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Call of Duty: Warzone’s roster of Operators grows larger with every season, and these characters have some awesome skins. The default appearances are cool enough for most characters, but there are a few outfits that people seem to love way more than others. Some of them provide a tactical advantage and make it easier to blend into the environment, while others are incredibly bright and colorful. Some of them are rare, while others are just really cool looking. From Modern Warfare staples to Black Ops Cold War newcomers, these are the best skins in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Maxis – Aether Cover


Although it’s just her default skin, the Aether Cover skin for Maxis is easily one of the best Warzone skins just because of her backstory. Having a character from Zombies make her way into multiplayer and Warzone for the first time as a playable Operator is awesome, especially if you’re a fan of Black Ops Zombies and know a lot about the timeline and lore for that mode. Because she comes from the Zombies mode, Samantha Maxis’ default skin already looks much more unique than most of the other Operators. Her intro video even features the fan-favorite ray gun, which is a nice touch.

9. Stone – Stealth


While many Black Ops Cold War Operators haven’t received awesome skins yet because the game is still fairly new and there are only a handful of Operators in that game compared to Modern Warfare, Stone’s Stealth skin is easily one of the best to ever reach Verdansk. It won’t help you blend into your environment due to its bright red color and shining goggles, but you’ll look super cool and that’s all that really matters. The bundle that includes this skin also comes with a matching AK blueprint and an all-new finishing move, so you’ll really get the full package if you pick it up from the in-game store.

8. Ghost – UDT


Ghost is one of the greatest characters in Call of Duty history, so it’s no secret that his Warzone skins are some of the best the game has to offer. Ghost’s redesigned appearance from Modern Warfare already looks great, but the UDT Ghost skin that came with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered is even better. This specific version of Ghost is from the mission called “The Only Easy Day… Was Yesterday” from the Modern Warfare 2 campaign. The Classic Ghost skin that comes with the Contingency bundle could also take this spot on the list, so it really comes down to preference. There’s just something about Ghost’s classic design that looks really great in Warzone.

7. Rodion – Red Death


This is one of those skins that the sweaty players use, which earns it a fairly high spot on the list. Rodion isn’t the most popular Operator in the game, but even the least popular Operators sometimes get one or two awesome skins. Sporting a sleek black and red color scheme, an intimidating gas mask, and rockets on the back, the Red Death skin is one of the coolest in all of Warzone. It also looks pretty similar to the Crew Expendable skin that was included with special editions of Modern Warfare , so it’s a great way to get something close to that skin if you missed out on the Operator Pack.

6. Ronin – Honj&#;


This skin was quietly added to the game with the release of Black Ops Cold War Season One, and it’s actually available for free to anyone who owns Ronin. This skin, along with the Hagakure skin, can be unlocked by completing very easy challenges. To get the Honj&#; skin, all you have to do is get 5 Longshots while playing as Ronin. This is incredibly simple to do in Warzone, so there’s no reason not to do it if you already have Ronin. Either the Honj&#; and Hagakure skins fits this spot on the list because they’re so similar to one another. The feudal Japan look is very unique compared to the rest of the game’s Operators, so this is a great way to stand out from the crowd.

5. Roze – Near Dark


If you play Warzone, you know what this skin is. The Roze skin has been the center of several Warzone controversies since the Operator released during Season 5. Roze has several different skins, most of which are completely black and nearly impossible to spot in dark areas. This has led to frustration for many Warzone players, especially in areas of the map like Superstore. The developers have been able to patch most of Warzone’s issues like the infinite stim glitch and nerf powerful weapons like the DMR 14 and Mac 10, but the Roze skin will continue to cause problems until something like the lighting is changed. This would take a lot of work, so expect to keep hearing about the Roze skin for the foreseeable future.

4. Velikan – Leatherface


The Haunting of Verdansk was a great event not only for the cool limited-time modes and the spooky nighttime variant of the Verdansk map, but also because of the awesome skins it added. There were a few original skins, but Warzone took a page out of Fortnite’s book and featured two crossover skins from famous horror films. Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was one of the two crossover skins, allowing Velikan to dress up as one of horror’s greatest villains. The bundle even came with a chainsaw-themed variant of the Finn LMG and included Leatherface’s hammer as a melee weapon.

