How to install shelf track

How to install shelf track DEFAULT

How do I install ClosetMaid Shelftrack?

To get started with a ClosetMaid ShelfTrack closet, first measure the closet or area. ShelfTrack installation starts by installing and leveling the hang track, which should be screwed into studs if possible.

  1. Locate notched end of standard.
  2. Space standards no more than 24 inches apart.

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In this way, what is required when installing a Shelftrack system?

  • Use the correct hardware. Select the hardware that is right for your wall type:
  • Hang track location. Track can be installed at any height.
  • Determine length and spacing of standards.
  • Securing standards.
  • Attaching brackets.
  • Cutting shelving, closet rods, and hang tracks.
  • Corners.
  • End caps.

Similarly, how do you install Rubbermaid shelf brackets? Overview of steps:

  1. Pick a location for shelf and mark holes with pencil for brackets.
  2. Drill holes for brackets.
  3. Install wall anchors into holes.
  4. Attach screws into anchors.
  5. Hang brackets onto screws.
  6. Mark holes on shelf where holes for retention screws will be drilled.

Additionally, can closetMaid hang track be cut?

Cutting Shelving, Closet Rods, and Hang TracksWire shelving can be cut using a bolt cutter or hacksaw. Closet Rods can be cut using a pipe cutter (recommended) or a hacksaw. Hang Tracks can be cut with a hacksaw.

What is ClosetMaid SuperSlide?

ClosetMaid's top of the line shelving system for closets offers continuous sliding action. SuperSlide shelving is perfect for folded clothes, linens, and other closet items. With the addition of a SuperSlide closet rod support and closet rod, it forms a hanging system that allows hangers to slide freely end to end.


