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Peacock Tattoo Designs & Their Meaning

Peacocks are bold, territorial, and confident birds that show off their vibrant, colorful tails to attract mating partners and scare off predators; it’s no wonder they’re a sought after subject for ink. The bird’s tail feathers are covered in distinctive bright circles that look like eyes and are easily the most prominent feature in these tattoos. 

While male peacocks are the ones with the beautiful trains, women are more likely to adorn themselves with these beautiful tats than men. The tattoos are often as colorful, or even more vivid, than the birds themselves and take a prominent place on the body, begging to be seen.

Peacock Symbolism

While most people choose peacock tattoos for their beauty and showiness, their rich history full of meaning can enhance your ink and give it even more meaning.

Peacock Beauty

Metaphorically speaking, the peacock needs to be at the center of attention, to be the main attraction. Consequently, it’s very popular with the ‘life of the party’ types.

This bird is also associated with openness and tolerance. They make for great tattoo symbols when you want to illustrate that you embrace and celebrate diversity.

The Peacock’s Eyes

The eye-like circles on the peacock’s tail often have their own history. To the Greeks and Romans, they were associated with Hera, the mother goddess and legendary creator of this distinctive bird. The eyes on their tails represented the eyes of the stars watching down on all that represents life on the globe.

This eye symbolism is often emphasized with tattoos. A colorful peacock feather tat with the eye spot replaced by a real eye adds a unique touch to your body art and can help to make it stand out even further. 

Religious Symbolism 

The peacock’s feather grows back after the bird has molted, and this has become subject to spiritual interpretation. Early Christians saw them as a representation of the resurrection and rebirth. For spiritual tattoos, the white species, due to the color’s connection with purity, is the most common subject.

In Hinduism, the peacock symbolizes success, and it was believed the bird walked with the Goddess of good fortune, Lakshmi. The Eastern parts of the world, such as in Asia, Kuan Yin, the Goddess of compassion, is believed to have created the distinctive tail. She created the bird to stand in her place so that it could guard the planet and protect nature and all life.

These Eastern interpretations offer another level of meaning for your peacock tattoo, one that can easily be combined with other symbols and ideas. A feather representing the third eye can be added to illustrations to symbolize protection or a wish for good fortune.

Peacock Tattoo Designs and Colors

With the striking beauty of the peacock and the wealth of symbolism and deep meaning, there are endless design options for your tattoo, some incorporating the entire bird, while others use only the feather. 


Known for their intricate patterns and thick, bold curved lines, tribal tattoos are always a popular choice. A tribal tat takes the art back to its ancient origin, where they marked rites of passage and status in society. With their popularity, adding a tribal peacock illustration can add the allure of the design. 

Most tribal tattoos use only black ink, making them seem like an odd choice for some given the peacock’s vibrant coloring. In truth, there’s no reason any color can’t be added to a tribal style. And, like the bird’s plumage, it can help you stand out from the rest. 

Peacock Feathers

Instead of having a whole bird on your body, some people opt for just the feathers, since they’re what hold most of the peacock’s beauty and meaning. Although most of these birds are either green or blue, that in no way limits the type of coloring for your tattoo—any color with personal or symbolic meaning is fair game.

For the literary-minded, a tattoo of a peacock feather quill might be the perfect way to show off your academic side. The feathers might have never been used as writing quills, but they’ll certainly make a showy statement as part of a tat. 

Choosing colors important to you or even to match your other tattoos can give the feather a more unique and personal look. The distinctive eye of the peacock feather is ripe for a little splash of extra color or stylized as the all-seeing eye of a guardian angel. 

Peacock feathers are long, often taking up as much as 20 percent of the bird’s weight, and that length allows for a lot of interesting placements. These tattoos can wind up and around arms, legs, or other parts of the body. 


For such a colorful bird, a tattoo of a white peacock might seem like an odd choice, but they exist in nature and have a rich symbolism. In most cultures, the color white signifies purity and innocence.

White is one of the most difficult and rarest of tattoo colors, adding to the uniqueness of the tat. For some, using the color white to shade in your peacock ink will announce your belief in religion. Others love the striking look of a white tat and the heads it turns.

Peacock Head

Although the tail of this bird gets all the hype, some people choose to display the peacock’s head on their body for a unique look. The blue/green coloring extends to the head, and they have a crown-like crest above their head in the same color, giving tattoos of their head the same striking look its tail is well known for.