3. Morte – Billy


Leatherface wasn’t the only horror icon added to Warzone during the Haunting of Verdansk event. Billy from Saw also made his way into Warzone as a skin for the cowboy Operator Morte. Morte hasn’t really received many skins since he was released, so giving him the Saw skin seemed like a strange choice at first. After seeing how great he looks with the mask and suit, however, everything makes sense. This bundle also included a throwing knife variant called the Phlebotomist, which drills into your enemies if you score a direct hit. It’s brutal, but it fits the Saw franchise perfectly.

2. Mara – Notice Meow


Although Modern Warfare began as a gritty, realistic first-person shooter, things began to get more and more wild as the game went on and added more characters and items. It was only a matter of time before a skin like this hit the in-game store, and Mara’s Notice Meow skin quickly became one of the most popular skins in the game after it was released. Its bright colors make you easy to spot if you wear it in Warzone, but those cat ears make the risk worth it. When paired with any of the anime weapon skins that the game has received, this skin is an anime fan’s dream.

1. Ghost – Azrael


Ghost is the only Operator to show up on this list twice, but there’s a good reason for that. Every one of his skins is fantastic. The Azrael skin, however, is easily the best skin available for Ghost, and it’s also the best skin in all of Call of Duty: Warzone. It’s a spooky twist on Ghost’s standard look, giving him an intimidating new cloak and scythe while still looking fairly close to his default appearance. This bundle also includes a sickle as a new melee weapon and two guns that featured Soul Tracer rounds which give bullets a ghostly green effect. The entire package is sleek and stylish while still looking threatening, making it one of the best Warzone skins in the entire game.

Call of Duty: Warzone is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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Rarest Warzone Skins &#; All Operator Skins

Call of Duty Warzone is one of the biggest Battle Royales out there, and it isn’t slowing down with the release of Call of Duty Cold War. As with any other free-to-play game, you have some cosmetic options in Warzone. Warzone skins are called ‘operators’. These work the same as skins in any other game, like skins in Fortnite or PUBG. Most players want two things from skins, that they look good, and that they’re fairly unique. The rarest Warzone skins are those that you’re not going to see around as often. These are the most unique skins in the game.

Warzone doesn’t have the overwhelming amount of skins as you’d find in some other free to play titles. However, there’s still quite a few if you’re looking for the rarest skins out there. This is every Warzone skin currently in the game, along with which are the rarest Warzone skins.

All Warzone Skins


Rarest Warzone Skins

This was the skin that came specifically from buying the Season 5 Battle Pass. It is pretty common given that really low barrier to entry!

Shadow Company

This skin is awarded for reaching only Tier 19 on the Battle Pass for season 5. This one is simple to unlock and has been added really recently, so it is a pretty common Warzone skin at the moment.  This one and Lerch are related! He’s technically one of the Shadow Company and the skins just evolve.


Rarest Warzone Skins

Ghost was the immediate skin from the Season 2 Battle Pass. This is also one you see on a fair amount of Warzone branding, and quite often in the game. It is a very common sight, even if Season 2 passed a while ago. That might have been helped by Season 2 being when Warzone really hit a major height of popularity.


This was the free skin that came with the Season 4 Battle Pass. As it was easy to unlock without having to play much so it’s a really common skin. That’ll probably change as time goes on. We see common skins from early Fortnite seasons become some of the rarest Fortnite skins. While Price is pretty common now, it’ll get to be a rarer site as time goes on.


Rarest Warzone Skins

This is the free skin for the season 3 Battle Pass. It has a really low barrier of entry for unlocking, so it’s a pretty common sight.


Rarest Warzone Skins

Usef is the Tier 10 reward for the Season 3 Battle Pass. While it is a couple of seasons ago, tier 10 did not take much work at all to reach! So we can safely say this is one of the more common Warzone skins.

