Is there a good nightlife in Malia (Crete)?

I  arrived in a very late evening in this mad place . And to be honest I wish I never arrived here at all . My bus ride  was 1 hour long and when I stepped out of the bus I was buzzing to see Malia !

After observation that lasted few hours  I can say that in Malia  guys are rude and look at you as a peace of meet with no respect at all . None . They would whistle , shout ,point and make nasty comment to me and other girls .No matter if your walking alone or in group . And many girls seem to be completely OK with it . Some of them even blow kiss to the A*hole * that made a comment …

Girls all dressed in unusually little clothing ( if you compare with what would they wear in England ). And the shop encourage it more and more .

I walked up to Mike .. I guy that someone else recommended to talk  to .( At least I thought that this guys wearing grey T-shirt is Mike , as he introduced himself with that name  )

I asked about the room and tried to find out if there any free rooms for a night and how much is it .


This is whats left after night out in Malia

He started making nasty comments and say that I can stay in his place if I want to f*** him . I started laughing ( in shock of his response to my question  )  , and walked –  I had enough of this jokes  .. And as I made a step ,he shouted that he is not Mike and was just joking . So he took about 10 minutes of my time to talk complete b****t .

Then I walked up to pub entrance . Few guys at the door seemed like they know area . I asked if they know cheap place where I can stay . One of them looked at other with a cheeky smile . They both were young , in their 20 ties or so .

One of the guys started talk :”  I’m the biggest shag in Malia ,  you will love my c***”  and so on ..I stopped him i n the middle of the conversation .I just smiled and started walking .I don’t know if he thought that I will be  attracted to that . All I know i m not interested .

Looks like Malia is full of it .

In pizzerias and shops people are nice . Locals are helpfull and nice .They are happy to share stories from their daily life . Mostly involving young Brits getting drunk. .They start to make pizzas in early hours and make them fatty and cheap .As most of the possible customers would be drunk kids ( by kids I mean 14 year olds up to 20 )

As I was still looking for a place to stay , I decided to have a beer at one of the bars . Bar staff was mostly Greek and not drunk , so they shared some stories from their work and pointed me to the nearest hotel . At 1 Am I arrived in my hotel and paid 30 euro for the night . I tried to bargain , but  it seemed useless , as this was the only hotel I knew in the area .

After I  dropped my bag in the hotel I decided that I  need to explore Malia more and see if I can find another angle of it ( the reason why is everyone coming here ) . After all I came all the way to see what’s is this all about .


Special offers on Alcohol is all around

2 Am . I sat outside in front of one of the bars with some workers of Malia  and just observed streets of Malia main strip  while they were telling their stories .

In this time it was interesting to watch . All ages guys and girls were in big groups walking around the Malia strip and they were already drunk .Girls and guys would pass each other and turn around to check each  from the back .
Then in dark alleys you would see dodgy people waiting  around with suspicious bags with them .And these people were not drinking . Some tourists would disappear In Alley for a minute or 2 .. The question on my mind is : are they selling anything ? And if yes , what is it ? And if you go in this alley with these strange people , would you walk out safely ? Stories in news show dangerous side of Malia . ( Stories about rape , stabbing , beating and many others )

Guys are young , skinny and are opposite of hot .They all walk in groups and the only goal is to get the girl . Any girl and as many as possible . The best is to get one on each night of holiday . . Many of them 16 or 17 . They all share cheap apartment for a week for the money their parent give to them . Here they can get drunk , use drugs ( if they find any ,,). , sleep with anyone , fight in other words – do everything they can’t do at  home . And be cool ( because any of them are not even near that at home )

Girls at ages 16 , 17 are the same as the guys . And guys can  take advantage of them as  they all drink a lot and drink  fast . And they are “down for anything “ as Brits would say . Many of them would lose money already at midnight and would not remember having sexual  intercourse in alleys of Malia or bar toilets .Even on stage in bar crawls .Morning would come with a heavy hangover and a visit to gynecologist ( 30 euro per visit with pap smear included ) .And a emergency contraceptive pill for breakfast . Now office don’t even ask too many questions anymore as the process is faster and easier .It could be up to 100 + girls a day in the emergency rooms .


Malia cheap food places

Plus there are many injured people in Malia after fight and stupid activities .

1 hour later I had enough of drunk and scummy people .

So I left my new friends and went to bed . Hotel was loud , dirty but I could call it my home for the night  . I fell a sleep in no time .

Next morning i went to discover famous Malia strip at day time . It was all gone  Clubs were transformed in to the cafes and restaurants . People seemed civilized  .

But from time to time you would see some that are still drunk from the last night .

Beach was full and music was pumping .I visited bar on the beach and asked them about Malia .

They said that it all started  40 years ago . First there were  Americans , then  Germans ,then Russians and now British . He said he seen it all . and now in their age of 50 ties they leave Malia at 12ish and come next morning at  8 AM . Just skipping the chaos .

They said that business is not so great, as news are bringing up more  and more bad stories.

I left at  12noon .

I enjoyed Malia visit , just not  the same way as everyone else .I think its allright holiday destination to wilf wih a group of finds

Have a question about Malia2015 ( Crete ) ? 

“Malia is located 37 kilometers east of Heraklion, on the way to Agios Nikolaos. The main road seems to divide the town in two, the old Malia at the foothill of Mount Selena and the newer part towards the shoreline.
Malia is an unusual small town, unlike any other in Crete. It used to be known for its delicious potatoes. But times changed, the tourists started coming to Crete and the potato fields of Malia were replaced by hotels large and small, tavernas and bars.
Tourism eventually created a town with two different faces, like the famous split personality described by Robert Louis Stevenson in 1886” Read more in 



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