obuweaxqThis website was an idea – now its a reality .
It all started in Japan in August 2014 . I was trying out Helpex.net program in Japan and my stories seemed to trill others . Questions just rolled in and because of a busy volunteering schedule i could not reply in a proper manner .. AN IDEA came to my mind.
I will create a website that reflects my travels … It will tell YOU where im going and how is it .

For ME it will be A TRAVEL JOURNAL that i can look at for years to come .

For you.. maybe a guide , to do list or simply reading material for evenings



Well its not about the BIRD (parrot ) or the FISH(parrotfish ) .
I like idea of this word covering land and sky as a bird (Parrot ) and water as a (fish )

Kind of the same as my life – I can be anywhere.



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