Donate and volunteer your love at Cayman Humane Society


Saturday morning, I parked outside Cayman Humane society building (that’s located just by AL Thomson’s roundabout) where they sell book on second floor, and have dogs and cats with no homes on first.

Book sales: This is a great place to buy books. First reason is of course all the funds go towards Humane society. Second – books are very, very cheap. Fictions is starting at 0,75 CI. Non- fiction books are anything between 1-5 CI. I did my shopping recently and got one book for 2 CI (Cayman dollars)


Dogs: Every day from about 9 AM you can come and walk dogs. Because these guys want to get some people time too!


Ah . How adorable is this !

Cats: Cat room is open to anyone wanting to play with cats. All day long. They are 7 and more just hanging around there and kids and adults can anytime just stop by and pet them, or play with them. Some cats are bit more open for people some just want to sleep. But overall it can be a fun experience.


For me, i grew up with having pets around, so it felt amazing to do my writing with a cat on my lap. If you live in Cayman, most likely you don’t have pets at your place, so this is the place to visit.


Also, if you fall in love with one of the dog or cat, you can adopt it and bring it home. Procedure is very simple.

PS.- Donations are accepted from anyone. Either as money or book or just about anything that they could sell for profit and help feed dogs and cats.


After 1,5 h at Humane Society i left with more Love in my heart and little bit sadness for all the homeless and ownerless animals.


All they want is loving owner and home. So, next time you’re sitting in traffic on lunch, or having a lazy day at home. Get up, collect those books that you never read anyways and head down to Cayman Humane Society. This is the place where experience you will get will warm your heart for days, weeks or even years!


I think they all look pretty comfortable to me !

Cayman Humane society: 153 North Sound Road, Georgetown, Cayman Islands.


Official website : 

Facebook page :


“Our Mission

To provide shelter, care and attention to all unwanted companion animals, and seek out responsible, loving homes for them.

To assist the community in all aspects of animal welfare and responsible pet ownership and help combat pet overpopulation and animal abuse through our Spay and Neuter clinic and community education.”

From Cayman Humane Society official website 


How Can you help :



-Become a member

-Foster care


-Dog walk

-Sponsor a cage

-Donate needed items



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