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Hearthstone Descent of Dragons: 15 Best Cards for Standard

Sky Raider

Although Descent of Dragons is all about dragons, this pirate is a real treat for all Pirate Warrior players. It's a simple and effective draw minion that can put any type of pirate into your hand.

Who said you can't combine pirates with dragons? Maybe that's exactly what Blizzard was aiming for when they designed this card. In any case, it's an excellent common card that should do really well.


Usually, overload for two mana on Squallhunter is a negative. But in the case of an Overload Shaman deck, it's actually a blessing.

On top of Squallhunter's incredibly high stats for four mana, this dragon also gives your spells with +2 spell damage.

Shaman has been a top-tier class for a very long time, and it looks like its positions are getting stronger and stronger with each new expansion.

Arcane Breath

Mage players typically love cheap removal spells, but Arcane Breath also uncovers another spell. Potentially, Arcane Breath could replace itself with copy, or allow you to find a finisher, such as an extra Fireball.

Arcane Breath similar to Babbling Book, one of the most infamous Mage cards. However, Arcane Breath is even better because you can choose the spell it returns, while Babbling Book gives you a random spell.

Breath of Dreams

Breath of Dreams, a Druid spell, has several layers of awesome. First of all, it draws you a card. Second, it works exactly like the pre-nerf Wild Growth if you're holding a dragon. Lastly, it ushers in the Ysera legendary card for Druid in its artwork.

Breath of Dreams is definitely a card every Druid player should look after. Since it's a rare card, you can craft it for measly dust.

Crazed Netherwing

Cards like Infernal Enforcer, Hellfire, and Duskbreaker come to mind when looking at Crazed Netherwing. Since all three cards were exceptionally good in Warlock, Crazed Netherwing will have the same impact on Descent of Dragons meta.

You won't see Crazed Netherwing in a Zoolock archetype, but any other dragon-based midrange or control type of Warlock will definitely snatch a copy or two of this menacing purple dragon.

Scion of Ruin

On its own, Scion of Ruin is a playable card without battlecry. But if you get to play an invoked Galakrond and give this card +4/+4, then you get three copies of 7/6 dragons with Rush, which is ridiculously strong.

Obviously, you can't play Scion of Ruin on turn three, especially if you want to invoke Galakrond twice. But even so, Scion of Ruin will be super powerful regardless.


Hunter already has a fantastic way of keeping its weapon charges with the help of secrets and an Eaglehorn Bow. But Stormhammer is designed specifically for a Dragon Hunter archetype.

If you can run this on turn three and then provide a dragon for each consecutive turn, then you can easily deal over 20 damage with this weapon alone by turn

That is a lot of damage, and that kind of opportunity should never be ignored.

Veiled Worshipper

This Worshipper goes straight into the new Zoo Warlock archetype. Since Warlock's Galakrond hero is clearly made for Zoo — taking into account the hero power that generates two imps each turn — it will be easy to invoke twice for this card.

But Zoo isn't the only option. Veiled Worshipper could work in a high-value control deck, too. Veiled Worshipper is an especially good companion card for Valdris Felgorge, a new legendary card that increases your hand size by two cards.


Cumuo-Maximus is simple and straightforward. It goes straight into an Overload Shaman deck.

Cumulo-Maximus can deal damage to an enemy hero, which is exactly what you want for your aggro gameplan.

Also, if you take into account all of the ways Shaman players can trigger dual battlecries, then this elemental will deal 10 damage. That's nothing less than a Pyroblast for five mana.

Frizz Kindleroost

Any midrange dragon deck would want to have Frizz Kindleroost. This card could be played as early as turn three — or two in case of Druid with Innervate. 

Frizz Kindleroost's battlecry is super powerful and has no condition, which shows how hard Blizzard wants to push dragon-based decks into the top ranks of the Descent of Dragons meta.

If your deck has nothing but dragons, then Frizz Kindleroost will serve as the most OP ramp card ever printed.

Malygos, Aspect of Magic

Blizzard have offered players upgraded cards for some time now. But the new Malygos legendary card establishes nine new upgraded spells that will be of great value to all Mage players.

These cards include all of the basic Mage spells, such as Fireball, Frostbolt, Flamestrike, and others — but in a new form.

For example, Fireball now hits for eight points of damage instead of six, and Flamestrike deals eight points of damage to all enemy minions instead of four.

Malygos, Aspect of Magic is not as powerful as Zephrys, but it has a similar design and a lot of potential.

Flik Skyshiv

Flik Skyshiv isn't just good removal card. It's also a terrific combo breaker. The first card you want to target with Flik Skyshiv is the Shudderwock, which can be almost impossible to kill otherwise. Flik solves the problem posed by Shudderwock with one battlecry.

Aside from that, you can create all kinds of combo situations with the help of Flik Skyshiv, too. For example, use Togwaggle's Scheme to add 15 copies of Leper Gnome to your deck, then kill it with Flik and watch your opponent lose after being hit with 30 points of damage.

Kronx Dragonhoof

If you decide to play any of the Galakrond heroes in the Descent of Dragons meta, then you simply need to own Kronx Dragonhoof.

