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They display the sky incorrectly. The skies of every date and every time are flipped along the north-south direction. They all display the sky on a "facing south" orientation, but flip it for some stupid reason. They try to conserve the cardinal directions, but in reality, when you&#;re facing south when looking at the night sky, cardinal west is to your right and cardinal is to your left. It is completely flipped in their version. Their rendering is not truly realistic. Homemade planetariums are more accurate than this. Search up and compare the same dates, locations, and times from this website and https://skyandtelescope.org/interactive-sky-chart/ or https://stellarium-web.org/ This website has it flipped the wrong way. Constellations are so obviously backwards. Plus, I tried to contact them about this issue and tried to find the easy-way-out by telling me they are correct because they use information from the Yale Bright Star Catalog instead of looking into the problem sympathetically.

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Underluckystars.com Review

We make beautiful star maps showing the alignment of the stars in a place and time chosen by you Birthday engagement first date The original

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Holly Lynn Bruneau

I can't give you the world

I'm always on the lookout for unique gifts for my wife. Her star map didn't disappoint. She absolutely loved it. The hardest part of the process was figuring out which date would be most appropriate. I went with the start of our life's journey together.
We're long haul truck drivers and when she first asked me out she told me'I can't give you the whole world but I can give you the United States'. This was my way of saying Thanks for keeping that promise.
We've been traveling together for 7 years.
Thank you for the perfect anniversary gift.

Reply from Under Lucky Stars

Hi Holly,
What a lovely story! We are very happy to have been a part of it. Thank you for sharing

My girlfriend loved it

My girlfriend loved it!

It came from Spain so it definitely took a while to get to me, keep that in mind when ordering as a gift. Would absolutely recommend.

Reply from Under Lucky Stars

Hi Ian,
Great to know that your girlfriend loved it! Thanks for letting us know :)

We ship from print labs in the US, UK, EU and Australia. Normally, whichever country is nearest to the destination of the star map. This usually means that our star maps arrive fairly quickly. Apologies if there was any delay in your case.

Stellar product !

My order was processed and shipped very quickly, the quality of the product looked great and it was a really well received birthday present !

Reply from Under Lucky Stars

Thank you for your feedback &#;
It makes us really happy to know that the Star Map was so well received&#;


Aatashi Sheth

A must buy for all

A must buy for all. I gifted my husband on his Birthday&#;he was flabbergasted and absolutely loved it. This even came with an authenticity for our satisfaction. Very emotional and personal gift idea. Lovedddd it and &#; recommend it.

Reply from Under Lucky Stars

Hi Aatashi,
So very happy to hear that your Star Map gift was such a success &#; Thank you for your feedback &#;

Nikola Mitric

Thank you for the perfect gift!

Thank you for the perfect gift!
This was an anniversary gift for my wife and she loved it.
Everything was as you guys said. Delevery was in mentioned time frame. I'm just sad that I forgot to capture her reaction.

Reply from Under Lucky Stars

Hi Nikola,
We are very happy to hear that your wife loved her Star Map anniversary gift. And indeed, what a shame you didn't get a photo or video. But we have no doubt you will always have that image immortalized in. your memory :)


Jasmine Claborn


It was a super easy process and it came within a week of being notified it was shipped. It's beautiful and I recommend anyone to get this. Whether it be for yourself or a loved one you will not be disappointed!

Reply from Under Lucky Stars

Hi Jasmine,
It makes us very happy to read your review. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us.

Good product overall - Updated Review

The finish is great but light weight and I ordered the Galaxy outer space of the star map design. I am giving 4 because the back cover(kraft paper) can be improved, luckystars provided great customer service and they explained the materials used in every aspect.

Reply from Under Lucky Stars


Hi Anan.

Thank you for entering into an email dialogue with us. We appreciate the opportunity to respond to you feedback, which has also enabled us to explore what possibilities exist for improving our products.

For anyone reading this review, below is the information that we have provided to Anan.

Our frames are created from high-quality wood, milled with simple clean lines and presented with a satin finish. The Acrylic Plexiglass we use as a glaze provides increased UV protection for your print, is extremely robust and offers less glare than float glass. It is also safer to transport.

We use GSM smooth fine art paper and print at DPI resolution. GSM (grams per square meter) refers to the thickness of the paper. Most household printer papers are GSM, while typical poster prints are GSM.

The back dust cover is 60 lb standard Kraft Paper.

For the US our products are printed and manufactured in the US.

A. Chan-Geiger

Highly recommend!

Excellent ordering UX, ability to customize message and preview my order. Order was timely, arrived in excellent condition and we were especially impressed by the high quality of the paper and print. Would highly recommend!

Reply from Under Lucky Stars

We are very happy to hear that we met all of your expectations. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us.


The day my son got a dad!

I purchased the stars for my husband to commemorate the day that he adopted my son and I have purchased it for Father's Day for him. He will get it tomorrow but my review on it is that it's great! Very well done has everything on it that I said to have on it and it is perfectly sized for the occasion. I will be using you in the future if need be and I will be and have been telling people about your product.

Reply from Under Lucky Stars

Hi Buffy,
Oh that is such a lovely story. Thank you for sharing and recommending our Star Maps to your friends and family.
Starry regards from all the Team&#;

A great meaningful gift and would definitely recommend.

I love how the website was very easy to use, it included everything the costumer might ask about and I felt their passion and honesty through their services. The product was absolutely stunning. It was clean with no dammage at all and the order arrived sooner than the expected delivery date ( to the UAE).
The idea is very meaningful and I would definitely recommend it.

Reply from Under Lucky Stars

Thank you for taking the time to give us some feedback. Its especially great to know that post to the UAE is fully back on track after the temporary issues that were experienced due to the pandemic.


We love our customized star map

We love our customized star map! It arrived safely and the material is great quality. Highly recommend!

Reply from Under Lucky Stars

Hi Kelly.

Thank you for the feedback :) We are so happy to hear you love your Star Map !!

Sara Ibraimoska

The gift is just perfect

The gift is just perfect. Everything I expected and more. Came really fast to Slovenia. Thank you so much! Still waiting for the reaction on the gift in a couple of weeks &#;&#;

Reply from Under Lucky Stars

Hi Sara,

Very happy to get your feedback and would love to see the reaction if you can photo or video it :) If you do please send to [email protected]

All the best from the Under Lucky Star Team


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