How To Install Closetmaid Shelftrack System Recipes

how-to-install-a-closetmaid-shelftrack-closet-storage image
The ShelfTrack mounting system is a flexible and easy-to-install system that allows shelving to be adjusted as needs change. To get started with a ClosetMaid ShelfTrack closet, first measure the closet or area. ShelfTrack installation …
  • The ShelfTrack mounting system is a flexible and easy-to-install system that allows shelving to be adjusted as needs change. To get started with a ClosetMaid ShelfTrack closet, first measure the closet or area. ShelfTrack installation starts by installing and leveling the hang track, which should be screwed into studs if possible. ;
  • When installing ShelfTrack™, always secure the hang track first.; At a desired height, level hang track with overhang positioned at top.;
  • Locate notched end of standard. Place standard onto hang track so notch fits over bottom rail.;
  • Choose from three types of shelving: Close mesh, also known as linen or pantry shelving, Shelf and Rod, or SuperSlide shelving.;
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2018-05-15  · Want to know How To Install ClosetMaid ShelfTrack Closet Shelves? Here we give you some good DIY closet ideas with detailed closet organization ideas and sho...
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2014-05-07  · Professional Organizer Meryl Starr offers us tips on installing ClosetMaid's ShelfTrack Wire Shelving.
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2016-03-16  · The ClosetMaid ShelfTrack system is a brilliant and versatile way to get organised. It's adjustability means that you can easily add to the system. These She...
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2013-10-04  · In depth instructions for mounting ClosetMaid ShelfTrack Wire Shelving. The installation shown in this video is for a 24" wide and 24" deep hall closet that ...
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2019-08-30  · In this video, learn how to install the ClosetMaid Superslide wire shelfing system. I’m making some extra space in our laundry room in this video, but this ...
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Do it Yourself Installation process of a wire shelf system by closetmaid from Home Depot. We Attach closet shelves to a wall Using Brackets and shelf support...
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Watch quick videos for successful installations and see our virtual 360 showroom. Dream Closets for Disabled Veteran. Go Beyond 360 Degrees: ClosetMaid Virtual Tour. ShelfTrack ® EVO Pro Installation Video. ShelfTrack TM Installation Video. TotalSlide ® Pro Installation Video. ExpressShelf TM Ventilated Over 8ft. Installation …
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2014-02-10  · The ClosetMaid ShelfTrack Elite system is pretty straightforward to install. A "Hang Track" is mounted at the top of the closet, and "Standards" are hung down vertically from that to support the shelves, and drawers. With a power drill and a …
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2021-10-08  · 2021-10-08  · ShelfTrack and FastTrack's wire shelves look like budget-friendly options, whereas Algot looks very similar to the much more expensive Container Store Elfa system. Installation Recap and Rankings. The need for precise measurements and additional anchors makes IKEA Algot's installation more difficult than Closetmaid ShelfTrack or Rubbermaid ...
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All ClosetMaid steel ventilated wire shelves are cold drawn – significantly improving the average tensile strength and performance characteristics of the steel. Our shelving is created by welding every wire-to-wire intersection, with each weld protected against corrosion by a vinyl coating that fully encapsulates both the wires and welds – a method superior to standard epoxy coatings ...
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ClosetMaid Shelving Install: Here we show you how to perform a ShelfTrack Wire Shelving Installation in a 7x4 walk-in master bedroom closet with the Closetma...
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View the steps to install a ShelfTrack closet system.
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ShelfTrack® Installation Tips 1. Use the correct hardware Select the hardware that is right for your wall type: 2. Hang track location Track can be installed at any height. However, for maximum adjustability and strongest installation, install track flush to ceiling and screw into wood header behind wallboard. Stud installation is recommended whenever possible for the strongest installation ...
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ClosetMaid ShelfTrack Installation Video. View the steps to install a ShelfTrack closet system. VIEW DEMO
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2019-03-07  · This video shows how to install the closet shelving system from ClosetMaid. This is a very easy DIY system. Parts can be purchased from Home Depot and Amaz...
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To get started with a ClosetMaid ShelfTrack closet, first measure the closet or area. ShelfTrack installation starts by installing and leveling the hang track, which should be screwed into studs if possible. Locate notched end of standard. Space standards no …
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2019-12-17  · In depth step by step instructional video for mounting ClosetMaid ShelfTrack Wire Shelving. The installation shown in this video is for a 24″ wide and 24″ deep hall closet that will be used primarily to store linens, towels, paper goods, laundry supplies, etc. The total material costs for this installation was around $150.00. This installation […]
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Project details


1 out of 5EasyThe installation becomes slightly trickier (but still very doable) if the shelf standards don't line up with the wall studs.

Estimated Time

1 to 2 hours

There's no easier way to add accessible storage to a room than with wall-mounted shelving made from metal standards, adjustable brackets and ready-made shelves.

This type of easy-to-install shelving system is ideal for a kid's room, home office, laundry room, walk-in closet, pantry or virtually any room in the house, with one notable exception: If you need shelves in a formal den, dining room or wood-paneled library, it's best to hire a trim carpenter to custom-build a shelving unit to match the architectural style of the room.

In this guest bedroom, we installed a pair of 25-inch-long twin-track standards, six 9-inch-long adjustable shelf brackets and three 10-inch-wide x 36-inch-long dark-oak melamine shelves. The wood-grain melamine, which is similar to plastic laminate, is bonded to a 5/8-inch-thick particleboard core.

Step 1

Mounted Shelves Overview

Photo by Shaffer Smith Photography

In this Step-by-step, we chose twin-track standards, which take more weight than the single-track version, have brackets that screw to the shelving, and allow you to install standards 32 inches on center (every other stud, rather than every stud). However, if you can't align the shelf standards with wall studs in every case, you can use hollow-wall anchors.

Step 2

Mark the locations of the wall studs

Photo by Shaffer Smith Photography

If you have drywall, locate the studs by sliding an electronic sensor along the wall until you hear a beep or see a red line, indicating the stud's edge. mark this point in pencil.

Slide the stud finder inf rom the oposite direction to find the stud's other edge.

Move over 32 inches and repeat for the second standard.