Urzikstan SSG

Rarest Warzone Skins

This is a skin that was given out when you hit Tier 10 of the Season 4 Battle Pass. Warzone was still very popular at Season 4, so a lot of players have this. Tier 10 also doesn’t really require much work either, so it’s difficult to say this is a particularly rare Warzone skin!

USMC Raider

This is the skin that you could unlock for hitting Tier 30 on the Season 4 Battle Pass. Tier 30 isn’t all that high up in progression so it comes up common in Warzone.


Rarest Warzone Skins

Mara was the free skin for purchasing the Season 1 Battle Pass. It is a bit higher on this list despite being easy to unlock since Season 1 was quite a while ago now. This is a skin that will get rarer as time goes on in the game.


Pararescue was a Season 3 Battle Pass reward for reaching tier It is pretty similar to USEF and CTSFO, along with some others from the Season 3 Pass. It isn’t all that unique so it isn’t seen all too much.  


Rarest Warzone Skins

Lagunari is the Season 4 Tier 50 reward. It is a bit more recent than some others on this list, but coming in at Tier 50 you did have to play a decent amount to unlock it. This is a nicely styled one of the Warzone skins too, so it is pretty recognizable in-game.


Rarest Warzone Skins

Talon is slightly rarer given that it is a paid skin. However, it isn’t as rare as some others since it is pretty distinctive. This made it a lot more popular and you see more players using it. That’s despite its worse potential for camouflage.

Russian FGF

This is another skin from the Season 4 Battle Pass, but this one wasn’t awarded until you actually hit Tier This one took quite a bit more work to actually achieve compared with some of the others, so this is a mildly rarer Warzone skin.


Rarest Warzone Skins

Morte is a skin from the in-game store that looks a bit like a cowboy. Since it&#;s pretty distinctive you see a fair amount of them, but as a paid skin it is a notch above a lot of the Battle Pass skins.

9. Gaz

Rarest Warzone Skins

This is another skin that you primarily get from the in-game store. However, it is really quite generic in appearance so it isn’t as popular of a choice as some others.

8. Ronin

Like Gaz this is a fairly plain bought skin. This one really doesn’t have much going for it so not as many players purchase it. It is a nice kind of casual look though.

7. Frank Woods

Rarest Warzone Skins

This is a special case for Warzone skins. At the moment it is a bit rarer, but only because of a technicality for release dates! You will be able to unlock this skin for pre-ordering Cold War.

6. Mace

Rarest Warzone Skins

Mace was only available from the in-game store. This is a less rare Warzone skin since it is a pretty popular look. Something about the mask seems to appeal to Call of Duty Warzone players. Even if a skin is harder to get your hands on, if it looks cool enough it’ll likely end up popular.

Rarest Warzone Operators

5. Roze

This is a skin that only came from the in-game store. Bought skins aren’t as popular in Warzone compared with the Battle Pass skins, so this is one of the rarer ones. It has a kind of Mandalorian look to it.

4. Velikan

Rarest Warzone Skins

Velikan is a skin that is only available from purchasing in the actual in-game store. This makes it quite a bit rarer. It’s whole helmeted look also makes it a popular site in-game compared with the plainer options.


Rarest Warzone Skins

The CTSFO Operator skin was unlocked once you hit Tier 70 on the Season 3 Battle Pass. This one isn’t the rarest since Season 3 isn’t that far behind us. However, coming in at a high tier this is a bit rarer than some of the others. It isn’t the most visually interesting skin, but it does make a change from fairly plain camouflage. The face mask is also good for keeping you a bit more hidden.

2. Nikto

This is one of the Warzone skins from the in-game stores that you don’t see absolutely everywhere. As well as just costing money, it isn’t all different from the typical fare so less people tell to go for it. Often the rarest skins are the dullest!

1. Iskra

Rarest Warzone Skins

This is a skin that you can only get from the in-game store. It was only available as part of a bundle which was kind of a hassle to get. It’s difficult to pick a top one, but this or Nikto are both skins that you very rarely see.