Tattoos of peacock heads often give the crest a lot of prominence, sometimes adding the distinctive tail eyes to the design. While tats of feathers or whole birds can take up a lot of space on the body, their heads are a great option for smaller ink. 

Common Peacock Tattoo Placements

Peacocks aren’t subtle birds, and many tattoos featuring these beautiful creatures are as grand and striking as when one unfurls its full plumage to court a mate. Not all tats of these majestic birds have to be so large, though. There are options for smaller and more subtle body art.

Legs and Arms

The bird’s long and colorful tail feathers can be displayed up your arm or leg, either straight up and down or wrapped around to draw the eye better. On the arms, one of the most common placements is on the inside of the forearm with the eye of the feather over the wrist.

The full bird or the head are other options for the arms and legs. A full peacock on the upper arm can have plumage reaching over the shoulder to extend the look and help to draw the eye to your cleavage.


As the biggest single canvas on the body, the back can be used for large peacock displays, featuring their full plumage splayed over the shoulder blades.

A smaller bird with its plumage creeping up the back of your neck offers a more subtle display.

Lower back tattoos featuring abstract feathers are another option when you want people to look a little lower. 

Chest and Stomach

As showy birds, peacocks can help you show off your assets. A tattoo above the breasts can more than draw the eyes with its color and beauty.

One of their feathers peeking out above your waistband will have others wondering how far down they go.

Best Peacock Tattoos


A popular type of bird tattoo among women is the peacock but surprisingly men adopt the look of the peacock as well. Peacock tattoos can be tattooed very big forming sleeves or covering large body areas like the back. Peacock feather tattoos are not as noticeably large as peacock pieces as the tattoo only depicts the feather of the bird. Peacocks have many different meanings and representations from beauty, mystery, vision, royalty, protection, spiritual well being, enlightenment and intelligence.

  • Peacocks in Hinduism represent luck, patience and kindness.
  • In Christianity peacock tattoos represent immortality, resurrection and renewal as the bird looses it feathers every year.
  • Persians view peacocks as guardians and are found on thrones as protection.
  • Romans once believed the peacock tail has the eyes of the stars.
  • Some believe the peacock is a reminder to show our true colors.

Peacocks are known for their beautiful tails and large size. The word peacock actually means male peafowl but is commonly used to describe both sexes where females are called peahens. Their large tails are used for mating enticement and it is believed that female peafowls choose their partner by the male peacocks tail color, size and quality.

peacock-feather-tattoo-whole-b  peacock-tattoos-men-hand  peacock-feather-tattoo-color

Peacock and Feather Tattoo Pieces

Peacock tattoo pieces can look very majestic just like the peacock itself using realistic portraits, deep rich colors and shading. Arm sleeves and the back area make up the majority of peacock tattoo pieces but are also found on the legs, chest, and neck. A girls peacock tattoo consists commonly of bright and vivid colors and the same can be seen for men&#;s as well.

peacock-feather-tattoo-trad  peacock-tattoos-men-japanese-sleeve  peacock-tattoos-sleevepeacock-tattoos-arm  peacock-feather-tattoo-water-color  peacock-feather-tattoo-whole-bpeacock-tattoos-full-sleeve  peacock-feather-tattoo-back-piecepeacock-feather-tattoo-back-old  peacock-tattoos-upper-arm  peacock-feather-tattoo-whole-backpeacock-feather-tattoo-back-japan  peacock-tattoos-men-chest

Peacock Tattoos for Women

A very beautiful tattoo for women is the peacock or peacock feather tattoo. Any style, black or white, large or small, feather or peacock will look good on pretty much anywhere. The peacock represents many things to different people finding your meaning will help define the style from peacock in tribal to peacock in traditional style.

peacock-feather-tattoo-chest  peacock-feather-tattoo-ribs  peacock-feather-tattoo-japanese  peacock-feather-tattoo-thigh-hippeacock-feather-tattoo-cultural  peacock-feather-tattoo-cover-up  peacock-feather-tattoo-arm-leg

Peacock feather tattoo

Feathers are quite beautiful and exquisite to look at, so why would you not get a tattoo of one? The peacock feather tattoo is the most popular form of the peacock to be tattooed on women. There are many popular places for feather tattoos including behind the ear, the back, spine, thighs and hips, lower back, chest, the foot and fingers. These tattoos work best where the feather can follow contours of your body as the feather can be curved to compensate your shape. There are also many different styles to represent or display a peacock feather including realism, traditional or old school, black and white, color, and size.

