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Skyler W on February 5,

The Chevy Malibu is reliable and practical for everyday life

I have owned my Chevy Malibu for about 3 years now, after buying it used, having been owned by one other person before me. I have never experienced any major issues with the operation of the vehicle. It is extremely reliable in that way. I have only experienced minor issues which may have to do with the specific car, rather than the model as a whole. For example, over time my gas gauge has lost accuracy. It will show that I am at a full tank for quite a while, and then out of nowhere it will drop down to half a tank. It's led me to rely on the mileage numbers on the dashboard. This figure is usually reliable. The interior is fabric, rather than leather so I find this quite comfortable for all weather types. The AC is powerful and great for hot summers. One of my favorite features is the size of the trunk. It has been extremely handy in lugging large items of furniture during moves.

Sours: https://www.vehiclehistory.com

Engine (23%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (10%)

Brakes and Traction Control (5%)

Suspension and Steering (22%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (25%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (10%)

Other (6%)

Chart based on repairs.

See TSBs and recalls for the Chevrolet Malibu.

$+ (0%)

$ - $ (8%)

$ - $ (3%)

$ - $ (21%)

< $ (69%)

Chart based on 39 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.

miV6 engine has a rough idle, took back to dealer 3 times and dealer stated this is normal for this engine. Dealer stated that Mfg's now set the fuel very lean and this causes the rough idle. I am taking vehicle to another GM dealer. 

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miShift from 1 to 2 then down to 1 felt "jerky" (like someone dropping clutch in a standard) 
miThrottle Position Sensor 
miWhile stopped with it in drive, it would not respond to throttle even with gear shifts unless it was turned off then on 

US $65
code PO EVAP Solenoid circuit fault 
miTransmission had forgotten how to shift; had to be reprogrammed using "quick learn" 

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miEngine missing during idle. #1 fuel injector harness was replaced. 

US $
OBDS reported bad thermostat. Thermostat replaced and changed coolant as preventive maintenance. 
micheck engine light on 
mifuel injector problems 
miCheck engine light came on intermitantly. Took to dealership and they diagnosed a shorted intake solenoid. Replaced cam solenoid. No cost to me. Covered by powertrain warrenty. Less than 3 hours to repair. 
miRadiator fluid dropped 1/2 inch every two weeks. Heard gurgling sound in engine when making slow speed turns. 

US $
Original accelerator pedal has embdded sensors that failed. I went to auto parts store, found part, watched video, and replaced unit myself. Took about an hour. 
miThe ignition cylinder was getting frozen and not letting me remove my key. I hit the cylinder with some WD and worked the key back and forth until it was no longer and issue. It still get a bit catchy here and there for a few days but it seems to be good now. 
miCheck engine light was on. Cam sensor failure. Car still drove fine, but I wanted to get rid of the check engine light. 
miUnable to get read-out check engine due to a short that was blowing fuses. Seems to be related to our use of ethanol-added to the gasoline. Seemed to get better with a tank of ethanol-free gas. In Aug. traded it in for a Malibu 2LT. 

US $
SES/Check engine light illuminated on dash. Scanned Code P Diagnostic found exhaust cam position solenoid had debris trapped in it. Replaced cam position solenoid. SES/Check engine light illuminated intermittently. Scanned Code p Diagnostics found intake camshaft position sensor sticking. Replaced camshaft position sensor. 
miExhaust Cam Solenoid stuck caused check engine light to come on. Repaired under original 3/36 warranty. 

US $
Check engine light came on. Had to have cam phasers, both intake and exhaust, replaced again. 
miL engine is mysteriously losing coolant. Did pressure and cylinder tests, could not find any reason for the problem (though the engine continues to lose coolant). Check engine light; dealer claims error code indicating poor fuel. Added octane booster, reset light, suggested I use better quality fuel. 
miDifferent dealer discovered leak in Cylinder #3 due to cracked head gasket and head warped. Head and head gasket replaced. Coolant loss still evident after head gasket replacement. Additional tests indicated porosity in the engine block casting; GM decided on a complete engine replacement. 
miOutput speed sensor was replaced. Car would shift hard when accelerating. The car was losing track of the speed and the transmission didn't know how to act. 
micheck engine light came on 
miCamshaft solenoid failed and was replaced. Tripped the CEL. 
mi"Service ESC" warning flashed, but error code not displayed after messaged flashed. Dealer replaced #1 fuel injector. Motor will intermittently idle rough once the motor is warmed up. Also high speed stalling. Tends to occur when the outside temp is 65+ degrees. Has been occuring for 4 months. Dealer has not experianced in three visits for problem. 

US $
Camshaft actuator failed, replaced by dealer.  
miCylinder head replaced for rough idle and high speed stalling. Valve guides for Cylinder # 1 worn out. Leak down test was at 80%. Problem reoccurred within 40 miles of getting car back, with rough idle even worse than before. That is it, I gave up and traded the car in. 
miCould not remove key from ignition . Ignition sensor had to be replaced . 