Modern Warfare Warzone Skins

Call of Duty Warzone might be a standalone title, but it is completely linked to Call of Duty’s mainline games. At the moment, that’s Modern Warfare. There is some crossover with Operators between the two games. Some of the rarest Warzone skins are those that came from Modern Warfare. These are all of those skins in the game:

Achievement Skins

Rarest Warzone Skins

These are the Warzone skins that come from accomplishing a certain feat in-game. Some of these are more exclusive than other

  • Minotaur &#; This skin came from getting Assault Rifle kills in Multiplayer. Since this is pretty much the most popular type of weapon in the game a lot of people have this skin! It is still a nice sight to those who only play Warzone though.
  • Grinch &#; This is a skin that you get for hitting headshots. It’s a bit rarer since headshots are as easy to get. However, after a little while, you’ll probably end up hitting those headshots even without much skill!
  • Krueger &#; This is one of the most distinctive skins in here. You get it for completely 25 finishing.
  • Syd &#; Kill 5 Juggernauts in Co-Op missions. As with some of the others this isn’t a simple task, but over time most players and going to unlock it just by perseverance!
  • Charly &#; This one is a really common skin, you get for just playing 25 matches. The vast majority of Call of Duty Modern Warfare players have managed this! At least anyone who plays online probably will have.
  • Domino  &#; This was awarded for winning five matches of Gunfight.
  • Raines &#; This one is on the rarer side of the modern Warfare skins. This one came from racking up kills with an LMG in multiplayer. It’s a more specialist weapon and a high kill count, so while players wouldn’t struggle to unlock it over time it&#;s one of the more obscure ones.

Mission Skins

Rarest Warzone Skins

These are skins that just came from finishing off a mission in either game. These aren’t particularly rare at all. It seems to be that players who have one of their Warzone skins have all of them, since they only need you to do one specific thing to actually unlock.

  • Bale &#;This skin was awarded for completing into the Furnace.
  • Azur &#; Azur is from the Old Comrades campaign mission.
  • Yegor &#; You can get this skin by completing the Proxy War campaign mission.
  • Thorne &#; Complete the Piccadilly mission
  • Wyatt &#; Completing the Wolf’s Den mission gets you this skin.
  • D&#;Day &#; This Warzone skin comes from finishing up the Hunting Party mission.
  • Alice &#; Alice was unlocked by completing the Headhunter mission in Verdansk.
  • Rodion &#; Rodion is a skin from Operation: Paladin in Western Verdansk.
  • Zane &#; This one was awarded for completing all Co-Op Operations in Verdansk. It is a bit rarer since that’s a bit of a bigger ask.
  • Otter &#; Complete the Paladin operation.
  • Golem &#; You unlocked this skin with the Kuvalda operation.

Those are some of the rarest Warzone skins, along with all of the others that are really common! Our other guides to Warzone can help you out with actually improving how you play, rather than just how you look.

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Some Call of Duty Warzone skins give you a tactical advantage that makes it easier for you to blend into your surroundings while other skins are vibrant. With so many Operator skins to choose from, how do you which Warzone skins are the best? Here are the 6 best Warzone skins — and how to unlock them:

1. Roze - Near Dark Skin

Roze Near Dark skin in Call of Duty WarzoneActivision Publishing, Inc./Gfinity

If you've played Warzone and are active in the Call of Duty community, then you're more than familiar with the controversy surrounding the Near Dark variant of the Roze skin. This skin has been the center of talk due to its color scheme, which on the surface is essentially an all-black variant of the Roze skin. This Operator skin was the most sought-after skin in Call of Duty Warzone because the colors used in the Warzone map and the template of the Roze skin make it nearly impossible to spot someone who is using this skin and sitting in a dark room. This led to a lot of frustration by players when getting eliminated by someone who's hiding and using the Near Dark Roze skin.

How To Unlock:

The Near Dark Roze skin was released during the battle pass of Modern Warfare Season 5, and it was the last unlock players could achieve that season. This is the only way you could unlock this Operator skin. If you didn't max out your battle pass during the fifth season of Modern Warfare, then there's no option to purchase this skin with COD Points (CP) in the store. For now, you'll have to opt for other variants of the Roze skin.

