Top 40 ultimate Boracay activity guide for Amihan & Habagat seasons

We all arrive in Boracay with excitement and ready to enjoy the island and relax.. First day everyone is exploring and walking around and they you realize that everyone is trying to sell you some activities .. But how can you know which are time worthy and with are not . Here is an Ultimate Boracay Island activity guide . Choose the best one for you and have great and relaxing holiday !

1 . FLY FISH RIDE ( Around 600 Peso per person , but prices can vary )

Fly fish is type of vehicle with an air cushion. The action begins when the craft is pulled by a motor powered vehicle. The faster the ride goes, the more exciting it gets as you and the other passengers try to hang on for dear life. The crazy ride on the incredible waters of Boracay make it even more trilling .
Watch Fly fish video here !


2 . SUNSET ON THE BEACH OR IN SPIDER HOUSE (Beach is free of course,Spider house only price for food)

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Boracay island
have top sunsets in the world , amazing white sand and sailing boats passing by makes it breathtaking , You can just chill in sand or choose any of the bars to snuggle in chair and feel happy , My recommendation is Spider house . Its a great food , drinks , sunset (front row seat ) and water just off the chairs , so can go for dip !
Visit Spider house homepage
See Boracay sunset


3 . COCK FIGHTING (before you enter , have to get ticket . Price – Around 100 peso ++ / If you have rooster then no entrance fee . )

Local custom .Ask a tricycle driver to bring you to Cock fighting arena . Cock fighting is on every Sunday ! Many men have roosters at home getting ready for this fight . Its huge !
Read more about Cock Fighting in Boracay island

4 . GET HENNA TATTOO or real ones (Price – 50-200 peso for a small henna drawing )

It takes very shot time to get one , starting form 5 minutes and it will dry in 30 minutes , so no worries if it gets wet afterwards . Its a nice activity to do in hot afternoon . Chill with Tattoo artist. Henna tattoo lasts for 2 weeks !
Check out this Blog with getting henna tattos (Yes, more than 1 ) experience in Boracay island .


Sunset is not the only time to get incredible selfie . Sunrise is Bulabog beach is incredible and the best part is , there are only few people . Few mad ones who managed to be up at 5 Am to see the view , so if you wan something unique – grab a breakfast and head to the beach , you will not regret it !
Check out this amazing post about Amihan season in Bulabog !

6 . LISTEN TO TRIBAL MUSIC (Depends where playing and tips are appreciated )

Experience native Filipino tribal music with native instrument , they might even you let you try it yourself .They are often playing at Red pirates , Exit , Manic monkey ,Bom Bom Bar and other local / Foreigner hangouts .
Filipino tribal music – Photo


7 . HELMET DIVING ( Price :Around 700 Peso – 1500 Peso per person .)

Price includes picture taken and video in CD . Depth is about 3m- 10 feet . You get to enjoy underwater world in this incredible way !
Book Online Helmet diving
Found online discount for Helmet diving


8 . CLIFF JUMPING (Price : Starts from 1000 Peso -2500 Peso per person .)

Ariels point is located about 30 minutes away from Boracay . Boat normally departs at 11:30 in morning and price includes drinks and food , so its a party cruise with jumping of the cliffs . The highest cliff jumping is 15 high and lowest 2 m . So something for everyone .
Official Website for Ariels Point Cliff Jumping
Great blog post about Ariels point Experience -See what you get !


9 . TRY OUT LOCAL FOODS -EMBRACE THE CULTURE (Price : Depends where you go )

When you arrive you will notice man walking around with cool boxes and offering something in Filipino , Its time to try something new – Balut is its name. Its a chicken still inside an egg . Its boiled alive . Delicacy in Philippines.That`s not only thing in Filipino cuisine to try ..Most of the food comes from local farmers and sea .
Cheap and happy Filipino eats . Blog with great pictures .


10 . SCUBA DIVING (Price : 3500 for beginner programs . 1700 for Divers with licenses . )

Scuba diving in Boracay can be done all year around and have many incredible dive sites . Even the most shallow dive site is beautiful and full of fishes and incredible corals ! There are about 40 dive centers in Boracay .

Dive centers in Boracay

11 . KITE SURFING ( Price : 2750 for 1,5 hour / 6250 Peso for 3 hours with IKO cert .)

Best time to Kite surf in Boracay is December to February . They have lessons for beginners and rent kit out for advanced kiters , Kite-surfing is going on all year around . Some months more , some less .
Kitesurfing center in Bulabog Official website


12 . JETSKI (15 minutes around 500- 1000 Peso per person .)

