Mullac: Challange accepted


Male (23)

Me and my mates were in Tenerife . In total about 10 people . All in our twenties ready to party .Evening started calmly with few drinks  .Then some strange challenge contest started .. And from all my mates they picked me . I needed  to pick a friend to complete challenge with me ..
I picked my mate Lui ….
Challenge was :  White rum , Vodka , Tequila , Jin in a mixed cocktail to drink 10 seconds . Winner gets a free drink (actually already got one – the one drinking it ) .And drinks are  served of the bar . 
So we climbed on top of the bar  – And barman passed our drinks –  it was full pint for each one of us.
Few sips and we were done .
Suddenly I heard “ Guys I haven’t started the time  yet .. “ Bar man shouted …

So we got  drinks again , this time it was a litre of the same mix with a little grenadine and cherry  on top .
Time started … 1..2…3…4….5…6..7..8..
‘done  ..’ I shouted while smashing the litre pint on the counter and Lui did exactly the same at exactly the same time .. No winner or loser .. ..
Then it was time to head to the next bar ..  ” Gas bar ” .. As soon as we walked in i spotted a shot girl (Popi ) that we all knew  . Alcohol already started to hit in so I don’t know why but I decided to crawl over the bar to hug Popi. Ended up pushing all drinks on the floor and Popi running away from me ..
I crawled back and Viki ( friend from the group ) was laughing like crazy about me .. And at that moment i had a clarity – Viki was ” The One ”  . Turn out that to know the one you need 2 pints of mixed drinks and after seeing shot girl in front of you ..
So i disappeared with Viki and ended up having a nap in apartment ..

Meantime Lui  ended up kissing  a really tall and muscular girl .. Im sorry not exactly a girl .. This was a transvestite  . They had a great time until Lui realized it ….
After a little nap i  woke up and walked to Luis room , …He was brushing his teeth and crying, His tongue was all in blood and he looked frantic .. After little questioning i got a full story  . I just laughed , gave him a hug and kept repeating : ‘ Don’t worry Lui , that you kissed a bloke .. its alright … ‘


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