If you have wood-lath plaster walls, use a stud sensor with a metal setting to pinpoint where the lath is nailed to the stud. If you haev metal-lath plaster, or don't have a stud sensor, punch tiny holes witha finish nail along the wall (near baseboard is easy to hide)until you kit a stud.

Step 3

Drill pilot holes

Photo by Shaffer Smith Photography

Hold one of the standards on the wall between th emarks for the stud edges. Lightly mark where the top screw hole falls on the stud.

Bore a 1/8-inch-diameter screw pilot hole at the pencil mark, as shown.

Step 4

Hang the first shelf standard

Photo by Shaffer Smith Photography

Hold the standard in place and drive a single 2 ½-inch-long screw hole into the pilot hole (as shown).

Be sure the screw is snug, but don't overtighten it; the standard should hang freely straight down.

Tip: Rub candle wax onto the screws and they'll go in faster and easier.

Step 5

Drive in the bottom screw

Photo by Shaffer Smith Photography

Hold a 4-foot level against the edge of the standard. Adjust it until the level reads plumb, vertically.

Bore a ⅛-inch-diameter screw pilot hole through the bottom screw hole in the standard.

Drive a 2½-inchlong flathead wood screw through the bottom screw hole (as shown).

Put screws in the other screw holes in the standard.

Step 6

Hang the second standard

Photo by Shaffer Smith Photography

Hook a shelf bracket into each standard, at the same level.

Hold the second standard against the wall, centered on the wall stud 32 inches away. If the shelf will be holding a heavy load, use three standards, spacing them 16 inches apart.

Lay a 4-foot level across the two brackets, then raise or lower the unsecured standard until it's level with the first. Mark the top screw hole location, as shown.

Fasten the standard to the wall following Steps 3 and 4.

Step 7

Install the shelves

Photo by Shaffer Smith Photography

Attach the remaining pairs of brackets.

Slide the shelves onto the brackets and bore a ⅛-inch-diameter hole through the front of the bracket at the small mounting hole. Drill about half-way through without going completely though.

While holding down the shlef, drive a 1 ¼-inch-long flathead wood screw up through the bracket and into the shelf, as shown.

Repeat this step to secure the remaining shelves.

Installing Rubbermaid FastTrack Shelves

How to Guides

How To Create More Closet Space

1. Center Stack

Install one shelf at 85.5" that runs the entire perimeter of your closet to maximize upper storage. Add Shelf Stacks for sweaters, linens and other items that don't hang.

2. Double Hang

Double Hang is the quickest way to get more closet space. If your wardrobe consists of mostly skirts, shirts, slacks and blouces, you can double your hanging space. Place one Superslide® shelf at 85.5" high and another below it at 42" for correct Double Hang heights.

3. Long Hang

For Long Hang, place the shelf at 71.5."

4. Shoe Storage

Accessible Shoe Storage is key to an organized closet. Choose from a variety of shoe racks that can be used on the floor, over a door, or hung from a shelf. Or, create shoe shelves using inverted SuperSlide® shelving supported by Shoe Shelf Supports.

5. Storage Drawers

Use Drawers to store socks, belts, purses and things that don't hang or sit well on shelves. Drawer Frames are available in 30" and 42" heights and Drawers in 4", 7", and 11" depths. Allow adequate clearance for Drawers, especially in closets with sliding doors.

Measuring Your Space

One of the first steps in installing ClosetMaid products in your closets is measuring your closet space. The length of the walls, ceiling height, and width (in walk-in closets) or depth (in a standard, reach-in closet) will impact the depth of shelving you can use, the amount of shelving and hardware you need, and the options you can add to a basic configuration.

Ceiling height will also impact the vertical placement of your shelving. Typical shelf heights are 70" from the floor for long hanging space and 84" and 42" from the floor for double or short hanging space. Obviously, low ceilings will affect whether or not a shelf can be placed at 84".

Use a measuring tape to find your closet measurements. You can also determine the amount of long hang and double hang storage you need by measuring the space used for long and short garments in your closets.

