on the Paint A Toona Fish menu. You'll also earn Rainbow Ink as a random drop from chests, and once you've found three of the same Color Bottles to unlock that style, you can spend 10 Rainbow Ink to unlock the corresponding character style for that color.

Funding Stations develop the war effort

Funding Stations have appeared at various named locations, where players can deposit bars to contribute to the community total. This will unlock Turret Stations to aid the fight against The Sideways monsters, and players can also decide on new weapons to develop and unvault. After you contribute bars, the funding progress as a percentage will appear when you check the station.

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