What to see in Heraklion / Iraklio in a day

Greece … Amazing Greece with souvlaki , feta and frappe everywhere …In this post i talk about Heraklion .I spent 4 hours in Heraklion and this is what i did .

My bus arrived at 10.30 AM in Heraklion . It was very hot day,  but unusual to locals . Driver was happy , wearing blue shirt and talking on the phone a lot . He switched on traditional Greek music and kept mumbling in the rithm with it , after the phone conversation .

I started to walk up the hill , streets were filled with tourist .. You could see that they are not from here by their white , sunburn skin  and bright color clothing  . It seems that tourist have tendency to wear brighter clothes while on holiday .. Might be Greek influence with their their blue and white colors .

Anyway … I stopped in a bakery and got a little snack and troughs the window i noticed a beautiful building in front . I could see the back of it … Window glass was painted in different colors , and building looked a little bit magical somehow …  It was Heraklion Church of SAINT TITUS  , that was located near VENETIAN LOGGIA STREET .  There was a funeral service inside this church , so i did not explore inside , but outside is stunning

From there i walked in random streets of Heraklion . I arrived to ” Municipal Gallery on Basilica of st mark ” of Heraklion . here was this very interesting exhibition ( sadly i forgot to find out artists details ) . All the peaces were with man and woman and made with little flirtation twist . They felt a bit sexual and mysterious . I liked  it .

Next i continued exploring to the streets . It was almost rush hour . Locals were having coffee in bars and cafes in the square . I continued exploring and stumbled upon artist . He was a gemstone collector and seller ( of course as a gemstone lover , i had to stop and ask ) . I question him about  gemstones that comes from Greece and he pointed few out to me , but only few .. So sadly seems that most of the stones were imported . I really appreciate his honesty to tell me .His art peaces were unique in many ways . I highly recommend to visit this little street and have a little souvenir .


Heraklion Church of SAINT TITUS , that was located near VENETIAN LOGGIA STREET .

As soon as i turned i stumbled upon Galeria Dedalou – its a store .I already noticed in the window that they have some antique objects from Greece . Some very very old . I walked in …On the left i found a shelf with shotguns on it . I was hooked ..After shoot guns there were old , historical necklaces , spoons , glasses , pens ….and many other objects . All antique . I kept browsing and i overheard older man talking to few customers about his life . It sounded interesting … I kept looking and listen into the conversation with one ear . Couple moved to other side and older man came to me . I smiled and said that i’m just looking . He said that everything is very expensive and i should look through the window from outside of the show ( basically leave the shop ) I thought  it  was rude to say . I dont  know if he was worried that i will steel something .

I did walk outside and kept looking , although this completely changed my mind about ” nice man ” . When other customer left , he walked out to check on me and started questioning me about my age and intention .

“Was he trying to find out if i have money for these antiques ? ”   I’ d say yes . I  still like the shop , but its very central location , i i think its over priced .

I moved on and had a stop over in Starbucks . Perfect Latte with hazelnut syrup for 4 euro ! The biggest size cup !

I wondered up the streets and they seem to get narrower and more crowded. Less touristic as well . Ans suddenly this massive church . Actually the back of it . The  Heraklion church of Ayia Aikaterini of Sinaites  and Saint Catherine ( icon museum ) I did not go in the museum ( You have to pay entrance fee ) . Just in the Church( Free entrance ) .It felt touristic . People taking pictures while other lighting candles and praying . And I was one of those people .

One thing that really caught my eye were carving in the closet  that they keep candles in and the ceiling of the church. I spent only about 10 minutes inside the church , and i felt its time for me to leave . I still had some snacks left in my bag from the morning so i sat in front of the church and started feeding pidgins . The joys of life ….
I was not the only one  . A  man a dark shirt about 20 meters away from me was doing the same . He had a little white bag filled with bread .

After 5 minutes of walk in a narrow alley i found yet another Heraklion church . Its called Heraklion Church  Saint Paraskevi .It was tiny . And empty . There was one lady who was looking after it . I walked in and did not see her . I sat down on the back and just kept looking around . It felt like the most peaceful place in the world . I just kept sitting and looking around for a while . I could hear children laughing in nearby houses and cars pulling over on the mains street . But it did not bother me . I believe that is a church  . This little building felt like ” the church ” .
It was already about 1 PM and i turned around and started walking towards the pear . I found a shop where they sell tea and many other things . I got peppermint and apple tea . They measured it for me and i paid 1 . 20 Euro for it . Staff was helpful , they really explained everything to me in detail and helped me to select best choice . I got 100 grams of tea and i drank it in 2 days at home . It was really good tea .

I was back at the Heraklion KTEL  bus station . It was very busy   . I purchased a ” life ” juice and a sandwich and sat down . Everyone was running , talking , moving back and forward .
It was a good day .



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