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Lily From AT&T Won't Show Her Full Body In Commercials Anymore. Here's Why

The actors and actresses who star in commercials have a funny way of making you feel like they're almost family, especially when the same person sticks with a brand for months or even years. For example, many of us who grew up in the 1990s and 2000s are fond of Paul Marcarelli, the actor who starred as the "Test Man," who asked, "Can you hear me now?" in Verizon commercials from 2002 to 2011 before defecting to Sprint in 2016 (via CNN).

Another familiar face from commercials these days is Lily, who is affectionately known as "The AT&T Girl." Lily is played by Milana Vayntrub, who also directs the commercials she stars in. In addition to her role as Lily, Vayntrub has a long list of acting credits that include roles on "This Is Us", "House of Lies", "Californication", and "Silicon Valley", and also starred in her own sci-fi comedy series called "Other Space" (via IMDb).

Vayntrub picked up the role as Lily back in 2013 (via NBC News). While she's been a familiar face for millions of families across the United States and the globe since then, it turns out that this fame has come at a hefty emotional price.


Actor in Lily Plays by Milana Vayntrub AT&T Wireless Commercial 2021

Information About Latest AT&T Wireless TV Ad 2021 Lily Plays Featuring Milana Vayntrub

Milana Vayntrub AT&T Wireless Lily Plays commercial is the newest 2021 TV commercial ad of AT&T Wireless. Also known as Lily Plays advert. AT&T Wireless commercial Lily Plays. AT&T Wireless try to promote products through AT&T Wireless TV spot Lily Plays featuring Milana Vayntrub.

In order to break down exactly who gets the best deals at AT&T, Lily has brought out her handy whiteboard to explain everything to two customers. With many strokes of her blue marker, Lily shows that not only do new customers get deals, but so do existing customers. After a great explanation, the customers’ only question is why exactly Lily chose a permanent marker for her demonstration. The AT&T employee tries to improvise and assures the customers that she did it so they wouldn’t forget.

Actor/Actress in AT&T Wireless Lily Plays TV Spot 2021

Actor/actress in AT&T Wireless commercial Lily Plays are below:

Milana Vayntrub – Lily

Lena Waithe – Voice Over

Song in Lily Plays AT&T Wireless Commercial Featuring Milana Vayntrub

Song in Milana Vayntrub AT&T Wireless Commercial Lily Plays. Sorry no information about who sing the song that used in AT&T Wireless TV commercial Lily Plays. No information which song is used in the Lily Plays by Milana Vayntrub AT&T Wireless TV commercial ad 2021

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A woman consults with bubbly AT&T rep Lily and notices a huge sign announcing that new customers get the "best deals" on all smartphones, prompting her to ask: "But what if I'm already a customer?" Lily signals to her coworker Cam to swing the heavy sign around, revealing the other side with same deal for existing customers. As Lily notes that having the same deals for everyone is kind of the wireless carrier's "thing," a browsing man perks up at the now-visible offer and wonders out loud: "What about if I'm new to AT&T?" A third customer walks through the front door just as a wheezing Cam finishes rotating the sign yet again, but this time the entire store fills her in on the good news before she can finish her predictable question -- and possibly wear Cam out for good. AT&T invites everyone to shop its limited time "back-to-school" deals, offering a free Samsung Galaxy S21 5G with the purchase of an eligible unlimited plan and trade-in of an eligible smartphone.

AT&T Wireless
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Samsung Mobile Galaxy S21 5G, AT&T Wireless 5G
Free Samsung Galaxy S21 5G when purchesed on a qual. installment plan with eligible unlimited plan and eligible smartphone trade-in
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AT&T commercial actors and actresses are the faces of the telecommunications company. Their faces have shown up on countless commercials, and for many avid viewers, they have become some of the most recognizable faces on television. As a result, the actors and actresses have become synonymous with the telecommunications brand.

AT&T commercial actors

AT&T commercial is the world's largest telecommunications company. If you have watched television commercials in the last few years, there's a high chance you've watched the AT&T commercials. The commercials feature Lily Adams, a role played by Milana Vayntrub. She has dominated the commercial ads of the multinational telecommunications company since 2013.

Who is Milana Vayntrub?

Milana Aleksandrovna Vayntrub, famously known as Lily Adams, is an American actress and comedian known for featuring in AT&T Commercial as a saleswoman. She has appeared in more than 40 commercials, which gives her the identity of AT&T.