Feel the wind in the hair while driving over the water , Jetski experience is always fun . 2 People can sit on it , but i always recommend to use it on your own , That`s when you can cramp your arm in steering wheel and enjoy the speed !
First time experience with Jet-ski in Boracay


13. SWIMMING (Price : Absolutely Free .)

They say that best thing in life are for free , so here we are : Swimming in one of them , Chill in crystal clear waters on amazing 3 km long beach , choose any part of the beach you like and better even , share it with your friends !
Virtual tourist review for swimming in Boracay white beach .

14 . PARTYING IN BORACAY ( Each party price is different , but some are for free )

Boracay is definitely a place to party , in some places music never stops pumping . Like cocomangas or Paraw .. they are ready all day long . Most popular are Exit bar , Summer place , Club Paraw , Cocomangas , Epic and of course king of parties – AREA 51 . Full moon parties are great in Boracay !
Exit bar
Area 51
Summer place
More info on club-scene in Boracay … All the bets places covered in this article


15 . BANANA BOAT (Price : 200-600 Peso per person )

Take a ride with wild banana boat in the morning after party with your new friends , guaranteed it will bring you all closer !
Banana boat photos and reviews


16 . CHECK OUT THE SAND CASTLES ALONG THE WHITE BEACH (there is no charge , just a tip for the local boys who make them ! 10-100 peso is a great reward for their work )

You can see freshly made sand castles every day by the beach . They all have date of the day and huge word engraved in sand : Boracay ! Some castles are smaller than others , but they all are beautiful ! It takes hours for local boys to make them !First one start to appear before sunset .
Sand castles photos
incredible sand castle photo in afternoon !×8306940/sandburg_am_white_beach_boracay_philippinen_-_sand_castle_on_white_beach_boracay_philippines_BIL420097401.jpg

17 . PARA-SAILING (Price : 800 -2500 Peso per person )

Feeling like take a breather from everyone , go up ! Fly with Para-sailing ! Incredible views (especially in sunset )
Para sailing is a very popular activity in Boracay !
Book on-line para-sailing .

18 . SPA & MASSAGE (Price : 200-500 Peso per person)

After a long day of adventures you chill on the beach in shadow and receive an incredible massage . There are many massage centres and spa centres in Boracay , just walk in and ask ! Reviews i heard are good , although i haven`t tried any .
Massage reviews in Boracay !


19 . JONAH`S FRUIT SHAKES (Price : 90 Peso +++ Depends of your shake )

Jonahs seems to be the most popular shakes on the island , every time i walk there i see lots of people , never seen it empty and i must admit , shakes are damn good and the fact you get them in a bottle makes it even better !
Great overview of Jonah`s fruit shakes .

20 . GLASS BOTTOM BOAT (Price : Around 750 Peso per person )

Cant go diving , havign a bit of cold or just dont feel like getting wet , no problem , joing the Glass bottom boat tour in Boracay Island . This tour lets you see underwater creatures without even getting underwater !!
Glass bottom boat tour
awesome blog about Glass bottom tour !

21 . RIDE A TRICYCLE GET LOST A BIT (Price : Trike fee only 10-50 Peso per ride . )

Have ever just wanted to get off the beaten track , here is your chance , just grab a trike and ask them to bring you somewhere cool , or just jump out of it in completely unknown location . They all work like a bus , but you can also hire one for yourself only . Trikes are always great fun !
Boracay island transportation
inside a trike

22 . SEGWAY TOURS (Price :starting from 800 Peso )

Feeling tired after long day , no problem just hop on Segway and let it bring you everywhere , no need to walk around for hours .
Boracay segway tours
Enjoy Segway on the beach !

23 . PARAW SAILING (Price :Around 700 Peso per person )

This is a typical Filipino sailing boat . Usually used to transform good , but because of demand transformed in tourist attraction .Now there is day time sailing and sunset sailing .
Sunset sailing services


24 . SEE FIRE DANCERS (Price : Free , tips highly recommended )

Looking for cheap evening activity , here is the cheapest , no fee at all ! There are dancers almost every night in White beach , can see many groups dancing with live fire and even bringing tourists in to their dance , great fun and incredible performance . A must see while in Boracay !
Boracay fire dancers
Video : Boracay fie dancers

25 . VISIT TABLAS (ISLAND NEXT TO BORACAY ) (Price : starting from 2500 Peso )