peacock-tattoos-feet  peacock-feather-tattoo-colorbonepeacock-feather-tattoo-hips-ribs  peacock-feather-tattoo-back-color  peacock-feather-tattoo-shoulderpeacock-feather-tattoo-feet]  peacock-feather-tattoo-behind-ear  peacock-feather-tattoo-hippeacock-tattoos-finger  peacock-feather-tattoo-coverpeacock-feather-tattoo-spine-back  peacock-feather-tattoo-back  peacock-feather-tattoo-back1peacock-tattoos-small-shoulder  peacock-feather-tattoo-thigh  peacock-feather-tattoo-color-leg  peacock-feather-tattoo-leg  peacock-feather-tattoo-oldschool  peacock-feather-tattoo-ear

Peacock Tattoos for Men

Peacock is a scientific term for male peafowl, so why can&#;t men get beautiful peacock tattoos. Men get peacock pieces as well as single peacock feather tattoos. Traditional or Japanese style can give a masculine look to a peacock sleeve or piece. Almost all of the peacocks and feathers found on men are done in color.

peacock-tattoos-men-ribcage  peacock-tattoos-men-japanese-sleeve  peacock-tattoos-men-hand  peacock-tattoos-men-arm  peacock-tattoos-men-chest peacock-feather-tattoo-arm-sleeve peacock-tattoos-men-body

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Top Best Peacock Feather Tattoo Ideas &#; [ Inspiration Guide]

Few animals more perfectly capture the ideals of beauty and grace than peacocks. These regal birds have been associated with royalty and have been included in the paintings of kings and queens for centuries in kingdoms ranging from India all the way to Europe.  

The “thousand eyes” contained in their tail feathers reinforce the mystical nature and have inspired even deeper significance of these vibrant birds, not always positive. Despite the varied significance that these birds hold in different cultures around the world, one thing is certain: they make for excellent tattoos.  

Thanks to this unique and instantly identifiable plumage, many people choose to get tattoos of peacocks, or often times just their feathers. The fundamental grace and beauty of these feathers means that they can be incorporated into almost any design as a way to add a splash of color and enhance the overall design.  

The following tattoos are just a taste of what is possible when these powerful symbols of beauty and royalty are incorporated into a variety of styles and methods.  

1. Black and Gray Peacock Feather Tattoos

Dream Catcher Peacock Feather Tattoo

Black Work Peacock Feather Tattoo

Wrist Peacock Feather Tattoo

Compass Peacock Feather Tattoo

Amazing Peacock Feather Tattoo

Flower Peacock Feather Tattoo

Meaningful Peacock Feather Tattoo

Inspiration Peacock Feather Tattoo

Black Hip Peacock Feather Tattoo

There is something inexplicably classy about black and gray tattoos. Through the application of precise line work and smooth gradation of black and gray tones, talented artists create tattoos that turn heads while achieving an elegance that other designs lack, this is especially impressive when tattooing such fundamentally colorful subjects as peacock feathers.  

2. Color Peacock Feather Tattoos

Unique Color Peacock Feather Tattoo

Foot Color Peacock Feather Tattoo

Gorgeous Peacock Feather Tattoo

Beautiful Traditional Peacock Feather Tattoo

Mega Foot Color Peacock Feather Tattoo

Cool Foot Peacock Feather Tattoo

Nice Color Peacock Feather Tattoo

Water Color Peacock Feather Tattoo

Cover Up Peacock Feather Tattoo

Vibrant Color Peacock Feather Tattoo

Custom Color Peacock Feather Tattoo

Beautiful Color Peacock Feather Tattoo

Arrow Color Peacock Feather Tattoo

Creative Color Peacock Feather Tattoo

Wrist Color Nice Peacock Feather Tattoo

Watercolor Nice Peacock Feather Tattoo

Vibrant colors and bold designs work together to create visually stunning tattoos; when this style is utilized to recreate such striking subjects as peacock feathers the effect can be jaw dropping. The level of detail in these feathers gives artists an endless opportunity to display their creativity and skill.  