She was born in Uzbekistan, but her parents are Jewish, which gives her a Jewish identity. She migrated to the US in 1991 when she was only two years old following religious persecutions. Her family had financial issues, which forced her to start doing commercials when she was five years old to support them.

AT&T commercial actors

Which schools did she attend? Vayntrub attended Beverly Hills High School in Beverly Hills, California, but dropped out in her sophomore year but got GED. She then proceeded to the University of California in San Diego, where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication. She then received training in comedy from Upright Citizens Brigade.

Acting career

Milana has been successful in her acting career. She has featured in many movies, web channels and music videos. She is famous for doing commercials in AT&T from 2013 to 2016 and then came back as the new girl in the AT&T commercial in 2020. Some of the movies and TV shows she has featured in include:

  • The Division (2004) as Katerina Ominsky
  • Life Happens (2011) as Tanya
  • Junk (2012) as Natasha
  • The League (2012) as Cute Girl in Bar
  • House of Lies (2013) as Christy
  • Silicon Valley (2014) as Tara
  • Wrestling Isn't Wrestling (2015) as The Ultimate Warrior
  • Ghostbusters (2016) as Subway Rat Woman
  • Love (2016) as Natalie
  • This Is Us (2016-17) as Sloane Sandburg
  • That Moment When (2017) as Jill
  • Mother's Little Helpers (2019) as Lucy Pride
  • The Shabbos Goy (2020) as Hannah
  • Die Hard (2020) as Leah

How much is Milana Vayntrub net worth?

Milana boasts of a successful career in acting that has seen her feature in many commercials since she was a child. Over the course of her career as an actress, she has amassed a significant amount of net worth.

AT&T commercial actors

As of 2021, she has accumulated an estimated net worth of $3 million, which she gets from her acting career, YouTube channel and doing commercials. Her net worth will continue to increase in future as she continues with her endeavours.

What happened to Lily from AT&T commercials?

Vayntrub suffered sexual harassment in 2020 as her photos had been manipulated into memes that mainly focused on her breasts. Before the incident, she was often be seen roaming around the AT&T store.

After the sexual harassment incident, the actress was seen stationed behind a desk with her body mostly concealed. This caused an uproar, and she received numerous questions on the issue. After receiving numerous questions about why her body is hidden in the latest AT&T commercials, she took to Twitter to explain the decision.

Speaking about the body-shaming incident, she said that the thousands of unwelcome comments she received about her body hurt her feelings. AT&T issued a statement when things got out of control, stating that it will not tolerate the inappropriate comments and harassment of Milana.

Who is Matt Bush?

Matt Bush is an American actor known for his role in AT&T Commercials. The voice actor was born in Philadelphia and raised in New Jersey. He is of Italian origin as his parents claim their roots in Italy. Which schools did he attend? Bush went to Beck Middle School then Cherry Hill High School East. He then enrolled at Rowan University.

AT&T commercial actors

Matthew began his acting career when he was 15 years old. He is best known for his role as the male actor in the AT&T commercial. He has also starred in a number of AT&T commercials as a family member arguing over the expiration of rollover minutes. Besides AT&T, Mathew has also featured in several other films and TV shows, including:

  • One Last Thing (2005) as Ricky
  • Veronica Mars (2006) as Billy Greene
  • Scrubs (2006) as Teenage Boy
  • Adventureland (2009) as Tommy
  • Halloween II (2009) as Wolfie
  • High School (2010) as Henry Burke
  • Nice Guy Johnny (2010) as Johnny Rizzo
  • Glory Daze (2010-11) as Eli Feldman
  • Margaret (2011) as Kurt
  • Piranha 3DD (2012) as Barry
  • Hawaii Five-0 (2012) as Zack Slater
  • The Kitchen (2012) as Stan
  • Trouble With the Curve (2012) as Danny
  • Bad Samaritans (2013) as Chester
  • Anger Management (2013) as Kent
  • The Goldbergs (2014 to date) as Andy Cogan
  • Undrafted (2016) as David
  • Happy Birthday (2016) as Brady
  • The Relationship (2017) as Liam
  • Paddleton (2019) as Stewart

Now you know everything you ought to know about AT&T commercial actors and actresses names and profiles. Lily Adams and Matt Bush are the most recognizable faces in the commercial. They play an essential role in making the AT&T adverts interesting and stand out. The actors have become household names thanks to their appearances in the commercials. published an article about Allstate commercial actors and actresses names, net worth, other roles. The Allstate commercial is so enticing to skip. The insurance behemoth, headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois comes up with captivating advertisements to battle for its position in one of the most competitive market niches – automobile insurance.