Kronx Dragonhoof makes things easy by drawing Galakrond from your deck. If you've already played your Galakrond hero, then Dragonhoof will let you cast one of four very strong spells:

  • Decimation: Deal 5 damage to the enemy hero. Restore 5 health to your hero.
  • Reanimation: Summon an 8/8 Dragon with Taunt.
  • Domination: Give your other minions +2/+2.
  • Annihilation: Deal 5 damage to all other minions.

Galakrond, the Unbreakable

Five classes have received its own Galakrond hero card, but Warrior has the best one yet.

Each invoking of Galakrond allows you to draw two or three minions and give them +4/+4. Imagine drawing Tomb Warden and playing it with 7/10 stats.

On top of that, Galakrond's hero power gives your hero three points of attack, which is not only perfect for aggro plan, but also a perfect fit for any control archetype.

Valdris Felgorge

Every Warlock player knows how valuable an increased hand size is. Valdris Felgorge offers that kind of increase by two cards, which is not a huge deal. But that's not it: Valdris Felgorge also draws four more cards when played. 

Players who run Mountain Giants can now play them for only one mana, which is totally broken. This means only one thing: Handlock is back in the menu!

That's it for the best cards from Descent of the Dragons expansion. For more Hearthstone guides, check out the list below:


Hearthstone’s upcoming expansion, Descent of Dragons, is set to wrap up the card game’s story mode. Over the year, players have conspired with the League of E.V.I.L. and traveled through the dunes of Uldum with the League of Explorers. But now, fans are set to train dragons and take part in an epic sky battle to round out the year.

As its name may suggest, Descent of Dragons heavily centers around Dragons. The expansion will also introduce two new mechanics: Sidequests and Invoke, the game’s newest keyword. Hearthstone is also getting five new Hero cards for the Rogue, Priest, Warrior, Warlock and Shaman classes in the form of Galakrond.

Galakrond has three different forms, each of which comes with an upgraded Battlecry and equips the player with five armor. Players can upgrade Galakrond to a stronger form by playing two cards with the Invoke keyword.

Related: Every card revealed for Hearthstone’s upcoming expansion, Descent of Dragons

Blizzard has slowly begun revealing cards for the expansion, with the first few having been unveiled following Descent of Dragons&#; announcement at BlizzCon earlier in the month.

Here are all of the Legendary cards revealed for Hearthstone’s upcoming Descent of Dragons expansion so far.


Ysera, Unleashed




Malygos, Aspect of Magic


Dragonrider Talritha
Nozdormu the Timeless


Galakrond, the Unspeakable


Galakrond, the Nightmare
Flik Skyshiv



Galakrond, the Wretched
Valdris Felgorge


Galakrond, the Unbreakable
Deathwing, Mad Aspect


Kronx Dragonhoof
Dragonqueen Alexstrasza
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Descent of Dragons banner.jpg
"Is this the end? Our heroes can't fly. They fall like shooting stars. Will anyone survive? (DRAGONS! DRAGONS!) Dragons take flight above the ice and snow, high in the sky where the cold wind blows, wings beat down as they beat back foes, flaming-hot fire over frozen bones! Good unites against evil they oppose, they ride and die as the legends grow! We must all choose sides, villains or heroes. There are no sidelines in this combat zone! Feats midair, yeah it's a chiller. Life or death, yeah it's a killer. They go round and round as the beatdown pounds, aerial thrills, yeah it's a thriller! Skies fill with trauma in all of this drama, portending an impending end! Crash down! It's dragons in dragons' descent!"
WildDescent of Dragons


Descent of Dragons - SVG logo.svg




Descent of Dragons logo.png
Collection name:Dragons
Ann. date:November 1,
Release date:December 10,

Descent of Dragons is Hearthstone's thirteenth expansion. Featuring new collectiblecards, it was released on December 10th,

Following the League of E.V.I.L.'s attack on Uldum, which was thwarted by the League of Explorers, the two teams head to Dragonblight, where the League of E.V.I.L. is plotting to resurrect the proto-dragonGalakrond in an attempt to bend him to their will. Once again, Elise Starseeker, Reno Jackson, Brann Bronzebeard and Sir Finley Mrrgglton must do battle with the villains and put an end to their heinous scheme once and for all.

This expansion introduces the new keyword Invoke, powerful Galakrond hero cards, and the Sidequest mechanic.

How to get[]

Descent of Dragons - Card pack.png

Descent of Dragons cards are available through the following options:

  • Descent of Dragons card packs are purchasable through the Shop, with the usual prices and purchasing options.
  • Descent of Dragons cards are craftable for the usual amounts of Arcane Dust.
  • For as long as Descent of Dragons is the latest expansion, the guaranteed card pack from each Arena run is from the expansion. Once the next expansion comes out, second card packs will have a chance to be Descent of Dragons packs.
  • The Highest Rank Bonus chest has a chance to award golden Descent of Dragons cards.


This expansion features collectible cards. Descent of Dragons cards can be recognized with a special watermark (a dragon's wing) behind the card text, not found on other cards.

