Dave Lavery from NASA in Cayman – Stem Carib 2016 

I arrived 10 minutes in advance to get a good seat for NASA scientist Dave Lavery speech about Robotics already on Mars and future missions !

Dave is Scientist and Roboticist .
Dave came on a stage all cheerful aand happy and started talking about his childhood. How there were three major professions in his home .And how he was drawn to Space . but because of bad eye sight he could only see it trough camera .As he could not go in space .This is how it all started .

He did guide us trough steps of sending Rover to Mars and talked about the moment when every holds their breath In Nasa headquarters . breath for parachute to open when it’s almost on Mars !

It was incredible that he was here.
The best part was , when after the speech he did not disappear. He was sitting with all the students and teachers .Simply having a chat .During lunch ,tea breaks and other free time .
At last an event where speakers in the reach to us .


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