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Mens Gold Chains

Men's Gold Chains are a staple item of the jewelry industry for good reason. They have been admired and sought after by everyone from modern day hip hop artists all the way to emperors of Rome and others that date prehistory. Beyond their symbolic gestures, real gold chains are a good investment and one of the few things in life that will turn into a profit after years of enjoyment. At TraxNYC, we offer an amazing collection of men's gold chains at very competitive prices. Our 14K gold chains selection has exotic links from around the world that you may be hard pressed to find elsewhere. Shop with confidence as all our men's gold chains come with appraisals and are GUARANTEED AS DESCRIBED OR FULL MONEY BACK.

In addition to our unrivaled selection of men's gold chains, we also specialize in creating custom chains. At Trax we have the best jewelers in the industry who can create a custom piece for you that's unlike anything you've ever seen. Whether you want a classic gold diamond chain or an iced out pendant, you can trust Trax to make you a stunning custom piece that exhibits the highest quality materials and finest craftsmanship. Along with men's gold chains, we also create custom diamond watches, rings, bracelets, and more. Get started designing your custom chain here.


6mm 14K Rose Gold Men's Diamond-Cut Rope Chain Necklace in




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Rope Chains


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3 Star Rating  April 02,
marilyn g. from greenwood, MS
Nice pendant--wish it did come in a slightly smaller siize
0 out of 0 people found the following review helpful:
5 Star Rating  May 04,
Nancy B. from Taunton, MA
Beautiful, mid weight rope chain. It looks really nice on my husband who wears his cross and other medals on this chain. Thank you for your quality jewelry.
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5 Star Rating  July 15,
thomas d. from Temecula, CA
Great chain! Heavy!
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5 Star Rating  January 05,
john f. from stratford, CT
Amazing bracelet,high quality,very happycustomer service great! Fast secure shipping. Could not be happier : ) plan on buying more from them.
0 out of 0 people found the following review helpful:
5 Star Rating  September 23,
jovanni E. from pflugerville, TX
This cross pendant is very nice and simple. The diamond cuts on the cross shine beautifully anywhere you go!
All of our rope chain necklaces are made with genuine, solid 14K gold or sterling silver, meaning that they are made with 14K gold or sterling silver inside and out and are NOT hollow. They consist of two or more strands, twisted around each other resembling a rope. This style is one of our most popular men's necklaces. To get these silver and gold chains to glisten under the light, manufacturers use diamond cutters to create small facets, similar to diamonds, in the metal, which create a sparkle when the light hits them. Many rope chains have diamond cuts. GoldenMine offers an assortment of high quality rope silver chains, yellow and white gold chains, and two tone gold chains. You can also find other gold chain styles, such as gold figaro chains, mariner, and Cuban silver chains, at prices that you can afford.
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Gold Chains for Men

If you’re wondering if wearing a gold chain is right for you—ponder no more—the answer is yes. The variety and versatility of real gold chains for men means that no matter what your style is, there’s a nice gold chain to suit you. Whether you’re into flashy fashion statements, or something sleek and subtle, a high-quality gold chain adds a confident edge to any outfit. How you style a chain, the meaning it has to you, and how it reflects your personality can be highly individualized. We’ve put together a guide to help you determine which of the best gold chains for men is right for you.

Benefits of Wearing Gold Chains

You might wonder why you don’t see many people wearing gold plated chains every day. More often, you’ll see them on athletes, actors, rappers, singers, directors, and other celebrities. These people are comfortable being in the spotlight. They’re not afraid to show off their fashion, lifestyle, and personality.

A lot of people worry if wearing a pure gold chain will look tacky on them. This problem is usually the result of buying a low-quality chain, not knowing your style, and not putting in the effort to find one that suits you.

If you buy men’s gold chain necklaces, look for established, quality vendors like ItsHot, who sell some of the finest gold chains in NYC.

Choosing the right quality gold chain for your neck can supply a number of benefits:

  • Gold lasts forever—you can always pass it down or sell it
  • Gold chains can be symbolic (of your journey, affiliation, achievements, etc)
  • Can show off your religious faith (such as rosary chains)
  • Shows your hard work (since you can afford one)
  • Shows you’re self-assured and confident
  • Shows off your knowledge of style
  • Symbolizes social status

As far back as the Egyptians and monarchies, men’s gold chains have been popular with the rich and famous as a way to flaunt their confidence and style. Pulling off a men’s gold link chain is a timeless statement in men’s fashion.


Choosing a Style

When deciding what style works best for you, you want to consider gold color, karats, thickness, and type of chain. At ItsHot, we offer several colors and varieties of gold: yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and even gold with a black rhodium finish with black diamonds. We also offer long designer chains in other real precious metals: platinum, sterling silver, and black rhodium sterling silver.


How To Choose a Gold Type 

Generally, warmer gold tones (yellow, rose gold) tend to match skin tones that are olive or darker. The higher the karats of yellow gold, such as in 14K solid gold franco chains, the more warm the color. Mixing yellow and white gold layered chains is another stylish way to accentuate gold. If you have a pale complexion, white gold may work better with your skin tone, though

Can Men wear ROSE GOLD?!


At TraxNYC our customer policy is built around making your purchase experience better than in any other jewelry store or website. Please keep in mind that that our policy is FLEXIBLE. If you have a problem with what you purchased, we will try to help you until you're % satisfied.


All items purchased on are GUARANTEED to be exactly as described. If for any reason, you wish to return it, a restocking fee may apply.


TraxNYC can accept a variety of payment types. When you purchase an item through our shopping cart system, you will have the option of paying with:

VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover card
Money Order
Bank Wire Transfer
Cash (In-House Appointment)


Items usually ship within 2 to 5 days of purchase. If you need an item by a certain date, this can be arranged. Please call any of our Customer Representatives if you wish to make this type of request. We ship WORLD-WIDE; contact us for the rates.


TraxNYC offers a 1 month, in-house warranty for free on all diamond jewelry purchased from us. For instance, if you happened to drop your diamond cross down a flight of stairs and a diamond fell out, we will fix it for free. Additionally, you can purchase an extended warranty.


Your purchased merchandise will be appraised and certified by a TraxNYC jewelry expert. Your appraisal will include all the specifics of your item such as carat weight, gram weight, diamond grade, current market value, and more. Your appraisal will also be stamped with our company's corporate stamp, making it an official TraxNYC corporate document. This appraisal is an $80 value! But it's yours free* because we value our customers!

Free appraisals are not included for international orders. Please contact a representative for more information. We do not include free appraisals for any gold chains without diamonds.


Gold rose chain 14k mens

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