14 HOUR LAYOVER IN MOSCOW – SHEREMETYEVO . Flying first time with Aeroflot

As I need to wait so much ( Check in bags ,took about 1 hour ) , I might as well write an post about  Aeroflot airlines .

I waited to drop my bags about an hour .And I actually cheated after 20 min and went to sky member club line and gave them my bag there and they didn’t even question my intentions or asked for membership ,so I don’t know what is it .And that was a fast way ( 1 hour ) . Some other people clearly realized what km doing and followed .


Aeroflot plane for the flight Ho Chi minh city – Moscow .

Then customs ,immigration and bag checking .And I was at gate .
I was in flight on time . In my back seat . Vietnamese man was sitting next to me and talking on the phone until the plane was in sky and cell coverage went out . Literally .


” Wake me up for …. 🙂 ” Aeroflot plane

So far it looks like an alright plane . Entertainment system is a bit older ,but I can live with that ,there is free slippers ,eye cover ,blanket and I’m waiting on headphones for entertainment . Its not very noisy , and the space on this Aeroflot flight is OK ,I can even stretch my legs (I’m about 1.80 cm tall ) Anyway ..  I have been here 10 minutes .. So can not judge ,yet ….

First flight was from  Vietnam to Russia . And I must say it went well . 10 hours , 2 meals ,3 cups of tea and a bathroom break every hour . And few pretty nice movies ! ( movies are very nice in the entertainment system , and new  ) . Over all this flight went well . Flight attendants took care of passengers  on average . I did not see anything extra – just very standard service with regular meals .I felt that meals were OK size , but could have been bigger or have some snack option between them . And info that there is tea at the back ,would have been nice , because I didn’t knew that I can get drinks on the back all the time .But stumbled upon “drink party ” accidentally when going to bathroom . OK service and no problems anywhere . Just average . By it does not mean bad .



Then 14 hours wait in Moscow airport . That was NOT pleasant wait . Thank god they have unlimited internet use ( unlike Athens airport ) .

I found one place between terminal D and F and slept there on the carpet ( there is a little carpet covered area .)I walked trough all the area and this is the best I could find for sleeping .

And in about 3 am there was no one . except 2 girls sleeping a out 5 m away from me . I think they figured that its a good spot after seeing me sleeping there already .

In the morning I had my flight to Athens .and the plane was …. Em… Different ..it had no entertainment system so I thought that I’m not getting food also  ,but I was wrong . After 1 hour in 4 hour flight ,guys started to give food out .
And i was on all 3 seats  ,so I spread out and slept with mg eye cover ( that I kept as souvenir from the previous plane ) and slippers ( also previous ) and got 2 blankets and 3d under my head .

And it was a lovely flight . And the staff – actually really nice and smiling . Above average !

Well …

Back  in EUROPE !


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