3. Delicate Peacock Feather Tattoos

Nice Handpoke Peacock Feather Tattoo

Pretty Amazing Peacock Feather Tattoo

Small Neck Peacock Feather Tattoo

Green Color Peacock Feather Tattoo

Some people prefer the bold line work of American traditional tattoos, however for others this approach comes off as a bit heavy handed. For those with a gentler sensibility, peacock feathers provide the perfect subjects to create these subdued and delicate pieces.  

4. Dreamy/Surrealistic Peacock Feather Tattoos

Atomic Peacock Feather Tattoo

Turquoise Peacock Feather Tattoo

Tribal Peacock Feather Tattoo

Purple Back Peacock Feather Tattoo

Realistic Peacock Feather Tattoo

Cover Up Colored Peacock Feather Tattoo

Infiniti Peacock Feather Tattoo

Lovely Colored Peacock Feather Tattoo

Pretty Back Peacock Feather Tattoo

Cute Colored Peacock Feather Tattoo

Fancy Peacock Feather Tattoo

Love Colored Peacock Feather Tattoo

For some people art is best suited to create work that re-imagines the world in surreal ways. The work of Dali and Picasso may provide inspiration, while peacock feathers provide excellent subjects, thanks to their vibrant colors and the unmistakable “eyes” held within each plume.  

5. Floral Peacock Feather Tattoos

Rose Lilies Peacock Feather Tattoo

Peony Flower Peacock Feather Tattoo

Beautiful Flower Peacock Feather Tattoo

Cover Up Flowers Peacock Feather Tattoo

Symbolic Peacock Feather Tattoo

Flowers are powerful symbols in just about every culture around the world and are instrumental in the different ceremonies and rituals of people in every country on Earth. When these floral elements are used in conjunction with peacock feathers the results can be breathtaking.  

6. Geometric Peacock Tattoos

Small Arrow Peacock Feather Tattoo

Sketch Peacock Feather Tattoo

Cove Up Peony Peacock Feather Tattoo

Enigmatic Peacock Feather Tattoo

Amazing Back Peacock Feather Tattoo

Water Color Body Peacock Feather Tattoo

Full Thigh Peacock Feather Tattoo

A growing trend in the current tattoo scene is the incorporation of geometric elements into designs. Sometimes this means integrating elements of Sacred Geometry into tattoos, while others take a geometric approach to the design. This method can make for some very interesting and unique tattoos.  

7. Large Peacock Feather Tattoos

Sleeve Black Peacock Feather Tattoo

Majestic Color Peacock Feather Tattoo

Black And Grey Leg Peacock Feather Tattoo

Different Color Peacock Feather Tattoo

Eternal Color Peacock Feather Tattoo

Huge Element Peacock Feather Tattoo

Leg Colour Peacock Feather Tattoo

Floral Colored Peacock Feather Tattoo

Trendy Colored Peacock Feather Tattoo

Fanning Peacock Feather Tattoo

Cool Big Peacock Feather Tattoo

Amazing Back Peacock Feather Tattoo

Realistic Peacock Feather Tattoo

For many, tattoos are an opportunity to put their “bigger is better” mindset on display for the whole world. These large pieces are sure to turn heads, and when such impressive subjects as peacock feathers are given this larger than life treatment the results are extraordinary. 

8. Peacock Feather Tattoos with a Flute

Name Flute Peacock Feather Tattoo

Amazing Name Peacock Feather Tattoo

Black And Red Peacock Feather Tattoo

For many, life would not be worth living without the joy that music provides and one way that people choose to display the importance of music in their life is by tattooing an instrument on their body. When incorporated with peacock feathers these tattoos become tributes to beauty in the world around us.  

9. Peacock Feather Tattoos with a Woman

Lady Head Peacock Feather Tattoo

Traditional Lady Head Peacock Feather Tattoo

Mermaid Peacock Feather Tattoo

Gorgeous Lady Peacock Feather Tattoo

Women are often considered the pinnacle of natural beauty and have been incorporated into tattoos for decades. By including peacock feathers, another common example of natural beauty, these tattoos become vibrant works of art dedicated to natural beauty.  

Peacock Feather Tattoos with an Animal

Bird Bracelet Peacock Feather Tattoo

Back Bird Peacock Feather Tattoo

Butterfly Peacock Feather Tattoo

Colored Butterfly Peacock Feather Tattoo

Animals are packed full of symbolic power and personal significance. They make for excellent additions to any tattoo. Their endless variety means that there is an animal out there for everyone. When combined with the colors and textures of peacock feathers these visceral animal designs are enhanced by the beauty of this regal plumage.  

