My tour to San Pedro`s Castle in Cayman (Also known as Pedros San James)

We arrived at Bodden town – San Pedro’s castle at about 2 pm and wanted to see only building  itself really ,but lady at the desk offered us a movie (In 3 D cinema )before visiting building and as we had plenty of time in our hands we agreed. We purchased tickets for 5 CI each as residents.Lady at the counter asked for us to wait outside until guide would arrive. Meanwhile we topped up on necessary  drink items ,like fanta and coca.


San Pedro`s castle in Cayman Islands , Bodden town (Oldest existing building in Cayman – Thats what Wikipedia says )

We sat at the little metal table outside and after 10 minutes of waiting decided to take matters in our own hands and walked in so called “cinema” . It was a small room with pictures on both sides and big wooden door at the end. Door was locked so we were left  to look at the pictures for some time. Pictures were from old days in San Pedro’s castle ,be they were Made by actors pretending to be in San Pedro’s castle in old days . Interesting,but bid disappointing that there were only few real photos,but even those were only of building and not actual people.

Then a man wearing San Pedro’s staff  t-shirt walked in and with no introduction started talking about building  in very low ,strange voice . It was that type of voice that made us feel sleepy .He just kept talking anf talking almost by script with no emotions. I heard non of it. I tried to focus on what he’s said  at the start , but his way of speaking just made me wanna Laugh .With no apparent reason ,just laugh so I had to excuse myself many times to calm myself down.

In the middle of this a a new group arrived and this staff member just kept talking ,but never resumed from beginning .

Door was opened to 3D cinema(that’s what they call it) . We walked in and first thing  we saw was adorable ,big,fat,ginger cat. I took this adorable animal in  my lap and sat down with my friends.

The show / movie started.
First the rain sounds in the room with actual water leaking in buckets for special effects. All scene looked theatrical with San Pedro’s castle made on one side .Movie was on the projector screen and many time it was lifted and light illuminated certain area in the theatrical set .

My friends fell a sleep , while I was watching movie  and silently calling the cat back ,who ran away from me after I tried to move it around.

After 40 min of sleep- door opened and we could go explore.At last .

Guide started talking again,but I had no more patience so I went to San Pedro’s castle on my own . It’s a 3 story building .With ground floor being being more open and build from rocks and 1 and 2nd floor being a from wood with balcony all the way around it . Of course there is nothing really left from the actual San Pedro’s castle in there .The say that only concrete staircase is the only peace that’s original . Furniture  and building itself is all restorated and to be honest looks very different from whats  shown in old pictures .Seems that someone decided to remake it  they way they want ,not the way it was.

I explored main  building and then took a little walk around the property.And then to the swing that’s not correctly fit .Not for real use at all .Just for fake picture .I gave up and lay down in grass in front of the building and found a perfect, peacefull  place for me .I closed my eyes under the sun . And listened to guide from distance , waves breaking against shore  and  birds whispering .I tried to imagine family after family living here .

And fire after fire destroying all.

My friend finished tour from the guide and said that this San Pedro’s guide is actually related to family who lived here .Guide just randomly pointed out and old photographs and said that this is his relative .Amazing that all this time when be was talking -he  didn’t  bother to mention this until the end

And about photography ,there are some photos of actual people who lived here in  the San Pedro’s castle .But it’s strange that they are not at the front.Where people start tp learn about history in the first place .

Anyways ,tour was finished and we drive off by the castle trough Bodden town and all agreed in the car that  whole  experience was very strange and random .We laughed about it all the way to George town .

Well there you go .This is how my experience  went .How was yours ?

By the way I came back one evening to San Pedro’s to relax here and sat on my own with castle and offices being closed and I must  say – I do understand why they picked this location for San Pedro’s castle .Sunset here is amazing and the best part is – it’s quiet .Only  mosquito’s  attacked me all the way through sunset .

ahh well,you cant have it all.


Pedro San James Castle in Cayman Islands

San Pedros Castle in History :

Perhaps best known as the “Birthplace of Democracy in the Cayman Islands”, Pedro St. James was the venue for a meeting on 5 December 1831 where the decision was made to form the first elected parliament. Later, on 3 May 1835, Robert Thompson, sent from the Governor of Jamaica, held court at Pedro St. James to issue the proclamation ending slavery in the British Empire.
From :

Pedros San James castle decades ago before restoration


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