Shopping in Boracay -Dmall and Crafts.

Fruit market in Dmall is open from early morning until late evening , some of the stands are still open even at 8pm .

You can buy meat , fruits , clothing ,electronics , food in restaurants and even fix your watch . Its a small road from “Crafts ” Boracay to the beach (Station 2 )

Clothing prices vary , but you can buy few decant shirts for 150 a peace and even cheaper .

Oranges are 25 Php a peace , apples the same , pineapple 70 PHp a kg , watermelon was 90 PHp if i remember right ,Asparagus was 200 for about 40 peace . meat is a bit more expensive .

Every time its the best to bargain . Fruits are fresh in morning (Fresh delivery ).

There is a little restaurant 2 min from crafts and its very good . They do just about anything and its amazing and cheap . Def. recommend to visit …..
I always visit market in evening , its a bit more quiet and calm than in afternoon . I normally get asparagus (Great in omelet ) and some apples and oranges .

Store near crafts

I usually stop in little restaurant and love to browse in near by dive shop for new scuba gear . Always happy to see new bargains . And im a regular to fix my watch for sure . Guy who fixes it is very fast .Takes about 5 min and done .

And if i cant find anything in the little alley – i hear to Crafts (More expensive ) and get it there ..

By the way there is a great bar on top of the crafts . Australian bar . Good food and view is amazing . 6PM best time to visit . (Walk inside Crafts and ask for bar and they will show you stairs going up to the roof )


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