WTF – (Male – 35)

i dont know why , where , how .. or anything up to this point ..

All i know .. Im standing in a bar , with my pants down to the floor and having a beer at the table that is facing the entrance .
And my brother … in bathroom “blacked out ” on a floor.

It all started with few drinks , then few more and more … I really dont know why did this happen ,but i felt very comfortable to pull my pants down until the floor and continue having a beer , like , nothing happened . Then all the sudden , pub owner walked to check on tables and seen me standing like that ( all put in his face ) , he just made a confused face and walked to bathroom and there … My brother .

.. Lying on the floor butt naked hugging toilet . Confused owner turned around and walked back to the bar .. He knew us well , but this was the first time to see US from this angle .( Literally ) .
Owners in this Irish pub in Egypt still remeber us very well .


i like to tell this story NOW , but it was embarrasing for a long time , as every time pub owner wold see me he would make a comment


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