Work out in Boracay ( Boxing in Legacy gym)

First time i visited this place i amazed with the peace-full Aura in there . Its incredibly calm setting.Buildings are made from light brown bamboos with little paths of grass growing around, boxing kit stored all around the place . Some punching bags hanging on top of the dark blue maths . And residents of the room upstairs chilling in their the hammocks.Cosy corner in the shade .Few sun spells are breaking thought bamboos and shine on them .

This setting makes you feel energised, inspired and ready to train , while over looking Boracay.
Its the best afternoon you could have . Almost end of the day …

Place is quiet …There is no traffic around or mad tourist running around with cameras .

.So in this afternoon it was 4 people in total . Its like little family house with built-in gym . People who come here – are here for a reason .

All gym is outdoors , so it could rain and you could train next to it .Just under the roof. Get real fresh air all the time .Gym is only 5 min away from Diniwid beach .Recommend to take a trike , faster and easier .Gym is fully equipped .

This gym is a serious place to train , Everyone gathers here everyday and have their classes . There are different age groups . And also males and females . Everyone who is interested – door is open (gate to be exact )

Supported :

More info about courses, schedule , prices :

Legacy gym homepage

Legacy gym Facebook page with news and offers
Video tour about Legacy gym

How to find Legacy gym :

Go to the Diniwid road and there you will see legacy gym sign (Posted below) . And across the road from this sign is a little path leading to the gym . Its few minutes walk and then you will see building on the left with little bamboo gate in front of it ! And building and a great view behind that gate !



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