Regular copies of Galakrond, the Nightmare, Galakrond, the Tempest, Galakrond, the Unbreakable, Galakrond, the Unspeakable, and Galakrond, the Wretched are awarded to the player for free when opening their first Descent of Dragons pack.


Common (22 cards)
Blazing Battlemage().png
Hot Air Balloon().png
Evasive Chimaera().png
Parachute Brigand().png
Tasty Flyfish().png
Fire Hawk().png
Goboglide Tech().png
Living Dragonbreath().png
Devoted Maniac().png
Evasive Feywing().png
Troll Batrider().png
Wing Commander().png
Big Ol' Whelp().png
Shield of Galakrond().png
Camouflaged Dirigible().png
Evasive Wyrm().png
Evasive Drakonid().png
Twin Tyrant().png
Rare (9 cards)
Depth Charge().png
Dragon Breeder().png
Bad Luck Albatross().png
Dragonmaw Poacher().png
Hoard Pillager().png
Zul'Drak Ritualist().png
Cobalt Spellkin().png
Faceless Corruptor().png
Utgarde Grapplesniper().png
Epic (9 cards)
Grizzled Wizard().png
Wyrmrest Purifier().png
Blowtorch Saboteur().png
Dread Raven().png
Chromatic Egg().png
Kobold Stickyfinger().png
Tentacled Menace().png
Legendary (5 cards)
Frizz Kindleroost().png
Kronx Dragonhoof().png
Dragonqueen Alexstrasza().png
Reanimated Dragon().png
Choice cards
Lackey card
Draconic Lackey().png

Class cards[]


Strength in Numbers().png
Emerald Explorer().png
Breath of Dreams().png
Secure the Deck().png
Goru the Mightree().png
Ysera, Unleashed().png
Dream Portal().png
Choice cards
Small Repairs().png
Spin 'em Up().png


Dwarven Sharpshooter().png
Corrosive Breath().png
Primordial Explorer().png
Clear the Way().png
Phase Stalker().png
Diving Gryphon().png
Toxic Reinforcements().png


Learn Draconic().png
Violet Spellwing().png
Azure Explorer().png
Arcane Breath().png
Elemental Allies().png
Rolling Fireball().png
Mana Giant().png
Malygos, Aspect of Magic().png
Malygos's Sheep().png
Snow Elemental().png
Draconic Emissary().png
Malygos's upgraded spells (Uncollectible)
Malygos's Frostbolt().png
Malygos's Missiles().png
Malygos's Nova().png
Malygos's Polymorph().png
Malygos's Tome().png
Malygos's Explosion().png
Malygos's Intellect().png
Malygos's Fireball().png
Malygos's Flamestrike().png


Sand Breath().png
Bronze Explorer().png
Amber Watcher().png
Righteous Cause().png
Sky Claw().png
Lightforged Zealot().png
Lightforged Crusader().png
Dragonrider Talritha().png
Nozdormu the Timeless().png
Indomitable Champion().png


Whispers of EVIL().png
Disciple of Galakrond().png
Grave Rune().png
Breath of the Infinite().png
Time Rip().png
Envoy of Lazul().png
Fate Weaver().png
Mindflayer Kaahrj().png
Galakrond, the Unspeakable().png
Murozond the Infinite().png
Galakrond's Wit().png
Dragon Claw().png
Galakrond, Azeroth's End().png
Galakrond, the Apocalypse().png


Bloodsail Flybooter().png
Praise Galakrond!().png
Candle Breath().png
Dragon's Hoard().png
Seal Fate().png
Umbral Skulker().png
Necrium Apothecary().png
Flik Skyshiv().png
Galakrond, the Nightmare().png
Sky Pirate().png
Galakrond's Guile().png
Dragon Claw().png
Waxadred's Candle().png
Galakrond, Azeroth's End().png
Galakrond, the Apocalypse().png


Invocation of Frost().png
Surging Tempest().png
Storm's Wrath().png
Descent of Dragons Review #8 INSANE SHAMAN CARDS! - Hearthstone

Our Hearthstone Descent of Dragons Cards List takes a look at all of the cards from the upcoming expansion! We will be adding every card that's revealed until all cards in the set are accounted for! You can check the current ones that have been shown in our card gallery below.

This will be the third expansion of the Year of the Dragon! Hearthstone's been getting a ton of changes and additions, so it should be interesting to see what Blizzard has in store for this next expansion. The final expansion in a year is usually the most powerful. This is generally because it will be in the Standard format for the shortest amount of time. It remains to be seen if this will end up being the case.

All cards are now listed below! Check out what you need to know before launch right here.

Normally each expansion comes with new cards, but this time it will be ! The five extra cards are the Galakrond Hero Cards that will be given to players for free! Otherwise, the cards are generally broken up into 10 cards per class (90 cards), with 45 neutral cards being added. Class cards are usually broken down into two legendaries, two epics, three rares, and three commons. The neutral rarity breakdown isn't as consistent, but we can expect around five new legendaries with a bunch of epics, rares, and commons.

DoD Decks

Now that all the cards have been revealed, check out some decks to try out once it has been released:


Dragons descent cards of

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47 NEW Descent of Dragons Cards Revealed - The Most OP Hearthstone Expansion?

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