2. Ghost - Azrael Skin

Ghost Azrael skin in Call of Duty WarzoneActivision Publishing, Inc./AOTF

Next up on our list of the best Call of Duty Warzone Operator skins is the Ghost Azrael Operator skin. It's on this list because it's another all-black skin that players can use to manipulate the game's color schemes. The one glaring difference between this skin and the Near Dark Roze skin is the all-white mask that Ghost wears.

How To Unlock:

Ghost Grim Reaper bundle in Call of Duty Warzone includes the Ghost Azrael skin.Activision Publishing, Inc./AOTF

Purchase the Ghost Grim Reaper bundle in the store for CP.


  • Azrael – Ghost Skin (Legendary)
  • Soul Reaper – FAL Blueprint (Legendary)
  • Purgatory – ISO Blueprint (Legendary)
  • Sickle – Knife Blueprint (Legendary)
  • Reaper – Weapon Charm (Epic)
  • Hard Lines – Ghost Quip (Epic)
  • Hades – Calling Card (Epic)
  • Spectre of Death – Emblem (Epic)
  • Vision – Spray (Epic)

3. Mara - Notice Meow Skin

Mara Notice Meow skin in Call of Duty WarzoneActivision Publishing, Inc.

The Kawaii Cat version of the Mara skin is one of the best in the game simply because of its fun nature and cat ears on top of Mara's helmet.

How To Unlock:

The Mara Kawaii Cat bundle in Call of Duty Warzone includes the Mara Notice Meow skin.Activision Publishing, Inc./GameWith

Purchase the Mara Kawaii Catbundle in the store for CP.


  • Notice Meow – Mara Skin (Legendary)
  • Slaying Moon – M13 Blueprint (Legendary)
  • Aomi – Knife Blueprint (Legendary)
  • Nyan Nyan – Charm (Epic)
  • Kawaiicopter – Vehicle Skin (Epic)
  • Kawaii Metal – Vehicle Skin (Epic)
  • Just Purrfect – Calling Card (Epic)
  • Mara Cat – Emblem (Epic)
  • Mi Amor – Mara Quip (Epic)
  • Queen of Spades – Mara Finishing Move (Epic)

4. Morte - SAW (Billy the Puppet) Skin

Morte SAW Billy the Puppet skin in Call of Duty WarzoneActivision Publishing, Inc./IGN

Warzone has a tendency to release seasonal Operator skins for usage in battle royale game modes and multiplayer ones. For example, they released scary skins during the Haunting of Verdansk Halloween event, including the terrifying Billy skin based on the iconic Billy the Puppet from the SAW horror movies. It was one of the most popular bundles purchased.

How To Unlock:

The SAW bundle in Call of Duty Warzone includes the Morte Billy the Puppet skin.Activision Publishing, Inc./GameWith

Purchase the SAW bundle in the store for CP.


  • Billy – Operator Morte Skin (Legendary)
  • Confession – CR AMAX Blueprint (Legendary)
  • Death Trap – Model Blueprint (Legendary)
  • Phlebotomist – Throwing Knife (Legendary)
  • Pain Train – Vehicle Skin (Legendary)
  • Let’s Play a Game – Charm (Epic)
  • Play Me – Sticker (Epic)
  • SAW – Calling Card (Epic)
  • The Choice is Yours – Emblem (Epic)
  • Spiral Cut – Spray (Epic)

5. Mace - Metal Phantom Skin

mace-metal-phantom-skin-call-of-duty-warzoneActivision Publishing, Inc./TheGamer

Strike fear in your enemies with the skull-faced Mace Operator. His bio reads "Ex U.S. Ranger turned gun for hire. Joined Jackals cutting his teeth in the slums of Soweto, South Africa. Marked with traditional scars to honor his heritage. Has earned a reputation for being a vicious Operator." Need we say more?

How To Unlock:

The Mace operator bundle in Call of Duty Warzone includes the Mace Metal Phantom skin.Activision Publishing, Inc./Dot Esports

Purchase the Mace Operator Bundle in the store for CP.


