Blow holes and fossils in Cayman

I had a marking on my Cayman Islands map to highlight Cayman Blow Holes. Map said that I need to keep going the same direction (Coming from east end, driving on Frank sound road). There was sign saying that these are Cayman Blow Holes. Glad that there was sign. We pulled on the side of the road and seen staircase leading all the way down to rocky shore where at then was a blow hole.

Just before we walked down an older man wearing jeans, shirt and brown straw hat in his 50ties walked towards us bare feet and offered a free tour. We looked at each other and agreed.

Cayman Blow Holes, I tried to get good picture myself, but got none. Photo source:

He walked down the steps in front of us and pointed out blow holes.

Cayman Blow hole: Is a cavern in the rock at shore where wave hits against shore and moves in the cavern and then in the sky as it does not have space where to escape. Blow holes can best be observed when sea is rough with big waves and with 20-30 ft high “Blows”


This bare feet man showed us old fossils of fish, snails and corals in the stones, that I would have noticed if he didn’t show them. Then he offered to take a snap of us at blow hole on the moment when it shoots for the sky. And he was off.

This picture is amazing. And for sure shows how Blow holes look like. Source of image:

In total we spent 30 minutes at Blow holes. This is more a spot for sitting down and just watching it. Before we left we gave a little tip to a bare feet man who was laying across the road in his hammock next to picnic area that’s available for anyone.


Puffer fish fossil in Cayman Blow Holes on Frank Sound road

Tip: Wear some shoes. Iron shore is not very easy to walk on. Bare feet man is an exception


Brain coral fossil in Blow Holes in Cayman islands



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