Male (27)

In 2006  I was back in Italy . Me and my friends decided to visit other city for a party  . By the midnight we had 8 shots of absinthe each and a huge buzz in head ! My best friend met his ex girlfriend and fight started between them …

I was not able to agree or disagree , so i walked back to the car for a nap .

But when you drink Absinthe its just not that easy .. My Damn brain decided to drive home .

Blank ….

Next think i know , its morning and car is stopped on the road .People are passing by and starting at the car .. I looked around and wondered where am i … Decided to keep driving ad find out on the way  , i started engine and pressed gas pedal …. Nothing …car was not moving …

I was confused  and hangover , why isnt it moving ?
I questioned my drunk brain  .. I stepped out of the car and looked around , there was a scratch on it , but that was it …
I tried to start the car again . Engine seemed to work , jut no movement ..

Cops pulled up next to my car .
They were very kind to clarify my confusion :
Results after one very special party i will remember a long time :

1- My car had only 3 wheels .

2- aloud alcohol limit is 0.25 in Italy – my one was 3.2

they even found some weed in my car .
Of course they took my license and couple of other things .

So lesson learned : Dont have 8 shots of Absent , stick with 7 and a driver .



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