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US $25
TSB for tranny reflash -- shifting irregular 
miCEL/SES reported P code. Took to dealer to replace intake camshaft actuator solenoid valve and was replaced under power train warranty. CEL/SES reported P code. Took to dealer to replace intake camshaft actuator solenoid valve and was replaced under power train warranty. 
miCracked engine block. Replaced and rebuilt engine. 
miProblem returns two days later, root cause is the same, cracked block between first and second cylinder. Entire new engine placed in car 

US $
Car failed to start. Was able to start by holding accelerator to the floor. Dealer said it had jumped time because of a broken timing chain tensioner. Replaced tensioner and chain. Had engine light, returned to dealer, they had to replace the exhaust cam actuator solenoid Again with the cam timing system. 

US $
Replaced the solenoids. 
miReplaced belt tensioner 
miReplace catalytic converter 
miCar failed to run. Towed to dealer and diagnosed with a bad map sensor. Replaced for free under emissions warranty. 

C $
Replaced lower exhaust system including catlytic converter 

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miThe catalytic converter failed. Symptoms were poor gas mileage and sluggish engine response. There was no other issue with the engine to cause the failure and no trouble codes were showing up. The converter was replaced under warranty. 

C $
The engine was making a knocking noise when it shut off (intersections and turning the ignition off). The throttle body was failing and it was replaced at the dealership. Engine now has more power and fuel economy is better. 

C $
The main camshaft position sensor was intermittently faulting, causing several warnings to flash. The sensor was replaced with a new one. 
miEngine burned oil between 5, km oil changes and burned out without notice. Engine not functional. No repairs possible other than engine change. Car likely to be scrapped. No repair attempted. 

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US $
Major tune up - Included spark plugs, air filter, serpentine belt, brakes,  Recommended timing chain replacement. Budget disallowed. Seeking second opinion. 

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See TrueDelta's information for all Sedans

See TrueDelta's information for all Chevrolet models.

Sours: https://www.truedelta.com/Chevrolet-Malibu/engine-problems
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The Chevy Malibu is a popular car on the road today. Its appeal boils down to the features it offers with the inexpensive price points you see at dealerships all over the country. Really, who wouldn&#;t want to get more for less money?

However, despite the popularity it mustered among General Motors drivers, it also has another thing going for it, and it&#;s not something good. This car has seen its share of complaints for several years – the worst one being the model. Car Complaints shows why the version is definitely the one to avoid.

Chevy Malibu transmission problems

The Chevy Malibu at the North American International Auto Show

The transmission is the most common issue reported for the Chevy Malibu. In most cases, it went out at around 90, miles with no warning. Some replaced it with a repair cost of approximately $3,, and one customer had to replace it twice in 10 years. There were no warning signs of it going out; it would just stop going into gear. Many customers said even the fluid levels were fine, making this problem more of a mystery.

It seems that the manufacturer identified the problem as a wave plate that broke inside the transmission. GM Parts Super Store said that the cause is from shifting gears numerous times. To fix it, you have two options. You could either have the transmission replaced, or you could have someone rebuild it for you. The third option would be to replace the wave plate long before it gets to the 98,mile mark, which is what they report to be the average number of miles it occurs at.

Other problems plaguing the Chevy Malibu

The second most common complaint with the Chevy Malibu deals with an engine stall issue. Many drivers became frustrated when their engine died while driving at low speeds in traffic. Quite a few of these experienced it with less than miles on the car. Repairs performed include replacing the alternator, battery, ECM (engine control module), and the camshaft sensors. None of them seemed to work as the customers claim the issue continued.

Another frustrating issue for Malibu drivers involves the brakes. Owners reported that at random moments, the brake lights would come on when the brakes weren&#;t actually pressed. When they pressed the brakes, the lights would go off, which could confuse drivers behind them. Some owners complained that other dash lights would also come on at the same time like electronic stability control. In , they put a recall out for the body control module replacement to repair the brake light issue. However, drivers, who had it done before, continued to experience the problem randomly after that.

What other model years of the Malibu have issues?

According to U.S. News & World Report, the Chevy Malibu is not the only model year to have complaints filed against it. In fact, the model years had the most problems reported. The issues range from faulty brake lights to door lock problems of power steering issues. A recall went out for the to models for replacement of the steering motor control unit and a torque sensor. You can get the same repairs done with the to models if your vehicle falls under their new extended warranty of 10 years/, miles.

The to models also received complaints. These included power steering issues, engine stalling, and wheel bearing problems. The model has a recall for the generator control module replacement that they felt caused the starting and stalling problems on the Malibu Hybrid models. The newer models from and up have some complaints reported, but they seem to be quite a bit fewer than the previous models.

If you&#;re looking to purchase a Chevy Malibu, the newer generations seem to be the best bet at this point with fewer complaints. If you purchase an older one anyway, be sure they have the recall repairs completed to give you the best chance of not getting plagued with the same issues other drivers experienced.

Sours: https://www.motorbiscuit.com
2009 chevy malibu lt issues?

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Chevrolet malibu problems 2009

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2009 Chevy Malibu vs 1959 Bel Air Crash Test - Consumer Reports

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