Yapak dive – Best diving spot in Boracay.

So i have done most of the dive sites in Boracay and many times people are asking me :

what`s the best dive site in Boracay Island ?
I must say – Yapak !

Yapak Depth :Wall starts at 30m depth (Edge of the wall ) goes down to 70 m
There are 3 different Yapak dive sites (Yapak 1 , Yapak 2 ,Yapak 3 )
Yapak Visibility : 10-30 m
Yapak Water temperature : 27-29 degrees Celsius
Yapak Best time to dive : All year around . Sometimes in off season (July – November ) few weeks can not dive in Yapak , because of storms (If any ) .
Diver level for Yapak : Advanced and higher
What to see: Sharks, Tunas , seahorses , Trevellies , Mantas been spotted rarely , Marble rays , Nudibranches ,Snappers, Sweetlips , Surgeon fish , Triggerfish , 

Id have to say – Yapak : Everyone’s favourite !

  First thing you should know : good timing for a dive is everything – as 90 % of the day it can have strong current , and who likes to dive in a current ? Not everyone .


You arrive with the boat to the dive site located at the end of the Island (Not far from Puka Beach ), waves crashing against the boat , blue waters with no bottom in sight . Get ready on the boat .Everyone sits with full kit on , cleared masks , wetsuits , fins and excitement in their eyes .


  We can`t wait to go in . Driver walks out of captains cabin ,raises his arm – and ready !Every one jumps in at the same time (Its so called “Negative” entry dive- means you go straight down ) .

     Reach 5 m depth see others and shoot for the depth , for couple of minutes all you see is blue waters, sometimes i even start to wonder if visibility is really bad and i will run in to the wall because i cant see anything , and just like that at 20 m you start to see the wall .. Its parallel to the beach and stretches for far distance , swim exactly on edge and spot the first white tip reef shark coming out of its cave just below the wall edge ! Then another 2 passing by together .

Exciting ! Crowd of Tunas swimming down below , sometimes so many that it looks like a tuna river .. But its not over yet , just were about to ascend , huge Trevellies passes by us ! Incredible ! They keep circling for couple of minutes as trying to understand what kind of strange creature we are .


   Starting Ascend…


We stopped at 5 m and chilled there for few minutes , some were taking selfies , some looking below in deep ,trying to spot last minute divers treat .. Some just enjoying weightless floating ..

Reaching surface .. Waves crushing over mask , and .. Surface ..


After this dive you can hear laughter as soon as you ascend ,people can not wait to share their experience with others , energy of it is amazing !

   “Did you see how close it was ?…. how big it was ? ….Look the photo i got … ” Responses after a dive .

Then back on the boat ready to share incredible pictures, did anyone got a selfie with shark ,i wonder while looking over the sea..



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