Piel : WELL – COME


Male (27) story by PIEL

In 2007 i had the most embarrassing moment in my life .. You know when people joke about those sex accidents and then end up explaining that to doctors .. Well thats me .
I was in a happy gay relationship.

One night we had our fun and when he “came ” he ended up shooting all his “stuff ” in my eye . I was in pain and did not knew what to do .
Went to hospital. Anxious sat in the emergency room holding my eye covered with arm and thinking how to explain this  hoping  for a female doctor ( maybe she would understand ) .
After a while male doctor approached me and asked to follow to the examination room . He asked: ” What happened with your eye ?”


There i was with a red face and ” come in my eye ”   trying to explain  my  sex experience gone bad to a straight guy .
Even now 7 years later talking abut this makes me embarrassed . And relationship did not work out  by the way .


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