Peacock Feather Tattoos with Words

Colorful Brave Enough Peacock Feather Tattoo

Nice Colored Arm Peacock Feather Tattoo

Infiniiti Arm Peacock Feather Tattoo

The addition of script into tattoos can take interesting designs to the next level by combining inspirational quotes, funny quips or important dates. The level of artistry in many scripts transforms the words themselves into works of art that can literally be loaded with meaning. Incorporating words into peacock tattoos is an excellent choice for these vibrant pieces.  

Realistic Peacock Feather TattoosHawaiian Peacock Feather Tattoo

Sexy Peacock Feather Tattoo

Minimal Peacock Feather Tattoo

Back Colored Nice Peacock Feather Tattoo

Modern tattoo artists are able to achieve a level of realism in pieces that can leave the observer in a state of awe. These photo-realistic tattoos put the artist’s technical skill on full display and make for powerful symbols of the wearer’s dedication to the subject matter.  

Tiny Peacock Feather Tattoos

Spiritual Indian Peacock Feather Tattoo

Small Back Ear Peacock Feather Tattoo

Tiny Ankle Peacock Feather Tattoo

Small Finger Peacock Feather Tattoo

Cute Wrist Peacock Feather Tattoo

Small Ear Peacock Feather Tattoo

Cute Finger Black Peacock Feather Tattoo

Nice Small Ear Colored Peacock Feather Tattoo

Black Wrist Peacock Feather Tattoo

Leg Black Peacock Feather Tattoo

Small Name Peacock Feather Tattoo

Some people prefer tattoos to be personal affairs, more like a secret whispered in the ear than a proclamation shouted from the rooftops. For these folks, tiny designs are better suited to convey their more subdued sensibilities. That isn’t to say they aren’t interesting tattoos, and peacock feathers are perfect subjects for these subtle pieces

Traditional Peacock Feather Tattoos

Bright Peacock Feather Tattoo

Black Abstract Peacock Feather Tattoo

Free Hand Peacock Feather Tattoo

Old School Peacock Feather Tattoo

Full Colored Body Peacock Feather Tattoo

Foot Colored Peacock Feather Tattoo

American traditional work is the origin of modern Western tattooing and this simple but appealing style is perfectly suited to create peacock tattoos. The bold lines and vibrant colors smoothly capture the striking nature of these feathers, making for excellent pieces that are sure to stand the test of time.  

Peacock Feather Tattoo FAQ’s 

What do peacocks symbolize?  

Peacocks are visually striking animals; their vibrant plumage and the way they proudly exhibit their regalia is one of the most unique and impressive displays in the natural world; it is no surprise that they have taken on a variety of different significance in cultures around the world.  

In ancient Greece these majestic birds pulled the chariots of the God Hera and were said to carry the eyes of the stars in their plumage. Peacocks are native to the Sub-Continent and in Hinduism are associated with Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, beauty and fertility.  

In the Christian church these creatures have a more complex and multifarious significance. The “eyes” in the tail feathers represent the all-seeing nature of the church, while the way male birds shed their feathers, only to regrow them each year is associated with Jesus’ resurrection. Other stories and interpretations see peacocks as symbols of vanity and pride thanks to the way they flaunt their colorful tail feathers.  

These beautiful birds have a variety of different meanings associated with them. This—along with their physical beauty—makes them excellent subjects for tattoos allowing people to place their own meaning and significance on these birds in order to create a more personal tattoo.  

Are peacock feathers good luck? 

Despite their stunning beauty and royal connotation, many consider peacock feathers to be bad luck. While the exact origins of this superstition are unknown, many believe it began in the Mediterranean, where these feathers are thought to contain the “evil eye” of the demon Lillith, a bringer of malady and foul luck. In Eastern Europe they gained negative connotations thanks to the fact that they were worn by the invading Mongols in the 13th century.   

This tradition was further solidified in the theater, and some more superstitious thespians still uphold this tradition, even banning these colorful feathers from entering a theater. It is believed that they will lead to all manner of theatrical mishaps, from forgotten lines and onstage fumbling to full on cursed performances.  

There is no doubt that for some folks these beautiful feathers still hold nefarious connotations, but the majority of people today see these plumes for what they are: examples of nature’s beauty and splendor.  

Enjoy these glorious peacock feather tattoo ideas? Check out the links below for more feathered galleries and ink inspiration:


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