Trying out Ferry from Boracay to Manila (2GO ferries)

I decided to try this option for travelling . So in mid July i booked on-line 2 Go Travel ferry from Catiklan Jetty port to Manila (Near Manila )

I packed my bags and left Boracay at 5 Pm (ferry was at 9PM ) . Took a trike and for 70 peso i was at the port .Then 15 min. crossing and i was on other side . 2 min walk and i was at ferry port . Its the same terminal as Ro-Ro ferries .


(On the ticket it says that you should be there 4 hours before departure ) So i arrived 3,5 hours before and waited .. waited , waited … for 2,5 hours until they sent us all out again (2d time ) to pay terminal fees (No need if yu have icard , they still want you to stand in line for checking ). Then you go in wait for another hour .

Line for everyone for 2nd time already . Straight and around the corner .After all this time ferry came , i imagined it to be a bit different ..It was much smaller and i seen only other 4 foreigners .So all Filipino .
I walked inside and it was 3 floors . First floor is tourist class (which i did not knew exist until later ) , then is big2nd and the same size 3d floor . Its about 200 beds in total per floor(maybe even more )

    You can collect sheets by leaving your ID (Any ID , so no need to loose your passport , give other ID ) They give you 1 pillow case and 1 sheet and you get your ID when bringing them back in the morning .

Over all 2nd and 3d floor is open , there are no windows or anything and all children sleep there , so its bit noisy, Other there is no wall between beds , only one little wooden peace , so you could wake up with “New best friend ” LOL

On the 3d floor there is bar as well . Its quite nice ., Little bar with drinks ,You get a free meal . (Only one – its in take away box- plain rice and 1 peace of chicken , they give you hot water with no charge , so if you buy cheap coffee or chocolate before , you can have it all night just ask for water )

There is a restaurant on board too , for extra charge of 50 peso (That`s what i understood )So you can upgrade your meal .

Within 1 hour i decided to explore and see what else is on board , except bar and restaurant ..Then i found Tourist Class .(My ticket was Tourist Economy (950 Peso ) and i upgraded to tourist something (Not sure what its called ) for 350 peso.

Tourist class was much nicer , more space and actual wall between people , and half empty beds, so you could change beds as many times you want , So iat the start i found one (It was very cold area) , changed to other (There was a mouse in the wall , walking out of the wall from time to time to see what i have to eat)I did not really mind mouse a lot , but after few hours of its company i decided to move again . This time wondow was making mad noise next to the bed , but i was too tired to change again , so tried to sleep anyways .

Over all i would ue it again , only next time i will take food on the board and lots of tea bags . 13 hours is just enough to catch up with latest movies and sleep a bit (there is no wi-fi on board )

At 6.30AM we arrived in Manila , then i took a bus from port to Manila center (176 Peso ) .It takes 1,5 – 2 hours .
And i would say its safe to travel , i put my bag under pillow and its still here today , so i guess its safe .

Happy travels .



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