Fast forward…

This post is to remember how to even write again to be honest .So much have happened and so many places ..


Ok .I have not even looked at website stats for about 2 months and havent written anything for the same time .Today i decided to have a quick look and to my surprise ..You all are still reading website , so i thought maybe i should write something and say that YES ..I am still travelling and YES i am still having fun. MAYBE even too much fun that i dont have time to write – until today !


What have i done for last 2 months ?

Well to start with i have left Cayman Islands for good and had incredibly emotional leaving gatherings  and then i had my time in New York for the first time and then i arrived in Greece.A lot of travels , money , feelings , love , hearthbreak, laughs , sadness and friendships have happened and all i will soon tell you all about it ..


I promise to myself and to you ..I am back and will start writing again.


So if anyone have ideas of where to start – shoot !


And also if anyone wants to share their insane stories – go for it .Just sent me a me story and u will be published to all my my readers that still ( to my surprise) believe in me !


Yours truly , Parrotfish Journey!


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