Types of Shelving and Where to Use Them

All shelving can be cut to your closet measurements, usually right at the store.

SuperSlide® shelving is available in 12" and 16" depths and 4', 6', 8', and 12' lengths. SuperSlide® shelving and hardware give you the best solution to closet storage, providing both ample storage and continuous hanger slide from one end of the shelf to the other. This shelf may also be used with standard hardware for storage applications such as linen closets.

Close Mesh shelving is available in 16", and 20" depths and 6' and 12' lengths. Close Mesh is perfect for pantry storage or for anywhere small items are stored.

Shelf & Rod, or Wardrobe, shelving is widely available in 12" and 16" depths and 4', 6', 8', and 12' lengths. Wardrobe shelving is used where both storage and hanging space is required, such as in the closet or laundry room.

How To Cut Wire Shelving

You can cut wire shelves with a hacksaw or bolt-cutter. Cut shelves in one inch increments. We recommend that you cut shelving from the end that will be closest to the walls. Center your cuts between the wires or vertical spacers on the front lip of shelf to give yourself room to attach end caps to the cut ends.


Track how to install shelf

How to Install Rubbermaid Single-Track Shelves

By Kathy Adams

Single-track shelving is designed to mount to wall studs.

Rubbermaid single-track shelves offer adjustable storage options for places such as a linen closet. Vertical metal tracks fitted with numerous holes hold the shelf hardware in place, allowing you to set each shelf at the height you desire, on the fly. You should mount the tracks into wall studs to keep them secure on the walls for maximum safety, otherwise they may tumble down or tear away part of the wall under weight. You can use wall anchors if studs are not accessible.

Stud Seeking

Single-track shelving has tracks designed to mount on adjacent studs -- one track on one stud, the next 16 inches away on the next stud -- for each shelving setup. Locate a stud using a stud finder, marking the appropriate location with a pencil. Ensure that your measurement is correct by checking 16 inches over in either direction, where there should be another stud. In some cases, studs are not 16 inches on center, in which case one of the tracks may need to be mounted with wall anchors instead, if you stick with single-track shelving. Other ways to find approximate stud location is to look at the baseboards for nail heads or to locate nearby electrical outlets or switches. These electrical boxes are usually mounted to studs.

Straight on Track

Installing the tracks perfectly vertical and parallel to one another is the key to ensuring your shelving is safe and secure. Hold one vertical track up against the pencil mark indicating the stud. Hold a level up against the track and adjust both until the track is perfectly vertical. Draw pencil dots through the round screw holes in the track rather than through the elongated holes designed for the shelf hardware. Once you've finished one track, set it aside and drill pilot holes narrower than the screw shank on each of the pencil marks.

Attaching the Tracks

Attaching the first track is simply a matter of lining it up with the screw holes, inserting the screws and tightening them with a screwdriver. Once the first track is up, hold the second so its center is 16 inches away from the first. Place a level over the tops of both units and adjust the second track's height so the level sits perfectly horizontal, then make pencil dots through the screw holes on the second track. Drill pilot holes over the pencil marks, then attach the track to the wall stud using screws. If the second stud isn't in this location, insert a sturdy wall anchor into each hole before attaching the track with screws.

Shelf Time

Each shelf in the single-track system sits upon two brackets -- one bracket per track -- each at the same height. Hold the bracket so two pegs or hooks face the track; a small, curved lip at the other end faces up. Press the bracket into the desired hole and gently tap it into place with a hammer. The second bracket goes into the second track in the same manner -- be sure it is inserted at the same height as the first, or the shelf will sit crooked. The shelf rests on the brackets without being affixed to them.



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Kathy Adams is an award-winning journalist and freelance writer who traveled the world handling numerous duties for music artists. She writes travel and budgeting tips and destination guides for USA Today, Travelocity and ForRent, among others. She enjoys exploring foreign locales and hiking off the beaten path stateside, snapping pics of wildlife and nature instead of selfies.

Install ClosetMaid ShelfTrack - In Depth

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