Allstate commercial actors play an essential role in making their adverts interesting. Allstate commercial actors have made the outspoken brand shine with amazing acting prowess making the insurance firm stand out. They have produced numerous commercials, some very funny like the Allstate commercial Grounded.

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Commercials recent at&t

After Viral Body-Shaming Comments, AT&T’s Lily Actress Talks Controversy And How It’s Impacted Her Career

Actress Milana Vayntrub, most known for her role in a series of popular AT&T commercials where she plays a character named Lily, came to additional prominence last year after sharing her experience playing the popular character and what dealing with that is like online. You might think playing a well-known commercial character is a simple gig, but for AT&T’s Lily actress, it was anything but. She said then that trolls on the Internet targeted her “milkies” and made other disparaging body comments, effectively harassing her online. Now, she says she was surprised by the controversy and reveals how it has impacted her entire career.

In an interview ahead of her new movie Werewolves Within, Milana Vayntrub touched on her viral moment online, revealing she found what happened to be “surprising” after she admitted to dealing with body shaming. She said the support” and “the controversy” were both shocks to her, also recalling:

I wasn't upset because people shared their opinions on my appearance, but I said something because just by showing up to do my job, I received unwanted sexual and violent comments about my body and what people want to do to it.

Milana Vayntrub has had a lot of big appearances outside of her AT&T ads, ranging from stints on This is Us and Silicon Valley to a new role in the flick Werewolves Within, but she does say she feels she has to factor in a whole lot more before taking on a role since the body-shaming incidents gained a life of their own online. In the full interview over at Insider, she mentioned the whole ordeal has had an impact on her choices: What gigs she should take and which she feels she needs to pass on due to how it often becomes a conversation about how the internet treats her.

Of course I take into account how much skin I'm showing and whether I have a violent scene or a sexual scene, or honestly, whether I'm showing my feet or not, because it becomes a conversation about the way that I'm treated online. I'm unfortunately always thinking about it.

While Milana Vayntrub is still doing AT&T ads, you may have noticed them looking different in recent months. (In fact, AT&T itself is looking different in recent months.) Instead of the camera shots being focused on her body, she’s often sitting behind a desk or wearing blazers that cover more of her figure. She previously said she directs ads now and has decided this has to be the way Lily moves forward if the character will continue to be a focal point in the ads. You can see a more recent commercial below.

Milana Vayntrub is still active on social media, but she's been open and honest in the past about the types of comments she's gotten on the interwebs from the people who follow her on Instagram and elsewhere. It's easy to see why there's been a struggle for the TV, film and commercial actress.

These days, a lot of the stuff she posts is more focused on her career than anything personal -- like the trailer for Werewolves Within. Perusing the comments, she still gets a lot of "you are beautiful"-type thoughts from strangers, but that doesn't appear to have put her off social media completely, though she would not be the first celebrity to choose to leave social media due to the actions of others. For now, catch her in Werewolves Within, on VOD and in limited theaters now.

Amazing Race & Top Chef superfan with a pinch of Disney fairy dust thrown in. If you’ve created a rom-com I’ve probably watched it.

Here's What You Never Knew About Lily From AT\u0026T Commercials

'Lily' From AT&T Ads: 'You've Lost The Privilege Of Looking At' Her Body

Listen to this article now:

You might not recognize actress Milana Vayntrub's name, but you've definitely seen her face. The 34-year-old has starred as saleswoman 'Lily Adams' in a long-running campaign of AT&T commercials.

The company's latest ad starring Vayntrub recently debuted during the NCAA Tournament. The 30-second spot sees 'Lily' interacting with a sports fan who seems to have a foam finger for every question she asks. 'Lily' talks about how great AT&T is at keeping fans connected to March Madness thanks to the company's 5G. It seems like a typical ad from the phone company, except in this one, 'Lily' is shown behind a desk with her lower body concealed, which is a departure from previous commercials where she was fully in front of the camera.

