Red Fang : 100 euro experience ..


Red Fang ( Male 23 )

So about 6 months ago i was going to visit my friend in Patra with 2 friend ( so 3 guys in their 20ties Vasilis , Dani , Jim ) . While driving to Athens we were chatting with girls we knew over Facebook .

There were 3 girls . S, Z and Fiona . I ( Vasilis ) was chatting with S and she asked me …

to connect other girls with the guys , so did . We were all chatting away while driving and from nowhere S asked Jim : ” Fiona is a virgin , can you sleep with her for a 100 Euro ? ”

We all were surprised by this .
Jim asked for a photo as every man would , why would the girl whos is 23 would be still a virgin and pay money for this !?!!??

And photo cleared up this question … She was fat , really , really fat .

But Jim is the kind of guy , who would do anything for money , so he said YES .

We arrived and started the party . And Jim was completely ignoring her . Rest of gang was getting on perfectly ..

At the end of the night we all went to apartment and had lots and lots to drink .

And me and Dani already thought that there is no way Jim would do it .

So i went with S .Dani went with Z .

And Jim … No idea .. I was busy , very very busy ..

We all met in the living room after about 20 mitures and there was no sign on Jim and Fiona . We waited ..

Suddenly he walked out from the room , with red face and cursing while walking up to us . His arms were all covered in blood and his ” RED FANG ” tshirt just felt do ironic for the moment .

For the minute i though he have murdered her .We burst out in laughter . So where is Fiona ?

He just vaiwed at room , as to show us that shes in bathroom cleaning up the “crime scene ” on the bed and herself .

We could not believe he hove done it with this really fat girl and for money .

Jim just extended his arm to S without even looking at her and asked for his money , She handed him over 100 Euro and deal was done . Girls left that instant .



Fiona did knew that S paid Jim . And we still dont know if she ever found out.

For Jim … He went down to bar and got 2 bottles of vodka and explained in detail ( too much detail ) what did he do for 40 minutes .

I will always remeber this as the most awkward situation . Talk about strange deals . And Jim held up his end until the end .


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