Free monthly astronomy event for public in Cayman Islands

Seems that there are few people in Cayman Islands who are interested in astronomy. I am one of them. So I went on search to find out all about events in Cayman about Astronomy. I found out that there is an Astronomy event in Bodden town, by San Pedro’s castle. This is a monthly public meeting, that anyone can attend.


San Pedros castle in Bodden town


Just before 7 PM sunset is amazing


Normally event starts at about 7 PM, but sometimes earlier in day. Meeting normally is 3 days after full moon. And its free of charge.


How event goes:

Everyone arrives before 7 Pm and there are few telescopes set up in the lawn in front of san Pedro`s, lights are out so it’s nice and dark. Then organizers (Cayman islands Astronomy Society )would turn telescopes to certain objects and invite everyone to look at them. Event is very casual and chilled. Everyone just meets each other and can ask experienced astronomers all the questions they want. For me as a newbie this was great.

They would point out milky way, certain starts, zodiacs, planets and other galaxies if visible even slightest.

It truly is a great place to learn, meet new people and be outdoors. Also this activity is kids friendly for sure! Would advise to arrive early and chill on the lawn, but make sure you have plenty of mosquito repellant with you.

Facebook page



Its very small , but You can see MOON in the photo and on the left bottom side of moon is VENUS !This is before all astronomers arrived with telescopes

Keep in mind: Rules apply if the weather is more than 50 percent cloudy the evening -event will be cancelled. You can phone Richard on 9254917 to find out. Nonmembers are asked to park outside and walk in as there is not much space to park.





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