Yellow Turtle : First Childhood memory


Female (26)

So when i was about 5 years old i had this very unfortunate event happening in my life .
It was my first year in school and i was a very shy child .. I mean like super shy , i would be afraid to speak with anyone . I was in a class with my class mates – 8 of us in total and doing a studies ..

Suddenly i felt a need for toilet, but i was so shy .. I waited and waited for class to be over .. But i was starting to get in pain..

And then .. (There is no nicer way to say this ) I shit myself .. It fell trough my panties , then  skirt and at last hit the ground  next to my chair .. I was so embarrassed ..

This is one of my first memories, and i still know some of these people who were at the table that day ..
I have no idea if they remember , and i`m not planning to remind them if they don`t ..


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