  • Metal Phantom – Mace Skin (Legendary)
  • Skull Hammer – R Shotgun Blueprint (Legendary)
  • Bludgeoner – PKM Blueprint (Legendary)
  • Winding Skull – Watch (Epic)
  • Skullblade – Combat Knife (Epic)
  • Akimbo – Calling Card (Epic)
  • Brain Storm – Emblem (Epic)
  • An Operator – Mace Quip (Epic)
  • Mace to the Face – Finishing Move (Epic)
  • 2 Battle Pas tier skips

6. Grinch - Forest Spirit Skin

grinch-forest-spirit-skin-call-of-duty-warzoneActivision Publishing, Inc.

Grinch's Forest Spirt skin is a ghillie suit that used to make players invisible from certain ranges. Although the glitch was fixed, wearing the Forest Spirit skin will still help you blend into your surroundings and hide from enemies with ease.

How To Unlock:

The Eloko bundle in Call of Duty Warzone includes the Grinch Forest Spirit skin.Activision Publishing, Inc./Charlie Intel

Purchase the Eloko bundle in the store for CP.


  • Forest Spirit – Grinch Skin (Legendary)
  • Spellbound – Crossbow Blueprint (Legendary)
  • Ring Hollow – MP7 Blueprint (Legendary)
  • I Release You – Grinch Quip (Epic)
  • In the Shadows – Emblem (Epic)
  • Ferocious – Calling Card (Rare)
  • Scavenger – Spray (Rare)


What is the rarest skin in COD Warzone?

The Near Dark Roze skin is among the rarest in COD Warzone. It's no longer unlockable in the game.

Will Warzone skins carry over?

When the new Call of Duty releases this Fall, we can assume Warzone is going to have some sort of integration with the new battle royale and COD title as we saw with Black Ops Cold War. But as of now, we can't confirm nor deny that your Operator skins will carry over into the new game.

How do you get cool skins on Warzone?

A lot of cool Operator skins are released within the seasonal battle passes for players to unlock, and this is where some of the best skins are found. If you don't mind spending extra money, then some of the other cool skins can be found in the COD store.

How do you get a Leatherface skin in Warzone?

The Leatherface skin was a seasonal skin released this past Halloween, and it was purchasable in the store for CP.

How do you get Warzone skins?

You can unlock Warzone skins in various ways. Purchase the battle pass each season, purchase the skins in the COD store for CP, or play Modern Warfare multiplayer and complete challenges to unlock skins.

What is the best skin in Warzone?

The Near Dark skin for Roze is the best skin in Call of Duty Warzone. The Operator skin is so dark in color that it's almost impossible to see it in darker areas. However, this skin is no longer available, so you'll have to settle for other Roze skins.

Now it's your turn. What's your favorite Warzone skin? Tell us in the comments section below!

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Top Image via Activision Publishing, Inc.

This article was written by Nick Farrell, a multi-platform editor and writer in the games industry.

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Modern Warfare: The 11 RAREST Items You Can Own

Rarest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone Operator Skins

You&#;ll be hard-pressed to find these anywhere

There are all kinds of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone operator skins, not only in appearance but in availability.

Rare skins may not be the most beautiful or cool ones around, but if you are looking for exclusivity, these skins are able to secure it. Most of them could only be unlocked for a short time or in a very special way and are no longer available. Have you secured one of these rare skins?


There are all kinds of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone operator skins, not only in appearance but in availability.

Rare skins may not be the most beautiful or cool ones around, but if you are looking for exclusivity, these skins are able to secure it. Most of them could only be unlocked for a short time or in a very special way and are no longer available. Have you secured one of these rare skins?


Sours: https://www.earlygame.com/rarest-call-of-duty-modern-warfare-warzone-operator-skins/

Modern in rarest warfare skin

Call of Duty’s battle royale mode, Warzone, offers players the option to enter the game as a variety of unique operators. These operators provide no in-game benefits, however. They simply allow players to customize their appearance.