The change in placement was very much intentional and Vayntrub said she's been receiving a lot of questions about it. She tweeted, "Been getting a lot of 'Why are they placing her body like that in those ads?' Well, I direct the ads. I place myself like that. And it’s because of the thousands of unwelcome comments I receive about my body. You’ve lost the privilege of looking at it until I feel safe again."

Vayntrub has been struggling with the online sexual harassment for months. Last year, she got emotional on Instagram Live to discuss the comments she faces daily, saying in that video, "I am not consenting to any of this... I do not want any of this." She added, "I'm hurting... and it's bringing up a lot of feelings of sexual assault."

AT&T fully supports their star, releasing a statement to Yahoo that reads, "We will not tolerate the inappropriate comments and harassment of Milana Vayntrub, the talented actor and director who portrays 'Lily' in our ads. Last summer, we disabled or deleted these comments on our social sites. We continue to fight to support her and our values, which appreciate and respect all women."

Another new ad with 'Lily' is out and it also features Vayntrub behind a desk.

You can stay up to date with Milana on her Instagram, here.

Photo: Getty Images


Now discussing:

Actress Milana Vayntrub might be best known as “the AT&T girl” or “Lily Adams” in AT&T television commercials. However, that’s not all she had contributed to the production process.

Readers might remember the last time we reported on Vayntrub, after a number of false and misleading ads about her life were displayed online.

In a TikTokvideo posted by Vayntrub, it shows her on the set portraying Lily in an AT&T commercial. However, she is also seen doing double-duty as the ad’s director.

‘Day in the Life’


Been making these since April #director#lilyatt#att#milanavayntrub The actor- Jorge Diaz. Makeup- @TorstenWitte on IG. Cinematography by Kai Saul.

♬ Dog Days Are Over – Florence & The Machine

In the video, Vayntrub begins by introducing a “day in the life of directing and acting in an AT&T commercial.”

After showing up to the set before sunrise, she takes a test for COVID-19. She gets a thumbs-up after the test. While the video was posted on Dec. 1, 2020, it appeared to have been recorded on Oct. 27.

“This is my breakfast and this is Torsten, who does my makeup,” Vayntrub says. “He’s a miracle worker cuz how do you DO that?”

She credited the other actor, Jorge Diaz, who was the other actor who walks by Lily in the AT&T television commercial. She also mentioned Kai Saul was the cinematographer.

Actor and Director

“Something malfunctions and then I also malfunction,” she says, as a piece of equipment appears to be experiencing technical issues.

Vayntrub is then seen directing the AT&T television commercial before appearing as Lily.

“When I’m directing, at least at first, I like to see the shot. So I have a stand-in instead of me,” she says as she watches a stand-in, who is wearing a mask and face shield.

Milana Vayntrub aka Lily Adams or the AT&T girl was featured in a TikTok video that showed she both acts and directs in the ads.

She then tells the crew that she is ready to film: “Love it. Love it. Love it.”

Finally, Vayntrub steps into the commercial as Lily while wearing her AT&T shirt and name tag.

“And then I set up shots like this,” she says, showing a dolly. “This is a dolly shot so we lay down a track and this is what it looks like. The camera moves with the actor.”

“The giggle was really sweet here so let’s try that again,” she tells Diaz. “And … action.”

Finally, the commercial has been shot. “That’s a wrap!” The cast and crew cheers.

Milana Vayntrub aka Lily Adams or the AT&T girl was featured in a TikTok video that showed she both acts and directs in the ads.

“There’s so much I haven’t shown you guys today, but here’s my dog not liking a raspberry. And me, exhausted. Happy. Grateful. But exhausted.”

It’s unclear how many of the ads she has directed. However, the video appeared to indicate that it was not the first time she held the title.

TikTok Reaction

On TikTok, commenters were surprised to learn that the “Lily” they’ve come to know over the years has also directed some of the ads.

“That’s so cool you direct them too omg!!,” said a commenter.

Julian Bass remarked: “Oh so YOU DIRECT EM HUH??? Top notch!!!” The comment had 224,000 likes.

Another commenter posted: “YO ITS THE LADY FROM THE AT&T COMMERCIAL HI.”

Vayntrub responded to a handful of the comments, mainly thanking many of them for saying such kind things.

As of June 2021, AT&T television commercials airing in the United States continued to feature Vayntrub as Lily Adams aka “the AT&T girl.”


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