Zara`s life changed in a second


If you are friends with Zara or if you only met her for a short you know how much of an inspirational person she can be. Whether you’ve been taught to scuba dive by her, played with stingrays or just been happy to be in her company you know that she has wisdom and kindness beyond her 29 years so I am asking for your help.


Zara arrived in Cayman years ago and have been working on Island like the rest of us . Doing daily job and relaxing in evening with friends . Just a normal life .

But …


On the 3rd of September Zara was involved in a serious car accident on Grand Cayman. She suffered a seizure whilst driving which resulted in her loosing control of the car. The result of the impact left her with a fractured neck, 6 bleeds on the brain, paralysis on the right side of her body and difficulty communicating. She was transferred to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami from Grand Cayman late on Sunday night and was in Trauma unit and ICU for 2 days. She has since been moved to a lower dependency unit, and is starting to adjust to the rehabilitation process.

The road to her recovery is going to be difficult and painful, but she is a determined young lady and I’m sure that we all want to see her back to her old self on a surfboard and living life to the full, making people smile and bringing joy to everyone she meets.


Ian ( Zaras Boyfriend ) set up a page to raise money to help Zara Dyer


At first people donated a lot , but then it slowed down . So now they are at 11440 Pounds  , but the goal is 50 000 pounds .11440 pounds are 22%   .All the expenses are piling up with doctors , nurses , food , medication , physiotherapy and so on . So if you have spare dollar in your account , please donate it or if you can not  –  simply share , re-blog , re-post or what ever else brings information to others .

 We should treat others like WE want to be treated . If i would be in her place i would people to share all the way to president .


Her recovery is documented on Ian Brown Facebook page  and also in this page (Here you can see latest videos of zara`s recovery and read stories and see photos about her )


Ian and Zara traveling together in 2013



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