Tired of Boracay , hard to believe , but i will give it to you .. Visit amazing Tablas , Just next to Boracay completely unexplored beauty awaits you ! Wild mauntaisn and unexplored paths – complete adventure . Available day tours and more …
Day tours to Tablas

26.EXPLORE SHOOTING RANGE (Price : unknown )

Feel like having something extreme for dinner , why not head to shooting range . Its located away from White beach .But first chanllange is to find it .
Photos from shooting range
shooting range

27 . WILDlife EXPO/LITTLE ZOO (Price : 180 Peso )

For animal lovers there is a wildlife expo , its a little zoo where they let you take picture with snake (around your neck ) and parrots , crocodile and giant spider .. and see lots of other animals , groups of visitors are small and staff is lovely .
Wildlife expo reviews

28 . DRIVE ATV OR BUGGY CAR IN BORACAY (Price : starting from 600 Peso for an hour )

Driving thought the mountains and sand in Boracay is a pretty normal thing especially with ATV`s . What an experience ! Atv are open all the time , except crazy rain of course . and can be hired immediately
ATV services

29 . ROLL OF THE MOUNTAIN WITH ZORB ( Price : starts from 600 Peso )

Climb inside big bubble and roll of the mountain .. Hmm something different i thought when i friends told me about it, Seems that Zorb in Boracay have been super popular and people like being in a bubble !Some might feel sick after,but that does not stop them !
Zorb park info and photos
Real experience in Zorb , check it out !

30 . ZIPLINE AND VIEW POINT (MOUNT LUHO ) (Price : entrance 100 peso per person+ Zipline charge 650 Peso)

Great morning could be spent at mount Luho in the middle of Boracay . You can see all Boracay from the top of the view point and have snack and fruit shake in below levels of mountain. You can see some animals and birds on mountain and try out the Zipline .Mount Luho is 369 m above sea level .
Zipline discount voucher!/21-leisure-and-lifestyle/d/7283-zipline-boracay-adventure-ride
Zipline reviews

31 . PLAY GOLF (Price : Contact resort for price list )

Boracay have even Golf to offer for tourist ! Incredible . Im always amazed with all the activities that Boracay have to offer .
Golf resort
More info on Boracay golfing

32 . TRICK ART MUSEUM (Price : 180 Peso )

Optical illusion art in Boracay Island . See painting and take a pictures and see illusion effects
Trick art museum information



Send your husband to relax and go tanning to the beach . Some alone time
Husband day care centre info

34. HANG OUT IN RED PIRATES AND PLAY VOLAYBALL ( Price : Only if you buy something)

Afternoon is the time when locals just chill by Red pirates bad and play volleyball , its for free and for everyone . Can even make new friends
Red Pirates Info
Red pirates sailing tours


35 . PUB CRAWL ” TURN STRANGERS INTO FRIENDS ” (Price : starting from 700 Peso )

Feeling alone in Boracay , no problem , join the Pub Crawl and by the end of the night you will have lots of new friends and pictures .
Boracay Pub Crawl Official website
Pub crawl FB

36 . LEGACY GYM BORACAY ( Price : Inquire in gym to get discount )

Dont forget to keep in shape and goto incredible Legacy Gym . Its very popular among locals and is always recommended .
Video : Legacy gym
Legacy gym official website

37 . HORSE RIDING (Price : Starting from 500 Peso )

Enjoy horse riding by the beach and forests !

Horse riding Boracay info


38 . BE A MERMAID ( Price : starting from 800 Peso – Photo-shoot included )

YEs its possible now ! Now everyone can be a mermaid even and overweight man in his 40-ties. Why not
Check out Facebook fan page


39 . ENJOY URBAN / TRIBAL ADVENTURES (Price :Starting from 2000 Peso +++)

Amazing adventurous tours that introduces you in culture and life style , dont miss it out ! Thats the OFF beaten track tours !!

Tribal adventure tours

40.VISIT BAT CAVES ( Price : depending of the tour you take , starting from 400 Peso )

Get closer to nature , like , crawling in to the cave full of bats ! Close enough ?See thousands of bats in one place and in sunset see them all leave cave ! Nature wonders at your doorstep !
Video : Bat cave tour

There are many more activities you can enjoy in Boracay like , Dance aerobics in station 3 in evening for free ,
or see dancing chefs,
visit church on Sunday ( ) and join the dancing crown ,
or just relax atPuka beach ( ) in peace …


Boracay is full of adventures and amazing spots and views ! Its time to explore !For the first timers , great blog to read : What to expect in Boracay !



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