Travel from Philippines to Vietnam (Procedures)

Come 2 hours earlier to the airport . Find your flight provider . Mine was Cebu pacific : flights only 6000 peso with luggage to Vietnam .( That s about 100 Euro )
Then leave your bag and show check in counter your ticket info , passport ( with 6 months validity ) , approved visa for destination country ( In my case Vietnam visa approval letter printed out from e- mail ) and the person at the counter will print boarding passes to you .

Then go to pay tax , that’s …..


Vietnamese food is amazing . Pho soup and other soups are signature dishes .

Then go to pay tax , that’s 550 peso to leave country ( Its a standart fee )

Then pass the immigration check . They will check your passport to see visas that you have obtained during your stay in Philippines ( some say you need to show receipts for all the visa s you have gotten while in Philippines , as a proof that you got them from real

Then go to the flight.

Arrival in Vietnam .  1 euro = 25000 Vietnamese dongs (vnd)

( Currency  exchange rate in 2015 )

First  thing you need to keep in mind is : sit at the front of the plane  .. So you would get out faster , and then faster apply for visa . Because if you come last , you have lots of people in front of you when you come to submit visa paperwork immigration already have another bunch of applications waiting in front as some dont have visa approval letter , so they are trying to get their visa on spot ,that takes ages .




Lots of interesting drinks in Vietnam, like , sugarcane , soya milk …

Arrival in Vietnam was safe and one of the first activity .

I was first one to submit mine
Have ready you passport , 45 dollars in cash (single entry 3 months ) , visa on arrival approval letter , and a photo .
If you have it all you just give it to the guy and wait about 10 min and ready .

Then pass by immigration , that approves visa one more time ( At the gate leaving immigration area )  and all good.

From there you can claim luggage and out of the Vietnam ( Than son hat airport )  !!!

When come out of airport : do not take random taxis , they will rob you .. Take Mailinh taxis .they have a meter and charge from airport to District 1 about 140000 Vietnam dongs ( about 6 euro / 8 dollars )  ! Great price !

And welcome to Vietnam ..

I forgot how good this place is , and cheap .

Fruit shake in tourist area 25000 Vietnamese dongs( further in story – vnd)  , sandwich with egg , salad And meat 15000 vnd , water bottle 1 l – 9000  , and roof top bars – they are cheaper than streets . I went to a place called : the view – roof top bar and paid for famous local soup only 29000vnd Nd a peppermint tea 29000 vnd .. Amazing !

I stayed in a place called kaiteki  Hostel . I paid about 6 euro a night . Ia got a business capsule room (good size , with tv inside and air on available in each capsule and amazingly soft duvet !!! ) And ireallywanted to keep this duvet from the htel , but i managed to fight my urges and not to keep it )
Have a great trip to you too …


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