The customization options in Warzone go further than just selecting a character. Players can customize the specific look of that character by unlocking and equipping skins that will change their appearance. Some of these skins can be unlocked through completing missions in the game, while others need to be bought from the store or acquired through a variety of methods outside of the game.

Here are some of the rarest skins in Warzone today.

UDT Ghost

One of the most popular operators in Warzone, Ghost gets his familiar look from the Modern Warfare series. To unlock this skin, players must purchase a copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered. Once the player has done this, they&#;ll receive multiple rewards including this skin among other weapon skins and player card rewards.

Marsh Demon

A skin for the operator Krueger, Marsh Demon has one of the most unique methods of being acquired. Players who want access to this skin are required to purchase the Making Call of Duty: Modern Warfare hardback book that was published by Activision in October The book itself includes concept art and imagery relevant to the game, as well as a code that players can enter to unlock the exclusive look for Krueger.

True Victory

One of the brighter skins available in the game, True Victory is a new look for the D-Day operator that will see him covered in blue clothing with a black vest and headband saying the word “victory.” Players must have D-Day unlocked to activate this skin. To do this, they must complete part of the game&#;s campaign mode. Once this has been done, players could acquire the code for the skin off cans of Mountain Dew’s Amp Game Fuel that have the Modern Warfare branding on them. After this, a code can be entered into their Activision account, unlocking the skin in the game.

The Woodsman

A PlayStation exclusive, The Woodsman skin came bundled inside the Warzone Combat Pack available in season three. The Wyatt skin itself looks to be heavily inspired by Joel from the platform exclusive video game The Last Of Us. Players were able to unlock this as a free bonus for being a PlayStation Plus user.


A skin for the Minotaur operator, Valentaur was released as part of the Valentine’s Slay bundle during season two. For just 1, CP, players could unlock this skin as well as different Valentine’s Day inspired weapon skins, charms, and stickers. The skin is a simple recolor of Minotaur’s clothing, seeing him wear a pink shirt under his ballistic vest while adding what appears to be a tattoo on the operator’s face.


Another skin for D-Day, Bushranger was made available in season one as part of the Outback operator pack. The bundle cost 1, CP and all the proceeds went toward bushfire relief in Australia. The skin itself looks to be heavily inspired by Australian culture too, seeing D-Day wear a slouch hat affiliated with Australian soldiers.

Snow Force

The next two skins were both released together in the Holideadly bundle back in the first season of the game. Snow Force is a Bale operator skin that changes his color scheme to blue clothing with a red vest. This is one of the most striking and unique looks for the operator, and due to when it was released, it&#;s become one of the rarest skins in the game today.


The other operator skin available in the Holideadly bundle was a skin for Thorne titled Solstice. Inspired by the Solstice in which the world experiences the shortest or longest amount of daylight, this skin is a unique look for Thorne. The look will see him don a white beanie, red shirt, and red and white camo pants.

Dark Vision

One of the most sought-after skins in the game, Dark Vision was a skin for the operator Ghost only available during season two. The skin could be acquired by players who completed specific challenges with the operator inside the game’s multiplayer mode. This unique skin sees the operator don a hooded jumper like the Ghosted skin. But in this case, it&#;s colored an arctic white. Being one of the more popular operators in the game, this skin is heavily desired by players but unfortunately is no longer available to earn inside the game.

Dune Hunter

A first season reward, Dune Hunter Mara was available to players who completed a series of challenges during season one. The skin itself is remarkably like some of the other skins available for the operator, but its rareness comes from the criteria to unlock the reward so early in the game’s lifespan. Players had to first unlock battle pass tier to have access to the missions that would need to be completed to unlock the skin for Mara.

Sours: https://dotesports.com/call-of-duty/news/rarest-operator-skins-in-call-of-duty-modern-warfare-and-warzone

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While she was trying to breathe, two people grabbed her by the arms, and, leading her behind her back, led her somewhere. Catching her breath, Jane tried to fight back, but the forces were not equal. She tried to crush the legs of the men, but for this they only wrung her hands more.

It was evening, dark, not least thanks to the thunderclouds that covered the sky, and the casual passer-by could see little.

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